Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Stomach Stapling

I was talking to my mom on the phone this morning, asking her if my sister had come up with a name for my cute, little nephew when I heard Baby choking in the other room. I ran in, grabbed her, flipped her over and whacked her back. She swallowed whatever it was she'd been choking on and seemed none the worse for wear. She got down and ran off to play like nothing had happened. Just as my pounding heart started to return to normal, I noticed a pile of staples where Baby had been sitting. She must have gotten them out of her older siblings' room. I started thinking that maybe Baby had been choking on staples! I had no idea, but it was sure a possibility since she's one year old and puts everything in her mouth. I called the pediatrician who told me not to give her anything to eat or drink and to get her to the ER immediately. My mind started racing with horrible visions of them having to cut open her tummy to get the staples out. What kind of mom was I that I could let my baby swallow staples?!

So, we went to the ER where they took x-rays and lo and behold, they found many, many staples in her stomach (I half expected them to find Barbie shoes, Polly Pocket clothes, maybe a Lego or two and some pennies as well, but thankfully it was just the staples.) Anyway, they surprisingly don't do anything for swallowed staples. I'm supposed to watch for them to pass and take her for a repeat x-ray tomorrow to see if they've all come out. I thank God that the doctors didn't have to remove them and I'm glad they didn't get stuck in her airway. For now, I just need to get up close and personal with her bowel movements. I can do that.
This gives new meaning to the words "stomach stapling".
I think with this most recent bill, we've officially financed the new wing of our hospital. I think we should have a room named after us.


Anonymous said...

My youngest just turned one and I can't keep up with everything he puts in his mouth! His big brother is 7 and doesn't help by leaving legos, etc everywhere. Glad she is going to be okay!


Jen said...

I work at the local hospital and it's amazing what kids will swallow. I never realized how many parents miss their kids chewing on pen caps, little toy men, and pieces of board games.
My son swallowed nickels.. and a dime. And a penny. You can thank grandma and grandpa for that one.

Veggiemomof2 said...

Why rush her to the ER if they don't do anything for staples??

It's a conspiracy I tell ya! Another dr's kid went to college because your child swallowed staples.

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