Thursday, July 5, 2007

Happy Fifth of July!

Happy 5th of July! That's me - always a day late and a dollar short.

Anyway, for the 4th of July, the whole gang went over to my bil /sil's. We had a yummy dinner and saw fireworks. The usual. I just have to show you these pictures of their garage though. You see, I married into a family of "car people". Maybe some of you are car families or know car families. My fil has about forty cars in various states of doneness, a garage with more square footage than the White House, and every car building tool known to man. He even has one of those thingys that lifts your car into the air so the guy can change your oil. <--how very technical of me. Obviously, my husband's car family hasn't rubbed off on me yet.
My bil has only one car that he's working on as of right now, but I'm sure more are to follow as he has a garage that would fit at least thirty-five cars. Their garages are equipped with cable t.v., phones, refrigerators, and toilets so they never have to leave. OK, so maybe not toilets, but when they read this, I'm sure it won't be long until they head over to Home Depot to go commode shopping.

These are people who have perpetually black, grease stained fingers, go to car shows 360 days a year, and know how to fix anything, a skill which makes knowing car people very beneficial. For the average Joe, whose car knowledge includes nothing more than being able to locate the switch that opens the hood, car repairs can be tricky things. A mechanic can tell you almost anything and you wouldn't know the difference.

"Ah yeah, your concave lube conductor is out. It's a difficult repair. Pretty pricey. It's gonna cost you somewheres in the neighborhood of $1,800.00 to fix."

Oh no! Not the concave lube conductor! I think I just had that replaced last year!

So, it's a good thing to know car people.

Someday I'll take a picture of fil's garage and the car he'll probably want to buried in when he dies.


Stacie said...

I thought people only furnished their garages in Texas, nice to know Texans aren't alone!

Anonymous said...

Hey, at least you expect that they'll read your blog. ;)

Becky said...

My fil is also car people. his garage his almost like the one here...but he does have the toilet,running water, fridge and a wood stove in his!

Mom of the "gang" said...

My 2nd dh and I are car people. It irritates our teenage children because our driveway looks like a used car lot(we have 9 vehicles)! There is only one that doesn't run ('78 Z28 Camaro) - that may have something to do with the missing front end! But they don't complain when they need to use one of the many vehicles we own at their whim!

I love your blog. I have 6 myself and luckily I only had one child that did everything the others never thought of. She's almost 10 know and the only noticeable scars are the ones she gave herself with the clothing iron when she was 3. That Doctor and male nurse didn't/wouldn't believe a word I said. Once I finally explained in detail 3 times, did they believe me. She's a great kid (now) and I can laugh about it especially when I tell her "Wait til you have children of your own!"

Can't wait for your book.

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