Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

We had a ton of snow on the ground for Christmas, however, the last couple days, it's been downright tropical outside with temps reaching 50 degrees. This morning when I woke up, I looked out the window and saw green (well brownish-green), but still, there it was - grass! All the snow had disappeared. My friend, Jen's Facebook status said, "I'm believing it's symbolic of melting away 2010 and a positive fresh start to can hope!" I like that. All the bad has melted away. There's no use dwelling on all the bad stuff that happened in 2010. It's over and done with. That dirty, sludgy snow isn't going to come back. It's gone.

It's time to clean up the yard and prepare for a fresh, crisp, white layer of snow. You might be surprised at what you find when you clean the clutter out. Cleaning my yard, I found a beach towel, a waterlogged phone book that had been delivered, half a bagel, a shoe, and a buried sled. When I cleaned out the junk and negative thoughts that had been cluttering my head, I found some more reasons to smile.

So, clear out the junk and make room for all the blessings that 2011 will bring. I'm ready!

But what new year would be complete without a list of resolutions? Here are my resolutions from year's past...

My resolutions for 2008

My new and improved resolutions for 2008

My resolutions for 2009

My resolutions for 2010

This is my list for 2011...

1. Start putting Baileys in my coffee for a much smoother morning.

2. Lower my cholesterol level by raising my caffeine level.

3. Buy jeans that are 2 sizes bigger so it just looks like I lost weight.

4. Bring Brooklyn with me wherever I go so people are distracted by her cuteness and they don't notice the bags under my eyes and the gray in my hair.

5. Make a list of all my passwords which should save me approximately 238 hours a year trying to remember them.

6. Drive no more than 50 miles over the speed limit.

7. Hit the snooze button only 15 times each morning.

8. Get a pet monkey.

9. Quit my day job and become a stand-up comic because they have better hours.

10. Come up with the latest money-making fad - TickleMeChiaBeanieSnuggieBandz.


V1nce said...

GET THE MONKEY! GET THE MONKEY! Ooh, and please run a contest so we can name it.

Here's my top monkey picks:

Mister Warren Willington III
Furry McFeces Flinger
Hairy Harry
Sir Snookum Wookums
Chewbacca Jr.
Look Out He's Kinda Rabid!
Monkey Boy
Gigantor the Squeezable

Chris said...

Happy New Year, Dawn!! May this year be a wonderful one for you and your children. Hopefully you can put all the bad stuff behind you and start fresh tomorrow!

Jen@Scrapingirl said...

I about choked on my popcorn while reading your resolutions!! HA!!! You are freaking hilarious!!!! Here's to a smoother new year. I'm raising my glass to ya. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Hmm interesting
1 - hmm good idea, except I'll go with scotch
2 - now there's something I hadn't thought of trying, if could just cure the shakes i get when i drink too much coffee it should be good
3 never thought of doing that, good plan, will drag out my baggy track pants today
4 hmm could borrow my 5 yr old nephew - he always looks cute
5 yeah i hear you
6 i don't speed so will leave that one to you
7 last year i threw my alarm clock away due to over use of snooze button, now use phone and put it across side of room so have to get up to turn it off
8 My youngest (15) was only commenting after watching something on tv that she wants a pet monkey - a bit harder to achieve in Australia
9 I'm not funny so that wont work for me
10 if you need a partner I'm in!!

Unknown said...

Really like this one.

Happy New Year to you and the kids and let's hope all the bad does go away and soon !

It is still 54 degrees out here in N.E. Indiana. I love it !
But all will end by late tomorrow and go down in the 20's.

heidi said...

Sorry Dawn, Number 8 will no longer work. New Illinois law starts tomorrow that it is illegal to own a pet monkey in the state. LOL. My kids and I heard this one on the news last night and were really bummed that we have lost the opportunity for that pet monkey we always wanted.

Sandy in Illinois said...

I was going to report to you too about the new "No pet monkey" rule, but it looks as if someone else beat me to it. Plus, Glen had one as a child and he says it was mean and bit everyone who came near. Plus, if you do get caught with a monkey acquired after 1/1/11, the fine is $1500 and 30 days in jail. Jail time might provide a break, however. Choices, choices.

MaBunny said...

Happy New Year to you Dawn! Heres hoping 2011 is filled with better things than 2010! Your resolutions list is hilarious!!

Deb said...

Oh, the password dilemma! It plagues me, too. I have finally tried simplifying my whole system to something that is related to the whole need for security. I mean really, who would want to read my email accounts? No need for security there, so I go with the simplest form--one word I might actually remember. For more complicated things, they get numbers after them. For work, I use a different word. For school, a different word...always beefing up the number and symbol things ONLY if required. I think the whole password thing is a crock anyway. If someone really wanted to access my accounts, they could if they wanted to, I know this.

Still, my life would be so much easier and less frustrating if I didn't have to use passwords for everything!

Jill Cook said...

Love your attitude! The snow melting from my backyard revealed a kid's snow shovel, a sandbox full of toys, and 3 half rotten jack-o-lanterns on the deck. I'm ready for a clean, fresh 2011 too. Praying for you and your kids as you get rid of the dirty sludge and start with fresh, white season ahead.

Anonymous said...

Now those are some resolutions to live by!! happy new year!!

Carmen said...

Love your list of resolutions! I can help you with #5... try password agent. It is free and really easy to use. Now I don't have to remember all of mine.

Hope 2011 brings all kinds of good things for you and the kids!

Marjie said...

Ok, so it looks like the monkey is illegal now in IL (news to me), but I was going to advise against it anyhow after that horror story of the woman losing her face when her friend's pet monkey went nuts. I caught an update recently and it still makes me shiver.
And does caffeine really lower cholesterol? I'm so in with you if that's true. :-)

PamGram said...

I thought you already had a pet monkey...his name is Clay,lol. I think everyone thinks of you as a comic,a sit-down-at-the-computer comic.You just need better pay and switch the hours and stand-up.Happy New Year to you and all your wonderful kids and thank you for being you.

Rose @ Walnut Acre said...

I need to do number 5. But I really want to do number 8. I've always wanted a pet monkey!

mommeeof10 said...

My resolutions are easy.
1. don't sweat the small stuff.
2. breath.
3. eat.
4. Try to go to sleep earlier. I get home from work at midnight, so this one will not work.
5. remember #1. It will not matter in 10 years if my 4 yr old insisted on wearing the same clothes for a few days before I peeled tham off him and made him bathe.

Robin said...

My personal favorite is #10! Hope it's a huge money maker for you!! LOL!

Unknown said...

In regards to resolution #5-I do have a list of all of my different log ins & passwords that I put together in case of my untimely demise, but find myself using it quite frequently :)

But my step son just bought himself a new laptap that scans his thumb print so it eliminates the need for passwords. So you won't need a list in the near future.

Michelle in PA

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