Friday, August 10, 2007

Vacation Bible School (it's not really a vacation)

Whew! Vacation Bible School is over. It was a fun, but long week. Every year I volunteer to help out in the kitchen so I can get as far away from my kids as possible. Did I just say that aloud? What I meant to say is that I always volunteer to help out in the kitchen because preparing nutritious snacks for the children is very important and fulfilling to me. This year I also played "roving photographer" and had fun taking pictures of the kids all week. Of course, I still haven't figured out how to use my new camera and the date on the pictures reads April 2007. Hey, at least the year is right.

I had three different people come up and tell me what a great kid Boo is - so polite, nice, calm. At home, he was nice, polite and calm for seven minutes this past year.

One of the creative snacks the kids had. It was a scroll made from a fruit roll-up wound around two pretzel rods and tied with a piece of licorice.
OK, now I'm going to go take a shower and hope that I don't break out singing because all those VBS songs are stuck in my head and probably will be for the next month.


Frannie Farmer said...

Oh My Goodness .. we had the same exact roles (and reasonings) at VBS. Although your pictures are FAR better than mine.
This is getting sorta creepy, I think I might have to stop reading :O)

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize I existed in parallel universes! Evidently I have different numbers of children in each place. But I always do the same things for the same reasons no matter which universe I reside in. Huh. Go figure...

Anonymous said...

No, no, no... you work in the kitchen because you want you prefer not to teach in a class your child is in and with your crew that basically covers the board. (I homeschool and sell folks on the fact that my kids need a break from *me*... suckers.)

Anonymous said...

i've literally fallen out of my chair reading these. i'm fourteen, so i'm a kid, not a mom. but i found this via your ebay auction ad (which i almost died laughing at, by the way- you're going to be amazingly famous someday. like lonelygirl15 on youtube, but more so. :D), and basically i completely love it. please write more.

what vbs did ya'll do? ours was game day central. i helped with snacks. game day central... where heroes are made...

amazing blog, amazing ad. bahahaha. you're amazing. :D

Anonymous said...

I think you already are famous. My family loved your auction and now your blog. I totally understand everything you write. We did Game Day Central and those songs were great but yes, stuck in my head for a month after VBS. I write also, mostly poetry but also some of your type of writing. I'm in a Christian Writer's Group in my area. It's a lot of fun and helpful. Karen

Anonymous said...

You guys help with VBS. I thought that was the High School Kids job.

On Vacation In Michigan

Nan said...

We just had VBS last week and blargh! It was exhausting. Tried to keep a considerable distance from my kids too! HA! And I was the photography lady too. :^D

I'm so glad I found your blog through your hysterical e-bay auction.

Lynette said...

I how I totally relate. Except I'm the Children's Minister AND VBS director this year. I usually do try to give parents a break away... err, kids a break away from their parents... when I can. :o) We just finished our VBS last week and trust me, I still wake up in the morning doing the motions and singing, "You better come along..." which is from the theme song from Avalanche Ranch.

It was a fun week, though, and totally worth the effort!

Beth said...

I did 2 vbs GIGS this year - one I forced my husband to attend with the older 4 (since the toddler and newborn were not allowed to attend and I had just given birth the week prior). The second was last week and the songs are still in my head! AYECARUMBA!

Saddle up your horses -

Brandi said...

At least you volunteer--I won't even do that b/c I want to get as far away from kids as possible!!

Anonymous said...

You are one funny gal!! As I sit here reading your blog my children are ripping around my house like little tornados, I don't care though because I am being entertained. Keep up the good work, I look forward to seeing your first book- It'll sell millions!!

Slatsette said...

VBS is so nuts (here in Idaho)! I was a 'Tribe Leader' and had 2 ADD kids, one autistic child and a teenager who knew everything already. Along with assorted other children who magically picked up ADD from the 2 who already had it. I had no idea it was contagious.

Casa De Galletti said...

Our VBS theme was "Lift Off, Soaring to New Heights With God" and they gave us a CD with all the wonderful songs on it which we are required to play in the car and be taught the hand motions by my 6 yr old. That was back at the beginning of June and I'm still having to listen to those songs.

Oh, and sing them inside of my head while I make dinner.

RoxC said...

Your kids are beautiful! And they seem pretty happy....awwwwwwwwwwww

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, you are so funny. If you think you can't get the songs out of your head try teaching the music to the kids. 30 minute blocks 3 times a night for 5 nights. I was ready to scream. And then about the time i get the songs almost gone my DD puts on that wonderful CD, which might just magically disappear real soon.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I am adding your blog to my fav's because I NEED HUMOR!!! And you dole it out in HUGE portions!!!!

You are so funny, I could sit here all day and read, which I would do if I did not have THREE 3 year olds tugging at my elbow, (and other extremities) and saying, no... wining...
"Get up, Mommy; Get up now Mommy"
"I want Juice"
"I want Shrek Pop tart"
"I want a bagel",
Sheesh... Is there no peace in this world called motherhood??? Yes.... When I am sleeping with my head buried beneath the covers!!!!

Anyway... Keep up the humor! I Love reading these!!!!

Carla said...

We did Avalanche Ranch this year! My dawgs were barkin when we were done. Whoooo Hooooo!

Anonymous said...

OMG Dawn I have found your blog by way of a link some one *Accidently* sent to me today. She Said I Should check out the "Pokemon Auction" any way, I would more then likly enjoy the read too.

I have to say I have spent time back and forward through out the day reading more of this mnths ( So far ) Of your blogs ! You are such a wonderfully tallented writter !

I Am falling in love with your family, through your eyes. Worts and all as they say.
You have a beautiful family, I wish You lived in Australia so That maybe meeting one day would be a possablity !

I only have 3 kids and Sanity is some times very hard to find. Mine are b 8, g 5 and g 3.
My hats off to all mums who have 1 or more Lol .. I dont know how Anyone cope's as well as you seem too with 5 or 6.

I think You will find many many more then your mum only reads this You are famous because of Ebay !! Cant wait till you start writting books !!!
Good luck too you and your family in the future Dawn

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