Tuesday, March 30, 2021

It's Official. I'm A Crazy Cat Lady.

The other day Savannah posted this to our family group chat with the caption - Mom

What? What are you talking about! That doesn't sound like me.

Thursday, March 25, 2021

And Now A Message From The Cat

I learned some fun new tricks this week! Brooklyn left her air pod case sitting on the couch the other day. I saw it and thought - Now that looks like a fun cat toy! How nice of Brooklyn to leave that for me to play with! I pounced on the case and flung it off the couch. Then I played soccer with it, batting it around the family room and into the kitchen. I gave it a good smack and it sailed across the kitchen floor and under the refrigerator! Score! I made the winning goal!

I guess Brooklyn didn't know that I'd knocked the case into the refrigerator goal because man, did she look for that case for a loooong time. She looked everywhere! It was hours before she retrieved it! And then she didn't even give it back to me so I could make another goal. That was disappointing.

I learned how to do another cool thing this week too. I mean, honestly, I already knew how to do this, but I mustered up the guts to give it a go this week. I was sitting on Mom's bed, crouched down, ready to pounce when my target walked by. I leapt from my perch as Mom passed the bed and hit her, square on the hip, where I dug in my claws lest I fall. I stuck to her like Velcro! Clinging to her jeans, I just laughed to myself as she muttered something about me being the suction cup Garfield that used to be on her car window in the 80s. I have no idea what that meant, but man, the look of surprise on her face as I stuck to her hip was pretty hilarious if I do say so myself!

I figured out how to get up close and personal with the TV too! I really like this show, and that Phoebe has this awesome song about a cat!

I can't wait to see what I can get into next week!

Saturday, March 20, 2021

I Went Without A Phone For Almost 24 Hours! (And The Twitching Has Almost Completely Stopped Now.)

Several days ago my phone stopped working. Out of nowhere, it. just. stopped. I was playing Words With Friends and then, nothing. I employed my great technical knowledge which consists of turning the device off and on again. Only I couldn't even turn it off. I couldn't do anything. I stared at my black screen. The little white apple lit up for a couple minutes. Then it went black. Then the apple lit up. Then it went black. Repeat. And repeat. And repeat.

This occurred in the evening when no stores were open so there was nothing I could do. That would be stress-inducing enough, but my kids had taken my car and gone to Universal Studios for the day. The kids had been checking in with me throughout the day and I was worried they'd try to get ahold of me before they left to come home. And what if they went out to the car and it wouldn't start? Or what would they do if one of them tripped and broke their ankle? What if they got lost on the way home? Worrisome thoughts swirled around my head as I alternately stared at the blank screen, and attempted to turn the phone off again and again. More than once I thought - I know! I'll call them and let them know I can't text! 

Eventually, I thought to reach out to Savannah via Facebook messenger. She answered and was able to text the littles at Universal and let them know my phone wasn't working, and they could contact her if they needed anything.

I'm embarrassed to admit how many times I grabbed my phone that evening search up something . . . Nope. I picked it up to play a game . . . Nope. I tried to read the headlines, look at Facebook, check my email . . . Nope, nope, nope. I pulled out my phone so I could search the hours of the nearest AT&T store where I got my phone . . . Nope. Search IMDB to find the name of that one actor in the movie I was watching who looked so familiar . . . Nope. Add something to my grocery list . . . Nope. Check the weather for tomorrow . . . Nope.

The next day, feeling a little lost, I drove to the AT&T store and stood outside waiting for it to open. I pulled out my phone to check the time . . . Nope. Finally, a woman opened the door, a look of concern on her face at the undoubtedly rabid customer waiting not-so-patiently to rush through the portal like it was Black Friday and they were giving away iPhones.

In the end, she couldn't do anything to help, but tell me to go to an Apple store. I left AT&T and as I walked to my car, I grabbed my phone so I could call Apple and make an appointment . . . Nope. Okay, no problem, I'll just drive to the closest one and see if I can make an appointment there. I picked up my phone to put the address in my GPS . . . Nope. Defeated, I drove home so I could look up Apple stores and make an appointment on my computer. Unfortunately my wifi wasn't working. Because it goes out multiple times a day, every day. Because Spectrum sucks. And no matter how many times someone comes out to look at it, it still sucks. And unfortunately, I don't have a choice because my apartment complex has a deal with them. But that's another rant.

Frustrated, I woke up Clay and begged him to let me use his phone so I could make an appointment. Then I told him he had to stay up and come with me because I needed to use his phone's GPS in order to get to the only Apple store with appointment availability in central Florida which was 40 minutes away. And we all know I can't drive even 10 minutes away without getting lost.

So we got to the mall, checked in with the security guard monitoring the number of customers in the store, and got in the line of people waiting to get inside. 

As we inched along the socially distanced line, I glanced down and saw this:

"Do I do? Do I do what? What do I do?" I asked Clay. "I don't get it. Is this some sort of Apple thing?"

Clay looked down, then looked back up at me with this face - 😑

Grabbing me by the shoulders, he turned me around.

"Ohhhhh. Well, I feel stupid. I should probably document my stupidity. Because that's what I do." I pulled my phone from my pocket to take a picture . . . Nope. "Clay, will you take a picture of this sign for me?"

In the end, I learned that I am completely dependent on my phone.

Backing up to the cloud is a VERY good thing to do lest your phone has to be restored to factory settings.

Saving your Apple ID and password on your phone isn't very effective; making sure your kids know your Apple ID and password is.

And "Do I Do" means you should stand 6 feet away from others.

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

And Now A Message From the Cat


Hi. My name is Punkin, although I'm called KitKat, Snickerdoodle, and my favorite, Chicken Nugget more often than not. I look so adorable and innocent that no one can resist my cuteness. I'm three months old and I have many hobbies! For example, I like to hide under the bed and reach out to tap your feet as you walk by. I just love it when you freak out and scream! That never gets old! I also love pouncing on your feet when you try to sleep, and getting up really close to your face and tickling you with my whiskers to wake you up. It's hilarious when you go on and on about having a heart attack!

I enjoy jumping in the shower as soon as you get out and then walking around, shaking my feet repeatedly because did you know the shower floor is wet??? It's wet every single day, but I keep jumping in anyway because I figure one of these days it'll be dry.

One of my favorite things to do is help you type on your laptop. I am an expert writer! I don't know why you don't see the extent of my genius! ljvcuuuudw5`1

I also love, love, love pooping in my litter box two seconds after you've cleaned it out. Classic!

One of my absolute favorite games to play is called Jump in the Fridge as Soon as Someone Opens It! It's especially funny to see your reaction when you think I'm not around and then I dart out of nowhere to jump in the fridge.

Another fun game to play is when I weave around your feet as you walk. I haven't made any of my people fall yet, but the old one has come close. Any day now! It's also entertaining to headbutt your hand as you try to fill my food dish.

I used to enjoy climbing up the tablecloth, but for some reason you never use a tablecloth anymore. But that's okay because I just learned another fun diversion last night. I open and close your bedroom door repeatedly while you try to sleep. Open, close, open close, open close . . . 

I just can't wait to see what fun things I learn to do in the next three months!

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