Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Break Day One

Well, it's official. I'm now a video-blogger for Guideposts! Check out the first episode HERE! There will be many more to come.

(Karen, you did an awesome job editing!)

And, no one got all the ingredients right on Clay's experiment. His experiment consisted of water, soft soap, cut-up banana peels, sliced bananas, mini pretzel twists, dirt, sand, rocks, grass, and sticks. he stirred it with a section of Hot Wheels race track. Yep, easy to see why he thought it would explode, huh? (I have no idea!)

Because no one got more than 4 (including the water) ingredients right, I randomly picked a winner for the $10 Dunkin Donuts card. Donna from PA who said.... "I love how you let us guess at these things! I'm going to say it's water, some sort of soap, mini marshmallows, rocks and some dirt? Whatever it is, it's pretty gross!Also, some advice if you're going to run away. . .try not to drive off of a cliff. We'd miss you waaaay too much! ;)Donna in PA :)"

Congrats! Email me at with your shipping address so I can pop the card in the mail to you. :)

We all survived the first day of spring break here. And it was a rainy day too! Pray we can make it another 6 days, 6 hours, and 50 minutes (not that I'm counting or anything.)

Check out my review and chance to win a Peek email/texting device HERE!

And, of course, you can still order my book HERE!


Hendo's said...

Hi Dawn. Love the vid on guideposts! You guys did a really good job. Hope we get to see lots more!! Great job.

PS: how was that Toast Brooklyn made you?? was she cooking it in the BBQ? Yummo!!

Harmony said...

Loved the video blog! It came out great and it was neat to put some voices to the names! Can't wait for the next one!

nutralady2001 said...

Why do I already have your book and read it (sent by Aamzon) when you have a countdown thingyamigig that says (as of now)

6 days, 20 hours, 45 minutes, and 56 seconds until BECAUSE I SAID SO releases!

Am I in tomorrow land?

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

Great article in Guideposts. I've read your blog before because I remember your URL. But it's been I while. Now I'm a follower & will be adding you to my blogroll, so I won't miss anymore of ya'lls escapades.

Alicia From De said...

Wow, you guys have spring break early there. our kids dont go on break until april 10 here.

Dutch Momma of 4 said...

Ha ha! has already shipped the book to the Netherlands! I am holding it in my hot little hands NOW (1 week early). I feel PRIVILEGD (but was going to catch up on sleep, which I might as well forget about now...)

Sandy in Illinois said...

Austin had the best line in your video blog when he reported that he was "cooperating" and appearing in your video blog. Typical 14 yo response. But surly a true answer.

Anonymous said...

Loved the vid, it was really cute, and it's nice to see all your kids and Joe. He sounds like a very sweet guy!!
How was the toast?! I was expecting Brooklyn to call herself Oatta, but she didnt!


BoysWillBeBoys said...

Sooooo, when is Book #2 going to be out?? I finished your book yesterday and am already going through withdrawal! The book was awesome! You are so right-on about sooo many things! I especially liked the part about naming kids and agree with your "Joseph" example. My oldest is named J-O-S-E-P-H, not Joe, not Joey. One of his kindergarten friends clearly thought I was from another planet when I corrected him when he called my son Joe... Keep up the good writing. You help us all laugh and make it through "those" days.

Anonymous said...

The video blog was great! I love Joe's comments! Cute! I can't wait to see more.

Thanks, again, for my prize. I'm looking forward to receiving it!

Have a happy day!

Donna in PA :)

Anonymous said...

hey! great first video! you guys look happy and the kiddos look like they've been fed, so you must really be a great mom.

Michelle said...

Ahh... no wonder I couldn't figure out all the ingredients. That's definitely an explosive mixture ;) Poor Clay!

And spring break? At least you don't have a broken armed child, a sick child and an inability to move your neck. It could be worse.... Then again, I have only two kids :)

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