Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Sound Out

From Orlando, where armadillos roam free, it's your host, the woman who single-handedly broke half her sprinklers while edging with a shovel because she's special that way, Dawn Meehan! Now here are the answers to your questions from the past couple weeks.

Are you and your kids excited about watching the last shuttle launch from you back yard or at least nearby?
The kids were less than excited, so I opted to watch it from my computer instead of forcing them to go and listening to them complain while battling half a million people on the coast.

Also, I have discovered your daughter's celebrity match--Rachel McAdams. Have you heard that before?
Nope, I've never heard that. I don't really see it. Then again, I always hear that I look like or sound like Kirstie Alley and I totally don't see that either.

DId I miss anything, Austin has a gf now? Great! So does it mean they cant see each other now :(
Yeah, he's had a girlfriend since March, I think. They still talk online most days.

I thought of you today. Aren't you glad now that you're here in Florida, compared to being in the heat of the midwest?!
Yeah, but it'll cool off in a week or so back home. Here? Notsomuch. Besides, anything over 90 is hot. It doesn't really matter what the thermometer says when it gets to that point.

Oh..have you encountered any of the local wildlife yet?
Like the alligators? Or flying cockroaches? Or lizards? Or frogs? Or armadillos? Or snakes? Or red ants? I've seen them all and I still think I may have driven farther south than Florida. Like maybe Brazil.

While I have no comment regarding the self-inflicted haircuts (only one of my kids ever did that, and it wasn’t too bad), I have to comment on Brooklyn! When did she get so grown up???? Where’d the little pre-schooler go?
I don't know! I was just thinking the same thing. I've done a double-take a couple of times, thinking she was Lexington. Of course, Brooklyn still acts like Brooklyn. (That's not necessarily a good thing.)

SSO question: My Oldest Boy (8) is just about to start organized sports. Which means practices and meets…all with our 3 younger kids in tow. Advice? Did you feed everyone before you went? While you were there? After you got home? How do you keep the other kids (relatively) happy? This is all new territory for me so any advice (or good humor tips) would be great! I’m NOT a single mom but for all intents and purposes during this phase of the day I will be (my husband works until 6PM).
Good question! Pack a bag with items to amuse the younger kids and keep it in the car. Include coloring books, paper, crayons, art supplies, outdoor toys like balls, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, etc., snacks, bottles of water, sweatshirts, and wipes/hand sanitizer (because they ALWAYS have to go to the bathroom while you're at the game and port-a-potties are gross!) When you feed them depends on when you have to get them to practices/games. I sometimes fed my kids before the game, but they usually ended up hungry afterward and needed a snack when we got home. Sometimes, I just packed dinner and fed the little kids at the game. Oftentimes, there are other kids and playgrounds to occupy the little ones. I hope this helps. Good luck!

Wow, did you take that rainbow picture?
Yep. I take almost all the pictures on my blogs (unless otherwise noted). The sunsets, sky, and rainbows down here are just gorgeous.

Where can we write Sunday Sound Out questions? Wanted to tell you how happy I am for you and the kids, and was wondering if any family from home has been in contact since you're moved?
Sure, I've talked to most of my family and friends from back home. Technology is a good thing!

The kids and I tried out a new church today. I just didn't feel really comfortable going to the huge one we'd been visiting. I mean, I know I could join a small group and get to know people. I know I shouldn't expect people to just come up and introduce themselves to me, but after a couple visits, it just felt like a big, impersonal church to me. So we decided to try out a different one today. And people at this church actually did come up and introduce themselves to us! Members encouraged my kids to attend youth group. People actually went around the room and introduced themselves to me in my Sunday school class. It was nice. I didn't enjoy the worship service as much as megachurch's, but I liked the small, friendly, homey feel of this one. I believe we'll go back next week.

Have a sunshiny week!


Chris said...

Dawn, you may do more church shopping before you find the right fit. As a cradle Episcopalian, I always know the right denomination to head for, LOL, but every church has different things to offer, and quite often, the smaller ones are better...lots of people like the anonymity of the big churches but if you want friends and to be a real part of things, small is the route to go. Doesn't make one better than the other; they're just different. BTW, love the SSO!!

Anonymous said...

Another question for you!
Whilst visiting the US I have always been confused by the number of churches you have there, and what the differences are.
In the UK I belong to the Church of England, C of E, as its known and every town/village has a parish church belong to the C of E.
But in Florida they seemed to have names I just didnt recognise or understand - apart from the Catholic church of course!
And we have Priests in the UK whereas you have Pastors? Our priests are ordained and wear a 'dog-collar' whereas your pastors always seem to be in a shirt and tie. Just think how confusing it is for us Brits when visiting trying to find a church that feels comfortable! :) And I was also wondering that I thought your family was from Greece (or do I have this wrong) and is there such a thing as Greek orthodox in the US?

mommeeof10 said...

Lesley has an interesting question, isn't the Church of England (Anglican church) the same as the Episcopal church in the US? There are many variations of Christianity in the US, that has got to be confusing for persons visiting.

Denise said...

But did the new church have donuts?!?

Kristin said...

Have to disagree a BIT on the temperatures. Yes, of course anything over 90 is hot. But we were over 100 here (heat index up over 110!) for over a week, and when we had a day that was "only" 94...whew, it felt so pleasant. Being in the shade with a breeze...amazing! My husband and I were outside checking out the plants that are struggling to survive that evening and it was 85...felt ALMOST chilly!

Ted and/or Laura said...

The Anglican Church and the Episcopal church are the same thing. However churches in the US that call themselves Anglican churches tend to be VERY conservative and not Episcopal at all. (in my experience).

A lot of the really large churches are overwhelming, and there are a lot of them in the south. Like the poster above, as a cradle Episcopal I always know where to head to point in the right direction but it's not always the final answer (right now we're attending an ELCA church).

I'm so happy this move has been a largely positive one! Even with the craziness, your posts already have a much lighter, happier tone.

Kay said...

Take your time and find the right fit for you and your children. You will know when you find the right fit for you and the kids. As far as I'm concerned there is no right or wrong when it comes to choosing a new church home. Yes, is a home when you finally feel like you fit into the building you worship in. Good luck, it sounds like you are on the right path!

Mark said...

Hi Dawn: Where did you find that cute photo of the ARMADILLO just napping by the side of the road?
How about a picture of those FLYING ROACHES!! Neat-O

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