Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sunday Sound Out

forgive me if I missed this - but how do you know Mimi?
We just "met" online this past summer.

My husband has Aspergers and I'm wanting him to try the Feingold diet (is that what your kids are on?). How long before you noticed a difference with the diet change with your kids?
They are on Feingold. It took a couple weeks before we saw a difference in Clay. We just took Jax off his medicine, so we'll see if it's really working with him...

Ok I have a wustion for next weeks SSO How come you didn't put the persons name after the wuestion like you normally do?
What's a wustion?

Also I plan on buying your book where will it be sold?
at book stores

Impressive map! How many pieces of mail does it represent without counting all of the entries?
I'm not sure. 300? I need to update it again. I have another dozen or so to add to it.

Thank you for posting that song -- now it's stuck in MY head!!! Who sings it?
The Newsboys

Here's a new one for you...

6 kids?? Are you crazy
I had to have six kids or my URL wouldn't make sense.

Being that I am also "pear shaped" and short, PLEASE tell me where you got those pants!!!
I got them at Lane Bryant. They've got a great line of pants that actually FIT!

When is your book going be out in the bookstores?
August of this year

Do you plan to have book signings if so, where?
I don't really know yet. I am meeting with my publisher later this month though. Hopefully I'll get some more details soon.

When you throw up does it make you have to throw up? I mean, you can't do your kid's puke so how in the world do you handle your own?
YES! It was so awful. Thank God for my husband who CAN handle puke.

I dont see how you lasted this long .I can tell your tired when you write its not near as funny as it used to be actually some things just dont make sence anymore..then again what does make sence when raising kids?
Yes, it looks like you may be a bit tired too. You're not making much "sence" either.

Okay, Dawn, so, seriously, this week's blog is an April Fool's joke, right?
Umm yes. That's why I wrote "April Fool!" on it.

So how do you figure out the google searches?
I use Stat Counter.

with all the things that need to get done regularly, which things DO you get done and how do you decide which ones to let slide a while?
Ugh. Lately I feel like everything has been sliding. I keep telling myself, "If I can just get through this week, things will settle down." But then the next week rolls around and it's the same thing all over again. This is a really busy month for me.

Can you set up the links in your blog to open a new page instead leaving your site?
I don't know if it can be done or not, but I certainly can't do it. Be patient. I'll be getting a brand new website in 2 more months.

"Won't he be surprised, when he gets his 50 rolls of film back..."Hey Dawn,the 90's called, they want their camera back! No one gets rolls of film developed anymore.
The guy who sat behind me on the plane does.

And a quick question, how do i actually get people to start reading my blog:P?
List a pack of Pokemon cards for sale on eBay.

Did you contact your editor and publisher or did they contact you? If you contacted them, how did you go about it? Just wondering, thanks.
I had agents and publishers contact me. Yeah, I know, I did things backwards.

Aaargh! Dawn, you just couldn't let me go to bed tonight without having something else to feel guilty about, hmmm? Just one more ball that I've dropped... Ugh, I'm sorry. I've dropped so many balls, I feel like I'm living in a playland ball pit.

OK, I've got to finish going over my manuscript so I can get it back to my editor tomorrow. Have a great week everyone!


Michelle said...

Good luck getting your manuscript done. That has to feel awfully good as you type it, no?

Here's hoping the next several weeks get "better." My yoga instructor commented on negative things going on the last five weeks, but it's supposed to end today or tomorrow and move into positive stuff then. I don't know how much of that I believe, but I do hope it starts looking up and getting easier!


Anonymous said...

I have an answer for this question: "Can you set up the links in your blog to open a new page instead leaving your site?" Press the shift key while clicking on the link and a new page will open up.

Anonymous said...

On the "opening links in a new window" thing, you don't need to hard code that into the site. In fact, a lot of people really hate it when you do that.

Instead, browsers can just RIGHT click on a link (instead of left clicking) and choose "Open in new window" (in IE; in Firefox - which is a better and safer browser anyway - it's probably better to open in a new tab, though you can do a new window, too).

Anonymous said...

I don't know why I thought of doing this. I think the "wustion" inspired me to see what nonsense I could find:

Oh, that's funny stuff.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to comment this again, but I think more people are likely to see it here than on a post from earlier in the week!

Hi, I am a college student who reads your blog all the time, and know several others do as well.

I was wondering if you could ask your wonderful readers if they could help me out with a sociology assignment I have.

Basically, I need to find someone in the service economy who works FULL time so I can interview them (I can do an email or IM interview, so they can be anywhere in the United States) about their job and what it's like trying to live on what they get paid (which is often way less than they should be getting). This assignment is due really soon though (Wednesday actually, because I procastinated), so the sooner the better. I can probably get an extension if needed.

I want to focus my paper on women in the service economy who have children in childcare, and I figured at least some of your readers must fit that category.

So, if you are willing to do this, I really appreciate it.

Readers can contact me at
for more information. They will have to sign a permission paper, and I will not use their real name, so their privacy is protected.

Thanks so much!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

So the blog came before the kids? You are cutting edge!

Sarah Holland said...

To answer one of the SSO questions for you... if you hold down the 'shift' key while clicking on a link, it will open in a new window.

Rick said...

Yes, please get that manuscript done! I can hardly stand the anticipation anyone - it's kind of like waiting for really thick ketchup to come out of the bottle.

Darla said...

I just had to say this... I read/check your blog daily... yes I know... stalker... but in response to your response about how to get your blog read... I was cracking up... that's exactly how I came across your blog!!! Actually a friend of mine emailed me the link saying, "and you thought your kids pulled a lot of stunts" (seriously my kids are right there with yours on the stuff they pull and they are 5, 3, and 2!) and I've been reading your blog ever since! I can't wait for your book!

Kel said...

To open links in new windows--
Add [ target="_blank"] in your HTML (including the space), right after you close the quotes around the url and before the little carrot thing, so you're got something like [.com" target="_blank>site name<>] in there.

Mac users can hold down command (the apple key) to open in a new tab, and anyone (Mac or PC) can right click and tell the browser what to do :)

Suburban Correspondent said...

Playland ball pit - I like that. Describes the situation exactly. So I guess I should stop stressing, go with the flow, and just roll around in all those dropped balls and have fun, like my kids do.

Brenda said...

I look forward to your book coming out in August! I keep meaning to tell you one of my favorites of all time I Erma Bombeck. Your writing reminds me of her.

Anonymous said...

So did you take a picture of the guy behind you with the camera? Then you can show it to your kids when you tell them about the pre-digital era.
My daughter took a picture of a phone booth in NYC because she didn't think they still existed. (Where does Superman change now?) When she asked for her own cell phone so she could call me to pick her up from practice I told her to use the pay phone. She said there wasn't one. A week later she told me there really was a pay phone at school. In the same tone you might use if you saw a horse and buggy going down the highway. Now pay phone sightings are our ongoing joke.

Anonymous said...

""Ugh, I'm sorry. I've dropped so many balls, I feel like I'm living in a playland ball pit. ""

LOL Love this quote!

Blah anon again because the Name option didn't work for me...


Dawtch said...

I love reading your stuff, and am slowly plowing through your archives...great stuffs! I am commenting to let you know that you & Jenny (Three Kid Circus) have inspired me to start my own blog...not sure how well it'll go over, but I'll be able to look back and remember things in years to come, and I thank you for that :)

雷雅穎 said...

Hi I'm Mindy, I'm attending Simmons College and I was wondering if you would be willing to help me out please. For my Senior Sem class we designed a product and make a business plan for it. Please help me out by answering this short 27 question survey. (not all questions require answers) We need to find out if our jogging stroller would sell and have people survey data to back up our claims. Thank you... just thinking of parenthood scares me.

rthling said...

Ah, yes. The Lane Bryant pants. They fit like no jeans have ever fit me, and I love telling people I wear a size six! (I like seeing their eyes twitch while they try to figure out how I squeezed myself into a six, and then find the strength to NOT reply with something tactless about how that's not even possible.)

Anonymous said...

I am wanting to start the Feingold diet with my son. Did you join (for $70) and get their information on the Feingold site or were you able to find more details elsewhere?
Any other advice you can pass on would be wonderful.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
The SC Elwarts said...

So, Ellen DeGeneres just announced that she's taking her show to Chicago. You should try to go to her show. Actually, I would love to see you as a guest on her show. Do you think you could get on there?

TheHMC said...

I'm envious of you and your writing deal. You're so bomb diggity the agents and publishers came to you? That's awesome!

I have an SSO for next week. Actually, I have a few. Did you go to college(just wondering where your writing talent came from.. is it just a knack or is it learned)?
Had you always planned on having as many kids as you do or did the numbers evolve/change over the years?
Last on earth do you keep track of everything? I've been struggling lately with juggling the kids(I have 5), the house, school stuff, appointments, 10 tons of laundry to do on a weekly basis and then some and oh yeah.. there's that husband-guy that I have to "fit in" somewhere. How do you keep up with it all? ARe you just highly organized? When do you find time to write with all of the other things that you do?(another one I struggle with because I LOVE to write, it's theraputic for me, but I don't get a lot of opportunities to sit down and do it).

Ok, this '20 Questions' session is over. I shall bombard you with more at a later date. Because you have so much time and all ;).

Shari said...

Dawn: My computer went berzerk and I don't know if you got my comment so I will try again.

I am sorry you have to deal with nasty comments. There's always a person or two that has to be critical and drag others down. The fact is we all take more than we can chew sometimes. It's life! The kids do crazy things, the house is dirty, laundry is piled up, the car is filthy, the mail is stacked up and unopened....that's life with kids whether you have 2 or 22 kids. I love your blog and I still come and read every night before I got to bed. Whether funny or not, I still get many life lessons. One being I am living in a ball pit with dropped balls, too. Hope this finds you having a good week and I hope things get ironed out soon for you. Take care, Dear.

Unknown said...

hey dawn, how about just telling the people that want comments on their blogs and people to read them to go read and comment on blogs that cover the same types of things as they do? Ahhhh never mind....... ;)

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