Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday Sound Out

Has anyone told you that with your new haircut you resemble Dora the Explorer? (In the cutest way, of course!)
Ummm no, but thanks?

How long did it take you to get your free caulk? I signed up for it on your other blog eons ago, and have given up camping out at my mailbox for it. Will it ever come?And BTW--how do I join Blogher?
I don't remember, but I think it only took maybe 2-3 weeks to get the caulk sample. And it's easy to join BlogHer! Just click HERE, then click on "join us" toward the top right corner and sign up. TaDa!

Sometimes ebay is a pain, but I'd hate to go back to the days of garage sales.
True, true, unless you have a few big ticket items to sell, it's hardly worth the time and effort a garage sale takes. Did I tell you guys that the winner of my boys' dress pants auction refused to pay and is no longer a registered member of eBay? So, I'm out the listing fees for that one too. I really give up. They're going to Salvation Army, or AmVets or whatever organization calls me first to tell me they'll be in my area for a pick-up.

What if we all just did one nice thing to cancel out the yucky? Everytime someone/thing (hi e-bay!) is a butthead or does a butthead thing we do something positive?When someone is rude, give your next waitress a little extra tip. Saleslady doesn't help; hold the door for someone when leaving the store.
What an excellent idea! It reminds me of those Liberty Mutual commercials that I posted on here awhile back. I love those! In fact, check out this website. It's all about responsibility and doing the right thing. They've got an interesting blog HERE.

Do you think Austin had some kinda short term memory loss? Was he barefoot or was he wearing socks? I'm trying to understand the mind of a 13 year old.
He was barefoot and there is no understanding the mind of a 13 year old boy. As far as short term memory loss, I think that's what I have. My kids have started calling me Dory.

Dawn! Didn't Savannah used to have blond hair in the drawing/picture at the top of your blog? (Please tell me I'm not going crazy!)
Wow! How did you ever notice that??? You guys amaze me with your attention to detail! Yes, it used to be blond in the drawing. She really has brown hair though, so my friend Kelli changed it a bit.

I am a teacher with very little to do at the moment as I am on my holidays. Your blog is one of the things that keeps me going. When are you going to post again? I mean its Saturday and you last posted on Wednesday!!! Do you have any idea how long that is when you have a boring life?
Patience, young jedi, patience. Now and then I have to get some sleep and tear myself away from the computer.

We go camping because we believe that it wasn't really as bad last time as we remember. Our memory must be faulty and this trip will be better, It's the same reason people gamble. Someone has to win, I might be that someone.
I understand that philosophy - labor and delivery didn't hurt that badly, did it? I'm pretty sure it wasn't that bad. It'll be a piece of cake this time.

Do campgrounds really charge for more than 2 kids? I know a lot of your posts have sarcasm in them, but that's something that's totally believable these days and in this economy.
They sure do. In fact, I think I find more campgrounds that do charge for extra kids than don't. We generally avoid those places.

OMG! the picture of that one sign has me ROFL. where was that and what was it 'supposed' to be a picture of??? i'm totally dying. my husband has to see that. LMAO.

Clearly, it's indicating you should wave your hand when the ultrasonic waves come out of the wall, then someone will pee on you. Or maybe it means that if someone starts peeing on your fingers, you should shake hands with the wall. Or perhaps it means you should try to catch the sound waves emitted from the wall before someone comes along and pees on your hand. At any rate, it's disturbing.

also, someone please explain the "I want my two dollars" quote...and feel free to call me dumb, stupid,or totally out of the loop!!!
It's from the movie Better Off Dead.

Oh boy, was it Savannah who got the mosquito bites? Poor her!!
Yeah, while I was in the shower, the kids asked Joe if they could go for a hike in the woods. He said it was ok and off they went. No one had sunscreen on, and Savannah was just wearing her bathing suit so she got eaten up.

Dawn, seriously. Those girls from the 5 minutes for Mom blog...could they have asked you worse questions! Gosh, they were annoying!
Really? I didn't think the questions were annoying. That was just the first video segment. They asked me more questions and there will be more segments in the future. It was really fun doing the interview and I enjoyed talking to both Susan and Janice at BlogHer.

Do you really go to bed at 3:00? I hope so because it would really, really make me feel better since I go to bed at 3:00 too.
Yup. I've got to get myself on a better schedule and quick! I'm going to be a zombie once school starts if I don't get myself to bed by 1:00 or before.

I think your gorilla is really a junior-higher. If you take another look at your pics, he's doing the old "scratching/picking/signaling" with his middle finger, but it's his first finger that he stuck in his mouth. He pulled a "psych!" on you! It's probably what they all sat around laughing about tonight after the zookeepers left."Ha! Did you see the one with 5 little monkeys taking pictures of me 'picking my nose'? She was all grossed out when I put my finger in my mouth but I used my other finger!"
HAAAA! That's hilarious. And again, you guys pay way too much attention to detail. However....

Is the last picture a new one of Brooklyn or do you just use the same one each time? ; )If it is different you could make a collage!
Heck, I could wallpaper my whole house with different pictures of Brooklyn pouting and crying.

Bet you are waiting for school to start aren't u?
16 days, 15 hours, 3 minutes and 47 seconds.

I just have to ask you, since you must have more experience than I do with toddler outbursts, how the h*** do you handle them!? My two-year-old is a real sweet child most of the time, but she sometimes throws fits where she absolutely hates her father. "Dad is not allowed to watch my tape!" "I don't like daddy!" "Go away dad!". And he gets hurt and walks away. But I just had surgery, I can't deal with her because my whole stomache looks like a six-year-olds attempt to do embroydery. Please tell me this will go away! And how shall we handle her? Please Dawn, you are my domestic goddess, do you have any advice?
Here are some answers from other people going through this right now. Brooklyn does this all the time. She'll stand outside and and cry at the back door and won't let any of her brothers of sisters open the door for her to come inside. She'll cry, "I want Mommy do it!" I, not wanting to hurt her precious little feelings, say something like, "Mommy's busy. If you want to come inside, let Austin (or whoever) hold the door open for you." When she flings herself down and screams, "NO! You do it!" I compassionately say, "OK, just stay outside then." The same goes when she wants a cup of milk and I'm busy but one of her siblings offers to get it for her.
With Brooklyn, however, it's not always Mommy who she wants. Sometimes it's Daddy. Sometimes it's Savannah. Sometimes it's her grandma. She's just stubborn and temperamental that way. I personally, try not to encourage it by indulging her every whim. That said, there are those times when , fed up by her whining, I say, "Just give her the _____(fill in the blank with whatever it is she's whining for) already! I don't care whose it is! My ears are bleeding! For the love of chocolate, make the whining stop!!!"


Jess said...

For anyone who is annoyed with e-bay, doesn’t want bags of stuff sitting around waiting for a Goodwill truck and hates garage sales, try It is a nationwide grass roots organization whose mission is to keep “stuff” out of landfills and get it into the hands of those who need it.

Michelle said...

Oh myyyy does Brooklyn sound like my Little Miss sometimes, although genearally it's her insistence that she's going to do it herself and god FORBID someone try to help her. Ha! But yeah the... "ok, sit there and wait for a cup to magically appear in your hands if you want a drink and Mommy can't get it for you" might maybe possibly be a response I've uttered before. Maybe.

Is Brooklyn going to preschool at all this year where you'd be *gasp* alone for a few hours at some point during the week?

Steph said...

Have you contacted ebay about the refusal to pay guy? They should be able to give you a refund, right?

Anonymous said...

we stopped using eBay and started using craig's list. My hubby sells his used guitar stuff on there and always gets it sold within a day or two. Pretty much everyone is local so no having to ship stuff, worry if they arent' going to pay or whatever. Hope this helps ya!

Rick said...

Hey! Even I didn't notice that Savanah's hair got changed in the illustration, and I drew the thing! Now we artist are kind of fussy about people fiddling with our art, but I wouldn't want Savanah feeling that she wasn't well represented in the drawing.

Now that you've gone and done changed your own hair I suppose you'll be needing an update on your locks too!

P.S Bloggers, if you want to see the original version of the artwork, come and check out the side line on my blog. Savanah is her old blonde self there.

Anonymous said...

At some point during my "exhausted" years with my 6 kids, I changed my routine to go to bed as soon as the last kid was in bed. (early bedtimes were strictly enforced) I slept soundly while everyone else did. Then I got up at 4:00am--2 hours before anyone else--and had two to three whole hours to do whatever I wanted (reading, sewing, polishing furniture, folding laundry, making out menus and grocery lists for the week, writing letters, even a soothing bubble bath. When the internet came along, I could research my family history or play solitaire.)I was able to have lunches packed and a cooked breakfast on the table every morning. Being awake, showered and dressed before anyone else was up was a blessing in and of itself. I took a 20-30 minute nap at 2:00 every day for an energy boost for the rest of the day. This really worked well for me all those years, and I still relish my solitary pre-dawn hours before having to deal with anyone demanding my full attention.
On an airplane, you are instructed to put the oxygen mask over your own face, first, and then help anyone else. This is sort of the same thing--take care of yourself first, so you can take care of everything else calmly and efficiently.
Just thought I'd share.
Grandma Judy

Anonymous said...

I want to back up Jess's suggestion of freecycle. I help moderate our local group and it's really great knowing that what you have to offer is being used by someone who really needs or wants it. You'll get a lot of e-mail every day, but you'll find that you often have what someone is looking for-and you never might want what THEY have!! Chris in PA

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions and linking to that page. I found it most helpful and will try to implement some of the suggestions starting immediately!
You are my hero!
Love Julia in Sweden

meghannamarie said...

Just to let you know there is this really cool web site that is basically a garage sale online! love it list the pants there, or go online and get hooked like me!First time commenter! you know like on Rush linbaugh when they call in and say long time listener first time caller!J/K

Michele said...

I noticed that in your statement about forgetting things enough to do them all over again, you said

"I understand that philosophy - labor and delivery didn't hurt that badly, did it? I'm pretty sure it wasn't that bad. It'll be a piece of cake this time."

Are you expecting?

Anonymous said...

My free caulk came almost instantly. Of course, I had wanted the stuff to use in my shower, but they sent me the acrylic stuff that you can paint. Oh well, I guess I can buy some, right? Now if I can just remember when I'm in Target one of the eighty times a week I end up there....


ShellyBlake said...

"For the love of chocolate, make the whining stop!!!"

you crack me up Dawn! LOL

Debby said...

We recently experienced the same thing at the Seattle zoo except it was me saying "OMG LOOK AT HIM PICKING HIS NOSE! OH NO! OH MY GOD! HE/SHE/IT IS EATING IT! TAKIRA, SEAN, LOOK! OH MY GOD!"

So there you have it. Old MOM telling the whole ZOO!

Even funnier. The treat gal came to the cage via the back and started passing out treats to the Apes/Monkeys and I scream "Oh Loook they are getting Hot Dogs!" "Do they eat Hot Dogs?" You can tell I'm hip on what animals eat. No clue these primates are vegetarians. So some little 5 year old,. if I am lucky, yells out "Those aren't HOT DOGS! THEY DON'T EAT MEAT! THOSE ARE CARROTS! Okay 100 persons surrounding me, at least, and they all look at me. HUH?! You guys are smarter then that why the heck you lookin at me!!! Come to find out later, those were crackers, not carrots or HOT DOGS but whatever, I excelled in skipping classes what else am I supposed to know?!?!?

Anonymous said...

About your non-paying bidder: You should file a Non-paying bidder claim and ebay will refund your final value fees. SInce the NPB is NARU (no longer a registered user) you will receive the FVF instantly. You can also send the next highest bidder a Second Chance Offer (no listing fee); it works like a buy it now at the last bid price.

Hope that helps.

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