Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Conversation with Clay

As I drove to my friend's house yesterday, I had the following conversation with Clay.

"Mom, are you driving fast? Why are you driving fast? You go more faster than Dad."

"I'm going close to the speed limit, Clay."

"Mom, why is there traffic?"

"I don't know, Clay."

"Mom, can I have a hot rod airplane?"

"What's a hot rod airplane, Clay?"

"It's a little airplane that I can fly a little bit high."

"Oh, would you fly it down by the ground?"

"No, it goes above the trees and cars!" Duh

"That sounds pretty cool, Clay. I think I'd like a hot rod airplane too!"

Then Brooklyn added her 2 cents. "Hot rod airplanes are for boys, Mama. I want a Barbie airplane."

"Is it far away, Mom?"

"Is what far away? Is Jenny's house far away?"


"No, it's pretty close, Clay," I answered.

"No, it isn't. It's far," Clay corrected me.

"If you know everything, then why did you ask me?" I wondered.

"Mom, do you even know where you're going?" Clay asked, concerned with my directional abilities.

"Yes, Clay, " I sighed.

"Are you sure, Mom?"

"Yes, Clay. I'm sure."

Then Brooklyn demanded, "Louder! Mama, I want Caribbean loud!"

"You want to listen to The Pirates of the Caribbean?"

"Yes! Louder!" Brooklyn confirmed.

"How do you even know this music of from Pirates of the Caribbean? How did you learn the word "Caribbean"?

"Louder!" she repeated.

That child is going to suffer significant hearing loss before she's even a teenager with the way she likes music to be "louder" all the time.

"Mom, can we go swimming when we get home?" Clay asked.

"No! It's way too cold to swim, silly!"

"No, it's not! It's hot out! I kinda don't like summer 'cause it's so hot,"Clay informed me.

"Clayton, it's 60 degrees. It's nice and sunny today, but it isn't summer! It isn't hot outside."

"Yes it is, Mom!" Clay argued.

"OK, Clay. It's hot. You know everything."

I wish I was as smart as my 5 year old.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn! My daughter too always wanted the music super loud (and the TV too!)...we did recently have her hearing tested because at her well check she didn't test very well...she did fine with the audiologist (exactly where she should be--not above and not below). You might want to check with your pediatrician, but I think my girl just wanted to control the situation :)

Anonymous said...

You know, I think I need to put a hidden recorder in the car when my DH and DS drive home from errands. It seems that they have these sorts of conversations as well, but DH can never remember them exactly. He always comes home so frustrated with the fact that DS is constantly arguing with him. I don't think DS is intentionally arguing, it is just a young boy's way of making conversation. Although it is funny. Look at that son! There's a cow! ...No it is not a cow... yes, it is a cow... No it's not, it's an alien...Well okay why do you think it's an alien?... I dunno. I just know. Well, then is that an alien, too? .. No, Daddy, that's a horse. Duh!


MaBunny said...

LOL! of course you have no clue where you are going Dawn! You haven't been driving that long after all, hahahahaha, just kidding!if he thinks he knows everything now, wait till he gets to be a teen!

Michelle said...

You are in so much trouble, Dawn. Your kids are way too smart for their own good. And you know... Clay DOES have good reason to be wary of your directional capabilities....

Candi said...

Adorable! Of course you once were as smart as Clay - when you were five and knew it all. I believe one of the advantages of growing up is that we learn we don't know everything so we can plead ignorance on a lot of things our kids would otherwise hold against us. About Brooklyn's vocabulary - I think I read a rule somewhere years ago that if it's got Disney's name on it and has been made into a movie complete with action figures and accessories every kid over 2 can pronounce it perfectly even if they still stand at the sink in their diaper and grunt "wa-wa" when thirsty. In fact, maybe it's in the water - that would explain a lot.... %)

Anonymous said...

I had a very similar converstaion with my kids in the car. asking me questions and then being told that what I said is wrong. Dontcha just love those conversations. I have them at home too. Just wonderful. Makes me wonder why they even asked me.

TiddliwinkDesigns said...

Hi Dawn, congratulations on the book release. I read the comments about your baby expo check bouncing and I have a suggestion. Go on People's Court. This will be great publicity for your book as well as get your payment. I wish you much success. ~Keshia

Anonymous said...

He's welcome to move to Iceland when he grows up (hopefully the economic situation won't be down the drain by then), never gets too hot in the summer and we swim outdoors in heated pools all year round :D

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about being smarter than your kids. I have similar discussions with my 14 & 12yo stepsons about wearing coats in the winter. Apparently 40 degrees is not coat wearing weather according to them.

Michelle in PA

noexcuses said...

Wait until you have the argument that the sky is green and not blue!
I was so exhausted from arguing that I caved on that one!

Aky said...

Hi there

Sorry can't afford to compete with the $250 on Ebay - BUT am excited that I can afford the £11.50 when your book becomes available here in the UK on 1st April (no, I'm sure the date has no bearing at all .....)

Can't wait to read - will save as my Easter weekend treat lol!!!

Congrats and many thanks - all the way from Lancashire x

Jane said...

Conversation with T just yesterday, also in the car:

"Mama you aren't going to leave me in the van because the bad guys could come take me."

"No I won't leave you in the van and yes there are some bad people in the world"

"Mama why are there bad people?"

"Well some people just don't make the right choices"

"Mama why did God make bad people?"

"Well god gave us all the ability to make choices and some people don't make the right choices"

Big pause...

"Mama why did God make bad people?"

I guess my answer wasn't what he wanted. This is pretty much any trip when the big kids aren't there to steal his air space. He doesn't critique my driving thank goodness.

Anonymous said...

I think Clay was just looking for that pile of dirt where you need to make your turn. Don't cha agree?? ;)

Donna in PA :)

Kristin & Co. said...

OH yes. "Mom, how does blah blah yadda yada blah blah?" "Well, son, here's what I think..." And then I'm interrupted with "No, Mom, the reason is..."

So why am I here at all?

Ker said...

At least I'm not the only one with a know it all 5 year old! It frustrates me but I use those opportunities to "practice my patience" as I tell my daughter. Unfortunately, while it frustrates me, it full-out angers my husband. Any advice to curb the know it all behavior? Or to at least help my husband deal with it? I'll take anything at this point!!

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed with all the questions he's asking! What a superior intellect! By the time he's 16, you won't even need to think, let alone answer a question! =P

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