Thursday, March 12, 2015

I Can Sum up Parenting in These 13 LOL Texts From my Kids

As a mom to 6 kiddos, I've been there, done that, and have the T-shirt to prove it. On the surface, I may seem like an expert. I've given advice on breastfeeding, potty training, and temper tantrums. I've shared my knowledge on raising tweens and how much freedom is enough (and creative punishments when they push the boundaries of your well thought-out freedom parameters.)


Friday, March 6, 2015

9 Horrifying Photos of Stuff My Kids Destroyed (Including Themselves)

I have six kids. They’re creative. They’re artistic. They’re expressive. I love their talent. I do not, however, love their choice of medium when they’re creating their masterpieces. I remember losing my mind over some of my kids’ um, “artwork.” I mean, seriously losing my mind! I thought my head would explode when I’d walk into a room and see diaper cream smeared all over every surface, or the dog’s fur covered in blue yogurt, or maple syrup painted on the dining room wall.


Sunday, March 1, 2015

Jewelry in a Candle

When I first heard about Jewelry in a Candle I thought it was kind of odd. Jewelry? In a candle? Weird. But I like jewelry. And I like candles. So why not mix the two? (In fact, I think there may be a market for Wine in a Candle or Lipgloss in a Candle too!)

Anyway, when my friend Cherokee asked me if I'd like to check out these candles, I happily agreed. I chose a coconut candle

because coconut is my all-time favorite! The candle has the absolute best coconut scent ever! My house filled with the smell of the tropics in no time. Mmmmmm. Because I knew there was jewelry hidden somewhere in the candle, I burned it for hours on end, anxiously awaiting the moment when the jewelry would be revealed. My kids and I kept looking at the candle, trying to catch a glimpse of the jewelry being uncovered as the wax melted. Luckily, we didn't have to wait long as the beautiful ring was tucked into the top 2 inches or so of the candle.

Cherokee has set up a party for me and you'll reap the rewards. At the end of this party (March 22), I'll choose a random winner to receive the hostess rewards (with Jewelry in Candles, a hostess receives 10% of the total party sales in product credit.) If the party reaches $500 in sales, the hostess also receives the Exclusively Yours candle with her choice in jewelry. This candle can not be bought, only earned through parties

In addition, all customers who make a purchase during the month of March, or any other month, are automatically entered into her monthly raffle. Each product purchased is 1 entry into the raffle. Featured specials are here. 

When you order through this party link, you'll save 15% on your FIRST order, by using coupon code Springtime at checkout.
If you wish to order a second time, use coupon code GoGreen for 10% off of that order.

Thanks for checking it out!

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