Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday Sound Out

Why did you go to the dot com address vs the blogspot?
It’s easier to remember? Actually, I’ll be able to do more with a website. Well, I probably won’t be able to do more, but my web designer will.

What is the link to your other site where you review products?
I review some stuff here and Angie and I review stuff here.

Before you had kids, did you have any hobbies? crafting, gardening etc.?
I collected craft supplies (
as you may recall from this post) and I started many a project. I think I may have even finished one or two of them. As far as gardening goes – I have a black thumb. I kill everything. I kill air plants. All they need is AIR! Yet, I somehow manage to kill them. Plants don’t fare well around me and in all honesty, I don’t have the slightest interest in maintaining a garden. But it’s ok because I’m not an old southern lady so I don’t have to.

Can anyone name the movie?

When do you usually go to bed? (if you sleep at all... ;)
I’ve been trying really hard to get to bed before 2:00 lately. But I don’t actually sleep. In between Brooklyn sticking her feet up my nose, Clayton walking into my room in his sleep, Lexi waking me up because she’s had bad dreams and (the worst of them all) Joe snoring, I pretty much just stay awake all night. I seriously have pretty frequent fantasies of smothering Joe with his pillow. (Sorry honey, but it's true.)

As a parent, what is the most scariest thing that has happened to you regarding your children (i.e. illness, accident, etc)?
One of the scariest things that I can recall was when my oldest son was attacked by a neighbor’s dog. He was 4 years old at the time and had to get 12 of the bites stitched up. I still get all freaked out to this day if I think about it. Another time was when Jackson got swept out on a wave in Lake Michigan while we were at the beach. I think he was only 3 at the time. I hadn’t realized that he’d run back into the lake until he was a ways out. I had a Bay Watch moment while I ran down the beach, flubber thighs bouncing away, as I tried to reach the spot where he was floating away. It took a month for my heart to stop racing. Later we learned that a kid drowned in the same area that weekend.

Are you scared how your book will be received when it comes out?

Also do you think you will be nervous to meet your fans?
Nah, not at all.

I hope you take this in the spirit intended: Why did you have six children?
Because I didn’t want twelve.

Dawn, When you were young, did you dream of having 6 kids, a husband who cooks green, jello fish and the most excellent blog in the history of blogdome?
No, I dreamt of having 10 kids and a husband who can cook a porterhouse on his manifold. (Don't get any ideas, Joe!) Actually, if you had told me, back when I was 22, that I’d have 6 kids and a husband who makes KoolAid fish, I would’ve thought you were off your rocker. And I had no clue what a blog was until a couple years ago.

How many children were there in your family growing up? Where are you in the birth order?
I just have one sister. I'm the pretty one. LOL!!! (Just making sure my sister is reading my blog!) I'm the oldest, but shhhh, don't tell my kids. They still think I'm only 29.

What does a typical dinner look like at your house?

Dawn, if I remember correctly, your house isn't much over 1000 sq. ft. How do you manage to keep everyone's clothes, toys, etc., organized and stored with that limited amount of space?
We just don't let the kids have any toys or clothes. Honestly, I don't know. We've always lived in this house so it's what I'm used to. It's not like we had to downsize and figure out how to put a ton of stuff into a small space. I should take a picture of our closets some day. It would probably scare you guys though.

How did you tell your husband and family about each pregnancy? What were their reactions? (I'm about to break the news about #4 and need some ideas and encouragement b/c #3 is only 7 months old!!!)
Well, I'll tell you what is NOT a good way to tell him. Don't take your positive pee stick and march out to where your hubby is snoring away on the couch, whip the stick at his head, and demand, "How the crap did THIS happen?!!!" It doesn't make for lasting memories. Actually, yes it does. It just doesn't make for GOOD memories. Not that I've ever done this. I've just heard. From other people. Not me.

What do you miss the most since you became a mother (hard to remember, maybe)?>

How do your kids get along with each, really? Do they play together? What things do you do or say to encourage developing good relationships?
Some combinations get along better than others. And none of them get along 24/7. For example, when I took Clay and Brooklyn back in to get their pictures taken on Friday, the photographer got some great shots of them hugging, holding hands, giving each other kisses, just looking totally cute and adorable. Of course, as I was scanning at the proofs, I looked over at those same cute, adorable kids and saw Brooklyn on the floor with Clay tap dancing on her head. She then got up and chased him down and pummeled him with her little 2 year old fists while yelling, "Clay Punk!"
I've given up encouraging them to get along. Now I just tell them not to get blood on my carpet.

How do you respond to people who ask if you know what makes those babies?
I just look at them as if they're stupid and say, "Yes. Don't you?"

Does it ever bother you that people all over the world have an inside peek into your life (pictures of your kids, your couch, your carpet????)
Not really. I have control over what I write. I only write about things I wish to share. And I'm usually pretty good at just ignoring the ignorant people who think they have the right to pass judgement.

Edited to add: Thank you for your prayers and well wishes. For those of you who thought I was having a colonoscopy, I'm not. I'd be scared if my gyno gave me a colonoscopy to check out my cervix! :o
I'm sure it's fine, but I had this same thing happen about 17 years ago. It was precancerous at that time and my doctor did cryosurgery. I'm just kicking myself for waiting almost 3 years to go to the doctor this time around. Oh well, no sense in worrying about something you can't control.
Thank you again for thinking of me. :)


bethanysmom said...

I believe the movie was Steel Magnolias? A great movie.

FNP Student said...

Is the movie Steele Magnolia's?

Susan said...

Prayers for you. I love your blog. The irreverance, the boldness, the vulnerability. Praying for you

Wendywoowoo said...

Dawn, the movie is "Steel Magnolias" and is my ultimate favorite! Love the blog keep it coming!


Anonymous said...

As a woman to a woman, a mother to a mother, and a person who has faced gyno crisis after crisis ( hence, only one child when I have craved many many more), I wish you God's blessings and a painless procedure with benign results. YOU deserve the best possible life.. your ship is coming in.. you ARE the next Erma Bombeck, and I love you through reading your blog and wishing your cuddly little toddlers could be mine, if just for one day ( disclaimer- I am not a baby snatcher- only a woman with empty arms due to extreme alarm-ism from gynos which can't be undone).

Do NOT let them do anything to you which does not seem right to you intuitively. I ended up with a hyst. and both ovaries gone when I was only 32 because they " thought" I had ovarian cancer. I am a nurse, a woman and a wannabe repeat mommy. I knew better than to give up my reproductive capabilities based upon a hunch.

I wish you peace in your heart until the time of the procedure, and all my love. You are a " mommy by proxy" for me, and I really do hope that you share just one more pregnancy with us if it is meant to be.
God bless you real good Dawn.
( Yes I am a Southerner, and scored off the chart in your humorous accent test). ]
All my prayers, long distance support from Texas, and love from one nurse, mother and woman to another, who must be a bit scared and nervous right now. Pray without ceasing to our Father. He knows all things, and He has to know that you have 6 children to raise, books to write, and possibly a gazillion women who love you as a sister. See, I really need you because I never had one of those either. :)

Hugs, dear sister,
Dallas/ Fort Worth, Texas

Anonymous said...

I was thinking about this and somehow posted it under YESTERDAY'S blog entry. :headbang:

Our grandmothers' legacy to us was the Pap test
Our mother's legacy to us was the routine and almost free mammogram

What will our legacy to our collective daughers be in the area of women's reproductive health? As the survivor of an unnecessory hysterectomy for an ovarian cyst, I am betting on one of these two and would LOVE to know your opinion:

Either an extremely accurate early test for ovarian cancer, or a very safe, non-toxic side effect vaccine for all children for HPV. Both boys and girls.

I thought this was an appropriate time for all of us women and mothers to think about this issue.
If you or any of your friends ever take an active stand on the issue of reproductive health for our daughters, please count me in.
You are a voice for all of us.

I love you like the sister I never had and I am praying constantly for a good, benign result, Dawn.
I also hope to meet you when you come through the Dallas/ Fort Woeth area on your book tour.
Hang in there, OK?

All my love from a Southern Sister,

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Wow, 1,000 square feet--I'm impressed. I only have 4 kids and I love how you put it about certain combinations getting on better than others and none of them getting along 24/7!

Blinds said...

Has your hubby tried the breath-rite strips? They work like magic for my guy!

Jill said...

Hey, I'd be interested in some closet pics. ;) We live in a two-bedroom apartment and between the four of us, we have a lot of STUFF. So I have to get creative with the closets.

Anonymous said...

Steel Magnolias!

janetcc said...

Too easy... Steel Magnolias.

Good luck on your something-oscopy. And thanks for the reminder, calling tomorrow for my doc appt -- it's been a couple years -- time does get away....

Tina said...

Steel Magnolias! Great movie!!

Mandy said...

Hi Dawn,
I've been a reader since Ebay, but am a first time commenter. I am acutally a questionier (if that is a word..) I recently started a blog for my family and friends to see, but I can't figure out the *cross out the word* thing that you do . I can do it in my word program, but when I copy and try to paste it over, it doesn't have the crossed out words there. I know this is such a random and of the subject thing, but I AM SO CURIOUS!!! AND I CAN'T FIGURE IT OUT!!! I also have touretts. Sorry! LOL. J/K about the touretts, I JUST LOVE CAPS!

WendyLou said...

Duh ... that's Steele Magnolias. Made in my home state of Looziana. My husband was almost an extra, but he and his friends were kicked out of auditions for laughing during the telling of a (supposed-to-be) sad story.

Anonymous said...

oooo, oooo STEEL MAGNOLIAS!!!! i love that movie!!!!

Donna said...

Dawn I was wondering how the Feingold diet is working for you this time around? My 13 year old daughter and I both have ADD. Her doctor cut her meds dose in 1/3 because she is underweight (not that her friends are any bigger. And not that her appetite is any better now.) I'm desperate to find something else that works. Thanks!

Liz's Random Thoughts said...

Is the movie steel magnolias? I haven't seen it, just the cover and read about it online abit. :) Hope your test thing goes well in may! I wish you well:)

Anonymous said...

Easy one. Steel Magnolias!

Anonymous said...

I hope everything goes well with your tests. These Sunday posts crack me up.

I just wanted to add that the pic is steel magnolias (love that movie). Even though I knew the answer, when you click on the pic the answer shows in the navigation bar! lol

Rick said...

Worry is a person attempt to take away God's task of taking care of our future. In other words, a person that worries is trying to play God. A job we were never designed to take on. Don't do it.

Anonymous said...

I have a question for some future SSO. How much time do you spend in a week writing and posting the comments on your blog? Is it a full-time job?

Love your writting.

Holly Aytes said...

the first comment...YEAH! the movie would be Steel Magnolias.

cakeburnette said...

I read the answer to the question about how you broke the news of your pregnancies (or how SOMEBODY broke the news) to my husband. He said I needed to write back to you and tell you that shrieking loudly and beating your husband with the positive pee stick in front of company doesn't really make for good memories either. But it does make for a lot of chuckles when you tell the story later. (Mine are 15 months apart; I found out when the oldest was 7 months old--how ironic is that?)

plainprecious said...

Is that pic from Steel Magnolias? Ouiser Boudreaux

grits404 said...

movie--steel magnolias, right?

MaBunny said...

Morning DawnL)) I've had the colposcopy thing done, notfun, butnottoo bad either. Hppe everything turns out ok.
Love checking in with you on a daily basis.
Keep it up girl, your doing great!!!

Anonymous said...

I have had precancer ells on my cervix for the last 12 years or so, I hope everything works out good for you

Unknown said...

Did you get that pee stick whipping story from me!?!?!?
I thought it was a little odd to be having a colonoscopy for your cervix....hey you never know!

nutralady2001 said...

(((Dawn))) Positive thoughts going your way......I'm a praying person so lots of prayers as well.

Years ago I had HPV and had 2 surgeries under anaesthetic to get rid of the little b*ggers. I was so young and naive ( well not totally young I was 27) but naive...... married with a cheating husband (and pregnant)Needless to say he got kicked to the curb not long after.

That's why I had yearly smears for so long, I probably had as bad a case as you could find anywhere.And over 30 years later I've never had an abnormal smear.

You are going to be just fine!!

Anonymous said...

Is it Steel Magnolias?

Sharon said...

The movie is Steel Magnolias and good luck with your procedure. Hugs and prayers to you! Get the kids out of your bed, you need the sleep worse than they do. My threat to my snoreasaurus husband is this: "Some day you are going to wake up with me sitting on your chest holding a flashlight in my mouth and a needle nose pliers in my hand, surgically removing the flopping stuff at the back of your throat!" How's that for a mental image!

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Steel Magnolias! I'd be givin away all my tomatoes too!

Anonymous said...

Hey Dawn!
I hope everything goes ok with your colposcopy and biopsy next month! I hate waiting... ...

Oh the movie, Steel Magnolias?

I too do not have a green thumb, when my grandmother passed everyone gave us plants. They were all dead with in the month, I figued that they are in heaven with her now... ;)

Hope you and the Kids have a wonderful weekend, Glad to hear you were able to get back for Pictures and sounds like you got some good shots!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the picture of dinner at your house!!!!! **snort** That's FUNNY!!

Ooo, ooo! Is the movie Steel Magnolias?? "I'm a southern woman and southern woman HAVE to garden!" That's my all time favorite movie!

Donna in PA :)

Autumn said...

The movie - Steel Magnolias!! "I don't like tomatoes I just grow them." "why?" "I don't know why, I'm an old southern woman, I'm supposed to grow things and wear big ugly hats"

Great flick!!!

I saw you on Instant Messanger last night, but couldn't say awake and wait for your post! I don't know how you do it, and from experiencing sleep deprivation, I know you don't either. Hopefully one day, you'll get some semblance of a good nights sleep.

By the way, my 2 year old was also a co-sleeper from birth. It wasn't pretty, but I started by not going to bed after putting her to bed. Then I started wearing her in my mei-tei until she fell asleep, and would lay her in her bed. When she woke up, she'd either come back to bed with me, or I'd stay with her (twin bed) it took a while, but, co-sleeping is rare these days. But I do think, it's a very healthy thing to have a 'family bed' and sleep with the baby. I know I never slept when my son wasn't sleeping next to me.

Julie said...

Steel Magnolias

Sarah said...

Steal Magnolias?

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

You're not having a COLONOSCOPY?

God, youre such an ASS!!!!!!!!!!


And yeah, I had the cyrosurgery thing too, about 17 years ago too!

Lovingly yours, in frienship, of course! Manic

Denise said...

Steel Magnolias! I love that movie! :)

Anonymous said...

Name That Movie:
Steel Magnolias. One of my favorites.

Dawn said...

That picture is from Steel Magnolias.

Anonymous said...

Well, I believe that is Weezer from "Steel Magnolias"

misguidedmommy said...

Steel Magnolias?

Anonymous said...

Steel Magnolias!! My all-time favorite movie!

I'll pray that you stay well for those beautiful babies. :)

~Shirley Ann~

Anonymous said...

Steel Magnolias! Love that movie! It reminds us that we can't control what happens in our lives, you just go with it and hope for the best! Hope you have a great day!

Anonymous said...

The movie is Steel Magnolias and the character is Wheezy!!!

Brenda said...

My husband snores and it kept me awake until we bought a king size bed! Now I rarely wake up from the snoring.

kmorales4 said...

Steel Magnolias. On of my favorite chick flicks.

Pink is my signature color.

Susan said...

HERE!!! HIT WEEZA!! By the time I finished my third pee stick test with my second child, my hubby was beginning to accept that they all couldn't be broken. He still made me call the doc that day for a blood test before he was fully convinced. God love our men!

Kim said...

Definitely Steel Magnolias, one of my favorite movies. Shirley MacLaine as Weezer says planting tomatoes is what southern women do. I wouldn't know. Although I'm southern I, like you, have a black thumb. I'm sure I'd kill kudzu if given the chance.

TheHMC said...

I love that movie and she was my fave character.
"Annelle, take your Bible and shove it where the sun doesn't shine."

You know what I've started saying to the whole "don't you know how that happens" comments regarding how many kids I have? Once this started getting bad when I was pregnant with #3(we have 5 now), I eventually got to a point where I would look at the person saying it and go:
"nooo, actually, I DON'T know. Could you explain it to me? In detail?"

Anonymous said...

Ugh, I feel for you ~~ I also had abnormal cells about 16 years ago, & also had the cryosurgery. No fun, but it's minor & great that you went so they could catch it now!!! Good luck!!

Also ugh on the hubby snoring ~~ ummm.....mine sleeps in a different room. Two levels down. Wayyyyy far away :)


craftywitch said...

It's Weeza!!!! lol, I LOVE Steel Magnolias, one of Julia Roberts BEST movies ever :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Dawn,

I'll bet your husband can't do this but maybe you can.

lawnajo said...

"Southern women are supposed to wear funny hats and grow vegtables in the dirt. I don't make the rules!" Steel Magnolias is AWESOME.

Suburban Correspondent said...

I hear you on the sleep thing. If it isn't the kids, it's my husband snoring. I feel as if I am part of some very long sleep deprivation experiment.

I don't care if the kids get blood on the floor, so long as they clean it up.

And when people ask me if I know what causes "that," I say, "No - do explain it to me."

Anonymous said...

Have you considered sleeping with earplugs to mute out Joe's snoring? I am also burdened with a snoring husband (like a freight train, sometimes). Earplugs are great!! I did have some inital guilt about not being able to hear the kids in the middle of night, but I figure that he's the reason I'm wearing earplugs, he can get up and get the kids (or wake me) if they wake up. Just a thought...

Michelle said...

STEEL MAGNOLIAS!!! WooHoo.. One of my faves!

Dorothy said...

Dawn, because of the last three months since I've been battling Ovarian Cancer, I'm so glad your getting things checked out. My prayers for your health and success with your book..

My very best to you...

Dorothy from grammology
remember to call gram

Korkie said...

I feel your pain about the train rushing through your bedroom sounds coming from your husband.

I too suffered from many a sleepness night. I used to tried to get to bed and sleep before he did. Now that I am an insomniac, this plan bit the dust.

There have been nights that I have actually plopped the pillow over his head. Hey! I didn't HOLD it down, I just gently place it over his face, to dampen the god awful sound coming from his mouth.

Unfortunately it would only last a minute or so. I think the instinct for survival probably kicked in toss the pillow off ..... never waking or skipping a beat with his snoring.

Now I use ear wax. It's really amazing. It does not completely the roaring train sound, but does bring in down a few million notches.

Of course I had to wait until I felt my son was old enough to sleep through the night with out me being 'on gaurd' all night. I think it was the year he left for college.

Do Dawn ..... there is hope for a good night's sleep. You just have to wait until Brooklyn leaves home.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the Dr. I'll be praying for you.

Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing] said...

I'm demanding pics of your closets.

This Crazy Thing Called Motherhood said...

Steel Magnolia! I love your movie trivia questions, since I am a HUGE movie buff myself! :)

Kathy said...

Just wanted you know my husband is not happy with you. Because of you I am now addicted to blogging. You were my first and and now I can't stop. Any suggestions on what I should do? Tough decision, my husband of blogging. Hmmmm

Good luck with your Dr.s appointment

I'll be thinking of you

Anonymous said...

hey Dawn - I killed a plastic plant once! It was dusty so I washed it off w/water then set it outside to dry and all the leaves turned white and started to fall off! Now that is a black thumb!

I have had bad paps since my first child was born. Every woman in my family has had a hyst. by the time they were 35 (i'm 29 now)so what do I do... wait so long for my repap that my gyno has to send me a certified letter to get my attention and w/uterin (spelling?) cancer in my family history that wasn't smart. Needless to say I've made my appt for 5/6 and am dreading it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn, I still have my pee stick from my first and only pregnancy 12 years ago. I pulled it out on April fools and tricked my hubby with it. He caught on though but funny. Kristine in Michigan.

Anonymous said...

Get your husband to an ENT! For years my hubby sounded like a lawn mower mowing through a swamp of mucus. Our dear ENT (I love him almost as much as the epidural doc) took out J's tonsils, adenoids & cleaned up his turbinates. The result was no more snoring & we both sleep so much better.

Kristen in IL

Cheffie-Mom said...

Steel Magnolias! I love that movie.
Sorry I have not been blogging lately! I have been taping shows. What was I thinking?? Hah! Maybe it is a good thing I wasn't thinking! If you get a minute, check it out. I'd love to hear what you think. I am inviting all my blog friends over for feedback. Your stories are great and my whole idea behind this show is for other moms to share real stories like you do. Sponsors are donating neat prizes like chocolate baskets and mini-chef aprons and way cool cookery stuff. Anyway, I'd love to hear from you.

Flytmom said...

I am US!! I too have 6 rugrats...umm, children; I too have only one sibling (sister); and I too have a husband who snores!!! I fell like kindred spirits and I thank you for your Blog. I read it religously and feel much better about my home, parenting skills (or lack of) and my kids. I mean this as a comment...although it might not come across as such! :) I have some of the same dilemas you do and I too cannot see the floor in the laundry room and am scared to death of what might be under there!!!
Thanks Dawn...keep up the fine work!!!

Chelf said...

I love the explosion of the explanation of cooking at your house. That was just awesome!

I know that the movie was Steel Magnolias. One of the greats, that is certain. I personally like Fried Green Tomatoes, too. "Face it, girls. I'm older, and I have more insurance." Wonderful movie wisdom.

The Adorables! said...

Okay, so I read too fast and was one of the ones who commented about a colonoscopy. *sigh* But I still think you're great for encouraging women to get out and get checked on EVERYTHING!

And even though EVERYONE else already said so -- "Steel Magnolias". Best. Movie. Ever.

Liene said...

Way too easy - I knew it was Steel Magnolias immediately. One of my favorite movies that I know like the back of my hand.

James said...

Its WHEEZAH! She likes to grow vegetables in the dirt. (Where else is she gonna go them!?) Good luck at the doctors, hope it all goes well.

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