Friday, August 3, 2007

Shoot me Now!

This is where my twelve year old and my eight year old will be spending their summer vacation next year - St. John's Northwestern Military Academy. They have a summer camp program! Forget Super Nanny. Bring on Lieutenant Colonel Jim Kebisek, B.S., M.S., U.S. Army Engineer (Ret.)!

What prompted this decision? We're going camping again this weekend so we're (and by we're, I mean my eleven year old, Nana and I) doing laundry, packing up, grocery shopping, cooking, etc. Know what Aj has done to help? ::: sound of crickets in background ::: Know what Boo has done to help? He shucked one ear of corn for me. One out of twelve ears. Know where he peeled this ear of corn? On my couch. Know how long it took me to vacuum all those silk fibers off the couch? Too long. Know how many times I've heard one of them scream, fight, cry, or otherwise bug each other today? A number large enough hasn't been discovered as of yet. Thus military school.

As far as camping - the air conditioner in our camper broke and the part my husband ordered to fix it hasn't come in yet. It's supposed to be 480 degrees this weekend. I'm camping with my in laws. I'm packing rum. Lots and lots of rum. See you Monday.


Anonymous said...

Wow it's $1400 hundred for a week at "camp" and they have to be 11 years old :(

Wes and Evie Williams said...

I've been reading your blog, it is so funny and it brings back memories. I only have 2 girls that are now grown and one has 2 little boys that are a lot like your kids. Your writing reminds me of Patrick McManus, you may like his books. One is titled "Never Sniff A Gift Fish" If you ever get a minute, you may want to check it out. Take care. Evie - Krakow, Poland (

Bantartant said...

Love your blog!
Can I send my kids from Sweden??
I know they're to young but still.... maybe I can sign them in and wait 'til thery're of age!

mindgame said...

My dad graduated from that school. He was a good kid, his mom just didn't have time for him (since she never wanted him to begin with). He hated it, but learned to play the sax very well there in their jazz band. It was the outlet he picked to survive the experience.

I am having fun reading your blog, I grew up on a family of 5 kids, the only girl in the middle of 4 brothers. I myself have only 3, but I was a home daycare provider for infants to school age for 12 years and never had less than 6 kids here, usually all under the age of 6. So believe me, I totally understand.

Anonymous said...

I have a 2 year old and 3 year old. Both boys. You crack me up and I sympathize with you wholeheartedly. I hope your trip turns out good and you don't run out of rum! LOL!

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