Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Paula Deen Does Not Have to Worry About Losing Her Job

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My kids love to watch The Food Network. They enjoy trying out new recipes. Many times we've pulled an Alton Brown, Rachel Ray, or Paula Deen recipe off and worked together to make it. Other times, however, my kids decide to come up with interesting concoctions on their own. Today my 12 year old son made donuts. At least that's what he said they were. In the process, he managed to melt my slotted spoon.

I thought you said the oil was 300 degrees?

It was! I think. I'm pretty sure. Wait, did you say three-hundred?

I wish I had taken a picture of my kitchen before I helped him clean up. It looked something like this.

After that my 3 year old broke a picture frame. How, you ask? He scaled the wall, Spiderman style, and knocked the frame off the wall.

A little later in the day, my 6 year old innocently closed the back storm door and a pane of glass fell out.

Such is a day in the life of me.
Mmmm appetizing, no? Light, fluffy buttermilk donuts with a dusting of cinnamon and sugar. Or something like that.
My poor slotted spoon


Trish K said...

That is absolutely hysterical.

Good for you for attempting to conquer donuts.

The only thing thats 300 degrees lately is my house....

Leann I Am said...

You are my HERO!!! SIX KIDS? I have half that amount and can't STAND to have them in the kitchen. When I'm cooking something, I just want to get it DONE! I have patience with them about other things, just not my kitchen!

It's great that you let them be creative about it, too! You could have a budding chef on your hands!

Great blog!

Jennifer said...

Ha! Too bad, I loves me some donuts!

You know, I've tried lots of Paula's recipes and they NEVER turn out. This melted spoon MUST be her fault!

ashley nicole said...

My mom doesn't have the patience to let all four of us kids "help out" at the same it was always one, maybe two at time. Now it's pretty much just my youngest brother that'll do anything with her in the kitchen since he's 10...but anything from Rachael Ray and her 30 Minute Meals is good. Usually anyway.

Unknown said...

Great, now I want donuts.

Heike said...


I think I have your sons' twin brother, you know, the one from "the other mother"???

I only have 2 kids, but I think they make up for the 4 extra you have :)....Thanks for making me laugh, and remember that I am not alone out here in this crazy wild.

Anonymous said...

Huh! Not only do we have the same number of kids (the first three in both families are the same ages), but we also have the same Corelle plates.

Anonymous said...

I have those plates too! Only 3 kids (1 girl - almost 12, and 2 boys - 8 and 4) but it feels like 6 at times. We homeschool so hardly ever a break. They drive me crazy at times but I would have more in a heartbeat. My 8 year old is my trouble maker, instigating most of the drama that happens in this family. Love reading your blog.

Jennie Durren said...

Oh, my. Looking back, I understand why my mother was reluctant to let me cook even though that's what I wanted to do more than anything, most of the time. Her refusal to let me near the stove and oven (until I was a little older) resulted in the repeated making of what I called "spider webs". Here is how you make them: Take some marshmallows from the multicolored mini-marshmallow bag your mother was saving to use for Rice Krispy squares. Put on a plate if you can find one; if not, nevermind - the bare interior of the microwave is also fine. Microwave until the marshmallows explode and make a neat "spider web" type of pattern, which hardens onto whatever nearby surface it can find almost immediately.

Those were fun, but not as much fun as when I got access to the oven and started making up recipes for "cake" and "peanut butter fudge" (what, you don't bake fudge? Who knew?).

Luckily for everyone, I started saving my allowance to make recipes from Gourmet. Unfortunately, when making the recipe for maple-glazed chicken breasts, I did not realize there was a difference between Actual Maple Syrup and, oh, Hungry Jack. Mmm, candied chicken. Eat up!

(Your blog is hilarious. I love it, and if I could scan the photo of me with a bottle of beer, aged not old enough to stand up yet, I'd post it in the comments for your photos.)

Anonymous said...

Light, fluffy buttermilk donuts with a dusting of cinnamon and sugar that resemble dead rattle snakes. My favorite.

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