Saturday, August 30, 2008

Just Some Stuff

I need to post about a few misc. things that have been sitting in my inbox.

First, I have a few reviews I'm working on for my review blog. You can check out my review of Batter Blaster HERE.


And thank you to Rachel for giving away some cookbooks to my readers! Here are the names of the winners who will receive a free cookbook, Supper's on the Table, Come Home.

Barbara K. of Natick, MA
Darren D. of Wesley Chapel, FL
Pamela F. of Annapolis, MD
Joy G. of Muleshoe, TX
Karyn K. of Audubon, PA
Meredith K. from Glendora, CA

If you meant to get a cookbook and forgot about it, you can still place an order HERE.


Betty Confidential is having a contest where you can win the same flat iron that Jennifer Aniston and Nicole Kidman's stylists use. Well, not the exact same one. I mean, the same kind. But a new one. Not one that's actually been used on Jennifer and Nicole. Who would want to use the same one with bits of someone else's hair in it anyway? Anyway, just click the Betty Confidential link, register (all you have to do is create a username and password) and leave a comment as to why you deserve to win the iron valued at $195. Also, tell 'em that Dawn (mom2my6pack) sent you and I could win a $25 Starbucks gift card! Believe me, it takes a lotta coffee to keep this mama going!


Looking for more fun blogs to read on the topics that interest you? Look no further! Feedza is a new reader site which features some of the latest posts from some of the greatest blogs.


And here's another cool site. Do you have a hard time saying "no"? Do you tend to volunteer for everything and then sit there and wonder just what you've gotten yourself into? Do you wish there was an easy way to organize those school events, fundraisers, scouting events, or just get all your friends on the same page when figuring out what to do on a Saturday? Center'd is a site you can use to coordinate all volunteers for a given project. Center'd even sends out email reminders to participants for you! Or plan an outing or get-together with family, friends, or your local mom's group. You can plug in the name of your city and what you want to do (like brunch in Chicago) and list of places will pop up. Select a place, send invites to your friends, and load up on eggs benedict! The ways you can use Center'd are endless. Check it out HERE.


Have a great holiday weekend everyone!!!


On Stage said...

Hey Dawn! I totally cracked up when I saw this in "How Did You Find Me?".......

Diarrhea song of car brands:
When you're driving in your Chevy and your pants are feeling heavy...

Recently I did my own blog entry on "The Diarrhea Song". Yes, I am warped!


Happy blogging!

Brenda said...

Great info Dawn. Thanks for sharing.

Made To Organize said...

Hi Dawn, I haven't been on your site in a while and I was in need of a good laugh so I thought I'd stop by and catch up on old times! :) It's so cool to see where you are now compared to a year ago. I can still pull up the ebay listing and laugh until I cry. You GO GIRL! Us moms have to stick together!

Anonymous said...

Dawn you're have such a world of wisdom at your finger tips! Now we'll need a good eye doctor for those glasses we'll need after reading all your wonderful links! We will be the best informed people ever, thanks for taking such good care of us! Hope you have a great holiday weekend, (that doesn't include any camping), as well.


Anonymous said...

SSO: My son was just diagnosed with ADHD, should I use meds or the diet? which works better? And will it make his blood pressure go up like it did jax? Does it do this to every kid? which would you suggest?
whats jax on right now?

please help!

Deirdrea said...

This is to Anon at 10:14pm...

The choice to medicate or not for your ADHD child is a very personal one. After going to a specialist, usually a psychologist with a PhD or a psychiatrist, you then start the med game.

I think it's a personal decision as to whether you use meds or a diet to control the ADHD, but it is a medical condition. It's a chemical imbalance in the brain. The meds that are given are to help regulate that imbalance. I have 2 daughters, one ADD and one ADHD, as well as an ADHD husband. I have dealt with this for the past 12 years of my marriage, many of them without my husband being diagnosed. The meds DO make a HUGE difference. Can diet do the same? I honestly don't know because I personally can't afford the money and time to cook from scratch every night. I do the best I can and do cut out over processed foods as much as possible. I do think that it makes a difference, but I will also continue to medicate my family because it makes a HUGE difference on the day to day workings of my house. Making sure that everyone's medications are in their systems and helping to correct the chemical imbalance that is a biological fact.

HTH Deirdrea

debi9kids said...

Great list of links! I think I may use the organizing one!

Just wait until I post what is going on at my house right now. I am going to need it soooo badly. (can't post anything about it for about 2 weeks, but it's HUGE)

Anonymous said...

sso q: Hey dawn I was just wondering,is savannah the most not bad kid? I mean I know she did the doornob thing but other than that I have not heard many bad things about her.

Anonymous said...

I was looking over a website about ebay and it listed you as the most creative seller(Pokemon cards).
I clicked over on the link and wound up at "How Did You Get Here???"
I found this very entertaining, I went on to read several of your posts and I can relate to your daily life.
I am a father of 4 and fondly remember Christmas shopping on Christmas eve. with my wife and children, on one hand trying to keep the gifts secrete and practically Kung Fu fighting with every one else over the last mangled toy on the shelf.

Keep up the good work (wait till your kids are 20 and want you to cosign a 70,000 dollar note).

Anonymous said...

Ok, in a really weird twist of fate, I found myself using something I read on your blog this weekend. Even though it (ever-so-slightly) embarasses me to admit it.. I found myself camping this weekend and in desperate need of the potty in the middle of the night. (Insert here the fact that I'm 4 months pregnant and pee every hour on the hour- and the fact that our camp site was surrounded by people, but absolutely no bathrooms...)In the middle of the night, after repeated trips to the car to drive up to the bathrooms, my exhausted husband and super tired 2 year old (oh yes, we tried doing this with a 2 year old.. who resembled Brooklyn SO much in the 'breakdown and scream' department) were begging me just to go behind the tent to pee. Uhm, no thanks.. I can think of a hundred different reasons I wasn't going there. haha! So, laying there writhing in pain as my bladder threatened to burst, your "Sonic" post follow up on one of your Sunday Q&A's came back to me all of the sudden. Oooh yes, it's true. I broke out the diapers and very carefully.. uhm yeah- I think you know. Suffice to say, it worked perfectly (man those Huggies are absorbant!) and my family was much much happier after I realized that.
So, a huge thank you! You definitely saved the day and my family and I appreciate it more then you know!
I'm going to go turn 10 shade of red now and crawl off into a hole. But I couldn't NOT tell you. *LOL*
*hugs* Take care! And thanks again!

Irishmama said...

See, and when my package arrived and I saw 2 cookbooks, I was going to contact her and tell her she mistakenly sent me an extra. But, no, I WON it. Thanks. Karyn

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