Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I'm an Aunt!

My sister just had her first baby! I'm so excited for many reasons!
1. I finally get to be an aunt!
2. It's her and not me this time!
3. Much to my surprise, my kids didn't scare my sister out of ever having kids!

She had him this afternoon and I rushed over to the hospital as soon as I could. That is, after my husband got home from work and we loaded our six kids in the car. Like most hospitals, this one doesn't allow children in the maternity ward unless they're siblings of the newborn, so I went in to see my sister, brother in law, and their brand new baby while my husband "watched" the kids in the main waiting room. I use the term "watched" loosely because apparently they were all kicked out of the hospital by a security guard for being too loud while I was visiting my new nephew. I came out to see them all outside climbing trees. Princess tore up her new skirt and Boo flipped himself over a concrete wall and hurt his back. Then my husband took a turn and went in while I tried get the kids to all calm down and behave after their father had them all wound up.

Anyway, my sister looks great as always and my nephew is so cute! He smells like a little baby and makes those cute little baby sounds and hasn't started talking back yet. I miss that. My kids smell like sweat and dirt and they definitely don't make cute little sounds!

The only problem is that my little nephew doesn't have a name. After nine months, my sister and her husband haven't come up with a name for the poor little guy. So, for now, I'm the VERY PROUD AUNT of little Baby No Name!
(Congrats Web!)

1 comment:

Beth said...

HOW ADORABLE! congrats!

I had my 6th child 2 days after No-name was born!

He is a cute!

I had to laugh at your kids getting kicked out of the hospital!

For some reason - ours allowed mine in!

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