Saturday, June 30, 2007

You Don't Have to Climb IN the Dishwasher to Unload It

This is how my kids like to "help" me. Nothing makes unloading the dishwasher easier than a baby who keeps climbing into it. Yep, she's almost as helpful as my three year old who likes to throw clean, folded laundry on the floor for me to fold yet again. And again. And again. Whatever would I do without these guys?


So, we had softball again today. We were up by one. It was the bottom of the sixth inning (they only play six innings). The other team was up to bat. The tying run was on third and bases were loaded. They had two outs. The girl up to bat had a full count. Not too much pressure, right? She struck out and we won. Funny, how I say "we" won like I was out there playing. In fact, had I been out there playing, I'm quite certain we would've lost.

Anyway, this poor girl struck out. Although I feel awful for any kid who gets stuck in that position, I was secretly thanking God that it wasn't my daughter who got the last out. My kids are screwed up enough. I can only imagine, twenty years from now, one of my kids mumbling to their psychiatrist, "If only I'd hit that ball twenty years ago...."

When the game was over, I stood up and cheered, so happy that my daughter's team had won until I realized that meant they'd have yet another play off game. Is it wrong to want baseball season to be over already? I remember when it started back in April. Way back then, we wore winter coats, hats, and gloves. We brought thermoses of hot chocolate to the games and bundled up under big blankets. We went from that weather to 140 degrees in the shade overnight. Gotta love IL.


Anonymous said...

I had to laugh! I have a picture of my baby doing the same thing =)! Thank you for your blog; it may help keep me sane...or at least, not feel alone in this crazy life called "motherhood" =)!

Anonymous said...

My daughter loves the dishwasher too. She somehow manages to always find the sharpest knife and stick it right in her mouth :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I found your blog because of your latest ebay auction. I am now reading through your archives!

I totally echo the sentiment in this post. My daughter plays soccer, indoor and out. Each season begins with optimism, ends with skepticism. I count down the games. We also found out she had playoffs, but thank the fates she was off to gramma's that week.

Anyways, thx for being out there! You're doing an awesome job (there's humour left, that counts for a lot!). Take care!

Carla said...

Had 4 cherubs who did the same thing. Poor dishwasher. The door broke right off.

lawnajo said...

I'm so glad my 1 year-old isn't the only kid who climbs into the dishwasher. I was a little worried. Thanks for all of your blog, it helps me feel more "normal".

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, my 1yo does the exact same thing with the dishwasher- i guess they think its a table "just their size" to climb on! And both my 3 yo and 1 yo love to knock all of my NEWLY folded laundry in the floor.
I have just come back from a weekend of travelling 13 hours each way with a 1 yo, 3 yo, and 4 yo. . .(also pregnant with number 4) and I was introduced to your blog via the pokemon ad on ebay afer we got home from our trip. My husband thinks i have lost my mind i was laughing so hard. thanks thanks thanks for the laugh. I needed it SOOOO much.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I played travelling softball in IL for years and I can tell you that I, too, was secretly hoping we'd lose by the end of the season. God answered my prayers, we stunk.
Now I'm a mom of 4 GIRLS...all of them, and they're into cheerleading (the oldest three at least so far). God help me. Think He'll answer with a yes again?

Thanks for the laughs!

stephanie said...

I love that picture of Brooklynn standing in the dishwasher:) my 1 yo does it all the time:(

stephanie said...

i usd to play softball and i luved it:}

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