Thursday, June 5, 2008

Just a Quick Note

My friend Melissa told me that her 4 year old daughter asked her if she could only be one thing when she grows up, or if she could be more than one. She wants to be a "Mailman, I mean a mail girl, a mermaid, a mom, a dog, a dolly and a princess, of course."
She's a character and the stuff she says just cracks me up. It made me wonder what Clay would say to the question, so I asked him.
"What do you want to be when you grow up?"
"A grown-up," was his answer.
Well duh.

Please pray for little Coleman who is having his MRI today.
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Nicole Amsler said...

I've gotten my handsful with the future career choices of my children. My daughter, Delaney, wants to be a children' illustrator or a rock star.

Spencer, my son, when asked what he wanted to be said, "Ummm...naked!" Great! A rock star AND a porn star!

Let's hope he thinks of something else!


Nancy said...

My middle son wants to be an ice cream truck driver. His thought is that he can have all the ice cream he wants then. He would probably like to be naked to. Just imagine that, a naked ice cream truck driver:}

Anonymous said...

Dawn, I just think you are the greatest! I have 2 boys, one of whom fits in to the type of kid "the crazy woman who said you need better control of your kids" was talking about. One boy is 12 and the other 6. I enjoy your blog and can't wait for your book! My husband knows as soon as it comes out he needs to get it for me. In fact, he is the one who told me it was postponed!!!! Thank you!

Michelle said...

How logical. I want to be a grown up, too!

I'm just glad that Mister Man has stopped insisting that he's only going to get to 20 and then never get any older. Right now, he wants to be a swim teacher. Great career there for someone who hates getting a bath.

Anonymous said...

thank u very much for ur laughter and for being u..hehe..may GOD continue to bless u and ur i've got a quick question..while i have a free moment..anywho..i was did u know that ur son had vitiligo? also, wat kind of symtoms did ur kid show for having ADHD? i'm just curious..thanks for answering have a great day and weekend..'ater

Sassy Pants said...

I just think you are AMAZING!
what an inspiration

Sherry said...

Have any of your kids asked you what you want to be when you grow up? If so, what did you tell them? I was asked this recently by my 5 year-old son. I said, "a mom". He said, "No, I mean when you go get a job, what do you want to be?" LOL What he doesn't remember is that I did work until he was about 2 1/2.

Rick said...

Let's be Politically Correct. You mean "Merperson."


Can't wait to see the new web page.

Kila said...

Good goal, Clay! Not all grown-ups are very grown up!

Good luck with your new website!

debi9kids said...

One of my good friends has a son who wants to be either a doctor or an elf for Santa!
Gotta love the stuff that comes from their imaginations!
Can't wait to see the new website! I was wondering....

Irishmama said...

I'm still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.

Quinn (4) wants to be a firefighter, a vet and a cub scout.

Ari said...

Just out of curiosity, have you ever noticed that when your blog loads, that is says "hyu8" up at the top left corner?

Anonymous said...

LOL - tell him not to rush it, being a "grown up" isn't always all it's cracked up to be! ;-)

My 6 year old daughter wants to be a Veterinarian, Photographer and a Rock Star -- ALL AT ONCE! That should prove interesting!

kimbalaya said...

Asked my 4 (almost 5) year old the same question and her answer was "a Princess Mermaid".

Asked my 2 (almost 3) year old and she said "Hmmm.... just a friend."


Anonymous said...

Hmmm. So the non-scientific data so far seems to support the theory that girls multi-task better, and boys have one-track minds...

Mary said...

I'm still trying to decide what I wanna be when I grow up!

My girls want to be a teacher, a photographer and a princess. I was hoping one would be a hairdresser so I could have someone awesome doing my hair when I'm an old lady with blue hair. I'll want to look sexy at the Sr. center.

Anonymous said...

I asked my three year old son the same question the other day... and he said, "A girl!"

Er... okay.

Anonymous said...

My three year old wanted to be a doctor and a cheerleader and have a restaurant that only served strawberries with a little bit of chocolate for a friend of hers. After the circus last week she now wants to be a acrobat and a lion tamers so she can smack the bad lion with a stick!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn,
I love asking our 3.5 year old son - so far it is always the same answer.... "a princess!"

I'll assume that will change by the time he hits college! LOL
or not... LOL


Kaye Butler said...

My oldest wants to be a part-time secretary for her best friend's Vet Clinic; a part time secretary for me at the funeral home I work for; and a part time artist. I told her she should marry well because she is going to starve.

My youngest was to be a Kernodle Funeral Home Person or someone who rides 4-wheelers all day.

I love your site!

Bella Stevens said...

My daughter wanted to be a soldier like her brother and father. But then after she found out daddy will be retired by the time she can enlist she blew that idea out of the water. Then she wanted to work with her other brother at burger king but again I explained to her that she could go to school and be an animal doctor or anything she wanted to be that her brother probably wouldn't still be working for BK (at least I hope not.) Then it was the mail man, cheerleader, ballet or just stay with me forever and ever lol

Dorothy said...

Dawnm I was so glad for the woman who has a son who wants to be a princess. My grandson is five and sometimes says the same thing.

We hope its a stage..

Dorothy from grammology
remember to call gram

Cheryl said...

In light of the recent tornadoes in the Chicago area, I just want to know if you guys are OK? I sure hope so.

Brooke said...

Awwww...a little girl wants to be a sweet.

Tell her to call me. I'll talk her out of it. :))

kristi said...

I think TC would like to be Spiderman or Ben 10 depending on the day.

Sara wants to be an artist or a nurse.

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