Monday, December 13, 2010


It was brought to my attention that I pay attention about as well as my children, apparently. I gave you some wrong information about PASS from American Express. The $3.95 monthly fee I talked about, has actually been waived until next October. I misread the information and thought the fee had only been waived until this past October. I apologize.

Also, the monthly fee, which won't even begin until the end of next year, will be taken from the funding source (in my teens' cases, that's my checking account). The fee is not taken off the balance of the card.

Knowing that, my teens and I are definitely keeping/using the PASS cards!

I'm sorry for the misinformation I wrote in my previous blog post.


PamGram said...

Just thought you'd like to know that the last 5or6 days it has been in the low 80's here in Calif. Just in case you're in the market to move :~) We'd love to have here {{hugs}}

Anonymous said...

Has there been any plan to make your blog more, um, mobile-friendly? I love reading your blog, but it's kind of a downer sometimes that it takes so long to load.

Just a thought... :)

Queenie662 said...

SSO question - Do you get annoyed when your comments include spelling or grammatical errors? Spelling is difficult for me, so I tend to forgive those, but it drives me crazy when people type "your" when they actually mean "you're". I know this qualifies me for some irritating schoolmarm award, but I can't help myself.

Anonymous said...

Nominating you for a versatile blogger award. You always manage to make my day.
If you'd like to know more about the award click back to my blog

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