Sunday, August 5, 2007

Camping and Other Methods of Torture

I'm back from camping again. Why, oh why do I torture myself like this? For the pleasure of sleeping out in the wilderness for two nights, I spent a week planning and packing and now I'll spend another week unpacking and cleaning. Although some people would call this a vacation, I believe this actually falls under the category of torture by the Geneva Convention, Amnesty International, and the United Nations.

We actually had a nice time camping with my brother-in-law, Ross, and sister-in-law, Kelly, who have an awesome new camper complete with HDTV and DVD player. All was good until Saturday when it started raining. It rained all afternoon with a brief intermission for s'mores over the fire, then it started up again and stormed all night long. Now Nana, Boo and Princess were in Kelly and Ross's camper watching Pirates of the Caribbean (really roughing it, huh?) and they were all planning on sleeping in their camper that night. That is, until Princess allegedly started snoring and Nana and Boo bailed on her. OK, no big deal, we all scooted over, made room for Nana and Boo who promptly fell asleep in our camper. Then the thunder and lightning started and I spent the rest of the night worrying about Princess who was still in Kelly and Ross's camper. She gets scared and always climbs into bed with me when it storms and I had this fear she was going to try to leave their camper and come into ours in the middle of the night in a thunderstorm. While I laid awake worrying about Princess, my sil was awoken by the sound of Princess trying to open the door to her camper. Thankfully, sil had locked their camper door. She got up to see what was wrong and found Princess sitting in a chair, crying. My wonderful sil calmed Princess down and slept with her so she wouldn't be scared (Princess, not my sil. Although my sil may have been scared too. I'm not sure about that.)

The rain probably wouldn't have been such a big deal except that we'd requested a nice shady spot since our air conditioning was out. Well, we got what we asked for. We got a very, very shady spot. In fact, it was so well shaded that no grass grew there. After the night of rain, we stepped out of the camper and into a lake of mud. And to top it off, it was pleasantly cool and we had no need for air conditioning or shade anyway. Damn that Murphy and his law.

This is my weather forecast for the next five days. It should be fun having the kids, who are already bored with summer vacation, cooped up inside all week. I know I'm looking forward to it.

Uncle Ross (Note the beer. My kids have that effect people.)
Aunt Kelly (It may not be the best picture of her, but at least she isn't flipping me off.)

"Can I keep him, Mom? Pleeeease! Pleeeease? Pretty please! I'll take care of him. I promise!" We did not bring him home, by the way. At least, I hope not. ::::going to check Boo's room::::

This is a bag filled with frogs. Actually this was MY bag that was filled with frogs. It's no longer mine. I think they caught eleven frogs, one caterpillar and two thousand lightning bugs this trip. What is it about boys and their need to catch wildlife wherever we go?

This picture just struck me as funny. It looks like they're walking on water.


viva162 said...

looks like fun:D and those are darling pictures of the kids.

Colleen said...'ve never driven a train to Mexico? You're missing out on some good times!

Anonymous said...

I am new to your blog. I have just about read everything on here. I have laughed more today than I have in the last month. Your kids are precious and you have a real talent. You should have signed up for America's Funniest Mom. You would have won.
Have a blessed day

Anonymous said...

Catching frogs is not just a boy thing, I use to do it :3.
But then I lived it the woods...

Anonymous said...

That picture totally looks like they're walking on water!! Now you can brag that your kids are really saints!

P.S. I love your blog! A mom's group I belong to posted your Ebay auction, and poof, you have another fan.

The wierdest thing about me, is I want 6 kids, maybe more (reading your blog and Ebay auction has me wondering though). Do you have any advice to get my husband past his "two is enough" Phase? (It has to be a phase, it will pass) lol!

viciouss6 said...

Great action shots!

Since having my sixth baby I've discovered that I am no longer a tent or trailer camper. I am a hotel with a real bathroom and real shower camper. ;)

Theresa in Mèrida said...

My kids are grown now, but camping was always the best vacations that we had. Plus we could afford a campground vs a hotel. We even went camping when we lived in the country, one time my kids were running and screaming thru the campground, and I repremanded them with "Quiet down, you aren't home, there are people everywhere here!". I could see the expressions on the campers next door. They were looking at me like I was insane. (I doubt they had kids).
Anyway, I totally relate to your blog.


ps. my kids has wooden box in the backyard that was a train, a submarine and all sorts of stuff. They still remember it, and my oldest is 28 now.

Anonymous said...

As you said, what is it about boys and wildlife??? I think it is because they have mush for brains. The off switch is connected to the "I dare you " button. One vacation my brother (then about 12 or 14) and several boy cousins caught minnows using baseball caps as the net and then BIT THEIR HEADS OFF!!! They said they did it because they heard people ate raw fish and they wanted to see who would get grossed out. I understand there was an element of a double dare invovled. Some 30 years later I think, given the right circumstances, that they would do it again. Of course they'd wash down their "snack" with beer now.

Unknown said...

Your Blog is simply INFECTIOUS! YOU ARE A HYSTERICAL PERSON , AND I REALLY LIKE YOUR BLOG ALOT! As a blogger myself , I could never get so popular.Your big thing was that wonderful eBay story. That was the biggest accidental fame in the world I have to say! You are a really cool smart Butt , and u now have a huge mom following , but you'll soon have a huge teen one I assure you ;)

Unknown said...

You have made my day reading your blog. Too funny ! I have been married 24 years but we couldnt have children. Send them down to Arkansas.. Give yourself a break! LOL

Have a great day !


Neasa said...

Your kids are just adorable. Cool names too!

Unknown said...

I'm with you on the whole camping as torture theory! I think I'd give up just about all my secrets for a hot shower and a soft bed. :-) Check out my take on camping at


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