Monday, April 7, 2008

I'm Blessed. And So Are You.

Well, it's day two of Jackson without meds. As of right now, I have to say that the diet isn't working. He's off the wall and completely out of control. I'm not sure if he's just eaten something he shouldn't have had or what. I'm not going to give up, but it's going to take a little detective work and a lot of patience, I'm afraid.

I'm so busy this month, I feel like I'm drowning. I haven't had enough time to spend with my kids, I'm letting my house slide. I haven't cooked a decent meal in over a week and I have laundry piled to the ceiling. Brooklyn has given up naps, but she still needs them. I should have said no to being in this play, but it's too late now. I still need to get one costume before Wednesday. I'm making plans to meet with Michelle and Mimi because Kendra was so kind and got us tickets to Oprah's show.

I need to find a way to clone myself so I can make sure the kids practice their instruments, read, do their homework, and get to baseball practice on time and at the right field so we're not standing around amid a bunch of Orioles waiting for other Red Sox to show up. Not that that's ever happened or anything. Ahem.

I haven't had time alone with Joe in forever. Perhaps that's why he knocked 4 holes in the freaking family room ceiling while I was out of town. I guess he didn't remember that brief conversastion where I said, "I don't want lights in the ceiling, and even if I did, we have a lot of other stuff that's higher on the To Do list."

Brooklyn's walking around in a shirt, diaper, snowboots and a backpack while eating leftover pancakes from lunch right now and you know what? I don't have the energy to try and find where she took off her pants. Whatever.

I believe I'm finally done with the book now. I think I may be done with the articles I've written. Maybe. I hope. I'm down to only 50 pieces of mail in my box at the moment.

As busy as I am, I know I can always come here and read your comments and feel a little bit better. Like this one I just got this afternoon....

Dawn! I have been such a big fan of your website for many months now. I used to love how long your blogs would be and how hilarious they were. Then, you started sharing less and less with us because of your book deal, which makes me a tad angry since without us, the readers, you really wouldn't have a book deal. I was so excited to get your book but because this blog has become really boring and seems like such a big time waste for you, I am going to stop reading your blog and won't buy your book. Something has happened to you. You are not funny anymore and seem angry for having to type a paragraph for your readers. You have also said in the past that you exaggerate on a lot of your posts, which makes me think that your household is not as chaotic as you make it seem. You have time to fly every other week, rehearsals, two blogs and your book? Something smells fishy and I think a lot of your fans understand this is sad. I used to be a huge fan, sorry you gave up on us.


Well, LR, I want to thank you for following my instructions on sending me hate mail. There's nothing worse than hate mail containing misspelled words. In the future, so you know, you can just leave. You don't need to inform me of your decision or ask permission, okay. Enjoy not reading my blog and not getting my book. God bless.

Actually, the things that always makes me feel better when I get just a bit too busy are my kids...

One day while the kids were on spring break, Lexi and Clay got up early and made everyone lunch. At 6:30 in the morning. There they were, preparing half a dozen indentical plates, assembly-style. I'm really more of a "coffee for breakfast" kind of person, but how sweet were they?

It's times like that, even though there was peanut butter smeared on every inch of countertop and pretzel crumbs on the floor, that I smile and know that everything in my life is worthwhile. I'm where I'm supposed to be right now. But like everyone else, I'm only human. I regularly get overwhelmed and have a hard time keeping up.

We've all been there. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has taken her child to baseball practice at the wrong field or the wrong time. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has spent an hour looking for my car keys only to find them in the refrigerator. I'm positive I'm not the only person with laundry piled up on the floor, or a baby walking around in a shirt and snow boots saying, "TOTALLY WICKED!" repeatedly. Okay, well maybe I'm on my own with that last one. But my point is - when things seem overwhelming and hectic and you find yourself living in a playland pit of all the balls you've dropped this week, just remember to take a moment and relax. Take a breath and smile and know that you're blessed.


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Anonymous said...

Dawn, Don't let the one stupid hate mail get to you....
You are busy and trying to get your book deal done. To me is seems the person wants to read the book but wants it free. I say "Whatever".

Keep on blogging....

The Adorables! said...

I'm just sending you a hug. You don't have to have a blog, a book, a play, or whatever else to slow down your "time with your readers." You have 6 kids. That's enough. I suggest you ground yourself from the computer for a day. Play with your kids, then go out with your husband. Or ground yourself for two days. Play with your kids and go out with your husband, then have a day to yourself. You rock.

DeeDee said...

I think "LR" needs to get a life and stop living through yours.

Anonymous said...

Whatever, LR. There are many many many of us that are grateful for every word you write on your blog and are counting the days until your book comes out. Thank you for sharing your life, however much or little exaggerated. Thanks for opening my world to your family, Julian Avery's family, and what you have in store for us in the future.

Kara said...

Ugh, mean comments are the worst. And I've never understood someone posting something about how they don't like your blog and don't want to read it. Why do they waste their time with something they don't like lol?

I still enjoy reading your posts and get a good chuckle about the things your kids do, like Brooklyn missing her pants lol, my kids rarely keep their pants on. Keep it up, hopefully some of the chaos will die down when the play is over and the book is out, which of course I will read. :)

kimikki said...

Wow. LR needs to sit down and take a breath. Then they need to get a life. If they depend on your blog to make their day, they are terribly, horribly lacking a life. I love reading your blog. It cheers me up, it makes me think, it makes me happy I only have one child, it makes me wonder how my mom raised six of us and managed to stay sane. Your blog sometimes makes me sad, as with Julian. So you don't always have time to get something posted every day. So what??? Some days you haven't got a lot to say. You can't always be "on". Who cares? Just live your life, do what ya gotta do, and have fun. If you can relate some of the funnier stuff to us, great. If not, oh well. Then it's time for us to get off our collective butts and make memories for ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Dawn -- I have never left a comment but I read your blog all the time. I just wanted to send you an extra dose of encouragement. You're right...we are all so blessed. Even when things are overwhelming and others aren't nice, God is always there to give us a little boost of energy. I pray that your day goes well...and you get another yummy meal from the kids sometime soon!

Anonymous said...

I just want to thank you, Dawn... for taking time out of you're very busy life to give us, your readers, your fans, a glimpse of your life. Unlike "LR" your blogs are a daily escape for me and I enjoy each and every one of them. As the mother of three very active little boys, currently planning on adding a 4th to our brood, you are an inspiration to me! I look forward to your book! God Bless!!


Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing] said...

Oh, Dawnie Dawn. You are SO loved and so many people adore you! I can't even imagine your hectic schedule and the pressure you're under.

Keep it up! You're better and better every post! Really!


OK, I'm done kissing your butt. You can go back to finding Brooklyn's pants.

Lexie said...

Its your blog. You can write whatever, whenever as much or as little as you want to... as long as you don't violate your contract with BlogHer, that is ;)
Your blog is a breath of fresh air. You have had great things come to you, but have managed to keep it real.
I am glad you take it all in stride and always look forward to your next post.

Anonymous said...

You know you have "made it" when your fans start making threats! Congratulations on that!

You do a wonderful job of making me laugh until my sides hurt every day. You also put some very educational items on here, many of which I had no clue about.

So thank you and keep up the awesome job!

Anonymous said...

Hey Dawn, I have left a few comments on your blog and I thought I would leave another one. I still read your blog and think it is absolutely hilarious. Yes, we all know you are busier than when you first started and you don't write as much but we don't mind(at least I don't). I still ROFL when I read it. Being a mom and wife becomes more demanding all the time. I can't believe someone would say all that to you. If I get the chance I will buy your book and also encourage other people to read and buy it. Pretty Please with a Cherry on Top don't stop writing. You are the best and keep up the good work both with this blog and mamas like. Godbless

Karen Deborah said...

Nothing like getting kicked when your down. Since I'm a newbie and don't have anything to compare too I can say I really enjoy your blog. I have my lousy spelling ability posted on my blog. Is there a spell check for posting comments? I would rather have spell check than an eye exam. The wiggly letters really make me wonder. I used to let my baby run around stark nekkid. who cares?
Ummmnn meds for kids, it depends what they have. ADHD really is a brain problem as much as insulin is a diabetic problem. If a child can't function well in groups their feelings about themselves can really go in the tank. If medication helps him focus then give it. You may not have found what works best for him yet. A good book is "Driven to Distraction" I had a doc once show me studies on the human brain that showed in color the seratonin uptake of normal brains versus ADHD and it was amazing. Not that anyone is "NORMAL" who me?
Cheer up. If your doing all that your ex fan is accusing you of your as busy as 10 women. Take a night off and make out with your husband.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Why in the world do people feel the need to comment something like that? I've been reading your blog since the beginning and have never commented, but I just wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed every entry.
I think some people forget that while you are a blogger, you're also a mom, a wife, a book writer, and so many other things. There's just no way that anyone can write lengthy, hilarious posts every, single day. Especially when you have 6 kids! Good luck with figuring out Jackson's diet, and also with getting Brooklyn to nap again. My son is 2 and a half and the naps are back and forth. It's not pleasant.

TheQueenMom said...

Well that was just plain RUDE! I for one, (though I am sure I speak for many) still enjoy your blog. You are REAL. Sometimes funnier than others. That's real life. You have great kids and a great sense (or is it sence)of humor.

Love Ya and keep up the great work!

Kalynne Pudner said...

Well, I am going to keep reading your blog, even if it means my laundry stays piled to the ceiling and my kids walk around half-dressed spouting much more shocking epithets than "TOTALLY WICKED!" And I am going to buy your book because until I found you I thought I was the only one who grocery shopped with six(plus) kids who juggled fruit and slipped stuff into the cart.

I'm betting that "LR" is the same person who griped at Derfwad Manor under the pseudonym "someonehadtosayit."

You're still funny, Dawn. And blessed.

Anonymous said...

I just keep thinking,
Spring is coming, winter is almost over!
It will get better.

and it will get better!

Anne said...

For every person who leaves a nasty comment there are 50 people like me who read and enjoy, but don't comment often. Ignore the downers, if it makes them feel better about their pitiful lives to try and bring other people down with them... Well, then that's just sad right?

We've all been there, and to make you feel even better about yourself, I should tell you about the many times I've forgotten my children at various places. :D

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how critical people can be!! You are doing a great job, are hilariously funny, and I check your posts every day (at least once). Don't let the mean girls get you down...they were there in high school and never grow up! Amy H in Texas

Laura said...

Dawn, I'm so sorry that LR, left you such an awful comment. I love your blog and read it faithfully. I can't imagine writing as much as you do. I can tell you love it though. Your blog is still very funny. You are just busy, I think most of us get that. I wish I could come and watch your kid's for an evening so you and Joe could go out, but I'm in British Columbia Canada.

My blessings on you as a wife, mother and writer!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I had to laugh at LR's hate mail to you. She goes on to list all the things you're doing, and then has the audacity to wonder why you don't have as much time to blog! What an idiot!

I've been a fan for a long time, since maybe day 2, and I'm looking forward to your book. I've got you on my Reader, and I'm not going anywhere. You ARE blessed, and I envy that, and even though we don't know each other IRL, I still think of you as a friend. :)

Here's some {{hugs}} to help counteract the hate mail. Hope you have a better day soon.

Brenda said...

Well I hope you read MY comment Erma. As for someone hating....I tell people if they want to hate me they have to get in line.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog and read it everyday. :) I don't know how you do it. But i love rading about how crazy and hectic your life is. It makes me feellike my life is normal. and not as hectic. lol. So I say thank you and your blog is wonderful!

BTW - my 4 year old daughter walks around all day saying "totally wicked" all the time. lol. it drives me CRAZY!!

Suburban Correspondent said...

Too great a metaphor to give up, isn't it? I'm so glad I'm not popular enough to get hate mail. That's how I'm blessed!

So many bloggers are writing about how overwhelmed they are right now - it must be all the spring activities starting up and the kids getting cabin fever from a spring that seems it will never arrive and the laundry that has been piling up all winter. Hang in there, June is coming, with its thankfully minimal wardrobes and its nice sunny days when we can lock those kids outside for a few hours.

Unknown said...

while you're diet sleuthing, it might be worth checking out tomatoes. I've heard that tomato sensitivity can cause all sorts of crazy kid behavior (amd mimic adhd) - and as a bonus, kids who are sensitive to tomatoes usually LOVE them. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I'm sorry people feel the need to be so rude, Dawn. Actually, your true fans get 'it'. You are busy with your book. I'm sure when you get that taken care of we will see more of you. At least until you really get into the second book. I, for one, do not feel that your blog has gotten boring. It's still funny and entertaining. Plus...I'm certain there are days (probably not many, but one or two!) where your family doesn't give you much material to work with. You know...those days when everything just lines up and the kids are tame!

I am also looking forward to reading your book!

Veggiemomof2 said...

As long as Brooklyn has a diaper on, everything else can wait. ;)

Emily said...

Hate mail's never fun :( Sorry you had to go through that, but just know that for every one person who ends up deciding not to read the blog anymore, you've got 20 more to keep cheering you on :) Keep up the good work, and I can't wait to read your book when it finally comes out!

Good luck with Jackson...patience will prevail, I can feel it. Soon enough, things'll get back to, I forgot who I'm writing to ;) Well, as "normal" as they can be. Chin up!

I have those kinds of months quite often, where everything just seems to keep coming at you all at once, but just keep a level head and remember to breathe :) "This too shall pass." One of my favorite sayings, just remember anytime you feel like you're about to burst, so-and-so many days from now, this'll be over.

And kudos to your kids :) I'm smiling now at the thought of the breakfast, and just how sweet and adorable it was of them to do that. Lucky for you, you've got such awesome kids and a loving husband, too, to keep you grounded in these stressful times.

Keep on writing! I'll be reading :)

LaLa said...

I find that LR is delusional and inept. (sry if I spelled that wrong) I find your blog more and more educational, informative, funny and down to Earth THEN EVER!
You sound like a normal mom taking on the world one tissue wipe at a time, and regardless still run your blog, try to write a book and volunteer willy-nilly (<---like that?) for crazy plays to fill up that 26th hour you have in your day.

Take care Dawn and keep doing what you are GREAT at writing of course, but most of all BEING A MOMMY & WIFE! ~ Lisa

tam said...

I am so sorry about tacky emails you get. Keep your chin up and you are doing a great job at everything!!!

My Two Army Brats said...

Hey Dawn!

I still love your blog and will continue to check it regularly, as I have for the past 6 months or maybe more. Also thanks to your blog I have made a few other blogger friends and picked up on writing my own too. I appreciate that, keep it up!

Oh and to LR, do you really think that with six kids she'd have to exagerate the chaos? My home has two kids and if I had four more I'd never have time to blog, eat, sleep, shower or move unless it involved caring for the children. We won't miss your comment taking up Dawns comment space. It will be better used by real fans and future book buyers.

Keep your sanity Dawn and don't worry about pleasing everyone, it's an impossible task and so not worthwhile! Get some sleep!


Anonymous said...

Dawn, how very sad that LR felt she had to post such a mean hearted comment. It must have been very difficult for you to read that. With all you have to do, it's amazing to me that you find time to post anything at all. I have only one 3 year old son and am totally overwhelmed at times. I don't know how you do it with 6. I want you to know I (and many others) appreciate you. It's so very nice to come here and read your stories, and find some common ground with other parents just trying to do their best every day. And don't worry - you're still hilarious! This Mom and loyal reader says THANKS!... KB

janel said...

Perhaps you could send LR a non-April Fool's note blocking her from your website, and offer her your condolences, and your recommendation for a good grammar book and an enema? Leave good moms alone...especially those who are also good writers who have an impressive forum and ability for publishing your grumpy comments, LR!

Julie B. said...

Wow. I get so bummed when I go to check, and there's no new post from you. But I understand. I know how prescious few "me" moments I get, and I only have two kids. One is 18 (will be 19 on Friday) and one is 4, and will be lucky to BE here on Friday! I may ship him off to the French Foreign Legion.

I can't imagine being as rude as LR was to you. Please don't take it personally. She probably got her undies in a bunch, and couldn't take it out on her own family, because there'd be too much evidence to keep her out of jail, so she chose to unload on you.

I love your blog, I can't wait for your book, and I hope you find some time to take a deep breath now and then. I love that you can find humor in the messes your children make, when I'm sitting here so angry I can barely even look at my 4 year old, after he dumped an entire half gallon of cranberry crystal lite on the BRAND NEW tan carpet in the living room. Or does it take you some time to get over the anger, and find the humor?

Missy said...

Thanks for keeping it real. I LOVE coming to this blog every morning to see how another REAL mom does it.

Adi said...

I've found my keys in the fridge before, I have laundry piled up to the ceiling, and my toddler likes to walk around in just his diaper using anything he can for blowing pins.

I have to say that I don't agree with LR. I grew up with a Theatre Teacher, and I know it is possible to do everything you're doing. You just cut out sleep. ^_^

Keep writing. I, for one, will keep reading. ^_^

Anonymous said...

Well, geez. Who farted in *her* Fruit Loops? (or HIS?) I find you as amusing as ever. And anybody who thinks a WAHM with 6 children is "exaggerating" about how busy she is needs something adjusted. I vote for the uvula.

I mean really, how selfish. "You are no longer amusing me to the extent to which you formerly amused me, therefore I will boycott you." Purchase a grip, ma'am.

In other news... you certainly ARE blessed. There are even TWO food groups on that plate! THREE if you count the fruity colors of the Os as possibly being related to juicy things that grow on trees!

Michelle said...

There is one escape........the bathtub!

After the carpet climbers go to sleep, a hot batch with scented soap, candles and some Ella Fitzgerald...

ALWAYS helps! It's almost better than shopping.

Donna said...

Well, I for one am glad to read about another real mother who has the same problem juggling things as I do. You have saved my sanity on more than one occasion by helping me to see the funny side of life with children.

Love that playland pit of balls comment. Things like that are why you're the blogger/author and I'm the reader!!

PS: Is your book going to be sold in Australia?

Toni said...

I am totally stressed, out of time, baby running around with pants but no shirt, guests coming for dinner, house a mess, laundry both clean and dirty everywhere, but I took 30 seconds to read your blog and enjoyed every second!

Don't do a play again.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn! Just wanted to let you know that I am a huge fan of your blog and cant wait for you book. I love reading about your family and the craziness of life. Makes me feel a little more "normal". Dont let the craziness of life today get you down, take a deep breath, get through today, hug your kids and deal with tomorrow when it comes. Cyndie

Anonymous said...

Wow - I get to be the first to comment. That's never happened. Dawn, pay absolutely NO attention to LR! He/She must have no children or she would totally understand that there are times when the balls drop. And I would hate to think that your blog is a more important ball than some of the other things going on in your life. So, as my father says, "She'd bitch if she were hung with a new rope" (I'm not entirely sure what that means, but it seems to fit, huh?) Maybe instead of bagging on you, LR should maybe step up to say, "Hey, you seem really swamped. What can I do to help?"

Anonymous said...

That woman needs to take a pill.
I'm sure it's hard sometimes, but I really hope you don't waste too much space in your head for negativity like you got from her.
I can't wait for your book to come out! I love your blog.
Thanks for introducing me to the world of carepages & many other things and people who have had such a powerful impact on my life!
You just keep on doing what you can manage to do and if you don't have time to post as much as before, it's ok! I'll look forward to them & enjoy them when they come.
Have a great week!

Liz's Random Thoughts said...

Aww your kids were so sweet:)
And for the record I think your blog is awesome. I think all women who have kids know what it is like to have laundry pilled up so high you need a ladder to get to it. Dishes stacked on every inch of counter space, having carpet stains so bad that you can't even tell what color it use to be. And realizing that cleaning the house every min. of the day isn't worth it. I could go on but I think I should stop, but what I'm tryin' to say is that, thank you for posting when you can:)
Have a great day and God Bless

Anonymous said...

Dawn, I'm coming out of lurkerdom (sorry, I know that is not a real word) to say that I am sorry that someone left you such a downer message. I really enjoy your blog as it makes me feel like I am not alone in parenting crazy, I mean really intelligent but a little overly creative kids. Your site is one of the first places I head to when I log on everyday. Have a great evening!

Anonymous said...

I have been a huge fan of your blog for a long time now and I love it! Keep up the great work! Even when you don't have time to write alot, I still enjoy it and shame on those people who actually have the nerve to write something so negative (LR!!!!!!) who has nothing better to do than criticize the people who don't deserve it and good for you, Dawn, for standing up to it. I am sure you don't need anymore crap to deal with anyway, right? You are doing a great job and no matter what, you will always have me as a reader of your book and blog:)

Unknown said...

You are definitely not alone on any of those! For me, among other things, it's the laundry. It's EVERYWHERE! I can't get it into the washer fast enough!! It's also not having enough time with the husband...although he has yet to put any holes in our ceilings!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for that reminder. All of us need to remember that we have a reason to be. My children usually find a way to make me laugh in the middle of my chaos. There will never be a day when I get everything done. There is always something else that needs to be done (like right now there isn't a clean glass or cup in the house. We spent ALL weekend working on a school project and didn't get anything else done). At the end of the day, it is good to sit back and remember that God has given us these wonderful gifts in our children and we truly need to cherish ALL the moments we have with them (even when they are bouncing off the wall or walking around in their underwear singing BINGO like my children are doing right now).

JoAnne in CT said...

LR needs to get a life; however, I am a spelling freak and didn't see any misspelled words in her post. Did you correct them Dawn? What a biotch to send you that. She must think she's your only fan. NOT!!!!

Michelle said...

Oooo, Dawn, sounds like you've not had a very good day. Sorry about the email. Being selfish, I understand as a reader wanting all the juicy stuff now, but I get it. And I still check. At least twice a day. ;)

And if it makes you feel any better, I had three giant piles of laundry in my hallway waiting to be washed this weekend. Apparently the laundry fairy did them because they're gone now (thanks, dear!). And yesterday, Little Miss had a gymnastics birthday party from 12-2, and I had a shower I was hosting in the city at 4. And I had to try to find bananas for the shower somewhere (failed miserably at that btw). But I took Little Miss into Costco yesterday wearing her leotard and shirt with no pants and her Wellies for shoes because Saturday she had gotten her shoes completely muddy at *that* birthday party and I hadn't had time to clean them yet. Yep, I got some strange looks. And yes, we eat leftover pancakes for lunch and/or dinner, sometimes two or three days after I make them.

YOU are not alone (which may actually not be a good thing now that I think about it)! ;)

Melia said...

I love your blog. It is my life, but I am not quite so funny. I am so thankful that you take the time to write your feelings down for all the world to read and laugh with.

Good luck with your week and all of the things you need to do.

Becky said...

I don't agree with anything that naysayer said in their comment. I still think you're hilarious, and often find myself snorting at your posts. I also think you're very REAL, which I appreciate, because I go through many of the very same things you do in a day, and can identify. It's great to be able to read someone else's blog and realize, "Hey, the same sorts of things happen under their roof as mine." I also love that you appreciate your hubby and kids.

And I would SO eat that lunch the kids prepared! Oh, that my older son would take this initiative!

Anonymous said...

Hey Dawn. I've been reading your blog for a while now as well and have to disagree with LR. I don't feel as if you have given up on us at all. In fact, it is LR that seems to be doing most of the giving up. Has she/he ever heard of a houseful of children and/or a full-time job? Isn't our main goal in life to make the most of what we're given? So what that you have a book deal and a couple of blogs. I don't believe that you are sharing less and less, and we as readers should recognize that part of the reason that you are so funny is that you are human. Faults and all. Hey, we all have faults (cast the first stone and all that. . .) So don't let negative comments get you down. Though I don't have kids or a big family, the things you choose to share with us usually make me smile. In this day and age, with things being what they are, that means a lot.

Tina said...

I'm a long-time reader who has never commented (don't ever have anything interesting to say) but I felt the need to comment this time. I hope you realize "LR" doesn't speak for all of us. Oh my goodness, it's so nice to come to your blog and realize that, even if my household isn't "normal," at least there's someone else out there who can identify. I don't have 6 kids, but I do have 3 toddlers, all in diapers. Your humor and sarcasm are refreshing. And it's SO EASY to load on the guilt when I have to say, "No honey, I can't play with you right now" or have my feet propped up on 4 loads of laundry that need to be folded while I type a comment on a blog (I'm being hypothetical... yeah...) and I gain a little bit of peace from reading about someone else's chaos. God's way of reminding me that I'm not alone... and that I'm not as bad of a mother as I feel like on a day-to-day basis. So let readers like LR leave. I'll certainly stick around. Thanks for fitting us into your busy schedule.

Unknown said...

This is L.R. again. (Lame Reject, in case anyone asks) Just wanted to clarify my last email to you. I actually can't wait to read your blog everyday as it makes me feel like I am not alone in this mess we call life. I am looking forward to your book enthusiastically and will be buying dozens of copies for my friends.
I'm so sorry for the tone of my previous email. I was just having the crappiest day and took it out on you, apparently. That is why I come here, really, Dawn. Because when I am having a crappy day, you always make me, and lots of others, smile and even laugh.
You are heart-warming, real and funny, as well as busy.
Please destroy my previous email and NEVER. THINK. OF. IT. AGAIN. EVER.

Anonymous said...


I have really enjoyed your blog - although I was unaware that I was entitled to a long and funny blog on a daily basis, without fail despite the fact you have a life. I will continue to read and enjoy what you write, when you can write it, and be thankful for the reminders that motherhood is hard for everyone- and to find the humor and blessings along the way.

Anonymous said...


I know I don't have to tell you this, but don't take criticism like you got from LR seriously. Her issues with you are personal, and they don't reflect on your work. I started reading your blog after you were first on ebay, and I think it's been fascinating to see how you balance your new success with everything else in your life.

I am also a writer, and honestly, i haven't seen that big of a difference in your work. Of course you might be holding back something, but you're working on a book! You don't want everything in the book to be a reprint of everything in your blog.

To me it seems like someone is just being jealous. You do an amazing balancing act that maybe she can't do or can't imagine being able to do. You're doing just fine. I can't wait to see your book.

Keep on truckin', lady.


Jennifer said...

Not sure what LR's problem is, but apparently, she needs to get a life!
I think I could probably speak for the other 99.9% of your readers and are still very funny. The only thing that has happened to you? You got a bit busier. But you didn't lose "your funny". And there are plenty of us who still love to read your blog and think your book will be hilarious as well. So phooey on her! You can't please all the people all the time...and who cares?
It amazes me that you still have time to blog for all of us to enjoy! When you posted your April Fool's post, I was so disappointed, but was totally understanding. I am very glad it was only a joke though!
Keep up the awesome work! And if the blog does have to get put in last place to take care of your family...we really would understand!

Anonymous said...

God love you, honey......I know I do......

Anonymous said...

I can barely handle one kid on my own. God bless you!

Abby said...

Is this part of your future???

Just imagine all the interesting things you could find, take pictures of, and hold contests for!! =)

Good luck making it throug this week....

leigh said...

I with you on the 'overwhelmed' thing. Im not quite as overwhelmed as you seem to be, but I just crawled out from under my pile of missmatched toys, towering laundry and endless pile of dishes. I'm sorry you're getting hate mail, I have to say I enjoyed your post. It will get better. As I tell myself, 'baby steps!'

Anonymous said...

i have a huge family as well & i know whare your coming from i work full time & hubby tries to care for the kids but of course he doesnt do as good a job as i do ( thats why i taught the 14 yr old how to coolk) be patient with your little one & remember that his system has to get the meds out & then hopefully everything will be ok .dont listen to the negative comments because theyre just a$$es . your doing an amazing job with your kids & so what if they dont get perfectly dressed every day its not hurting anyone. so be well & remember your a great mom & dont let anyone make you doubt yourself

Unknown said...


Ignore LR and know that many of us still come here everyday (obviously) and love all your stories (short or long, exaggerated or not). We're all moms, we've all been there - and that's why we like reading your blog so much! Because we've all been 'that mom' one time or another and relieved that some other mom was brave enough to share her story and remind us that we are human and its ok to laugh at ourselves. You never cease to make me laugh (even my husband enjoys hearing your latest stories) and I will continue to visit every day for as long as you're willing to write!

PS...I used spell check so everything should be spelled correctly! ;-)

And I'll Raise You 5 said...

You are not the only one to do any of those things, and I for one have had a toddler running through the house yelling TOTALLY WICKED. Guess both of our households like The Incredibles? I have five kids, and so much of what you write about completely resonates with me and I love how you are with your kids and how you are with yourself. I can't believe people write you comments like that hateful one. I would be willing to go out on a limb and speculate that this person is not the mother of a large or even largish family, but of course, I could be wrong.

Thanks for a wonderful blog. You inspired me to start one, which has become a really important hobby and outlet for me; I check your regularly and usually get what I came for: a smile, and a dose of reality from someone who has a big family like I do. You are incredible. Don't listen to the riff raff.

Unknown said...

Dawn, I've been reading your blog for some time now and I must say that I enjoy every single one! From the funniest things that happen to feeling for you when you're sick. And I know how it is to feel overwhelmed and exhausted. I really feel bad that someone wrote you that, I think it was unfair. Life is taken one day at a time -- so my family will pray for you and yours!

Shellie said...

I'm afraid you're not alone. On anything. OK, maybe he was saying totally evil instead of wicked. As for the fun mail, some people sure expect a lot. Most people writing a book don't even bother to blog, let alone raise 6 kids at the same time and certainly can't write a book of a blog at the same time. I never felt like you complained about writing the blog, your blog is like friends chatting with each other about what's going on, and I'm sure all the extra stuff going on is pretty new and overwhelming at times. Thanks for keeping it real and sticking with us other crazy moms out here!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the wonderful blog entry.I am actually glad that your blogs are shorter because I dont want to miss a word and I get behind on my chores by reading your blog :)I enjoy your blog because I do see your gratefulness for life and your children and by reading, my spirits are lifted especially today. I, too, had quite an overwhelming day with things piled up...i have only 4 children...but when I read your blog I realized that I am also greatly blessed with wonderful children that make life sweeter. The reason you have your book deal is not because of us who made you popular or famous, it is because you are genuinely talented as a writer and as a person with a message to share on enjoying life as a parent. Thanks for all the time you take to share a piece of your life with me and make me smile.(I am not a writer, hopefully I didnt make too many mistakes) :)

Anonymous said...

That person who left that comment is crazy! I think you are wonderful, Dawn. I love reading your blog, am looking forward to your book, and hope you do some signings so I can meet you. I am in Michigan, which is close, so there is hope, right?


Anonymous said...

I feel that our lives are very similar(other than the book deal and notoriety),but that you are able to articulate it better. I look forward to you blog and your book. It makes me feel a little less guilty and a lot more normal! I feel that we are a lot alike. I tend to takes on as much as I can (otherwise I am completely non productive), but some times I cross over to the" OMG what have I done I do not want to get out of bed and face all that I have to do phase". Fear Not. This feeling will pass. Before you know it you will be taking on three more projects and thriving. Don't let the bitter people bring you down!! I am what you bloggers call a Lurker, mostly because I usually do not have much to contribute (and I type like 4 words a minute). LR if you can't say anything nice don't bother to type!
It will bet better Dawn! You will be back into volunteering for more crap before you know it.
P.S I don't know about Chicago, but here in KS they do not make finding the right Baseball/Softball field very easy!!
Have a great week!
Oblivious Suburbanite in Perpetual Prupiciousness!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure why people feel obliged to tell you that YOUR blog doesn't suit THEIR ideas of who you should be. Seems selfish and immature to say the least.
I love reading your posts every day that you are able to make one, and understand how hectic your life is when you can't. My sister has 10 kids and I'm single, so when we get in a slump, we trade "I wish I had your life" stories and then laugh about it.
You make my day and keep me sane when I feel like I'm dropping too many balls. It's comforting to know most of the world is in the same boat, even if you are one of the few willing to be honest about it.
It would be an honor to be your neighbor and a pleasure to be your friend.
I figure those who are grumpy should work on their sense of humor, instead of blaming you for their own shortcomings.

Miss Hannah said...

You know what, it doesnt matter what anyone says. You're a fantastic mom who loves her kids and takes fantastic care of them. They have so much personality and flare, and they wouldn't be so awesome if it weren't for you and your husband. You're always going to be busy, and life isnt always going to go exactly how you planned, but what matters is what you make of it. And it seems to me that you make the best of it, and give God the glory. You're not always going to be able to feed your kids a salad and get them to take their 3:00 nap and clean their rooms. Its just how it goes. Its not because of bad parenting skills, its because they're kids. :) So don't let anyone discourage you. You're doing a great job!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry LR left you a snarky comment. But think of her joy when she (I think it's a woman) realizes she's taking up enough space in your brain to actually land IN the blog! The blog she's not going to read anymore! Because she has the Power!
Anyway... I will agree that you've seemed overwhelmed lately, and that you're kind of self-critical about it, like you feel like a slacker. Nobody expects anybody with six kids to be on the ball all the time (I only have two kids and I can't even find the ball - probably in the refrigerator between my keys and the dog's frisbee) and you do SO much for your family (homemade birthday cakes and cinnamon rolls from scratch? preservative and artificial ingredient-free diet? that's a fairy tale in my world). Also, not that you've said it outright, but the income from your well-deserved success has got to be a big help for your family - it's not like you're doing this for funsies. You DESERVE to be successful, you DESERVE to do things you enjoy, and your kids are healthy and they know you love them, which is all that truly matters. Laundry and messes will always be with us.
Hope your life un-crazies a little soon.

Hilary said...

You are so right, we are so blessed. My son is only 18 months and I can't wait to feel even more blessed as the years go by. I hope you get to put some time aside for yourself next sound crazy busy. LR sucks...I love your blog.

Sherry said...

Hi. Sorry you are a bit overwhelmed right now. You have a lot going on! Don't worry about that disgruntled reader. It is not your responsibility to serve us, your readers. It is so sweet about your kids making lunch.
Also, I feel your pain regarding the diet vs. meds. We are off meds lately because of side effects (extreme anxiety) being one of them. The diet is working to a point, but we also are using dye and fragrant free laundry soap. There is A LOT of room for improvement, however. Hang in there. You might (in your spare time - ha) do a little research on supplements, especially fish oil, for Jackson.

Anonymous said...

I was so sad to read that woman's hate mail. I am not a "touch-feely" kind of person, but I really don't understand blatant meanness. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I have NO kids (it's just my husband and I) and my laundry is ALWAYS piled up on the floor because we are both so busy. :)


Sila Lumenn said...

*big hug*!!!
'Cause you need one.

Anonymous said...

Don't you just love when hateful people take their bad days out on you? Bah- to heck with them! The fact is, you still have a loyal following of people who understand (albeit not as well as you, I'm sure) how hard it is to run an entire house and have too much on your plate at once.
*hugs* Keep on keeping on- you're doing great.

MegN said...

Dawn, First I would like to say I always read your blog but almost never comment but I just had to say in regards to that comment that some one left for you. What a complete bi*?h! I am sure she is one of those moms who look at you in disbelief when you have to drag your child out of Walmart kicking a screaming or one who never ever lets their child leave the house with spaghetti all over their shirt to go to library program and when you sit down realize it is all down your pant leg as well due to the fact you were the target when it got flung..... Anyway that was just my perfectly scheduled day with my 4yr old son! I just love the fact that I can read your blog and know that there are normal people out there It is amazing what you do get accomplished I constantly have to remind my family I only have 2 hands! Keep up the awesome job!

Jean said...

I've been reading pretty much since the whole Pokemon fiasco. I've never really commented but today felt compelled to say, I enjoy your blog. Yes we all do have our good and bad days. Are you really expected to post extraordinary posts every time? I don't think so. I think you write what you feel and what you experience. So what if it's not quality caliber humor everytime. Bless you Dawn, bless your critics (as it sounds they need it).

Anonymous said...

You are blessed and do us all a favor...please don't listen to that bitter, annoying woman. What in the world is the matter with people? Did I miss when you complained about having to write on your blog? And even if you did, did anyone notice it was YOUR blog? Ahhh! It makes me beyond mad that people write things like that. As if you care if she quits reading. A message to her--just walk away unstable woman...oh, and adjust your medications while you are at it. You are fabulous Dawn! Keep it up!

As Cape Cod Turns said...

Dawn, Without your blog, I would have never started my own. I am grateful for your crazy life and all that you do for the blog world. So, you have put a few too many things on your plate right now. I will remember this next time you ask your general audience if you should do a play. That will be a resounding no. But, I am proud of you for taking it on now. One great woman can only do so much. You are a great woman that puts many of us to shame. Hang in there and we will hang with you (at least I will !!!!!)

swissjordanmom said...

You are wonderful. You are amazing. You are a blessed child of God and you are prefect in His sight. Or more succinctly:
God made you special, and He loves you very much!

Thanks for all you do. You bring joy to more people than you'll ever know. You set an example of how to use God's blessings! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I showed up at the baseball fields TONIGHT for practice... only there was no practice. My child was sick last week and missed practice, and the coach failed to call and let me know that they were not having practice this week... due to the fact that there would be a gazillion kids at the field for their first game (not mine, thankfully). I just thought it was funny that you were talking about messed up baseball schedules... makes me feel less stupid! ;o)

Ignore that "other" reader... you have plenty more... heck, I will forward a link to your blog to all my friends...we will replace that reader with many more!

I have NO IDEA how you manage six... I goof it up with only two!

Can't wait for the book... want me to buy two copies to make up for that other loser that isn't going to buy one (I can say that, because I am "SURE" they won't read this... you know, since they aren't reading your blog anymore! LOL! wink, wink, wink)


Dawn said...

Hang in there, Dawn. You still have many fans out here, rooting for you and supporting you. I understand being overwhelmed and just wanting to crawl back into bed, pull the covers over my head and cry (or at least sleep). Some day you may just have to tell everyone else to go away, so you can have some family/spouse/me time. That includes Oprah and your publisher. You and your family come first.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Dawn. I needed to be reminded of how very blessed I am. I'm glad you are able to count your blessings, too. Hang in there!

Unknown said...

Hi Dawn,

You're as funny as ever, and I'm a huge fan, even if LR is all grumpy and mean. I can barely keep my head above water with one (yes, 1) toddler and a full time job, and I'm in awe of anyone who can parent so many kiddos and get any of them to baseball practice at all, let alone at the right time on the right day. You do wonders for helping me feel like I'm not alone in feeling like I can't keep up with it all. Thanks for bringing so much joy and perspective to the lives of us other mommies out there. I hope you don't let people like LR dampen your enthusiasm. I'll certainly keep reading! (I'm asking for your book for Christmas too.) And if I'm very, very lucky, some day my son will make me lunch for breakfast and get peanut butter all over the kitchen counter while he does it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn! You may have already mentioned this, but has Jackson been tested for allergies? It might help his behavior if you find something. Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Wow Dawn - so sorry you're getting that kind of mail when in the end, you're living the life most of us are. Mums, at home, busy with kids, stuff and just life itself. I don't think I know a single mum that can stay on top of things every single day, plus pop on here and tell us a wickedly funny anecdote every single day. You rock - and the fact that you get overwhelmed by life at times makes you that much more real. I love reading your blog - whatever is posted - and am hoping your agent is ensuring distribution down here in NZ! :)

Anonymous said...


I'm sorry that you get hate mail. I only have one child, but I have days when I'm funnier or sillier or just more fun to be around than others. People consider me a busy person, but I know you do more than I do. And despite LR's criticisms, I know I've read some of your blog entries to my husband lately. (The rule at our house is that if you snicker at the thing you're reading for more than 5 seconds, you have to share with everyone else!)
I'm looking forward to your book!

Brenda in SC

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! You make me laugh everytime! As a mom teenage girls, 18 & 19, and a new son, 8 months, I love all the antics that go on in your house. I've been there, and I'm about to go there again. This time with a smile on my face rather than a spoon in my hand. Life is great - enjoy every minute! It goes so fast!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn!

First of all, I enjoy reading your blog every night! I'm sorry that someone felt the need to criticize you, but I wanted to let you know that your faithful fans really enjoy reading your blog! I have three kids (7, 4, and 19 months), so I cannot even imagine what your plate looks like. I contantly feel like I will never get to do what I want to do (like scrapbooking, reading, etc.), but then I realize how fast time will fly, and I try to enjoy the moment.

I just wanted to say "Thank You" for taking your time to write to us. I can't wait until your book comes out! I will buy several copies to share with my sister and sister-in-law!!

By the way, I also live in the Chicago area. Does this weather deceive us? Is it actually...dare I say...SPRING??? :-)


my3texasboys said...

It's it sweet when the kids can actually be kind and show compassion? I'm glad your kids are the ones that brighten your day in the end.

I'm sorry to hear of the hate mail. I can't believe someone would be so rude. It isn't as if you are forcing them to read your blog. I for one look forward to your blogs and I still find them just as funny as the day I first started reading.

Thank you. I look forward to reading your book.

Four Men and a Lady said...

I have laundry piled to the ceiling, but instead of good reasons like a book, articles, and a play, I have only slow recovery to blame it on... you know, the kind of slow recovery that comes from Spring Break ending. :) I also have a baby running around in strange attire, but that's pretty normal for us. All of this to say, that I think you're still REALLY funny, and I look forward to your posts whenever you're able to post.

vtbyers said...

People like LR are why the Irish have this blessing:

May those who love us, love us.

And for those who don't love us,

May God turn their hearts.

And if he can not turn their hearts,

May he turn their ankles,

So we may know them by their limping.

May you live as long as you want, and never want as long as you live.

I, for one, can't wait for your book. And I'm a 26 year old who does not yet have children. Tell your agent that and do a happy jig at your wide demographic. :)

If you do a book signing in Houston, I'll totally be there.

kymomma said...

Dawn, I'm not one to comment but this post pulled at my heart a bit and I wanted you to know something: You are not alone. I regularly read your blog because, bottom line: you're real. Hats off to you! You're real! That "LR" that left the stinkin' comment doesn't see you as a person but as someone to 'entertain' her. She surely needs a life. You're doing a fabulous job as a wife/mother/writer and everything else you're juggling. I'm glad you don't worry about what these strangers on the other side of the computer think. . but this one . . .well, I just think you're terrific. I've been moved to tears by blogs on sick children. I've laughed so hard that my sides hurt after reading what folks google and end up at your blog. Either way. . you are you and that's just great. I hope and pray you get some time to breathe soon. . .and perhaps a nice date with your man. :) God Bless. ~ Stacy Hawkins, A blessed Kentucky momma of three.

K & J said...

I forgot to pick up my 3 year old at preschool twice in one week & he only goes to school on Tuesdays & Thursdays. It was also the second week of school. Talk about Mom of the Year.
One of my 'paycheck' moments is when I happen upon my 3 kids cozied up in a chair reading books together. Nothing breathes life back in me faster than those 'aww' moments.

Unknown said...

Hi Dawn,

I have to say, you responded much more nicely to LR (wench) than I would have. I still thoroughly enjoy reading about you and your family and understand that you're super-busy right now... Best of luck with everything! And really, you're keeping the balls that really matter in the air just fine (Something that might keep you going on rough days: :)
Hang in there and take care!

Anonymous said...

Dawn, I'm sorry someone took there bad day out on you. I personally still get a huge kick out of you and your wonderful family. And I have a tip for you, when ever someone asks you to do something, tell them you need to think about it for a few days. Then when they call back if you forgot about it, the answer is no. If you actually remember it, then the answer is maybe. HA!
Enjoy Oprah. Maybe I'll see you in the audiance.

Jacque said...

Evidently, that mean reader thought someone was holding a gun to her head forcing her to read your blog everyday!! Good that they put the gun down so now she can quit reading. People are crazy. My laundry is to the ceiling too and besides that my husband 'fixed' the sump pump and now all the laundry is wet...yes the same laundry that was dry before he 'fixed' it. I too, find myself skipping a few words in a sentence...a sure sign of being overwhelmed. Someday you'll miss the chaos...although it sure doesn't fell like it sometimes! Hope you can find a minute to lock yourself in the bathroom and still have your house in one piece when you come out! Take care!

Anonymous said...

Dawn, I for one think you are great. I'm always happy when I see you have a new blog post, and I love reading all about your family's antics. I can't wait to read your book! And don't feel bad about Brookly running around with no pants--I only have 2 kids and most of the time at least one of them is missing an article of clothing or two (or all!). If we aren't going anywhere during the day I leave my daughter in her sleeper, which has the feet cut off so she can wear it backwards. It is the only way she can't pull it off! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey, Dawn.

I still think you're funny. And to cheer you up, I am even capitalizing properly. Seriously, though, thanks for being yourself and sharing the laughter as well as the things that aren't necessarily that funny, but are just as real.

Take a breath. You can do it!

Lis said...

As your Boston fans would say, you are "totally wicked blessed!"

Anonymous said...

I am with you on this one Dawn. If you don't like the blog LR, then go elsewhere! Some of us enjoy it and looking forward to reading daily. Keep up the good work Dawn!

Debi said...

Holy crap Dawn. People simply amaze me. Obviously LR has NO life that she felt compelled to take the time to vent like she did. Funny how people want to tell you they are no longer going to talk to you and they are TALKING to you. Like the country western song 'How Can I Miss You If You Wont Go Away'. Obviously she will read your blog, her curiosity will get the better of her.

We are so quick to put others on a pedestal we don't have the courage to climb. We see them out there & we make them out to be superhuman and when they display very human-like behavior we are there like vultures on a carcass, ready to devour.

Well I admire you Dawn. Your stories make me laugh, cry & reflect on how blessed I am to have 5 wonderful children. A lot of your stories, remind me of my own life and that makes you very real to me. I mean what other mother would understand how easy it was to leave a 4 month old asleep in his crib while we ran up to the vet to see how old our new baby kitty was!!?? Only you girl.

So stay strong, stay focused on the important things & know that if you're not "ON" every time you post, we wont shrivel up & die...we'll just bide our time till the next time Lexi or Clay make a creation of the contents of your fridge, some puffy paint & lego's.

Take it easy!!

Anonymous said...

dawn, you're basically the bomb. i'm just a 20-yr-old kid with negative six kids and negative one husband, so i can't say i know where you're coming from with all the stresses and demands on your time/energy/sanity. but as a girl looking forward to her life, not quite sure what she's gonna get, it's rather inspiring to have mothers and wives like you who not only DO the hard job of being a mother/wife, but take the time to share it with a vast, anonymous audience.

there's a bunch of mushy crap i could put here, but i'll spare you. :) so, from one prospective mommy, thanks .

sc32742 said...

What a touching post! I always feel like I've dropped so many balls during the week. I'm sorry you got such ugly hate mail (aren't they all?). Just know that I for one not only plan on buying your book, I'm buying several copies to send to my friends. Sometimes, I get so overwhelmed with all the crumbs, laundry, to do lists, etc that I don't know if I'll make it through one more day, but I always do. Sending you nothing but good thoughts.

A friend in Texas

Anonymous said...

Don't let the turkeys get to you. There are plenty of people like me who appreciate the time you spend just to write a little to brighten up my day. I half thought that your April fool's day blog was true because I DON'T know how you do it. I have only one child and she's a pretty self sufficient teenager, but there are days... like when the car alarm decides to do it's thing for no apparent reason, or the sunroof on the car leaks, or the medicine that you just forced down the cat's throat comes back at you... days like these are why we need to step back and just laugh at ourselves and remember that this too shall pass, it may be like a kidney stone, but it will pass. Kerry

Anonymous said...

Oh god, tell LR right where to go. I am so tired of rude disrespectful people. We (mothers) aren't perfect and never will be. There are days/weeks/months that are tough so stop pointing fingers and realize that 'momma said there would be days like this....'. Oh yeah, and don't read the blog if you don't want to.

It's nice to hear that other moms have hectic schedules and feel like they are barely hanging on like me.

HerstoryGirl said...

Oh, Dawn. {{{hugs}}}

I am SO angry with that hateful person, LR. How clueless can a person be??? Anyone with half a brain can easily understand why you need to save some stuff for your book! Sheesh!

For LR's information, I am a writer also and I think your blog has continued to get funnier and wittier with time! Sure, I realize that you have to hold some stuff back for your book, but honestly, I think your writing style has improved. I find myself laughing more and more at your stories.

I just wanted you to know that so many of us love you and are eager to get your book!
As for juggling 6 kids, 2 blogs, a book, a play, and everything else you do? That's just the grace of God, bestowed upon those who actually use the gifts He gave them. It's absolutely believable & I applaud you.

Anonymous said...

Please ignore LR. You are wonderful. Anybody with a family, large or not, understands that you are beautifully HUMAN. That's why I keep reading. If you were perfect all of the time I'd have stopped reading long ago.
Thank you for sharing your human-ness with us. May your ventures and your adventures bring you and your family the success that you deserve.

Anonymous said...

I am DISGUSTED at that person's extremely rude message to you! What nerve. Your real fans understand that you have a family to care for, and very important things going on in your life. We'd rather you neglect us and shorten your posts a few paragraphs, than neglect your beautiful children and wonderful husband. We all understand that FAMILY COMES FIRST. So god bless YOU Dawn for alllll you do! : )

Anonymous said...

Dawn -

I think RL is a crazy person who can go hang. You are funny - and I would hate it if when we bought your book, it was just a collection of blog entries. It would be like a bad comedy movie where all the good jokes had already been in the previews.

Not a day goes by that I don't feel overwhelmed at some point - and I only have one kid! Hang in there, and just ignore evil RL.

Leslie F.

Me said...

Wow. Just wow. Sounds like someone got a little too emotionally attached to your blog! I think you're doing awesome Dawn, and I appreciate any time you take out of your busy day to give us updates and funny stories that give our day a little lift. Don't let crazy people like that get you down!

Robin said...

AMEN! I'm sorry that some people feel they have the right to spew their negativity out on you. Some people need to realize that they can look elsewhere for their entertainment if they're not happy with what you are providing. I for one feel that what you write is very entertaining and I completely understand that you have to keep some things for your book! Duh! While reading your lastest entry I was thinking to myself...I'm going to suggest to you to just take a deep breath and if some things have to slide then so be it....the blog is one of those things. (of course, you beat me to my own advice) Yes, we would miss not reading a post everyday. Yes, we would wonder if some giant moldy sandwich had you trapped in a closet. Yes, we would anxiously await your next entry but you know what.....your kids are the most important thing you have in this world. That rude former reader was wrong...we aren't what made you was your children and their craziness. We just happen to be lucky enough to share in it with you.....from VERY far away...THANK GOD!! = ) LOL!!

Anyway, my point is, when all is said and done the important thing here is your family...those 6 wild, wacky and wonderful kids and your wonderful husband who seems to have trouble with the order of his honey-do list. So please follow your own advice and take a deep breath. Remember how blessed you are....and hire someone to do your laundry! = )

Luwanna said...

I love you! I am so grateful for you and the time you take to make us smile and laugh!!!
and thanks for the funny Newsboys song :)! My family and I are STILL singing "In the Belly of a Whale"

Tonya Staab said...

Well I still love you and will continue reading :)

I have been known to put the keys in the refrigerator on purpose ... say if I'm making cookies or cupckaes for school and I don't want to foget them the next day .. of course it takes me a good hour to remember where they keys are (and the food that needs to go to school), now what I need is a way to remember the keys are with the food - sticky note on the forehead perhaps?

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry, Dawn, for some people's thoughtlessness. I have been reading your blog everyday and truly still enjoy. You never fail to put a smile on my face. Its quite comforting knowing I'm not the only one who is a little wacky when it comes to dealing w/my children. I'm surprised that you haven't stopped writing your blog (although I am very glad that you haven't)---I really don't know how you manage to do everything. Please know that you have been a blessing to me and I'm sure many other mom's out there.

P.S. I am still going to buy your book. ;)

Jen said...

Thank you for sharing this post with us - I know that I feel overwhelmed so often (and I only have two small kids) and a reminder that (1)I'm not alone, and (2)I truly am blessed is always welcome!

Anonymous said...

OK, breathe in and out, in and out. You are not alone. We are all behind the 8 ball. Take a nap with Brooklyn tomorrow. Mmmmm nap....
And, while I totally agree with you on hate mail, I didn't see the spelling error. I have read the offending comment over and over and while there may be grammatical errors (I suck at commas), I can't find the speeling;) errors. I may not be able to sleep now.
Anyway, smile sisterfriend. Did you read "a whole lot of nothing" today? She's got your back. Thanks for the link, I'm still crying laughing over the long vs. wide shorts post.
Are you feeling the love? It's out there. Check the map.

Amy said...

Who cares about nasty comments when you are being served a breakfast fit for a queen!;)
That was so sweet....We definitely all get overwhelmed...I only have two kids and I hate to tell you what is in my laundry room...and don't even ask where I have found my keys before...I'm pitiful.
God Bless!
P.S. You are still funny...just so you know.:)

Debbie @ Three Weddings said...

Hi Dawn,

I've been reading your blog since August and I used to comment religiously. Lately, although I continue to read your blog, I rarely comment. It is not because I don't think you are funny. It is not because I think you are saving all your good stuff for your book. Even if you are, I completely understand. I look forward to your book. I stopped commenting because you opened me up to the world of blogging and I started my own blog in December. I've been adding blogs to my reader and have a hard time keeping up. You get so many comments, I guess I just figured you wouldn't miss one more. In fact, as I write this I figure I'm #142 or something like that. However, I want you to know I still enjoy your blog. I realize that your life has changed a lot in the last 6 months. I, for one, appreciate your blog and all you've done for me. I realize I am one of your many readers and you may not know how much you have changed my life, but after such a rough day and a rude comment, I wanted to tell you that.

In the end, you're right, your kids and family are what matter and what makes life worth living. You are truly blessed with a wonderful and caring family. I appreciate you sharing them with us.


P.S. I hope I don't have any spelling or grammar mistakes! :)

Keri Wyatt Kent said...

No way! I am the first one to post a comment?? do I get a prize? do I get to come over for fruit loops and peanut butter sandwiches?
don't listen to the hate e-mail from that whiny (insert noun of your choice here). Since when is your career all about HER?? since when are you only blogging for her benefit? sheez.
You are a good mom! Your top priority is your own sanity, not entertaining everyone else. hang in there!
I'm a huge fan!

Anonymous said...

No way! Am I seriously first?!?! Oh, and I love the hate letter

Anonymous said...


I still love your blog! People like "LR", (what is that short for anyway, Loser Royale?) should keep their negativity to themselves, but opinions are like a**holes, everyone has one. Her's just sucks!

I believe every word of your blog, you have no reason to deceive.

I really enjoy the way you share that, its okay to have hectic mornings (days & nights), that you don't stick with a goal or a "to do" and its okay! What it all boils down to at the end of the day, is that you love your family and your family loves you.

Keep up the great work!

DeAnne =)

valeraleigh said...

I've lurked and read your site for a while now. You know what? You're great. I parent 6 kids, work fulltime, involved in church, blah, blah, blah. You get my life. So I will read your blogs, and buy your book. Might even buy 2 to make up for what's her rock! (By the way, my youngest is walking around in an undershirt and donkey slippers...wouldn't have it any other way!)

j said...

You're blog is a blessing to me :-)

Anonymous said...

I still think that if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all.

debi9kids said...

UGH! I will be polite about that comment only because i have to be.
How horrible!
Dawn, Do you have a crockpot? That has saved me on more than one occassion. At least that could knock one thing off you list of things...I have some GREAT recipes if you need any. :)
PS The lunch your kids made reminded me of Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

YOU. CRACK. ME. UP. Thanks for sharing. I can't believe someone would actually send you hate e-mail. Poo on them. Oh, and my kids say "TOTALLY WICKED" too . . . what is that, from The Incredibles or something? And can your non-hate-e-mails have typos in them? :)

AnnG said...

AMEN!!! We are all overwhelmed whether we have 2 kids or 6 kids and those who send comments that are rude and distasteful obviously need something else to do with all their bout comin to do some of our laundry instead of moaning and groaning about someone's blog??? Have a good evening!

Anonymous said...


I have been a regular reader of yours since way back in the day but never posted anything until now. I just wanted to let you know that even if some people don't appreciate the time and energy you put in this blog, I do and so do many other people here! It's not your responsibilty to keep us entertained! Take a day off or two from blog writing, I'd still buy your book anyday.


PS.. I understand that when sending hate mail you can't use misspelled words and bad grammer but since this is the total opposite of hate mail is my poor grammer allowed?

Mum-me said...

That's so funny about the children preparing lunch for everyone at 6.30am. Mine do things like that too - one morning the two eldest got the four youngest up (closed the doors to the kitchen so they wouldn't disturb me) made them breakfast, even made me a cup of tea and some toast. They just forgot one thing - my youngest child doubles as my alarm clock! And the result of all their sweet effort? They were terribly, terribly late for school that morning beause mummy got up an hour late.

I think you're amazing to do everything you do and still manage to write something for your blog readers.

Six-Pack Momma said...

You know who your true fans are. We are the ones that come to your blog, not just for a laugh, but for support.

While the funny stories are great, I come here to see that I am not alone. To feel the strngth in numbers that we, as moms, need while raising our kids. To look at the funny things in our lives, is a bright side of mothering that we all enjoy.

But lets be real and see that life is not always a comedy routine. We are here to laugh and to cry, to lift and support, to grow and to strengthen.

Thank you, Dawn, for doing just that!

Nat said...

Dawn-I'm so sorry that LR was such a jerk! Thank you for this post about being blessed. I'm in my third trimester of my 4th pregnancy, and just having a hard time hormonally right now. You reminded me that it's the little things that matter, and that it's okay that my house is a pig sty and my kids are still in jammies at noon.

Stephanie said...

I'm sorry you have to deal with such stinky people. For each wacko out there that feels the need to be rude to you, there are 1000 people that feel the opposite way. We love that you take time just to brighten our days. Please keep up the good work! You are appreciated!

Anonymous said...


I commend you for speaking your mind! I, too, find myself OVERWHELMED on a DAILY basis. I am a 1/2 time student , mother of 3 girls, PTO member, KV for my hubby's platoon, website host and blogger, home school teacher for my oldest, and all while my hubby is deployed. I have taken on way too much this semester; unfortunately, this epiphany usually comes when you can't do anything about it! Let's take a snapshot of our life-even if it is of peanut butter, snow boots, and costumes-then pin them on the wall as a reminder... not to take on too much... the kids are the most important things in our lives. I can barely pump out 1 blog a week. You do this daily and make me laugh every time. Again, I commend you, but this time... for your strength and fortitude!

Anonymous said...

I think this is the first time that I've actually commented on your blog, so here goes...
You are right that everything in your life IS worthwhile. I can't believe someone would complain because you're not as funny as you used to be and they don't think your house is as chaotic as you make it sound. How petty can they be. You do have purpose and you are where you're supposed to be. Keep it up, I'm behind you all the way, and I can't wait for the book(s)!! Gaye Phillips (Oxford, AL)

Anonymous said...

That comment from "LR" was pretty much the most stupid thing I've ever read.... in the last month or so anyway. Your blog is definitely NOT boring! I faithfully and eagerly visit every single day in hope of a new post and I tell ya, the day just doesn't seem complete unless you do. Not to put any pressure on you or anything cause i know what its like having 6 kids...Obviously LR doesn't have a life so she chooses to take out revenge on those that do. Just know that there are those of us who still LOVE your blog and get our daily dose of hilarity from it.

Julie H said...

Amen sister!! I have been so incredibly busy lately I sooo know what you are talking about. Today was the only day this week where we don't have to go somewhere when I get home from work. So I decided to clean my room, which is way beyond gross. So I'm really making some progress.. and then the neighbor calls and says they are coming over in 15 minutes to bring my daughter her birthday present. I'm like RIGHT NOW??? Ran out of room lol, but you get the picture

Anonymous said...

Hey Dawn! I'll buy TWO books to make up for LR (geez!!) and I'm with you girl! -Piles of laundry, loads of homework, late dinner, lost keys/shoes/library books, wrong ball field, pantless toddlers, petrified food under the bed, kids in cabinets, marker "art" on walls, tables, sheets, carpets, couches, clothes, and kids - you're not the only one! I've even got fridge climbing boys (until one day when the door fell off - THAT was festive.) Thanks for making me laugh!!!
Pam R.
mom of 5

Unknown said...

You are most definitely NOT the only one who has a baby walking around in some odd outfit or non outfit saying their favorite phrase repeatedly. it seems that this weeks outfit of the day for the baby around here is diaper, oldest sisters snow boots which are 8 sizes too large, running around the house hollering " DUDE!!" w/ this facial expression that you can't help but crack up at. atleast yours had a shirt on. However i'd much rather have your outfit or todays ensamble, instead of what end up trying to wear. snow boots only. What can i say she's her own mini nudist colony. She also seems to think b/c we always tell her she's gotta have shoes on, that well that is all she needs to have on to go outside. hence the snow boots. Thankfully my other 2 follow the one dressing rule, unless it's an important function that requires mom approving a MATCHING outfit. That rule is as long as it don't give me a headache you can wear it. There have been outfits that my kids picked out that gave me a headache just to look at neon green and neon yellow swirls shirt, w/ hot pink and hot purple vertically striped pants. i haven o idea how those articles of clothing made it past me, but they sure were not going to be worn together.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry about LR's hate mail, but you have a good sense of humor about it, referring to the rules / instructions about sending hate mail. LR sounds like the kind of person who has to have the last word; why bother to tell you she is no longer going to read your blog or buy your book? Sheesh, just leave already.

I enjoy your blog very much. You are an excellent writer and I love your style.

We all have busy times when home life is overwhelming. Do what is important. The rest can wait... Laundry & other chores will always be there.

God bless you for finding the time to share a few moments with your readers.

I have to sign as Anonymous because for the life of me I can't remember my password! Yikes!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE YOU DAWN!!!!!! Parenting is ALWAYS so much harder than you ever think it will be. There are some days...hey, some months that are hard, hard, hard! You are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope things settle out into a good rhythm soon. Oh and by the way, can't wait to read your book...AND...I love reading your blog. Always.

Proud to be a mother, even on the crappy days,

Kitti said...

Dawn, Dawn, Dawn! Didn't you know that it is YOUR job to entertain us 24/7? You must be funny, write very long blog entry's and not make it seem like a chore. I mean it's not like you're busy or anything!
YES, I am kidding! I still think you're funny =) And I am so happy and proud of you for all you have done and are doing and where you are going in your life. I like reading your blog and am anxiously awaiting your book arrival. Keep up the good work!

Wendy Hill said...


So sorry you get hate mail. Boy, won't she miss out on a funny book full of your writing. I'm thrilled that you have continued writing, despite your hectic pace. I can't imagine fielding all the mail you must receive. You help me to see my stress as manageable. I have only best wishes for you. Best of luck with the diet - I have a friend who swears by it with her kids and they notice every infraction.

Anonymous said...

Dawn - you rock!

That is all.

Michelle Kemper Brownlow said...

God bless ya girlfriend!
LR wouldn't make it a day in your shoes...

you are "QUEEN DAWN" to most of us!!

plainprecious said...


Obviously the person who wrote the hate email is an ASS. I mean come on people. Let me think this over. How much does Dawn charge for US to read her BLOG? Oh thats right it's FREE. Give me a break you PINHEAD. Dawn has her priorities right where they should be. Her family comes first. Any mother out there who has children and a husband knows how hard it is dealing with the everyday crisis' that come up. From trying despartly to find missing shoes homework that has been misplaced making breakfast lunch dinner cleaning up messes and ect that occurs on a day to day basis. Now DAwn has added to it by writing a book and her other obligations to church and ect. We as her fans need to support her. I too look forward to her blogs and they have become a very special part of my evenings as I too sit here in my house filled with my 5 kids my husband , and various pets. Dawn has made me smile on numerous occasions when I have felt like I couldnt look at another mess in my house listen to another fight between kids.

Dawn you do what you need to do to take care of your family and yourself and we your faithful readers the ones who truly care about you will wait patiently for your blogs. Ok not so patiently at times but we will wait and understand. Just hit delete when another moron writes such spiteful thougths to you. Excuse the mispelled words kind lady for this is being written by a mom like you who has spent the past week with 2 kids with ear infections coughs that wind up with vomit down my nightgown and a husband who truly believes his cold will be the death of him. Hmmmmmmmm Tis time for me to go to bed. Take care with much love and affection your humble reader and FAN!!!!!

Darla said...

Ok first off I admit I only skimmed through the comments posted before mine but from what I did read I agree! As I have mentioned just about every time I comment you I read your blog almost daily. The hate mail is ridiculus (if that's mispelled I'm terriably sorry!). I honestly don't see how you do everything that you do! I have three kids ages 5,3, and 2. I'm also a full time student carrying 15 hours and working part time. I feel like I'm going to explode from time to time. I barely have time to keep up with my poetry blog here on blogger (as a matter of fact I think the last time I posted anything was about a month ago!) and do homework, housework and everything else that goes along with being a "wife" and mother. (Wife is in quotations because I'm not married, but *gasp* living with my fiance until I we get married in about seven years.) Hang in there Dawn, reading your blog and seeing the things you go through and all the things you do make me realize that I'm not alone and that nobody has the "perfect angels" they wish they had for children. I admire you and the things you do and especially the fact that you have the ablity to deal with six children and everything else that you do! Also, I agree with you, it's the little things that make every day worthwhile. It doesn't matter if it's a little 2 year old blonde running up to you, grinning, with both arms outstretched to give you a big hug saying, "Hi, Moma!" or finding that rare moment to spend with your husband, that's what makes waking up every morning worth it! Keep writing and I am excited for your book!

Unknown said...

Dawn, you are the reason I even started blogging. Reading about your life inspired me to connect with other moms in similar situations to my own and makes me feel so much less alone. It's wonderful to know that I'm not the only one who's not "perfect" all the time.

You're an inspiration to me today and you've been an inspiration to me since I first started reading after your big auction.

When you're book comes out, not only am I going to buy it, but I'm going to buy multiple copies to give to friends and family. Because I think you're wonderful and I think everyone should see how wonderful you are.

Just know that for every moron like that there are a hundred other people who love reading your blog... no matter what you write and no matter how often. Thanks for being real with us.

Anonymous said...

Oh Dawn. Here is a great big hug just for you!
Please do not let people like "LR" get you down. What a horrible and mean thing to say! If anything LR is probably just jealous!
You know I have about 1/3 of the stuff you do to worry about and I know there are days I don't even want to get dressed let alone anything else!
I only have 2 kids (a 6yr old boy and a 6 mth old girl) and instead of me being the traveler, my active duty Air Force hubby is the one who gets to travel. To his credit, he doesn't always get to go to very fun places and usually work hard while he is there.
But we chose as a family for this to be our life. My darling hubby serves our country and I serve our family. We knew that even though we would have to give up things that some people think are required in life, that it was our responsibilty to give our children everything they need in life.
So I stay home and I take whatever childcare related jobs I can do from home or that my children can go with me to help fill in the gaps. Our bills are paid and besides car payments we have less than $500 in debt. So I don't think we are doing all the bad for ourselves.
Sure our furniture doesn't match, we have a 10 yr old TV, a 5 yr old computer and 4 yr old cell phones. Sure my kids wear hand me downs, beautiful ones as matter of fact thanks to some dear friends and a wonderful sister in law and some cousins too. I wore hand me downs and I turned out all right. There is nothing a $50 pair jeans are going to do for my kid that a $10 pair can't do!
You have a gift. You chose to share it with the world and I am truly HONORED to be among the many people who lives have been touched by your stories! I can not speak for anyone else, but I know your blogs make me smile and on days when the kids are sick, my hubby is on the opposite side of the country(or the world), I am(was) 8+ mths pregnant with a car that won't start from a dead battery and I stand in tears on the front step of my son's school and see people delibrately walking around me because they overheard me telling the principle I needed my car jumped and was informed that no one would do that.....I think back to the things you have shared and I smile. Because I know someone where in the world my pain is shared by so many others. That I am not alone. You are not the only Mom who let their 2yr old run around in a t-shirt, diaper, and rain boots. Heck, today was our 1st day of spring break and we never even got out of our jammies! It was cold, wet, and windy. Our play group playdate was canceled and Daddy is on the west coast for a month. A jammie day sounded good to me! And it was worth it. I spent the whole day chatting online with friends overseas, listening to my son make my 6mth old daughter giggle in the way only he can. I watched as he wiggled out that last top front tooth that has made him look like a total little hill billy for months! I cheered as my daughter attempted to crawl and this evening as I read your blog the tears came because my heart went out to you. You have so much going on in your life! So many people counting on you and I can not think of anyone who does it with as much dignity, grace and a fantastic sense of humor as you do! You are a wonderful Mom. A few days of balls dropped will mean nothing a week from now, a month, a year, heck 10 yrs! You husband loves you, your children love you, and God loves you. If there were no fans, you would still be a rich woman. Thankfully for us fans, God has seen fit to share you with all of us. I can not wait to buy your book! I plan to buy a few and give them as gifts to other Moms just like me and you and all your readers! Thank you for being you! Thank you for sharing your life. Thank you for giving Moms everywhere in the world something to remind us that we are not alone.

Smiller said...

OK, this is slightly snarky...but I wish I had 147 (plus) people to love on me when I was having a bad day! I just need to work on developing a fan base I guess. :D

My husband has taught my 2 and 4 year old daughters to say "What's up buddy" along with the hand gesture from Pauly Shore, sing the Darth Vader theme music and yell "Go Steve Nash!" That's totally wicked.

You know what I appreciate about you? That you are a mom to 6 and pursuing a dream. You can write and (I think) enjoy doing it. Instead of waiting until you are 50 and have a little free time, you are living your passion. You are a mom, and a good one, but you are also Dawn. It is a hard balance to live. I struggle with this every day--the balance between me as a woman and me as a mom. I don't always get it right but I keep on working at it. I hope you do too.

Anonymous said...

i've been reading your blog since ebay pokeman (and i'm saving that email you sent me saying that you liked my photography! i was so excited you took the time to click on the link in my email!)

this is my first post on your blog, but i wanted to say that over and over and OVER you have been a blessing to me.

i'm a mom of 6 little ones, trying to run a photography biz. with a husband who is gone a LOT. Reading your blog gives me such a boost. I leave here feeling refreshed, and often when I'm talking to my friends I'll quote things that you say, and those things give us encouragement as moms. Thank you for blogging......and I plan to buy your book (and a few copies to give as gifts).

Anonymous said...


I think sometimes when people rely so much on hearing from their favorite bloggers, they have a tendency to take it personally. It's as if their best friend forgot to call them on their birthday. I'm sorry you have to get the butt-end of that sometimes.

On another note, I do love to read your blog because you are SO RELAXED about your parenting. You LAUGH, and for some of us, it doesn't always come naturally. So whatever you post, however often and however long, it's like getting "good" mail in the mailbox instead of bills. Keep on!

Nikki said...

What I want to know is how you even got her to wear a shirt? My kids go around in their underwear/diapers for most of the day. We only get dressed to go outside and to be in public. Other than that it's pretty much naked time in my house all the time.

Keep up the good work, don't let one person who seems to be a little jealous get to you. You have plently of people who love to read what you do put down here.

Anonymous said...

I still appreciate all your blogs and can relate to them no matter what you write. We just adopted our 3 year old daughter on April 1st and now we have 3 great kids with behavioral issues from their past. They make your kids look like angels, although I feel that our little angels are damaged but I keep hope in my heart every day. I can relate to Brookly still needing naps and not taking them, I too am a coffee person in the morning, I forget med and counseling appts. and thawing out some supper. Sometimes Totino's is my favorite meal and the laundry piles up like crazy some days. You are a super person and a great blogger and I think I can say almost all of your readers just love you. Thanks for making my household seem normal, I thought I was all alone out here but thank goodness I am not. Thanks again for all the time you take on your blogs and God Bless.

Rick said...

Wow - so many comments on this one - and I certainly understand why.

In light of your busy schedule I've decided to do my own taxes. So you can relax about that one.

Aren't I nice?

Love ya girl! (And your little blog too.)

Anonymous said...

Would have loved to see a photo of your little sweetheart, Brooklyn, dressed up in snow boots and all. I was having one of my least favorite days when I read about the shirt, no pants, snow boots, backpack and “totally witched.” It lifted the heaviness off my heart and made me smile. Thanks Susie

Femme au Foyer said...


Forget that person and her nasty hate mail. She, in my opinion, is not representative of your fan base. The reason why we love you (and love reading your blog) is because you are HUMAN. This, in turn, makes us feel better about being human! OF COURSE you can't do it all and a reasonable person wouldn't expect you to. I love reading whatever it is you have to say. You're a happy person and it shines through every time!

mandyb said...

Ok LR who ever you are - you are SOOOOO SAD... you are depending on blogs to get through your day and to keep you amused - MY god get a DVD!!!!!! get out of the house...get a job maybe!!!

So who wants to hold LR while we administer 20 lashes with a soggy noodle!!!!!

Dawn you are amazing and your blog is still so so funny - keep up all the good word and as all comments say above - ignore LR.
"Those who are down bring others down with them" WE LOVE YOU BLOG and we DO think you are funny. keep it up.

Mandy b from New Zealand

Anonymous said...

just a thought, but maybe LR was having a day like you did with the grouchy secretary!? i mean, everyone has bad days, maybe it makes her feel better to be mean to you. who knows. who cares, really. you are very loved. stretch the truth, take plane trips, keep blogging and book writing, and having kids (just seeing if you were paying attention!). you are loved and you will sell lots of books!! seriously, do you really think LR has a 3 year old catching squirrels, or a "totally wicked!" daughter? dont think so!! thats why you have the blog!! -Karen

Anonymous said...

LR has obviously forgotten to be the 'ose' between the L and the R to spell out LOSER. Seriously what sort of a person would write something so negative?

I have followed your blog Dawn for the last couple of months now and find it the best blog I have ever written. You have such a way with words and always make a bad situation into something funny. I can see why you have book editors after you to write a book and I honestly hope it is published and available to read in Australia!! As that is where I am from.

I look forward to each and every blog entry of yours. We don't all have perfect days or perfect lives, but it is just so refreshing to read about your life with 6 kids. You are an inspiration for us all. I have 2 kids with autism spectrum disorder, and both are still quite young and were non verbal until the age of 5. Watching your little you tube clips have brought me tears of happiness, with your little one talking away. I always come away from reading your blog feeling happy.

You keep up the great writing Dawn. 99.9% of us here all think you totally rock!!

Big hugs from across the pacific ocean from Melbourne, Australia


Kristine said...

Well Dawn, I hope you have enough comments here to make up for the nasty one you got. Consider these to be a big hug for you on a bad day! I think all of us moms need those every once in a while. :)

nomi said...

Awwww, that was mean! I love your blog! HUGS

Anonymous said...

I was out walking with my 4 year old daughter. She picked up something off the ground and started to put it in her mouth. I took the item away from her and I asked her not to do that.
'Why?' my daughter asked.
'Because it's been on the ground and you don't know where it's been, it's dirty and probably has germs' I replied.
At this point, my daughter looked at me with total admiration and asked,
'Mommy, how do you know all this stuff? You are so smart.'
I was thinking quickly. 'All moms know this stuff. It's on the Mommy Test.
You have to know it, or they don't let you be a Mommy.'
We walked along in silence for 2 or 3 minutes, but she was evidently pondering this new information.
'OH... I get it!' she beamed, 'So if you don't pass the test you have to be the Daddy.'

'Exactly,' I replied back with a big smile on my face.

Dawn, you are SO the Mommy!

PS. Hey LR could you at least replace the stick up your butt with a mop and clean Dawn's floor for her - she's kinda busy today

Anonymous said...

How could someone say such a mean thing? I'm amazed at what people can say just because they don't have to look you in the eye. I think the fact that you find time to write even a small paragraph that makes the majority of us smile is amazing with all the "balls" you have to juggle. I barely find time to breath with just two kids while my husband is deployed. You keep me sane and are much appreciated. I cannot wait to read your book. And to the negative ninny...she must not have kids or she'd be a tad more understanding.

Kathi D said...

LR blew the rules. "anymore" is not a proper English word.

As I see it, now you pretty much owe me. Forever.

Quality Chick said...

Dawn - I love your blog and will buy your book, not because you are funny or that I feel you were put on this earth to entertain me but because you make me feel normal. Im a mom but only to one. Reading about your life with six makes me sit back and go "whew, so I am not the only one who has my child running through the house in his underpants, creatively redecorating the walls with the Sharpies that I was too stupid to remember needed to be put on the way high shelf, and constantly worrying if I am actually capable of everything I am doing without causing the kind of permanent damage that will send my child to forty years of therapy. Although, to be fair to you, you do this with six so maybe because I am barely hanging on sometimes with one I am doing it all wrong. Hmmm - no I cant think about that. You are a shining light in the murky scary waters of motherhood helping to guide us all in a world with so much pressure for mom's to be perfect. You show us that it is more important to love,laugh and enjoy and if occasionally you find a moldy sandwich in a bedroom, well, you get to laugh even more. Thank you for being brave enough to put it out that and help the rest of us know that we are not alone.

Anonymous said...

I need to thank you. My husband also thanks you. My 2 kids also thank you. Why? Well 3 weeks ago you posted this:
"I read somewhere that it takes 3 weeks to break a habit. It does make sense, I suppose. It takes time to retrain our brains. If only we could replace a negative behavior with a more positive one for 3 weeks (only 21 days!), it might just become more natural to us."
My husband and I quit smoking 2 weeks before that, and we were struggling to keep it going. Then I read your blog for the day and told him - 'ok we need to get through one more week and we're home free'
We still havent smoked, and it is partly due to your message that day.

So, thank you Dawn, my husband and I are now healthier than we have been in years and that will continue to improve as time goes by.

BTW - I'd like to tell LR what I think of them, but I have better manners than that, so I will follow some good advice I was given as a child... if you have nothing nice to say, then say nothing!

Thanks again Dawn

Polli (UK mum of 2 boys)

Holly C. said...

Wow! The nerve of some people!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, now the hate mailer is embarrassed. So many moms are standing up for you. I'm buying your book, period.


Kim said...

Here here! I only have three kids but I have 6 taxes to do (my husband and I both work from home), 196 tutus to make by 4/25, TAG practice monday morning, play practice tues morning, soccer practice on tue/th, gymnastics on mon/fri, games on saturday, motocross on sunday, trying to yoga for myself somewhere and all the regular "mom" stuff to do. We all understand overwhelmed and we get through it. You are not alone...we understand. Totally!

Anonymous said...


We love you and your blog rocks! I'm glad to have "met" another mom who is as stressed and overwhelmed as I am, yet still finds the humor in it all! Thanks for making us smile!

As for Brooklyn, at least she is yelling "Totally wicked!" and not "Poopy!" like my son. For the longest time he would yell it everywhere we went. Even when well meaning strangers would try to talk to him and tell him how cute he was he'd blurt out "Poopy!" I kept telling him he had to say nice things to people not poopy, so he started telling random strangers we passed "I love you." Aren't kids great?

Anonymous said...

Like other posters said dont let the one hate mail get you down. I love reeading your blog and can not wait to buy your book.
Hope you have a good day!

Michelle in Texas

nutralady2001 said...

Dawn you soooo don't deserve this, you are still witty, funny and gorgeous. I don't know how you find the time to blog with everything else you do

Keep your chin up, we love ya!!!

Sheila said...


I remember how busy I was when I got my first book contract! You will live through this, and you'll find new ways to cope.

And you may find that some things have to go. Hopefully not the children, but you know what I mean. You just can't do everything.

I find my biggest battle is deciding where I'm going to put my marketing time, because there's a huge list of things I should be doing, but my family is still my number one priority.

Hang in there!

Visit To Love, Honor and Vacuum today!

Anonymous said...

Your not alone. My 4yr old gets naked and walks around with boots singing to the wiggles. As a mother of five i don't think some people see where you are coming from. I can't remember the last time i went to the bathroom alone.

Jacque said...

Hi Dawn, I've never left a comment before, but I always read your blog. I enjoy reading it and it makes my life with three kids seem more manageable. I feel overwhelmed at times, but you're right we need to stop and realize how very blessed we are. I'm sorry about the negative comment you got, I think you're great!

MaBunny said...

Well Dawn, you know i'm a loyal reader and can't WAIT for your book to come out. Of course you are stressed, I'm sure when you put the pokemon cards and funny story on ebay you didn't realize how fast your blog and new found successss would take off:)) It's alot for anyone to take in... new found fame and all.
Keep at it. Your kids are great, and so are you and Joe.
Don't let one bad comment get you down.
Love ya:)) will always read your blog:)))

Take care and good luck with your play!!

Anonymous said...

I also read your blog every day and just love it. Just say bye bye L. R. It is her loss not yours. Keep on writing!!!

the Jennings secede from the South said...

I am encouraged by your blog & your writing! I read it every morning when I get to work! ...Is that so wrong?

Aleta said...

Dawn, you are not the only one, my children are not in baseball, but I have not left the house in DAYS because I can't find my car keys.. only to find them in a barbie car or little people house FINALLY!!! My laundry is always piled, I have dirty and CLEAN piles (I hate to fold!) LOL! Oh, and while my baby cannot say 'totally wicked' Today he's in a diaper, her sister's snow boots, a Disney princess purse and dora sunglasses walking around. AND I ONLY HAVE THREE!!!! GOD BLESS YOU!!!!

MagnoliaPrincess said...

What a mean person. You are better off without the likes of LR anyway. I just wanted to let you know that each morning after waking up the first thing I do is open my computer, then my email, then your blog. Yes you are my "morning cup of coffee". I thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to write this. I agree with one of the other posters that maybe you should take a day or two off to catch up with your life, home, kids, husband and then get back to us. We your loyal readers will understand. You might however want to let us know thats what you are doing as we worry about your health when you miss a few days. I told my husband something was wrong when the kids all were sick a few weeks back and you missed a few days and sure enough I was right. Take care, good luck and God bless with getting all your balls back in the air.

Julie said...

It's no wonder you feel overwhelmed - it's hard to be a parent, wife, AND one of the world's best bloggers all at the same time!!

Seriously, though, even though I miss the days of hearing about your latest trip to the grocery store, it makes me want your book MORE!

I would say MOST of your readers are thrilled for you and your family, as your newfound success also comes with additional income for your family, plus all the cool opportunities you have had (hello, Discovery Cove???).

Just keep doing what you're doing, and don't let people's negative comments get you down.

Anonymous said...

Personnally, I'm glad to see that I am not the only one who has a tendency to bite off a bit more than I can chew. I struggle through and say I won't do it again, till somehow, everything happens at the same time.

Sometimes we can't help that everyone in the family gets sick and, as a result, we get really behind on our housework and everything else we must do. Then, everything snowballs. So we priortize and do what we must do, and maybe we don't do the best job we can, but we toil on.

God bless you and know that you are definintely not alone!


Anonymous said...

I have three kids that will run around like maniacs screaming "totally wicked" while I'm trying to keep things in order. It stops me to try and remember what movie it was in, and then it also brings me back to reality that life does not need to be so perfect. life is messy, but also full of adventures. Jennifer in Wi

Anonymous said...


I don't normally comment,only when I feel I have something to add. I read everyday and think you are wonderful! Today's post was a perfect example why I read your blog and WILL buy your book. You are real. You don't pretend to be something you're not. As a Mom I know that kids are insane and unpredictable and I only have two! When you post about Brooklyn getting locked in a cabinet,Clay drawing on the wall, or Lexi loosing her glasses, I know that MY kids aren't the only ones who do those strange and bizzare things. In other words, you let us all know that we are not alone in this crazy land of Motherhood. And of course you elaborate on your stories about your kids a little bit, that's what makes it so funny. So basically, what I wanted to say was "You Rock Girl".

Michelle said...

Hmmm, LR apparently has not read enough of your blog to understand how busy you really are. Your blog was around waaay before the book deal. She only knows about it due to your incredibly funny ebay auction and the press it got.

LR, Loser Really, does not realize what a financial boon this is for you and how much you may have needed it. Seriously, Joe gets to spend more time at home, which if he doesn't stop painting closets and poking holes in the ceiling may not be so good for his health ... but it does explain the kids ADHD .... kool-aid fish? There has to be a connection.

Hang in there Dawn! You Rock!

Irishmama said...

Hey Dawn, Thanks. Just when I think my busy life is too overwhelming working full time and raising 3 kids.........I read about yours. You're superwoman.

Its a shame that some people feel that the world owes them something.

But you're right, at least the spelling and grammar were correct.

Amie (of Amie and Brad) said...

I saw this article and thought of you, Dawn. There is a danger of death by Blogging...

Please don't let the pressure cook you!

Oh, and we have the same Corelle plates. Good taste!

Anonymous said...

I'll de-lurk for a moment to say- I love your blog. I'm a divorced mom of 5 and I get the kids full-time as dad has disappeared into the wild blue yonder. Finding your blog has helped me keep my sanity a time or two while trying to keep up with laundry and chauffeur duties. And at one point and time, I had 4 boys playing baseball in 4 different divisions sometimes in several different cities and I was the only driver- so craziness isn't uncommon around here.

Keep up the good work. You'll miss all the craziness when they grow up and start going their own way.

Laila and Angel Minchie said...

Oh my gosh! How cruel of that LR! You are my hero and here she attacks you like she owns you. I have no children and so enjoy reading about yours. I'm in awe of how you handle everything. Count me in on one who will buy your book and go to any appearances/book signings you may have. Keep the faith...and keep up the good work!

Katie said...

I only have one hooligan terrorizing me and no outside obligations and I still can't keep the house straight or guarantee that she's wearing pants. It's always a playland pit of dropped balls, and toys and books and laundry around here.

Love your blog and whatever you write. I'll be in line to buy the book too. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Sorry you are overwhelmed! But you made me chuckle. I just thought I would share that my son went through a phase of yelling "That was totally wicked," after seeing the Incredibles, he was about 2 1/2years old and thought that was the greatest line ever. Has she seen the movie recently?

Unknown said...

I totally understand the overwhelmed feeling- I was just feeling that myself! Seriously, I think all of us moms understand what it is like. Besides, your job as a mom is way more important than entertaining people you don't know! Thanks for all the laughs and being real with us.....

Anonymous said...

Dawn, try not to let one nasty person get you down. You're doing great. I love every entry and I am really looking forward to reading your book, too. Hang in there.

Susan said...

You want me to kick their a**? Cause I will. I'm more of a scratcher and hair puller, but I'll do it....I will. :) With six kids and a husband and a book and two blogs, I think you can roll with the punches. LR's got nada on you! And OMG I was laughin' so hard at "totally wicked"!! Who says you're not funny? To the moon with 'em, that's what I say.

~ Elly ~ said...


I'd type more but my 17' high pile of laundry is threatening to eat me alive and I swear my dishes are now independent life forms that should pay rent and taxes! I think there are children around here somewhere too!

I don't know if you exaggerate or not, but so much of it sounds SO familiar that I'm willing to wager a week of laundry that it's a pretty accurate portrayal!

I enjoy reading your blog.

Dawn said...

Hey Dawn, I am sure someone else has sent you this before now. Just in case someone has not, please view this before going to the Oprah Show.

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