Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Just Go Girl. Really.

"Seriously, Mom? You need to use the bathroom again? You just went!"

"Well, I can go to the bathroom now or I can pee on the roller coaster. Which do you prefer?"

"Pee on the roller coaster? That's disgusting, Mom!"

"Besides, I like this bathroom. Moaning Myrtle is in this bathroom," I said, indicating the restroom in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios where my kids and I have annual passes. Yep, that's me - the woman who can tell you where all the best bathrooms are wherever we go.

So I used the bathroom, chatted with Moaning Myrtle, and got in line for the Dragon Challenge roller coaster. After the ride, my kids and I walked toward The Incredible Hulk roller coaster.

"Hang on, guys. Let me just go to the bathroom before we get in line."

"I don't get it. I can go all day without peeing, Mom."

"I've had SIX kids. I pee when I sneeze," I retorted.

"Wow. TMI, Mom. WAY too much information."

"Besides I just chugged down a beer to mellow out when those tourists were being annoying in line by us, remember? That liquid has to go somewhere and I'd rather it not be on the ride."

So maybe my kids roll their eyes when I stop at the bathroom before every roller coaster. But I know there are other moms out there who are nodding their heads in agreement. It's just one of those things no one ever tells you when you're thinking about getting pregnant - you'll lose all bladder control. You'll have to stop at the bathroom between every roller coaster at the park, and forget about ever jumping on a trampoline again. It just happens.

Stress incontinence and even athletic incontinence is common. So common in fact that Brooke Solis, mother of 5, founded JustGoGirl for this very reason. In her research, she found an estimated 25 million women — from high school athletes and new mothers to women past their childbearing years — share her problem. That’s one out of every three women who may avoid exercise because they are worried about athletic leaks. (I personally avoid exercise because it's, you know, exercise, but she's one of those types who likes high-impact exercise and running. I know, right?!) For all of those women who like to workout and yet have those embarrassing leaks, exercise can be a real problem. Traditional sanitary pads aren't designed to hold urine. Incontinence pads are designed to hold a higher volume of liquid, but they're bulky and conspicuous under tight-fitting workout clothes. So Brooke designed the JustGo Pads. Shaped like a teardrop, they're totally invisible under your yoga pants (truly, these pads are crazy-thin!) but unlike traditional pads which hold about 50 ml, JustGo Pads hold 140 ml so you can go your whole training session without having to stop and change or deal with an embarrassing situation if you have a leak while jumping rope. 

If you have problems with athletic incontinence or know someone who does, then JustGo Pads are for you. You and your friends can get your own free sample HERE. And don't worry, they don't come in a big box with the word "INCONTINENCE" stamped across it. They're shipped in a thin, plain envelope. Give 'em a try!

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Price of Prom: a Breakdown of Costs

According to a recent study by Visa, teens will spend nearly $1000 on prom this year. That's a hefty chunk of change for a few hours of fun. I know it didn't cost that much when I went to prom! I did my own hair and makeup, got my fabulous, poofy Gunne Sax dress on sale at Sears, and piled into the back of a friend's Econoline van that was used to transport his family's Irish Wolfhounds. By the time we got to prom, I was covered in dog hair. Voila! The cheapest fur wrap you could ever find!


Sunday, April 27, 2014

This is How REAL People Bake Cookies

I love to bake! Wait, let me rephrase that. I love to eat baked goods and I know that baking them is a necessary evil in order to get to the “eating them” part. I made these yummy orange chocolate chip cookies the other day and thought I’d take beautiful, close-up pictures of every step and share not only my brilliant photography, but an easy recipe that will result in your own delicious confections. That was the plan. Reality was a little different, however. The truth is that THIS is how I actually make cookies . . .
Here’s the recipe if you want to follow along.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Florida's FCAT to Undergo Changes for the 2014-2015 School Year

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FCAT testing is well underway in the state of Florida. Florida’s Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT) was first administered statewide in 1998. Since then it has been instrumental in weeding out those students who aren’t intelligent enough to be promoted to the next grade, and those who don’t possess the skills necessary to get into college. Children attending public school in Florida from third through tenth grades must take the reading and math portions of the test every year. In addition, the science portion is administered annually to students in fifth and eighth grades. Students must also complete the FCAT Writes Exam during fourth, eighth, and tenth grades.

“The FCAT is a great tool, but it can’t possibly give us all the information we need,” says spokesperson for the Alliance for the Betterment of Students with Rigorous Discipline (ABSRD), Beatrice Potterland. Currently, many districts administer as many as 62 tests to students during the school year which equates to one test every 2.8 days of student attendance. “It isn’t enough”, asserts Potterland.” Our mission is to ensure children are tested every day they attend school. We can’t gather the necessary information on student and teacher performance without continually using those [the FCAT, FAIR testing, ePats, EOCs, etc.] diagnostic tools.”

In fact, Florida is developing new tests to replace the current FCAT next year. Children won’t just fill in a bubble on a multiple-choice exam; they’ll be asked to underline text, write essays, show work for every math problem, highlight every preposition, and circle every letter “T” within the text and testing materials. In addition, students will be required to write 5 of their own comprehensive test questions that will then be gathered and utilized on the 2016 FCATs. These new FCAT tests will take students, on average, 3 months to complete.

In the meantime, Florida is paying Utah over $5 million to borrow the test questions they’ve written. Some taxpayers oppose Florida’s cash-strapped districts spending money to buy test questions from another state. Principal of Montgomery County’s Herald High School, Dr. Antwan Johnson is concerned. “A problem we’ve run into is that Florida’s students are accustomed to questions like, 'If Daquan steals a $300 pair of shoes and runs 4.7 miles before being caught by the cops, how much time will he do?' and the Utah-generated questions read like, 'If John is 36 years old and his wives are 30 and 26, and he has 10 children, what level of Heaven will he get to?' The ABSRD insists that this is just a minor issue that will be easily solved as Florida spends another $5 million to train teachers how to train students how to answer Utah’s test questions for the 2015 FCAT.

“Of course, we’ll make sure our teachers are adequately trained to administer the new FCAT next year,” Potterland assures us. The current 388 page FCAT testing manual, the 140 page FCAT Writes manual, and the 260 page FCAT computer-based testing manual will be supplemented with a fourth, more comprehensive manual. Test administrators will also be required to complete an additional 20 hours of training. “Don’t worry. We wouldn’t think of leaving teachers to administer this test [FCAT] without first training them on how to collect students’ cell phones, tell time, break open the seals on the tests, pass out pencils, and read the testing instructions verbatim.”

Some people may criticize that Florida currently administers far too many tests, but a recent survey of 150 teachers in Orange County found that 97% of them think there isn’t enough testing. “Every year we’re required to give more and more tests to our students, leaving us with very little time to actually teach. It’s wonderful! I have so much more free time now that I don’t have to come up with lesson plans or grade papers,” says Montgomery County high school teacher, Marianna Fitzgibbons“With all the computer-based testing this year, it takes us a month to get through the FCAT. There are over 1000 students testing and only about 100 computers in the school. Teachers are forced to hold one class [so students don’t make noise passing from class to class which could disrupt those who are testing] for an entire day. We just put on movies for the kids to watch during the testing month. I’ve almost gotten through my entire Netflix queue!”

Potterland agrees that more testing, not less, is what is needed if students are to succeed. Teachers receive bonus money if enough students pass the FCAT. Schools that don’t earn an “A rating” don’t get “A school” money. “This system rewards those teachers who teach kids how to pass the test and weeds out those teachers who don’t like to do things by the book. The teachers who get to know their students and try to tailor their teaching to their kids’ learning styles, the ones who get creative, and the ones who are passionate about teaching will either learn to conform or they will quit, leaving behind the teachers who are dedicated to standardized teaching in a standardized world,” says ABSRD spokesperson, Potterland. “That [rewarding schools that have a high percentage of students who pass the FCAT] is how we will ensure that every school is accountable. The best judge of an individual teacher’s worth is how many students in the school pass the FCAT.”

Currently, Florida’s public school students are required to pass the FCAT in third grade in order to be promoted to the fourth grade. In addition, tenth grade students must pass both the reading and the mathematics FCATs in order to graduate from high school. Soon that will change. “We’re pushing to ensure the FCAT holds even more weight next year. If a student fails the FCAT at any grade level, they will not be promoted to the next grade. If a tenth grader fails it, they will not be allowed to graduate. Under the current rules, tenth graders who fail the FCAT can retake the test up to 5 more times in an effort to pass and thus earn a diploma. Potterland disagrees. “Students shouldn’t be given more chances to pass the FCAT. If they fail, they fail. That’s life. When they can’t attend college, they’ll learn just how important testing is. Starting next year, there will be no ‘do-overs’. That’s why they [students] need to take tests every single day, so they know how to take a test. That’s [test taking] what kids need to learn. That’s what is going to get them into college.” Under this new plan, students may try to obtain a GED and attend trade school, but will not be accepted into any college, thus eliminating anyone who simply isn’t suited for higher education.

image: flickr

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Younique 3D Lashes Winner

The winner of the Younique Moodstruck 3D Lashes giveaway is . . .

Blogger muvie said...
If this mascara can make my eyes look like yours?
I hope I win!!!!
March 30, 2014 at 8:02 PM
Congratulations! Email me at with your shipping information. :) Thank you to everyone who left a comment. If you didn't win and still want to buy the mascara or host a Younique online party, please contact Kathy HERE.

Monday, April 7, 2014

15 Reasons Why No One Will Ever Steal my Van

I'm generally a 'glass is half-full' kinda person. Rarely, I see the glass as half-empty. Sometimes I don't care if the glass is half-full or half-empty as long as the liquid in question is wine. I was feeling down about my car the other day, wishing I had the means to get a slightly newer, slightly less duct-taped vehicle. Instead of wallowing in my self-pity (which I've been known to do from time to time), I decided to make a list of all the great things about my car. For one thing, it's running. (Today, at least.) Also, I don't have a car payment which is really awesome. The more I thought about it, the more reasons I came up with why my car is fabulous. For instance, it'll never be stolen. In fact, I came up with an entire list of reasons why it will never be stolen. How you frame those frustrating situations and circumstances makes all the difference! 

CONTINUE READING Fifteen Reasons Why No One Will Ever Steal my Van HERE!

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