Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Simpsonize Me!

I got the link for this fun site from my friend Brenda (WARNING: her blog is NOT rated PG). After you get the kids to bed, go check it out. Or better yet, check it out with the kids and transform their faces. My kids had a ball with it.

So, here are the many sides of Dawn...

Baby Dawn - kinda looks like one of those creepy dolls that come to life in horror movies

Old Dawn - I think I need to start using more sunscreen

African American Dawn (my ears and neck are still white for some reason)

East Asian Dawn

Weat Asian Dawn

Male Dawn - OK I'm a little creeped out by how manly I look...

Modigliani Dawn

Botticelli Dawn

Mucha Dawn - this one almost looks like my high school yearbook picture!

Manga Dawn

Ape Dawn chimp-face

Can you believe she's only 12 years old? This is what happens when you smoke, kids!

Austin, ready to enter the world of Pokemon

And then because the kids and I hadn't wasted enough time with that site, we decided to laugh ourselves silly as we Simpsonized the family.

Joe Simpson

Dawn Simpson

Austin Simpson

Savannah Simpson

Jackson Simpson

Lexington Simpson

Clayton Simpson

Brooklyn Simpson

I wasn't entirely happy with the Simpson version of me so I thought I'd make it look more realistic; more like the real me....

What??? OK, ok, so here's what the real me really looks like.....

Note the complete absence of ankles, the hair that needs to be dyed, and the missing digits.

PS - you might want to wait until the kids go to bed to play with these sites or you might get sucked in and forget all about making dinner....
If you're at work, well then go ahead and waste the afternoon playing. ;)


Turtles In Northern Florida said...

hehehehehe. I thought that top one Baby you actually resembles Tammy Fay! The Bottecelli one is gorgeous.Too fun. I will have to go check this out.

HeyItsBeej said...

You said: "Baby Dawn - kinda looks like one of those creepy dolls that come to life in horror movies"

It's....CHUCKY DAWN! Mua ha ha! Is that site too much fun or what?! I haven't seen the Simpson one - guess that's on the schedule for tonight's "Avoidance of Housework" activities.

I'm still blog is not PG. Hee! Some parts are, darnit. :g:


Anonymous said...

this has nothing to do with your current post, but something happened to me yesterday that made me think "what would Dawn do?" so I had to leave a comment about it. (I'll try to keep it short)

We're at the pool - my crazy 2 1/2 yr old boy is in a swim diaper. I catch him crouching, thinking "he's trying to leave a present". Did he ever! Next thing I know, I see brown water running down his leg (thankfully he wasn't in the pool at that moment). flash forward to the bathroom. No shower, just a changing table and a small sink. Imagine something really gross and runny and you got it - all over his legs and changing table. I had friends relaying wipes to me to help out. Then picture trying to bathe a 2 year old standing in a tiny sink. It was not fun! But at the end of it all - after much cleaning with lots of soap - I had to laugh and that's when I thought "what would Dawn do?"

knoxville tn

Jaimie said...

Too funny! I too thought the first one resembled Tammy Faye - no offense :-)

Elizabeth said...

A quick comment about yesterday's post: I wrote out that Bible verse and taped it to my desk when I was in college. I found that all we did at the dining hall was "critique" all the other students. UGH.
Today's Post: TOO FUNNY. I liked the Simpsonization of Lexi the best. Oh, and Your version of yourself, too! I'd be too round in cartoon form...I know this because of my children's drawings!
Ah, the brutal honesty of children...
Pax, EJT

Unknown said...

Must... avoid... being... sucked... in...

Thanks DAWN. Now my kids will get frozen pizza for dinner. :)

Carla said...

Oh my stars. Hilarious!!!

imbeingheldhostage said...

Is it wrong to pull kids out of bed on a school night to play face distortion on the computer? I didn't think so, thanks for the tip-- and the laugh, these were hilarious!

Michelle said...

I SO am staying away from that site! I have enough time suckers as it is. But I might bookmark it for "later."

The baby Dawn totally creeped me out, and my first thought was Chucky Dawn, as well! But I will say that manly Dawn could potentially be pretty hot with the right haircut. How disturbing is that?

Anonymous said...

In response to Shannon in Knoxville--1) Can we get bracelets that say "WWDD?" and 2) Ewwwww!! Now I'll be forever scared to use the sink in a public restroom!!!!

Sorry--I know that was a horrible experience and I shouldn't make fun. I've got 3 kids and something horrendous happens to us in public on a regular basis, so I can't help but laugh at--i mean with--you!!

Shellie said...

Thanks for helping me waste my afternoon in such a delightful way with the kids.

MayberryMom said...

The masculinize one freaked me out because it was like looking at my dad! ACK!!

suchsimplepleasures said...

those were definitely a little creepy. love the simpson ones...have to have my kids check that out!!
love your blog!!

Tonya Staab said...

yet another thing for me to try and become addicted too. ;)

Anonymous said...

Ya thanks a lot for that. Wasted my afternoon playing with it instead of cleaning!

And geez, as a male I look just like my brother. Ewwwwww.

Anonymous said...

Planet of the Apes Dawn! Creepy. The man one is a little creepy, too. But loads of fun.

Rick said...

How did I miss this post? The many faces of Dawn. You're not two faced. You're 11 faced!

debi9kids said...

I have played with the Simpson one before with my kids, who all thought it was "totally cool" that they were Simpsons.

that other site is really neat! Will have to check it out!

Chelf said...

Without a doubt, Mucha Dawn is my favorite, and the second (very close, btw) is the Simpson pretty-curls-with-ankles Dawn.

You have too much fun with this stuff! I love seeing your adventures in pictures.

Anonymous said...

Dawn, I'm a mom of 3 boys (21, 19, 17) and one daughter (13). Many think I'm too lax and sometimes I think my kids are lazy, but they are very polite and know how to write a correct thank you note. They call me on Mother's Day and attend Mass with the family when home. Some hold jobs, some get good grades, some make friends easily, some are trim and healthy, some are not picky eaters, etc. They're all different. None are in rehab, under a psychiatrist's care, jail, etc...yet. They love me and my husband (their dad) and each other. It's okay. We survived ODS's stage of crying 'till he threw up and MDS's sophomore year of high school when he got in BIG trouble about five times, until I finally had to put him on restrictions for the rest of the school year. We survived YDS sneaky -hide everything wrong stage. We survived DD's whining stage (age 5-10) and we're in the throws of her puberty. I'd like to think we're through the worst of it all, but my best friend is becoming a MIL this weekend and I can see where a wedding could be the straw that breaks the camel's back! Hang in there. Keep blogging and entertaining all of us!

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