Wednesday, July 6, 2011

And Then Sometimes Everything Falls into Place

Yesterday was a bad day. There wasn’t one specific thing that happened. It was just one of those days where I didn’t feel right, but couldn’t exactly put my finger on why. Moving into a new house, you have to expect some things to need repair. It comes with the territory. However, when your inspection doesn’t mention the things that are wrong and you don’t learn of them until you actually move in and see them firsthand, well, that’s not a good kind of surprise. The showerhead in the master bath was broken and lying on the floor of the shower. That same shower doesn’t drain properly and after one shower, I discovered a stain of water that had leaked down into the ceiling of the laundry room and puddled onto the floor. That same shower has a hole in the floor making it pretty useless. The other bathroom has a large crack in the tub, again, rendering it useless. The microwave doesn’t work, nor did the garbage disposal until my friend replaced it for me.



Lynn said...

That's a freakin bummer but alas, you are in paradise. All will be well.

Diana said...

Are you and your kids excited about watching the last shuttle launch from you back yard or at least nearby?

Also the secret to playing outside - morning and then evening. Leave the hot afternoon for reading, art, etc. The evening doesn't always work because of the afternoon t-storms.

Bay Area Connect said...

I've moved all over the US....I know how you feel. You have the initial "honeymoon phase" and then reality sets in. I know you and your children will become acclimated to Florida and enjoy everything it has to offer.


Snookie said...


I wrote my previous comment before i read your whole post. No need to publish my comment, you've got it covered already. Hope it all turns out well for you. The Home Inspector DID rip you off if he didn't report those things, go after him for whatever your warranty doesn't cover, HE IS responsible for the repairs.

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