Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sunday Sound Out

From Chicago, the sister city to Forks, it's your host, the woman who sparkles in the sun, Dawn Meehan!

I have the number one reader-nominated blog on! You like me! You really like me! Thank you for all your votes! My blog wouldn't have been ranked #1 without you guys. Thank you!!!

Do you mabye have a P.O> Box we could send them a card to help cheer them up?
Yes, I do! In fact, I think that's a great idea! Jackson is still in the hospital and probably will be for some time. He's having a hard time coming to terms with all the anger he's locked inside this past year. On the bright side, Austin is doing much better! I'm praying it continues as he heads back to school tomorrow after being away for several weeks. When the inevitable stresses add up, I hope he remembers the coping techniques he's learned.

What? No video of you dancing???
How much moola do we have to raise to get you to post your dance video so we all can see you in your jiggin' with it glory?

There isn't enough money on the planet. But, tell you what, I have a better idea. What do you think of me adding some cake decorating tutorial videos to my blog?

something to consider instead of throwing away small bottles of stuff - donate it to the USO for use in care packages, or even give to a homeless shelter
I was feeling all good for donating the 6 bags of clothing and stuff to Wings and now I feel bad for not knowing that anyone would want some stupid bottles of hotel shampoo. Point noted. I'll donate them the next time I acquire a stash. But I'm hanging on to any containers of body spray or deodorant so I can pass them out to smelly passengers on future airplane flights.

you had a caboodle in there!!! i was just thinking the other day, how much i wished i had back the caboodle i had in high school! do they still sell those?
Yep, they still sell them. I wish they still sold Clickers though. Remember those? Curling irons that ran on butane. Totally safe, of course. I think only a couple dozen or so people's heads went up in flames. I can't imagine why they're off the market. And you guys amaze me at your attention to detail on my pictures.

BTW, turtled or not, I love your purse. Care to share where you got it?
I won it! I won it at a Dinner with Disney event. I would never spend that much on a purse. I have a strict rule about not spending more ON a purse than what I keep IN a purse.

Sorry Dawn, Number 8 will no longer work. New Illinois law starts tomorrow that it is illegal to own a pet monkey in the state. LOL. My kids and I heard this one on the news last night and were really bummed that we have lost the opportunity for that pet monkey we always wanted.
That's what you noticed about my resolution list? The whole 'driving 50 miles over the speed limit' thing didn't phase you. Just the pet monkey, huh? Sheesh, Patrick Demsey brings one rabid monkey into the country and ruins it for everyone! Okay then, scratch the pet monkey. Instead, I'll just make it my resolution to start addressing everyone I meet as Colonel. But I won't pronounce it like "kernel". I'll say it just the way it looks - "colonel".

Have yourselves a wonderful week! And remember - toepick!

******** Oops, apparently I forgot to actually add my po box address. It's -
Dawn Meehan
836 S. Arlington Heights Rd.
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007


Anonymous said...

From someone in the UK - whats a caboodle?

V1nce said...

Why I'd love to see some cake baking tutorials! Right people?

Duff and The Cake boss move on over for Dawn Meehan the Duchess of Cake Decorating!

Keisha said...

Yes, yes, yes! Please post some how-to cake decorating videos!! I voted for you on the Babble thing because I absolutely love your blog. You're a very inspiring and amazing woman. I wish you and your family the best in 2011.

sjdierks said...

I still have one of those butane curling irons! I barely used it because I wanted to keep it for "emergencies"! Ha! (I was in marching band and had to wear a goofy cowboy hat.) I wonder if it still works?

warrenusmc said...

Toe pick! ROFL! LOVE that movie! Actually saw it in the theater 3 times (hanging head in shame).

Anonymous said...

I would love to learn how to decorate cakes like yours. They always look so cool. You should think about writing a cake decorating book, too.

Tamara said...

I would love to see some cake decorating tutorials!

And thanks for the address to be able to send a couple of cards to you and your boys.

Jen@Scrapingirl said...

You're freaking hilarious!!!!! You should write a book. HA!!! I kid. I totally needed to read your blog after the week I've had. Brother had seizure on Christmas day then a heart attack on New year's eve. My family really knows how to party over here. :)

rthling said...

That's how I say Toe Pick!
And congrats on being number one!
And yay for Austin getting better!
And, and, and... I forget. :-D

Anonymous said...

OMG, yes! i had one of those curling irons too! (funny, since that was my comment about the caboodle that you answered!) that curling iron completely saved my life (i mean reputation) in like 9th grade. i was a figure skater and had to get ready for school in the car en route from the rink to school... there's no way i could have made my bangs stand up the way they did w/out that thing. AND, i'm so going looking for a caboodle! lemme guess, target?

New Life and Attitude said...

First off - loved the toe pick reference. It's one of my favorite movies.

And I swear I just saw one of those butane curling irons at a store recently. Now I'm going to have to look for it. Might be nice to have here at work just in case of an emergency (or if I want to catch a co-worker on fire).

Kristine said...

I just wanted to let you know that I've been praying for you. I don't normally pray for people I don't know, but you have been in my prayers daily.

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