Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sunday Sound Out

Here's how Joe's father's day went....

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!
What the???
Are you ok?
Oh my gosh! His eye's bleeding!
Think we should take Clay to the ER?

Yep, Jackson threw a pencil, hit Clay in the eye, and left us wondering - hmmm, should we take him to the ER? I think he's ok. I don't think they'll do anything for it. But it's his eye. You kinda need your eyes. Maybe we should have it looked at just in case. They'll probably give him some drops or something.

Anyway, we erred on the side of caution like usual and were told that Clay doesn't need to be a pirate. His eye is ok; just has an abrasion. He needs antibiotic drops.

OK, next. My design team is coming up with the most awesome, amazing ideas for my website. I'm so excited about it and can't wait til it's ready to launch! You guys are going to love it, I just know it! Eeeeeee! <---that's the sound of excitement. Yeah, it doesn't take much for me.

Anyway, first off, bookmark so you don't lose me when I switch over (it'll probably be a couple months before it's official). And secondly, would you guys be so helpful as to take a minute and leave me a comment with your 3 favorite mom-type websites? I know you adore my blog (wink wink) but don't list that as one of your faves. Tell me your top three favorite mom sites besides my blog. For example, or, etc. What sites do you love to visit? I'll choose a random winner from all the entries and they'll receive a set of Wonder Pets beanies and a $75 gift card courtesy of Angie at Good for the Kids!

And now for Sunday Sound Out!

Did you find anything exciting on the memory card? Was the watch still keeping time? Just wondering!Sandy, HE, Illinois
I found about 200 pictures on the memory card, but I'd already put them on my computer so nothing new and exciting. And nope, my watch was definitely not keeping time anymore.

How old is Brooklyn?

That is too funny...although I'm sure it wasn't at the time....Let me ask you this, does blogging take the place of the therapy one would need after raising children? least you can look back and make light of it later, huh?
By Kristy
Since I've been blogging, I totally look at things differently. Instead of freaking out over things, now I grab my camera. I guess you could call it therapy. It's sure a lot cheaper!

What do you do when Brooklyn throws a never-ending tantrum?
She hasn't done that because we just give her whatever she wants in order to avoid the screaming. Honestly, toddler tantrums don't phase me at all anymore. It's small potatoes compared to other stuff that goes on as the kids get older. Don't get me wrong though - back when I just had one or two kids, those tantrums used to seriously stress me out.

...I thought of you - 1) You haven't (apparently) struggled with lack of fertility and 2) Aren't you soon due for another yourself?Holly Maudsley
It took me over a year to get pregnant with Austin. I was beginning to freak out that I'd never have kids and I was just starting down the path of infertility treatment. I conceived the next 5 when Joe breathed on me, hung his toothbrush too close to mine, used the same toilet seat, drank out of my cup, and simply looked at me.

You mentioned that Austin also threw a few fits when he was younger. Just curious....When did Austin outgrow the fits? What did you do to handle him during that trying time? Are the rest of your kids fairly calm? Hey, I noticed that you call PJ's (pajama's), jammies. Is that a Chicago thing? I'd love to hear all the unique words that are heard in Chicago. I'll give you a whole list of Texas-isms.Thanks for the laughs!!~Lisa, San Antonio, Texas
I don't remember when Austin outgrew his tantrums. We had to put him in his room when he was throwing a fit. While there, he'd take all the sheets off his bed, then he'd pull the mattress off the frame; he'd empty all his dresser drawers and pull down curtains; and he'd empty his toybox of all toys. I'd actually blocked that from my memory forgotten all about that! Wow, good times, good times.

As far as "jammies" goes, I didn't know that was a regional thing. I thought everyone called pajamas "jammies". Here's a regional saying that cracks me up: apparently people from the south say, "The kids were playing in the floor" instead of playing ON the floor. How do you play IN the floor?

Although don't all kids like gross sandwiches though?By Michelle
I know Austin lives to gross out people with his sandwich combinations. Yesterday he ate a sandwich of a cold, fruit/whipped cream (ambrosia-like) salad on French bread.

The sardine one doesn't sound that weird (maybe it's cultural thing, here in the UK that's a pretty common sandwich filling =) but the others.. Wow! I like pineapple and cheese on sticks but as a sandwich? With OLIVES?! =X
By Lizzy
Pineapple and cheese on sticks? OK, I'm thinking that sticks means something other than sticks (as in branches off a tree). Explanation?

I HAVE GREAT NEWS FOR YOU!!! A few weeks ago you mentioned in a post that you couldn't get your scanner to work with vista. I was having the same problem and have now figured out how to do it. Open Windows Photo Gallery, go to File>Import from scanner or camera. As long as your scanner is connected to your computer you can scan! YEA!
LOL! Ummm thanks, but I wrote that August 20th and I gave my scanner to my neighbor about 10 months ago. Thanks for thinking of me though!

Does yours have a list of recipes for invalids too?I love reading cookbooks- this is just one example why.
No, it doesn't and I'm inexplicably bummed about it.

Oh......... Looks very proffessional! Will you come and caulk mine. You are so good at it.I'll order the caulk for you. There will be chocolate.
Chocolate? Chocolate? Did someone say CHOCOLATE? I'm so there!

When I signed up for the caulk single, it asked for my birthdate. Is there illegal underage caulking going on that we didn't know about?! Who'da known?
Underage caulking is no laughing matter. It's serious. If you think it can't happen to you, you're wrong. Underage caulking can happen anywhere, in any town, and to any family. Always know what your kids are up to!

So I after I use my fancy-dancy finger to smooth it out, how do I correctly clean it off? (I figure I should find out before I try tackling my shower on my own.)
By Pangolin
I don't know, but I'm going to try licking mine the next time.

WOW What a great job are you sure that you werent a plumber in a previous life??????
roseys madhouse
Thank you and I don't think so. I like to wear my pants around my waist.

You are putting me to shame. I need to go do all those things, but I keep hoping I get pregnant instead.
Ahhh, there's the difference. I keep going to doctors in hopes that I don't get pregnant again.

Oh yeah - my new doctor (we'll call him Dr. L) called me the very next day to discuss my blood test results. Do you understand what I'm saying? HE called me HIMSELF to DISCUSS the results! He didn't have a nurse call. He didn't just say, "Oh yeah, everything is fine." He's a keeper. And yes, everything is fine. I attribute it to my wonderful lifestyle luck and genetics.

Sunday sound out Q: Who is the most trouble making, hard to deal with, kid? (If not all of them) (Hee Hee!) :D
By Anonymous
They each have their issues and annoying behaviors. Thankfully, they also each have their own strong points and awesome behaviors.

I don't recommend going to the doctor when you're dead. You'll stink up the whole office and make it uncomfortable for the rest of us non-zombie types.
LOL! Thanks Rick. I'll keep that in mind.

PS - do you use an external mouse or do you use the touch screen on your laptop all the time? I had carpel tunnel until I switched back to a mouse - it's MUCH better now.
By Anonymous
I use the touch pad that I swore I'd never get used to. It's second nature now. My doctor told me to take a vitamin B complex to help with the carpel tunnel. What he didn't say was that my urine was going to turn neon yellow. It's a very funky thing. Sooo, if you want to do a stupid human trick and pee unnatural colors, take a vitamin B complex. I'm not a doctor, but I play one online. Please check with your own real doctor before taking anything to make you pee a rainbow.

Okay, I tried a million times to leave this comment on the SSO post, but unsuccessfully...I really must know, and it fits under "medical"--maybe a SSO question? You mention you had migraines before you had kids. Does that mean they went away after? Because it is the reverse for me. Between pregnancy, lactation, and not sleeping more than two hours in a row for eleven months, my migraines went from twice a year to twice a week. So my question is, do you have some secret? Did you make some healthy, drastic lifestyle change? Did the hormones just work out for you? Or is it that mommies just aren't allowed to get a headache and spend twelve hours in a dark, quiet place? Please share your secret, Doctor Dawn. :)
By Anonymous
Sorry to disappoint, but they just kinda went away after I had my first kid. I still get really bad, make-you-throw-up headaches, but now it's only a few times a year. It used to be twice a month. I wish I had a secret cure to tell you because I know migraines really suck.

Was that the Brookfield Zoo? I haven't been there in a while!
By Mere
Yep. We got a membership so we can go whenever we want. We just pack a lunch and head off for a couple hours. It's nice because we don't feel like we have to cover the entire zoo in a single visit. (It's a big zoo!)

I take my kids out for the exact same reason! They forget to fight when other people are around. LOLWhat other exciting things do you have planned for the kids?Our town does Concerts in the Park, so we take the kids there (FREE!) and we also do the Wednesday movies for $2!!!By BoufMom9
We plan on doing some camping (oh joy), going to Navy Pier, Millennium Park, the water park, maybe Six Flags (the kids earned tickets in school), nature center, and we have those cheap Wednesday morning movies too!

Aahhh! They took the fountain out? Why would they do that?!?!
To make room for the human exhibit, of course! They also tore down Ibex Island that's been there since 1936! They're putting bears in that space now.

i think Jackson's tongue is hanging out because he's getting gored in the neck by a buffalo horn.
After I published the blog post, I enlarged the photos and noticed that. Goofball. That's exactly what he was doing.

So do the squirrels just run around wild?
Ummm yes. Are there no squirrels in Australia?

That's a chipmunk, no?
~Dawn S
I thought so too until my kids set me straight.
"That is not a chipmunk." duh
"Sure it is! It isn't a squirrel."
"It's a thirteen lined ground squirrel." double duh
"If you say so."
It's amazing you've made it to adulthood being as stupid as you are, Mom.

Looks like a fun time!!!!!!! Did Joe go too or did you tough it out alone? If so I will give you a gold star!!!!!!!!
Nah, he was working. Just me and the kiddos. Can my gold star say "Sheriff"?

Ok, I know this is way off topic, but I LOVE the Curious George shoes!!! Where did you find them? I have 2 boys who need those!!! (yes, I know I get inappropriately excited over stupid mommy things...)
LOL! I got excited when I found them too! I got them at my favorite store - Target.

I wanna go to Brookfield Zoooooooooo! I miss Olga the walrus - is she still there? She'd be what, 40 years old by now?
The walrus has a name? You know the walrus's name? The walrus's name is OLGA??? Hmmm, I guess I have to pay more attention to the signs the next time I go to the zoo. And to answer your question, I have no idea. We didn't make it over to the swimming animals the other day. I'll check next time.

Your kids really are adorable. Did you pay them to take those cute pics so people wouldn't think that they are heathens?

So, is Austin taller than you?
By Margaret
No. No! Really no! Honestly, he isn't! Neither is Savannah. For real! They are, most emphatically, NOT taller than me.
We're the same height, see? Not taller! The same!

I have a question. Awhile back you posted about a program to download that lets you blog without using the blogger tools. Another program that lets you do more and not put the pictures on backwards! I downloaded it and love it, but I took my computer in for repairs and clean up and it isn't in my tool bar anymore! Can you remind me what you are using and what I was using!! Pamfellow mom of six!

Thanks for the fun posts. I am so glad your little Brooklyn wears her socks! :)Best Wishes,Stacey By Beaded Socks
How on earth could you tell she was wearing those socks? Wow! And yes, she loves her "jingly socks"! Thank you! (If you've got a little girl, check out the link for these cute beaded socks! They're adorable!)

I have a question for you. How do you handle the situation when someone else's kid is being mean to your child/children. We ran into this at our local zoo recently. A boy was intentionally trying to ram a stroller into my 3 year old as we walked passed him. His parents were oblivious and only heard me say to him that wasn't very nice. Am I right for correcting someone else's child or should I have just talked to my kids about his behavior later? I just wanted someone else's thoughts about this.Thanks. Shannon
I tell my kids to bite or kick the offending child. That'll show him to mess with my kids!
Actually, I don't think there's a right or wrong answer. I don't usually get into it though. I generally walk away and say something to my kids like, "See? That's why I tell you to behave! So you don't turn into a little punk like that," at which point they roll their eyes at me.
Remember - please leave me a comment when you have a minute, with your top three favorite mom sites. I'll pick a random winner on Friday and they'll get a set of Wonder Pet beanies and a $75 gift card good for merchandise at Good for the Kids, courtesy of Angie!!!


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Suburban Correspondent said...

Mom sites? As in one of those big websites? Or does that include mommy bloggers also?

HerstoryGirl said...

Honestly, YOUR blog is the only one I read on a daily basis, but here are a few that I like to peruse occasionally:



-- Actually, I'm not really a fan of them anymore -- too many snarky commenters and inflammatory posts -- but it is one that I used to read quite often and there are still a couple of really good bloggers on there.


Missy Steadman said...

1. - this website helps moms with nursing.
2. - for anybody who wants to help thier baby learn some sign language.
3. - I think all babies that use commercial high chairs or shopping carts should have one of these; plus they make great gifts!


Luna said...

Attack of the Redneck Mommy:

That's only one, I know. But I only read you and her. So... :)

Anonymous said...

my three favorite mom sites are )one no one wants to be but if you are in this club the advice/support is invaluable for the poems and quotes they give you

and julinasworld @
a mother is every sense of the word

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, that's a tough one, Dawn. Only THREE websites?? Okay, here goes:

Happy Father's Day, Joe!

Donna in PA :)

Kara said...

Favorite mom sites:

Anonymous said...


Those are the top 4 that I visit other than yours. two are very snarky and give me something to giggle about. also the fact that I know ( know or related to) all the kids in them.
My moms site... well she writes about life and my family and my sisters family... and it is neat to see "us" through her eyes. the other is a mom that is going through scary tiems. I did the same when mine were little. takes me back and I hope that with a little word ehre or there we will be able to help her through.

Jenn T.

LaLa said...

Top 3 Mommy Sites NOT including yours...

rebecca said...,,


Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn,
My favorite sites are:


Anonymous said...

I don't know how to bookmark because when I put that address in, it automatically goes to your site. But don't worry, I'll REMEMBER to go to your .com address if your fails to appear.
Sandy, HE, Illinois

Deb said...

Hmm, other than other mom blogs, I read 5 Minutes For Mom, Pinks & Blues Girls, and WorkItMom pretty regularly. :)

Happy Father's Day to your hubby!

Heather said...

Yay! I made a SSO question! Thanks for the tip, like I need another excuse to go to Target ;)

Ok, mommy sites:

Trading Mamas (coupon site):

A Cherry On Top (I love to scrapbook):

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love, and even though it's based on something else, I've gotten a ton of "mama" info from I always get interrupted by the kiddos before I get to a third site, though...

Hally said...

Hi Dawn,
Congrats on the new site! Here's a list of some of my weekly/daily favorites:
Catherine Newman's weekly blog @ 'Dalai Mama'
Rand Cooper's biweekly blog @
The Daddy Files


Sarah said...

Thanks for blogging, Dawn! You are are smart and inspiration to us all!

Anonymous said...

*lol* I just got some B vitamin samples in the mail the other day and it took me a couple days to nail down the source of the neon yellow pee. But yep! B vitamins will do that to ya! hahaha!

Favorite Websites... Well I'm not a mom but that doesn't stop me from liking "mom type" sites.

1. (great place for freebies and samples)

2. (i just love her site! especially the cooking and photography sections. she lives on a ranch and homeschools her 4 children.)

3. (cause i'm nosy like that!)

Anonymous said...

My 3 favorite mom type websites are:

1. first and formost, the place I visit most often, Fantastic group of carseat techs and fanatics willing to help anyone who asks for it.

2. , anywhere I can trade pretty much anything in my house for more diapers, is good by me.

3. And finally , my guilty pleasure website.

erin said...

I use the following sites often:


Anonymous said...

My 3 fav. websites are, (ladies home journal), I also enjoy (it's a canadian website)

Anonymous said...

The first "mom" site/blog I like (other than yours which is at the top of my blog folder) is:

The other two are forums I like to visit are:

and - which is the forum for The Grocery Game.

Cutting coupons, saving money and being frugal are my new obsessions. I love it!!

Shannon in Knoxville

Erin said...

Yours of course!!! :) I also like Rocks in my Dryer (, Big Mama (, and Boo Mama (

If I win the giveaway, my email address is :)

Anjie said...

I am jealous of your zoo....I think I may visit the Chicago area just for that!

I read your posts every day-but I also read:

dooce: (kinda a mommy blog, kinda not)

Mrs. Fussypants:


Parent Dish: (lots of different bloggers in one palce!)

Mark and Abbie's blog said... (okay, so it's not exactly a "mom" site, but it is where I go to find expensive Christmas gifts for my children at relatively cheap prices!

Jen said...

Ok, I live in Texas and am known to call PJ's "jammies" as well. So who knows? And I'm guessing sticks (referring to the cheese/pineapple thing) may be pretzels? No clue though.

My top 3 mom sites (even though I'm not a mom!) are yours,, and

The Vrabecs said...

My top 3 Mommy websites (not including yours) aren't necessarily only Mommy related but I use the mom/kid portions of them:

1.Baby center
2.Craig's list (baby/kids)
3.Yahoo Answers (pregnancy/parenting)

Katie said...

I check out several sites at least once a day to get a laugh and know that someone else is out there having the same issues as I am. Besides yours, I love to read
and a friend of a friend has a great site out there with awesome baby products at

kntsmom said...

I love your blog and do not often comment, just love to read it, but for the 3 favorite mom sites:

Have liked them since my kids were babies and still find good information.

ivillage: They have a great section in their message boards for military wives, and with my husband deployed to Kuwait for almost a year now, that sight has been great.

Milspouse: They are great because there are great articles as well for those military wives (moms) out there.

I also want to take a minute right now to truly thank you I know many people tell you how much they love to read what you blog, etc, but I have to thank you because it is your blog each day that has made me believe that I can get through my husbands one year deployment to Kuwait and we are almost there, I got the best Fathers Day present of all they are leaving Kuwait and I should have him back in my arms by the end of this up coming week. Thank you so much!!

Mommy3X said...

I like:

Shannon said...

My fave sites are:

Sherry said...

Ok, besides yours.... my 3 favorites to visit are:
1. 24/7 Moms -
2. (not specifically a mom's site, but great nonetheless)
3. To Love, Honor and Vacuum -

Dawtch said...

Those are mt three :)

Anonymous said...

Here's my three top sites that I visit. Someone already beat me to the first one, but that's okay.

1. Beth Moore's blog - she inspires me as a Christian, a mom, a wife, a person in ministry, you name it (her two daughters post as well):

2. Who can live without Rocks in My Dryer??

3. And lastly, Vicky Courntey's blog. She loves to help mom's raise their children. She's the bomb:

Unknown said...

1) - I sometimes read her writing to help me fine tune my discipline techniques
2) - I don't use much of this mostly because we are a strict GFCF household but I have friends who love this and swear by it.
3) - I used to use this pre-GFCF. They send you a menu and shopping list for five nights of dinners. It was a life saver when I had two 2 year olds and no time to think.
I know you asked for 3 but this one is the BOMB:
4) - This woman's ideas are pretty ingenius and will provide you with many, "Duh, why dodn't I think of that?" moments. She wrote a book by the same name.

Anonymous said...

Calling them "jammies" is not a regional thing. I also call them jamma-wammas sometimes! I think it's just like saying "sockies" for socks or "tootsies" for feet. (Or maybe I'm the only one who calls them tootsies!)

I don't want to make everyone jealous, but where I live, our Wed (and Thur) morning movies are FREE!

And one more thing...I just looked at your zoo post. It looks like such a fun zoo! We always have a zoo pass, too, and we always try to go to the zoos in other cities that we visit. I've never been to Chicago, but one of the best zoos I've been to is Woodland Park zoo in Seattle.

Tweejy said... ~the best children's sign language program! ~check everyday at 9 am MST for the next steal!

Anonymous said...

My 3 favorite websites:

1. - international support group for at-home moms

2. Odyssey of the Mind -

3. Bodies - the Exhibition -

Heidi said...

Who can survive without the Michigan Mom Squad?

I also use quite a bit. rounds out the bunch - everyone needs help getting kiddos to eat their veggies!

Anonymous said...

My three favorite sites are,, and

And my 3-year-old's and twin 20-month-olds' favorite show is Wonder Pets :-)

Anonymous said...

I just started visiting your website and I'm not a mommy, not even close. I am an aunty though. Anyways this is in regards to squirrels in Austrailia, apparently they don't just run around. I live outside the DC area and there was this article about a cyclist who accidently ran over a squirrel and it was a hilarious article but it gave us the impression that there are no squirrels in Austrailia. In case you got around to reading this, I laughed at your question on whether or not because the author of the article questioned the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Well, other than your blog, the other mommy websites that I like: with recipes & contests & other ways to help schools earn $ for their school way to find recipes for the week or day

ivillage-all the info on that site is great

Garth and Becky said...

Here's my top 3 "mommy" sites (besides yours of course!):

Dona said...

Top three mom websites:

Thanks for keeping me in good spirits!

Rose said...

Okey dokey

First of all, we call our PJ's jammies and pajamallamas and I'm from Austin, Texas.

Secondly, top three mommy sites

Unknown said...

When your older two brothers "dog pile" you on the floor, you FEEL like you're playing IN the floor. Just ask Spencer, number three of five boys.

As for a saying that I hate..."so and so peed her pants/bed." How do you pee your pants? The last time I peed the only thing that came out was urine.

As for sites....


Anonymous said...

No, there are no squirrels here in Australia. When my friend & I went to Canada a few years ago, we were very excited about seeing them everywhere. We took lots of photos.

Marly said...

You know, I really want to come to your zoo. Our zoo sucks! It's so tiny and we can get through the whole thing in a couple hours. We still have a membership of course.
Anyway, I looked through and 2 of my 3 favorite sites are already mentioned.
It's the forum for Mothering Magazine
Dr Sears has wonderful advice
Fun mom t-shirts :) There's even a Because I said so shirt

Anonymous said...

Sadly, Olga is no longer at Brookfield Zoo. I remember my 2nd grade class adopted her.

There is however a lifesize statue of her, in fromt of the empty walrus tank.

I think the new walrus went off to get some whoopie at another zoo.

Jennifer said...

my fav mom site (other than yours!) is Sort of off the wall mom advice videos and stuff.

I can't think of two others that haven't already been mentioned a bunch of times by everyone else.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn,
This sounds like I wrote it:

he'd take all the sheets of his bed, then he'd pull the mattress off the frame; he'd empty all his dresser drawers and pull down curtains; and he'd empty his toybox of all toys

I had those cordless blinds - he ruined them before I knew it - $600 in brand new blinds - out the window....

Did you say Austin is ADHD? My son is 3.5 and they are suspecting it - but won't give a diagnosis yet.... I remember you sayin gone of your boys is ADHD... Any advice on books to read - or information to help me through the next few years??? You hinted to a few other things the other day too in your writing - and I said - that is MY CHILD!!!!

Thanks for all the laughs you give me - I sure need it!!!!

Pam (Seattle)

B's world said...

Jenny said...

Kristie said...

I like to visit and my 3 year old loves I know, that's not a mommy site, but it gives mommy a break, so I like it!

Brenda said...

I like: (Focus on the Family)
www.cafemom (find moms in similar situations as self) (Dottie's Weightloss Zone)

Kelly said...

Well, I love coming here, of course! Gotta get my laugh each day. :-)

The other places I tend to go to automatically are, Z recommends (, and threekidcircus - which I think I found through here.
Oh, and I second! My 4 yr old is all over that!

Anna said...

My three favorite sites are - this one is in Hungarian, sorry!

Anonymous said...

I only have one Does that count. :)

Diana said...

Three of my favorites:

Love your blog, too!

Jen said...

3 sites:,, and (for the local moms group I belong to.) Also, I have suffered from migraines since high school and recently discovered that Lipton Green Tea and 2 Excedrin knock them out in 30 minutes.

Anonymous said...

I like 1) One Step Ahead - They have lots of innovative stuff for babies & Kids; 2) Cheeky - Tons of cool gifts, clothes, and gear for babies & parents; 3) Good for the kids - eco-friendly stuff if you are trying to go green.

Tammy B said...

Michelle said...

Ooo you give such hard homework assignments, Dawn! I think I've narrowed it down though.

The Rocking Pony -- (Karen's great!)

WebMD -- any explanation necessary? -- for the "oh crap we have to eat dinner tonight don't we" days

Sorry One Step Ahead and The Secret Is In The Sauce... you almost made the top 3!

Good luck with the move to the new blog, Dawn. I can't wait to see it.

Anonymous said...

Websites I go to every day:
Features great bargains to be found online and in stores.
This person has links to some of teh best deals online for most anything.
7000 books in their library... Your child reads a book of their choosing that is in this site's library, and then they can take a test on the book. They receive scores on their tests that can be redeemed for prizes on this website or prizes of your own choice based on points that you set as a requirement.

Amy Lynn said...

I check your blog daily for a laugh or five... but honestly, I LIVE on, its highly addictive... my poor hubby knows not to even bother me until I've had my morning fix...
Occasionally and if I'm really bored or freaking out about some random spot on my kids body... lol...

Robyn said...
Baby Center

Joella said...

Hi! My favorite sites are:

Anonymous said...

Umm lets see..

1. I really like the parenting boards on WebMD. There are some really great Mom's with great ideas on there :)

2. I make all my own baby food so any additional recipes are really helpful.

3. is a great site for all of the things that a mom needs.

Crys said...

my top 3 favorite mom sites are:

Becky said...

It took me over a year to get pregnant with Austin. I was beginning to freak out that I'd never have kids and I was just starting down the path of infertility treatment. I conceived the next 5 when Joe breathed on me, hung his toothbrush too close to mine, used the same toilet seat, drank out of my cup, and simply looked at me.

Happy Father's Day to Joe!

That was the FUNNIEST thing I've read in a long, long time. YOU ROCK, DAWN!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn,
My favorite "Mommy" websites are:

Love to read your blog!


Anonymous said...

This is hard because I have quite a few blogs I love to read regularly, but these are my top 3 mommy sites (besides yours!)simply because you made me choose 3-- (hilarious!) (great inspiration) (always find what I'm looking for there!)

Anonymous said...

I love your blog - does that count as a "mom" site?
My other top three are:

Thanks for making me laugh!!

Anonymous said...

My top three sites are: It has a unimaginably HUGE database of information for nursing mothers. It has name brand baby gear and you can ALWAYS find exceptionally great sales(and it has free shipping on items over $100) Great for any meds that you are unsure of and can't get a hold of your dr right then(mostly for pregnant nursing mothers)

and I wouldn't know HALF of what i have learned if it weren't for my mommy groups on myspace.

email is:

Jackie said...

My 3 top sites are:

All funny, thought-provoking sites, that make me realize that I'm not alone in this crazy thing called motherhood.

Miri said...

Suburban Correspondent
So The Thing Is
Navel Gazing At Its Finest (

Thanks for asking :)

Kristy said...

These are my top 3 Mom sites other than yours of course.

Anonymous said...

My favorite sites: (this is the best site for freebies - and which mom couldn't use those??) (great way to voice your opinion and earn points towards cash or stuff) (great site if you live in AZ

Anonymous said...

Re: cheese and pineapple on sticks

Back in the 70s in the UK, this was a common table centre piece at buffet-style gatherings.

1. Take one grapefruit, slice it in half, and wrap one half in tin foil. Do what you like with the other half, it's of no consequence.

2. Take a pot of cocktail sticks (no tree felling required), and stick a cube of hard cheese (cheddar or similar) on it, followed by a cube of tinned pineapple (since I don't think you could get fresh ones here that easily then).

3. Stick your be-cubed cocktail sticks into the tin-foil wrapped grapefruit, hedgehog style. If you want (or you run out of cheese and pineapple sitcks), make a face out of glacé cherries and stick to one end of the grapefruit using remaining cocktail sticks.

4. Stand back and admire, before someone starts eating it, or at least eating the cheese but leaving the pineapple in a pile on an abandoned paper plate behind your curtains.

Anonymous said...


Because I'm a new mom that started breastfeeding I frequent,, and Kellymom is a GREAT resource and the message boards and articles on the other two were good fun!

~Dawn S

Anonymous said...

all these cool sites/blogs everyone is posting is soo going to get me in trouble. How am I supposed to get anything done around the house with all these new blogs to visit??

Shannon in Knoxville (I also forgot to post my email for the drawing on my earlier comment: hannahsmom16 at yahoo dot com)

Anonymous said...

Haha! If you go back to your eighties hairdue you could claim to be taller than them for at least another year!

Anonymous said...

Love your site!

I spend way too much time here:

I also love


Thanks for considering my entry into your contest!

- Debbie in Michigan

Anonymous said...

An explanation for cheese and pineapple on sticks:

We mean cubes of cheese and pineapple (one each per stick), on little cocktail sticks. Picture here:

jenny said...

cocktail sticks!

Anonymous said...

ewwwwww I can't deal with eye injuries!!!!! Glad Clay is okay though.

We say jammies too, sometimes even jammas...we are in Ohio

congrats on finding such a cool doctor!!

okay, now for my other favorite Mom sites:
This one I just found and LOVE...

Love this one too:

This one is so funny, she someitmes blogs conversations or overheard conversations with her kids, (I found it through her hubby's blog):

Anonymous said...

My three favorite Mom sites besides yours are,, and They are all really helpful!

Life said...

Dawn - not relevant to todays question but i think you'll appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

I assume parent sites are fine. There are some dads who read! :)


Mary said...

Besides yours of course, I like
but yours is my favorite!

Amanda said...

The sites I have in my "Mommy" section of my bookmarks that I visit most are:

And I love your comment about what to do about the misbehaving kid. There was one in the grcoery store this weekend. My 6yo has a running/skipping problem and I told him to walk and there was another kid coming that was walking like a little weirdo and I said "Not like that."

Katy said...

My favorite stops:

Guilty Pleasure~



I love your blog and I'm looking forward to your big changes!

Anonymous said...

3. (how I found my it!!)

email is beachfamily2003@ (just in case I get lucky)

Anonymous said...

Big Mama, Bugs in my teeth and Antique Mommy are three of my favorites. Margie

Donna's blog said...

I love to read:

and yours of course. I know that one doesn't count but I regularly check these three every day.

-Donna W.

Unknown said...

It was hard to pick just three sites, but here they are in no particular order:

Anonymous said...

Favorite mommy bloggers:

Mir at

Michele at

Heather at

Favorite parenting websites: - specifically the diabetes support board (for parents of diabetic kids)

Can you tell we have a lot of health related concerns at our house?

Figaro said...
She is always looking for the silver lining with her kids, which we all know is sometimes hard to do!
Another mom who tells it like it is...

"It's not all Mary Poppins"-I think that says it all!

Anonymous said...

Another mommy blog -

I get bored cooking the same meals all the time, and this site has a handy feature where you plug in 1 - 3 ingredients you have on hand and it finds recipes that use them -
It uses a lot of canned and boxed foods, and I know you don't use many of those but most times you can sub fresh for canned :)

Lastly, a combination of mommy/cooking blog. This lady comes up with fast easy recipes, shows you how to make them, and even includes many pictures of the process so you know exactly whats going on. Most of the time her recipes are even made simple enough that you can get the kids to help ;)


Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

I like:

Anonymous said...

3 of my favorites

CohoesMom5 said...

I really don't read many "mom" sites but here are some that I like:
Celie Rivenbark's column -
FLY Lady -
Birthday Party Ideas -


Unknown said...

We also call Pajamas "Jammies" here in Missouri!

Three of my favorite "mom sites" (besides yours!):

Kristi said...

First of all let me just say I LOVE YOUR BLOG! Makes me laugh everyday and glad to know there are other moms out there who experience the same stuff I do!
My favorite mom sites? Really only 3? Well yours is my favorite, but you wanted 3 OTHER ones, so here you go:

Rick said...

OK! Sign me up, even though it's a bit embarrassing to admit that I actually visit these sites. But these are great places for any mother/wife to visit.

But, I'm sure most of your readers have already suggested these sites, so nothing new here. Sign me up anyway. Maybe I'll get lucky and win a Wonder Pet Beanie.

Anonymous said...

Hi there :) I've been reading and loving your blog since the eBay thing (which, I guess, makes me a little like someone who became a Tolkein fan after thay made the LOTR movies... oh, wait, that's me, too. Anyway...)
My top three mom blogs:
1. - lots of fun craft ideas and such for little ones.
2. - Great online games for pre-schoolers learning to read (don't know if it counts as a mom site, but it's great for occupying kiddoes without plunking them in front of the TV.)
3. - I did their Ultimate Blog party this year, and it was agreat way to 'meet' other mommy bloggers.
Thanks again for the laughs (and for giving me a realistic glimpse of what life will be like if and when we end up with six kids!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn. I read your blog often, but have never tried to leave you a comment before :-) Anyway, I was thinking about your issues with your son and ADHD meds, and knew you mentioned the diet didn't seem to be working for him anymore. My son has a lot of issues that include Asperger's and ADHD and he can not take the stimulant-based meds either. Now I know every kid is different and what works for one won't work for another, but just thought if you were desperate you might like to have something to talk to his doc about LOL. Anyway, my son takes a medication called Tenex, which is actually a high blood pressure med that doctors have found helps ADHD as well. Then he's on Abilify to help stabilize his moods, but that is needed for his other issues, not the ADHD. In the first week of taking the Tenex he was drowsy and got a bit light-headed when he stood up, but his body adjusted after that week. My child went from not even knowing how to write his name in February, to graduating kindergarten in May and being skipped into second grade. Anyway, just thought I'd tell you that, especially since your son's problem was high blood pressure with meds!

Shelley- Southern Indiana

Deirdrea said...

My 3 favorite sites aren't necessarily "mommy" sites but they do have cool free stuff and what mommy doesn't like free stuff!

Michelle said...

Hmm ... in my house I was (am) the oldest and was (am) the one always getting hurt ... except for those few times when I lost my cool and ended up in BIG trouble as well.


Now for some web sites:
> Geek Mom Mashup
> Parent Hacks
> Baby Toolkit ... my kids aren't babies but it has cool info

Nonnie Moose said...

Amy said...

Navel Gazing at its Finest --

The Lawsons did Dallas--

Hollywood Flakes--

Snoopyfan said...

Mum - Mainly Upbringing Monsters said...

Favourite mummy sites I read.
OK - not really 'mummy' sites but sites that this ' yummy mummy' like to go on when her 2 monsters are being entertained:
This is the mummys site I'm addicted too:
This one lets you beat up teddies & knock 'emm all over MWAHAHAhaha!:
And finally THIS one lets me type in all SORTS or mean things (that I want to say to my kids) that I can think of & watch Stewie do allsorts of weird stuff:

You DID ask though so if you get addicted also then it's your fault!

Anonymous said...

I have lots of mom sites i visit....

#1 (A community of moms who offer support on all kinds of family/parenting issues.) That has been my savior for the past four years!!

#2 (Fun for moms to be and moms already! )

#3 for my moms group

:) I never win anything....;)

Carla Bryant!!!

Anonymous said...

My favorite mom sites:

Ashley said...

As for the sites, other than yours i only look at non-mommy sites.

and now why i wanted to post, the question about whether you should reprimand another person's kid-OF COURSE!!! i think that's a part of "what's gone wrong with this world". adults should be able to call out a kid, that kid listen and be respectful-even if what that adult is saying isn't how their own parent would've responded. our kids have complained to us about how grandparents don't let them do things we do blah blah. my response? so what! when you are in their care, they make the rules. and certainly when a child has been acting the jerk to my kid i call them out-once in a fast food play area and had the mom run in asking what the heck i was doing-well i was doing what you should've been instead of yapping it up inside!!!! i didn't quite say that but when i explained her son's behavior she shut up pretty quick-didn't apologize for it though which explains a lot.

Anna said...

My top three mom sites (besides yours, of course):

Anonymous said...

Websites I read often (besides yours!): (awesome magazine)

Unknown said... has a great parenting area in their forums. is a great christian family resource.

I also occasionally visit the parenting section on as well.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog since it's very much like my life!

My other favorites are for new and different recipes to feed the monsters, and
My local county library website. They've got summer reading programs, including a program where the kids can read to earn a reduction in their library fines (that are mostly my fault), programs to attend, crafts to pick up, etc. LOVE IT!

Mom of 5 said...

Seriously, I google everything now. Symptoms, school projects, places to go, etc. I think Google is the top mom's site for me.

I LOVE your blog. I have 5 kids, (3 boys, 2 girls). There is NEVER a dull moment, that's for sure!

Christina Lawson Photography said...

I don't really go to a lot of sites , I do have a few blogs that I read on a daily basis, but other than that my FAVORITE site is

It really depends on what is going on as to what other sites I vist. I'm pregnant so I have signed up at etc.

There is a local site

Denise said...

Julie B. said...

My only indulgences on the computer are your blog, and It's like myspace for just Moms... no men allowed. If you're referring to "mom sites" that give Mommy a break, or a giggle daily, my other two sites I check daily are

Never fail to make me giggle.

Anonymous said...

mamorgan said...

My MSN Group of about 40 mom's that have become the best of "online" friends and even a few irl friends. They know more about me than my family... (I have followed the story of these Quads since their parents found out they were having quads. Talk about 4 little miracles!) (I am the Boxtops coordinator for my daughter's school, mostly moms with a few dads.) SAVE BOXTOPS 4 EDUCATION for your school. OR you can send them to me! (Shameless plug!) email


RobinAN said...

Wineplz said...

1. I'm from Chicago and I call them jammies...
2. your reader with the migraines?...not sure she's going to get any real relief without getting a more standard sleeping schedule (used to get debilitating migraines 4 times per week)...add in avoiding hot dogs, fancy aged cheeses (not your standard colby or cheddar, but bleu, gorgonzola, etc), red wine, and that should help. And she'll need to see her doctor for some hard-core pain relief. If she's not pg or breastfeeding, they might be able to get her on a drug combo that helps PREVENT the migraines instead of treating the migraine after it appears. From doing the drug combo I went from 4/week to just getting one or two during the week I get my period, but if I catch it early enough, I can head-it-off with 2 or 3 advil tablets...MUCH more manageable now (and was weaned off of the drug combo).
3. Brookfield tore down the Ibex Island??? WTH?
4. Olga (walrus) died many years ago...last time I was there, they had a big ol' walrus statue dedicated to her. But I loved her too. We used to go to Brookfield several times a year. Since the National Zoo stinks, I keep trying to get back to Chicago when the weather is half-decent so I can show my kids a REAL Zoo. :)

Darcie said...


Cat said...

My 3 favorite Mommy sites are (Just to make sure I'm not being a paranoid Mommy)
And last but not least....Since having a baby during Hurricane Katrina seriously made me overly paranoid.... (this is the tropical part of Weather Channel. It's always nice to know if a hurricane is going to blow you off the face of the earth :) )

Denese said...

My top four are:
1.) You!! Of course :-)
2.) Mamasource
3.) Shoutcast

BTW - My in-laws (that live more south than we do) say youze. i.e. What do youze have going on next weekend? Interesting...

Colleen - Mommy Always Wins said...

I am a blog-aholic!
But I must say I visit
regularly - helps me know when NOT to panic.

I do get regular emails from
on both kids' development.

And I read lots of Mommy blogs, including yours (OF COURSE!) as well as

Thanks for the entry into your contest!

Unknown said...

3 of my favorite mommy sites to check our are:
Baby Cheapskate:
Parent Magazine's Goody Blog:
Born Learning:

Anonymous said...

I love,, and

Anonymous said...

My favorites:

1. amazing site for mother of children with food allergies. There are 12,000 members and they are a wealth of information.

2. very inspiring site that includes articles and a forum for parents

3. kellymom is a great one for nursing moms too.

Now a question for SSO: Did you nurse all of your children and for how long?

Alisnotmartha said...
Love your blog! Wish you the best. I need you to keep writing to keep me laughing!!! Alison

snippity1 said...

you are hilarious!

My picks for 'mom' websites are: for info for laughs for community

D said...

I only read three blogs:


The third one is quite momy appropriate, don't you think? :-)

Anonymous said...

LOVE this place!
baby/kid stuff


Anonymous said...

My websites are my favorites - of course. (Shameless plug!)

Baby Sign Language for hearing babies using ASL-
I sign with Sierra! At 13 mo she has 33 signs, 20 spoken words, five signed 2 word phrases, seven spoken 2 to 3 word phrases and she knows 13 body parts!

Stamping and Scrapbooking-
View our gorgeous 200+ page Spring-Summer Collection Catalog with over 350 color samples and supply recipes at my website:

Baby Sierra updates can be found at our Pregnancy and Birth Blog-
Latest entry 5/7/08

Here are some others: - A website for moms who are seeking advice, local business referrals and input on situations they are dealing with. A fun way to connect with moms in your local community. - We believe that every mother needs a little help or support at some point and this board is a great place for moms in the Dallas area to gather for just that. We have several support forums where we can discuss any problems that might arise while raising our children, brag about our kids, share photos, form playgroups, or just talk about anything on our minds. If you are a mom in Dallas or Ft Worth or the surrounding areas, please register to join us!

Anonymous said...

Let's 3 favorite mom sites are:

and Kellymom


aemelia_eq at hotmail dot com
JIC I win!

Valarie said...

If I had to chose my three favorite they would be (excluding mommy blogs becuase there are too many of them to pick my fav)
and last, but not least,
3) because, come on! What mom can survie these days without google???

Anonymous said... is my all time fave..she's a mom to four and homeschools, so I think -although I wouldn't classify her blog as a "Mom blog"- it qualifies. Her layout and everything is the best. :)

I like Wondertime, too. Catherine Newman's column is my favorite thing there.

And also
Quiet Life blog is great, too.

Looking forward to your new layout!


Anonymous said...

My top 3 are: (a local mom's website), and (actually all of the momformation bloggers are good, I just like Joyce the best). And your site of course ;)

Diane B said...

Hmmmm....I hope it's ok to leave a reference to a pregnancy site. That would qualify was a "mom site"?

These were the 2 sites I monitored regularly throughout my pregnancy. The american pregnancy assoc site was awesome. You can track each week, etc.

The one site I read regularly now is: My Semblance of Sanity at

I think that's how I found your site actually!!

I'm going to list a 4th.

It's not a "mom" site specifically but it's one I think EVERY mom should read. It's a great way we can make a difference.

Anonymous said...

These are my other favorite blogs to read. I also like and for nonblog sites.

Anonymous said...

SAHM: Surviving Assorted Home Mayhem

trishia said... is great is also fabulous- their message boards are very helpful

and has a good message board setup, I use the one for moms of large families (tons of kids) and for girl scout leaders.

have a GREAT day! :)

Unknown said...

I thought I posted, maybe not, brain is mush, it's Monday.
Anyway, here are threeo f my favorite blogs:

Lynn said... - probably my favorite place to talk to other moms! - enables my babywearing addiction *grins* - getting me back on track!


Anonymous said...

Here are 3 mommy sites I frequent:

And here is one a friend started listing sales going on:

Hope I win :0)

Anonymous said...

Here are 3 I like - 1 stop shop for quick dinners - this woman makes me jealous of all the stuff she makes - not a mom site but a great place for presents for the kids.

my3boys said...

Hey! You should do a blog on regional lingo. My mother-in-law is from New York and says "stand on line" as opposed to "stand in line". She also says "pocketbook" as opposed to "purse". I have a friend in Oregan that laughs her head off when I call the grocery cart a "buggy." I don't know about the regionality of "jammies" but I say it too and I'm in Colorado.

Unknown said... (Proverbs 31 ministries)

Snookie said...

Besides yours, I only have one MOM BLOG that I read. But oh what a site it is. When you go to it be sure to click on Audrey's Story in the left hand column. Oh yeah, have tissues ready!

Anonymous said...

My favorite mom sites (besides yours) are:
That's it! I hope I win!!

FrugalcosIhave2 said...

I like and, as well as All great sites, but pioneer woman has without a doubt the most beautiful design. Best of luck getting yours running!

Tech Mama said...

My three (other) favorite mom sites: (to get Catherine Newman's blog)

Tamster said...

I grew up in So. CA and always said jammies. It sounds like it's all over. :-)

Okay, I don't know whether these are "mom sites" exactly, but aside from the bajillion blogs I read, here are a few sites I sometimes look at for various reasons:

Sorry, I know you said just 3, but I gave you some more for extra measure! :-)

This is the first time I've been on your blog--found it through my sis-in-law--but I have thoroughly enjoyed reading it. You are a great writer! Hilarious! Thanks! :-)

Scraptab said...

I like: (keeps me sane)

Angela said...

Here are my favorite websites:
For beautiful bracelets and binky clips:
For laughs
For good ideas

I hope I win!

ShellyBlake said...

I don't really have 3 - I do have one that I visit every day and that is my mom's groups on (I guess I do have 3 because I belong to 3 mom's groups!) is a great site because it lets you find groups in your area that have the same interest as you. The moms groups that I'm in are great because they're always scheduling events that I can take my kids to which gets me out of the house on the weekends! Otherwise it's just me & the kids & laundry all weekend (so they kids love that I'm on meetup). We've been to the Jelly Belly Factory, ice cream socials, play dates and even Mom Night Out events!

beagle said...

and of course yours! :) sorry but i can't pick just 3, lol. i have a top 5. :P

Anonymous said...

Happy Fathers Day Joe & to all the Dad's that read your blogs!

Three top moms websites I can not live without

1. Great for advices & chatting w/ mom's that just understands your point of view unlike men! (sad but true)

2. great for advices about anything

3. another great site for mom's to seek advices and progress to see if right on track and what should do!

Theresa from Ny

Anonymous said...

I have just started my own blog and I am hoping it will become one of someone elses favorite,

And last but definately not least the reason my children do any sort of chores.....

Good Luck

jane said...

Geez, I was sooo tempted to put my own blog.

Because I do read it every day you know and I think I'm kinda funny, even if no~one else does.

But seriously, the "sticks" are toothpicks. I'm not a pom, I'm from Australia (and squirrel~free), but we have a lot of UK tv shows here and you kind of absorb it after a while.

My 3 top mum (mom) sites?
They're all blogs or blogging related, 'cause I have an obsession here, okay?

1. a forum/directory for "mombloggers"

2. Candid Carrie ~
She's hilarious & cracks me up every day.

3. I'm an Organising Junkie ~
Because I seriously need help to get organised.

Jane :)

J Shonts said...

First time commenter. I have to agree yours is the only blog I ever read really, except the ones you link to! :) But I also love
1) (for the good deals!)
2) (for the laugh breaks apart from my 2 year old)
3) (for whatever questions I have that current day about my 2 year old)

Stephanie said... I love the stationary on this site! There is also a blog and free e cards!

I also read this one occasinally:

This one is great for mael ideas and includes shopping lists and recipes:

mamamiaxo said...

Hi Dawn,
The three sites I always check in at are

Donna said...

Gee - only three - let's see: - I have the craft section bookmarked so I can find quick, easy crafts - made a great three dimensional puzzle for Father's Day - on-line grocery delivery service - I think of you every time I use it, and that story that hooked me on your blog way back last summer
babycenter/ - I have both a 6 year old and a 9 month old so I peruse both regularly

Chris the Yardsale Queen said...

I'm a bit biased, but my fav 3 are

and last but not leastc

AlaneM said...
I check this one out for crafts, party ideas, activities & all sorts of other things.
Megan's blog Fried Okra is one of my fave mamma blogs ever! She is SO funny, she tells it like is in her wonderful Southern style. her blog always makes me feel good.
Sandra is in visiting her family for the first time in 10 years so her blogging at the present time is spotty (she's in S Africa for a month) but don't let that stop you from checking her out. She posts lots about her great kids, crafting, recipes (to die for), and just mamma life in general.

Cool contest Dawn...BTW your blog was the one that started me on my path to bloggy addiction...and I love ya for it!!

And in WA we call them jammies too :)

debi9kids said...

Well, if I have to pick 3:

How Do They Do It?
Foodnetwork (for recipes)

Anonymous said...

Can I include my own blog? ;) - It's Chief Family Officer.

I also really like Money Saving Mom and Thingamababy. The latter is a dad blog, but it's a really good one, with lots for moms and dads alike.

Another great site (if I may list a fourth) is the Consumer Product Safety Commission, which lists child-related safety recalls.

Missy said...

2. peterpanandfamily.blogspot
3. mykidsmom-greengables.blogspot

All blogging moms:)


JRV said...

1. for crazy hippie advice like squirt breastmilk on a diaper rash and get rid of every item of plastic in your home. to find funky vintage looking tees for my kids and shirts for my 3 year old that say "unvaccinated" and "intact and proud"
3. great baby carriers, I have about 20!!

Erin said...

Hi Dawn,

JAMMIES and PJ's is what we call them in Vancouver, Canada too.

And I really like for me - and to occupy my kids.


Hands-Free Heart said...

Sunny said...

To the woman who has migraines twice a week, I have been there. I had them once every three months then once a month then three times a week and thought I was going to go crazy. I took over the counter meds, and prescription meds and nothing really worked. I was getting very depressed.I finally went to a natropathic doctor a ND and she gave me Petadolex. I take it twice a day an have only had a couple of migraines in the last four years. That is very good I think. It is all natural butterbur, with no side effects.
I like reading your blog, and Pioneer Woman, and Mom 101, oh and Humble Musings.

S,D,J,K's Mom said...

I enjoy sites that my give me ideas of crafting projects to do with my kids, or games to play, etc....
I really enjoy

I am a mom to 4, living abroad for the seven years in Switzerland. I enjoy some "english" time on your blog along with a coffee as often as I can... but as you know with kids those quiet moments are far and few between- and I am thankful for that- wouldn't change my place in the world with anyone.

Bigmammy said...

Thanks as usual..We are hoping for the Wonder Pets!!!
Amy, mom to 4

Mel said...


Anonymous said...

Here's my Top3 &
I love the last two because they have great food & craft recipes for kids!! :)
Thanks for your great blog-Michelle Wallace

Unknown said...

I regularly read a ton of blogs but it was YOUR blog that got me started. :) Honest!

Three I love are

Anonymous said...

My other favorites are

Anonymous said... Chronicles a family that adopted a baby from Vietnam. They post the most fabulous pictures.
A mom shares her life and her ups/downs of adopting a child with Down Syndrome. This blog is very inspiring and often gets me quite teary eyed.
This mom is an awesome writer and also takes wonderful pictures. Not for the faint of heart.

Anonymous said...

Mine aren't big corporate ones. Just mom's I like to read...

I know you said 3 but these I read daily.

Prairie Lady

Leaphart2 said...

HEY. My Favorite "Mom" sites... besides yours...are
""... Maybe not a mom site for some.. but I use it to find and ask "mom" like qestions...

By the way. . I totally love your blog. It is so fun to read.
Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

If I'm standing next to my kid and he/she's acting up, please don't intervene. I'm right there. I can handle it, thank you!

If I'm not standing by my kid (which is rare and is usually caused by my attending to another child) and he/she's acting up, come and get me. I'll handle it, thank you!

If I'm not there and he/she is doing something to hurt someone else or his/herself, stop them immediately. And then come get me. I'll handle it, thank you!

If my kids and I see other kids acting up, I use it as a teachable moment for my kids (an example of what NOT to do and discussing possible consequences of their behavior), and I use the above consideration for their parent as well.

We can't all have eyes in the backs of our heads, and having more than one kid causes your head to turn in many different directions; so just because we don't see it happen doesn't mean we don't know how to parent and it doesn't mean you need to take over. Just call our attention to it and we'll take care of it. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I already left my top 3 (antiquemommy, girltalk, recipelink), but I noticed some other people listed audreycaroline and I have to say that I love that one, too. Just be sure to have tissues near-by...her story is heartbreaking, but her mom is a wonderful example of dealing with life's most sour days with grace.

Also, I wanted to say that I'm from the South (have lived in a few different places) and we use "PJs", "Pajamas", and "jammies" interchangeably. Does it really matter anyway? I mean, come on! Get 'em on and get to bed!

Anonymous said...

SSO question: Does Jackson not like getting his hair cut or is it you that likes it long? I noticed your other boys have their hair short and he's the only one who doesn't.

the W* family said...

My favorites are:


Love the blog!

Keren said...

Question for the next SSO: What bizarre things have you said to your kids that you never would have imagined the need to say? For example, we have been heard telling our 2 1/2 year old: "A sock is not a tissue," "No eating snow/ice that's been on the ground for five days!" and "Toothpaste does not go in your eye!"

tommygirl said...

It is cool to see what your other readers look at at everyday. I have never heard of some of these websites/blogs, but I am going to check out the ones that seem so popular with the other moms.

My top three are:

If you haven't checked out audreycaroline I recommend it. Angie's strength in God as she greives the loss of her infant daughter are inspiring. She is an inspiration.

cubmommy said...

ldybg75 said...

Other than the obvious :), a few more of my favorites are:


Anonymous said...

Three favorite "mom-type" websites, not counting this one: (a homeschooling mom with, despite the title, now four children, working with YWAM) (I'm sort of obsessed with this one at the moment, while expecting our fifth living child, eighth child to be named...) (ditto)

Anonymous said...

I am a reality junkie and I forgot to put on here the best recap reality show blog int he WORLD!

Anonymous said...

1) (messageboards)

Anonymous said...

These are all great Mom sites that everyone should check out. :-)

Brittany Rose
Brandenburg, KY

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