Friday, January 28, 2011

Emails From the Barely Literate

You should see my spam folder. I get a dozen or more of these gems on a daily basis. Although I generally just delete them all without a second glance, now and then, I like to read them for the entertainment value.

Dear Sirs,
Okay, I may not be the most stunning example of delicate feminity out there, but "sir"? Really???

Christmas will coming,
Yep! It'll be here in only eleven short months!

we preparing and supplies more brand products for thisceremonious days,

including Down coat, UGG boots,shoes, bags, shirts,sunglasses,watches,belts of Gucci,
Ah yes, the famous Belts of Gucci. I believe this can be viewed on a clear night just south of the Flame Nebula in Orion.

thaPrada,Nike, LV.Puma.Chanel Ugg,Moncler, and so on...... Free shipping and VIP price if order in our website. You can try it and choose the gift for you or your family.
I don't know about you, but this makes me want to run out and shop at this most trustworthy website!

Wish all the best wishes for you. , = you
Oooo goody! The BEST wishes? Like ice cream and ponies and glitter princess tattoos? I'm not sure about the you = you part.


Memoirs of Me & Mine said...

Hahaha, I get some crazy spam too!

My Studio 13 by Carrie said...

laughing so hard right now

Melissa said...

Too funny!

V1nce said...

At least you don't get all those "you can get bigger" emails. I'm starting to wonder exactly what they mean. I don't think I need to be bigger than 5' 10 1/2"... I can reach anything I need to and I don't have to look up to people to look them in the eye. Stupid spammers!

Alice Maureaux said...

Your blog should come with a warning not to read while holding or drinking hot coffee! Everytime I start laughing so hard and it makes me spill all over! You are so funny even in the midst of a hard time! I'm going through somewhat the same, not quite as bad, but I have a hard time thinking of funnies while I'm fighting the bitterness! Good for you!

Robin said...

See, there IS still funny in this world! :)

PamGram said...

Oh I hate SPAM.I don't care what they say it does NOT taste like ham,not even close. Hey V1nce my daughter is 6'3" and to be extra rude she's a size 8, lol

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