Thursday, January 27, 2011


One of Brooklyn's favorite things to do is play with my make-up. Sometimes she gets really brave and gets into Lexi's play make-up. For some reason, she never gets stupid brave enough to touch Savannah's make-up though.

Yesterday evening, she asked me, "Can I put on some make-up, Mama?"

"Sure, Oat," I replied, thinking she was going to put on the lipgloss that I'd designated as hers. It used to be mine, but after I'd seen her smearing it on the walls and sink in the bathroom, I bequeathed it to her.

She disappeared into her room while I made dinner.

A few minutes later, she pounced into the kitchen.

"Ohhh, well, look at... you," I remarked. "You're a cat, huh?"

"No, Mom! I'm a spy! I'm Agent Cat!"

"Well, of course you are. But before you slink off to fight crime, come sit down and have some dinner."

"I don't eat dinner. I'm a CAT, Mom!" She looked at me, incredulous that I'd forgotten so quickly.

"That's okay. It's not people food. It only looks like mostaccoli. It's really Cat Chow", I lied.

She looked dubious, but agreed to drink some milk. Out of a bowl. Yeah.

Oh well, it could've been worse. She could've been Agent Bird and insisted I regurgitate a worm into her mouth.


Unknown said...

Priceless.... she is so adorable.
I think Lexi did a fantastic job.

Zarsky Family said...

She is such a funny girl!!!

Isolet Jansen said...

aaarrghhh... and just when I thought what a cute post, you had to bring up the worm... that is not going down so well with the lunch I just finished.


SandyAnnDee said... least you offered her food. When my six year old declared that she was a "pet," I told her that meant that she had to live outside. She quickly abandoned being a pet and returned to queen status.

Kristin of course said...

I always think it's hysterical when little kids look at us with that expression that can only be described as "incredulous." Their little brains simply cannot comprehend our stupidity at forgetting that, in my case, Pandy the PillowPet, is the one I'm supposed to be talking to.

Anonymous said...

Priceless! Absolutely priceless! I <3 your kids' creativity!

V1nce said...

Go with a gummy worm as opposed to a real one. They taste better either way they go...

Laura~peach~ said...

giggles... shes too darn cute!

Colleen said...


I love you guys!!
Oh I bought one of your books!!
I pick it up today!

St Helens Oregon

Unknown said...

Too cute, she is creative for sure and keeps you and us laughing. That is what we need sometimes when things get to us and children always know what to do or say to shake us out of our bad moods.

Anonymous said...

*sobs* who was it who said that the English and Americans are only separated by a common language?!!

I read your blog - I usually enjoy your blog immensely BUT then you go and use another 'foreign' word!

aryan said...

What is it about becoming animals, and particularly a cat? My daughters love to do it, too!

lawnajo said...

Love the lipstick on her teeth. LOL!

Unknown said...

You also don't want her to be Agent Bird around statues and newly washed cars. You are good with words but I'd like to see you talk your way out of that one. There are just times when humor is NOT the best approach.

Melissa said...

How cute is that!

Kitty Deschanel said...

I love Brooklyn! Growing up, I was a cat too. Really. If you had met me, I would have pulled my "paws" up to my chest and told you a great, big MEOW - and this was 3rd grade! Incidentally, 3rd grade was also the year the principal had to chat with me about why it was wrong to force my friend to eat grass, even though cats do it all the time.
Ahh, memories ;)

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