Sunday, December 26, 2010

Speech Therapy

I got what I wanted for Christmas. I was able to pick up Jackson and bring him home Christmas afternoon. Jackson will be going to the partial hospitalization program on Monday and Austin will probably be graduating from the partial program on Monday. So, it was a good quiet Christmas here at home with my kids. Santa brought us Just Dance 2 for Wii. We had a ton of fun playing this. Actually, let me rephrase that. Savannah had fun kicking our butts. Jax, Lex, and Austin had fun dancing. I had fun listening to the kids tell me it looked like I was having a seizure. I think they were just jealous because I looked like a Rockette, or that chick from Flashdance. After the third song, I was pretty sure I was having a heart attack, so I quit and sat down to have some Christmas cookies and egg nog (the American Heart Association's recommended treatment for heart attack).

I noticed something Christmas day. I mean, it's really been on the edges of my brain for some time, but it completely sunk in yesterday. It has to do with Clay's vocabulary, or more specifically, these three words that seem to permeate his speech on a regular basis. Poop, Fart, and Butt. Every Christmas carol he sings has his new and improved lyrics. "Frosty the poopman had a very farty butt." "He sees you when you're pooping, he knows if you're awake..." Rudolph, the poop-butt reindeer..."

It's not just Christmas songs either. Nope, these three words are an integral part of his daily rhetoric. For example,

"What do you want for lunch, Clay?"

"Spaghetti and poopballs."

Imagine his surprise if I actually served up that delicacy.

"Clay, get in bed and I'll tuck you in."

As he runs off toward his bedroom, blowing raspberries, "I'm fartman!

Hmmm, on second thought, maybe I won't tuck you in.

I'm sure it's just a phase he's going through. I seem to recall the older kids going through a potty talk phase. Of course, with them, I'm thinking this occurred back when they were actually potty training and not when they were nearly SEVEN years old, but hey, a phase is a phase, right? I wonder if I could take him to speech therapy for this because I'm afraid this is going to be a long-lasting phase. Why, you ask? Because no matter how straight-faced and stern I manage to stay when he spouts his potty talk, there are five other kids who find it hilarious and let him know by laughing their poopy butts off.


Anonymous said...

i'm 23 and i was laughing my poopy butt off reading this... glad you're christmas was merry! :)

Unknown said...

I suspect Clay is potty mouth delayed. My Grandson who will be 5 when Brooklyn is, is already exhibiting signs of potty mouth. Be thankful you had those 2 extra years! On a more serious note, wishing you happiness in 2011

The Minears said...

Hugs to Fartman and all the rest, maybe he needs a 'kitty litter' cake for his next birthday.

Sharon said...

I'm so happy for you that you got to spend Christmas with all of your kids.

Jen@Scrapingirl said...

What? No video of you dancing???

Unknown said...

I am so glad you got the kids all together for you fun day.
Hey, if you keep that dancing thing going you will drop some weight. I danced alot before I got married and then hubby won't anymore so I throw that at him if he makes one comment on my weight ! LOL

I don't know if it is a phase that Clay is going thru but I have two grandsons that talk like that too. One is 10 and the other is 12 yrs old. They think it is funny and we tell them, 'not in our house'. I think it works for a day..hehehe
Good luck and remember it all for when they have kids and complain about their kids saying things like that.

Hugs, Donna in Indiana

nutralady2001 said...

Oh Dawn sweetie I had no idea the challenges you were facing. I subscribe to your blog but didn't get the posts about Austin's and Jackson's depression.They are probably in my spam folder where I've found a couple of your other blogs.

You are doing an awesome job as a single Mum just want to send you all big (((hugs))) So glad Jackson was able to come home Christmas afternoon, you are all in my prayers xxx

VictoriaKP said...

Happy to hear you'll have your boys home--wonderful news.

As for Clayton--I have 2 boys aged 6 & 8 and poop, fart, butt, booty (and on and on!) are their favorite words. Keeping my fingers crossed this phase will end soon :-).

haggardmom said...

I feel your pain re: the potty language... my husband just bought our 8 year old daughter three new Captain Underpants books for Christmas. :-/ Which she likes to read aloud in the car.

I'm glad to hear that the boys were home for Christmas. I will continue to pray for their continued healing!

MaBunny said...

Oh Dawn, I am so happy you got Jackson home for Christmas!! Also glad he and Austin are progressing. It will be a slow but sure process and I wish them all the luck and prayers I can. Good luck with Clay's "speech therapy"! and hats off to you as well, for being the mom you are :))

Angel The Alien said...

Don't worry, Clay would fit right in with any group of 7-year-old boys! Rafael manages to fit these words into any sentence (like, "What do you have for homework , Rafael?" "Spelling poop!" "Uh... sounds difficult!") said...

I have a 7 year old son and he is the same way. Everything involves some sort of bodily function humor. Unfortunately his 4 year old sister is learning from him. Ahhhh the joys of parenthood. You're not alone!

PamGram said...

All you can do is not laugh in front of him,as best you can lol.I have 4 boys with a wide age spread and went thru this butt-head stage in the 70's,80's and 90's.Now the grandson.Good poopie fun. As for making time for yourself--you did,with the kids on Christmas and you DANCED,yay.You must be in fantastic shape to last 3 songs and all the silly comments from the kids.HUGS to you all and a Happy-poopie New fart Year.;~D

faithlessone said...


My cousins and I spent about 6 hours playing Just Dance 2 on Christmas Day! It's exhausting, isn't it?

WeaselMomma said...

That sounds like a very Merry Christmas indeed! That's enough to make sugar-poops dance in your head!

Laura~peach~ said...

so glad to hear the boys lives are on the up swing and you were all able to be together for christmas... Yep itts a phase... so enjoy it while it lasts... besides that he is so darn cute :) I still love the old video of him climbing the fridge :) I think He melted my heart way back then and squeezed his way in I love hearing/ reading / seeing his adventures .
hang in there Dawn you are a great momma and YES the eggnog cookie regiem is PERFECT to prevent heart attack :)

Sarah said...

So glad you could have him home for Christmas and be all together! :)

HippoAnon said...

My son is four, and is going through the potty mouth phase. His absolute favorite thing to do plays out like this:

Aidan: Mommy, can I ask you a question?

Me: Sure, honey.

Aidan: Do you like to SMELL BUTTS?!?

And then he rips his pants down and moons me, laughing maniacally. My husband finds it hilarious, so I don't think they ever grow out of this phase completely... *sigh*

Tracy S said...

I'm thinking the 5 siblings that laugh every time he does this is def. what keeps it going! LOL

I remember when my son came home from 1st grade having learned the word PENIS that day from a friend. He called it his "pee thing" and if I tried to tell him it had a different name (so he could learn the right one) he would NOT listen to me, but when your 6 year old friend tells you, well, then you believe it! He worked that word into as many conversations as he could for about a week! He is the oldest and didn't have anyone cheering him on and it still lasted a week! LOL

Ah, boys!! :)

Tiffany said...

Sounds like you had tons of fun dancing! I'm a new follower & can't wait to read more; hopefully you'll stop by my blog soon! :)

Chris said...

If you think his language is...uh...funny...check out this link and let him see it. They're called caganers and they're a hundreds of years old tradition.

V1nce said...

How much moola do we have to raise to get you to post your dance video so we all can see you in your jiggin' with it glory?

Glad to hear you all were around to have a great Xmas!!!

Oh yeah and I almost forgot... the number one recommended solution for potty-mouth is... A PLUNGER!!! (no applause necessary, just doing me job).

Sandy in Illinois said...

The most sought after grab prize gift at our annual grab prize give-away at Christmas this year was a small book titled "The History of Farting." It was fought over by a group of "intelligent" male relatives aged 21 to 45. So I don't think Clay will out-grow this too soon.

Susan (5 Minutes For Mom) said...

My 5 year old Julia has long appreciated the joys of potty talk and taught her 3 year old sister.


HeyItsBeej said...

Kevin realized that on a digital clock a three looks like a butt.

"Kev, what time is it?"
"Butt butty seven."

Crunchy (Grouchy) Mommy said...

Clay's vocabulary is hilarious! My 2 girls (6 and 5) do the same thing, though, and they're GIRLS, lol. I try not to laugh, but I can't help myself sometimes. You would not believe the lyrics I hear my kids making up. Good times.

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