Tuesday, August 27, 2013

How Naps are Hazardous to Your Health

I used to like taking naps when the rare occasion presented itself; however, they’re something in which I’ve not indulged for years now. Maybe it’s the whole “single mom to 6 kids” thing and the overwhelming self-inflicted guilt I feel when I take time for myself. At any rate, I never sleep during the day. 

Sunday, it rained. Of course it rained. It’s August in Florida. Anyway, it rained, effectively putting a damper on my plans to hang out at the pool with my kids, so instead, I plopped down on my bed with a bottle of nail polish, planning to take a few minutes to give myself a pedicure. The next thing I knew, I was waking up completely disoriented.



Mark said...

Dawn!! Are you guys OKAY? Its been 13 whole DAYS without any
new scribblings from YOU!!
The last one was about NAPPING..Its unlikely that THAT is what you are all doing...unless...it is the DIRT NAP!! SO..puh-lease...write a little sumthin-sumthin!!

Dawn said...

I guess I've been kinda busy what with the whole single mom to six kids and working thing.

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