Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Naked Mole Rats Escape!

First, I want to thank all of you who took the time to leave me a comment yesterday and today. You guys are the best! You made me cry. In a good way! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is what Clay and Brooklyn did this morning....they dragged out all their blankets, pillows, and bean bag chairs and piled them up by the front door. It was 11:00 in this picture. Yep, they're still in their jammies, just hanging out in a pile of "squishy stuff".

It's fine though. I didn't have any plans to leave today. They were playing nicely and getting along just fine and I was able to get some of my stuff done while they were burying themselves like Naked Mole Rats in their giant pile of blankets.

A couple minutes later, Brooklyn came and sat next to me on the couch. Within seconds, she fell asleep.

Looks comfy, no? I picked her up off the couch to lay her down in bed when I heard someone at the front door. "Oh great! I'm never going to be able to open the door with all that stuff in front of it." No one comes to our house for months and today, when I can't make my way to the door, someone shows up. I put Brooklyn down and waded through the sea of slumber things to the door. I managed to open it a crack and peeked outside. There stood Clay in his pajamas at the front door!

"How did you.... Where did you.... Wait, aren't you in these blankets? What the...???"

I swear, I had no idea how he got outside. I never heard the back door open. He couldn't have opened the front door. I was sitting right there next to Brooklyn and Clay had been in the blankets just a minute before...

I told Clay to walk around to the back door, but he couldn't get into the backyard because the gate was locked.

"Then how on earth did you get outside?" I began wondering if time travel was possible. Or maybe in all his "experimenting" with household items, he'd actually built a teleportation device with some Tupperware, a AA battery, a plastic shark, and a granola bar wrapper. That must be it! He'd beamed himself outside!

I saw him run to the window in my bedroom. The window which was open. The little stinkerbutt had opened the window, climbed outside and walked to the front door in a matter of 5 minutes. And I was RIGHT THERE! Ugh.

After I'd lectured him on the rule of NEVER opening the windows unless he had permission, I crawled into the pile of blankets and took a nap. What? It could happen!

OK, I didn't really take a nap. I took pictures, of course!

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And you can read more about my trip to New Jersey here. I'll be posting about that for the next week or so.


Brenda said...

You know, I have been so tired this week I just can't get past the picture of Brooklyn napping.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn,
Glad today is a better day.
Alec doesn't get dressed until after his nap, around 2 or so. I generally don't either. What will I do when school's out and my husband is home? He'll certainly notice (then again, maybe not).
So, you and a few others inspired me to start a blog. Today was my first entry. Check it out if you have time... http://insearchoffunpatty.blogspot.com/

Brandi said...

How come kids can be soooo sneaky and still so darn cute at the same time?! Brooklyn looked absolutley adorable in the sleeping pic! And who cares if you have a p.j. day!

stephanie said...

Am I seriously first! No way!!!

Tarasview said...

my kids love to pull out all their blankets and pillows to our living room and build "nests" of sorts.

When we were visiting my in-laws I put my two boys down for their naps (they were 5 & 3 at the time) and then I lay down with my 6 month old to nurse her and we both fell asleep. I woke up to the door bell ringing and my mother in law opening the door to my poor sobbing 3 year old. He had woken up and forgotten where he was and went to find me! He went out the back door and when our car was still in the driveway he rang the doorbell! My poor child was so scared. And I was absolutely horrified and terrified that my 3 year old had gone out of the house in a huge city by himself without anyone noticing.


gotta love those adrenaline rushes.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Well at least the police didn't bring him home!

Heather H said...

That picture of Brooklyn made me laugh, my little girl falls asleep in random positions and places, too. How creepy to have Clay outside, oh what fun things I have to look forward to with my little monkeys. I am glad your day was a bit better today! :)

Sherry said...

I think I would have just about had a cardiac event if one of my kids climbed out the window. Looks like Brooklyn's no-nap is catching up with her? :) Sometimes my kids wear their pajamas all day if we don't have to go anywhere, so I can relate to that. It is one less step they have to do at bedtime!

Unknown said...

Your kids are so funny! My kids do the same, but they put all the blankets and sundry in their closet and call it a cave. Don't you just love it when the little ones spontaneously fall asleep? Brooklyn looked so sweet. But then they all do when they're sleeping, don't they? Almost makes you forget all the trouble they get into! Keep up the good work, I thoroughly enjoy reading about you and your kids!

EnjoyingLife said...

Hehehe ... my kids aren't the only ones who build little hide aways!!! It's amazing what they can do with couch cushions and some sheets. Do yours then jumb in the middle to see who can knock them down the fastest too?

debi9kids said...

Ok, so your description of Clay building something with the Tupperware had me thinking about MacGyver... am I giving away my age?

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn,

I have been reading your blog since I saw your auction on ebay. Good Stuff!

Anyway, I am a 27 year old mother of 2 girls and 2 boys. I am really amazed at your sense of humor. It's so hard for me to muster up a laugh at some of the antics my kids pull. That being said, the other day when my baby made a mess with the cornstarch I took a deep breath to relax, and then I took a page out of your book. I took a picture!

I'm happy I could see the humor in it when I could have freaked out. Yay me! Thank you for showing me that things don't always have to be so serious.

Tucson, AZ

Anonymous said...

So here I sit in my daughter's room, picking up her mess at 9:00 at night when I hear the doorbell ring! There stands my three year old with a blanket, crying for daddy. What??? He was walking the baby outside apparently and my daughter wanted to find him. Thank goodness she rang the doorbell or I never would have known! How do they do these things??
Mesa, Arizona

Anonymous said...

I warn you... just wait until they are teenagers, they will wear their pj pants to school and sleep in their clothes!
As Bill Cosby says... "Drain Bamage!"

Becky said...

Awww, sweet little Brooklyn sleeping!

Oh, that scares me...kids crawling out of windows and going off into the great beyond past the front yard! My toddler isn't afraid of the dark, and I have had nightmares that he might do this by night while I'm sleeping.

nutralady2001 said...

LOL 268 comments on your last blog I wonder why? J/K

When my daughter was 18 months old, (she is 22 tomorrow and going to the USA in a couple of weeks for FOUR MONTHS working at a (church)Summer Camp as a Counsellor) I was cooking dinner one night and the doorbell rang. There stood an ambulance officer holding my daughter, who was clad only in a singlet and a nappie, by the hand.Somehow she had managed to get out of the childproofed and locked gate in the backyard and was wandering down the footpath!!!

I was sooo embarrassed as well as so relieved and grateful of course I certainly didn't win Mother of the Year THAT day.

The officer had been driving past and saw her.......eepppp!!

I don't always comment these days ( life gets in the way) but always find time to read, can't wait for your book. Love you Dawn xx

Anonymous said...

Hee hee hee!!
I think Clay has earned a new nick name:

MaBunny said...

The pictures are absolutely adorable!! Although if I fell asleep in that position tha Brooklyn is in my neck would hurt, lol.
Have you ever seen an actual picture of a naked mole rat though? they not exactly cute:))

Glad today is a better day. Hope you get much accomplished!

little.birdy said...

Man, what a great way to spend the morning! I'm glad that Brooklyn got her nap.

Anonymous said...

we actually have a day for when my son doesn't have to change his clothes...jamma day! he loves that day! of course now that he is in the first grade and involved in lots of activities it doesn't happen that often, but when it does...

Jess J Jordan said...

OH I am sooo laughing here. I have a now 7 yr old son that took his first out of doors adventure at 4.5 yrs old. Everyone had laid down for a nap, so I went to the kitchen to mix up a batch of yeast rolls while it was quiet. I turned on my stereo and happily went about my business. 30 minutes later I went back to check on the kids - you know being the over protective parent that I am - and found Wolf-boy had escaped out the window!! Not only had he escaped out the window, but he had jumped on his bike and peddled off! An hour and a half later, we had boy and bike returned to us by way of a road crew of four pretty good sized men. They had picked him up 4.5 miles from our house!!!! They however were more relieved to see me, than I was to see my son. He fought them tooth and toenail into the truck, and all the way back to the house!

Anonymous said...


I truly hope you didn't take that NASTY comment that you received to heart! You have tons of fans that love you and what you do - so don't ever doubt that!

PJ days are the best and we should all be able to enjoy more of them.

Tell Brooklyn to move over -- I need a nap, too!

Keep the laughs coming!

Donna in PA :)

Patricia said...

Hi there, I have been "lurking" on your website for months now. I figured you have so many comments you wouldn't need yet another one. I thoroughly enjoy your writing and a lot of days you give me a laugh or two.

Your Sunday sound out caught my attention; someone talks about Asperger's Syndrome. It gives me the impression that one of your children has it? I ask because my son has Asperger's Syndrome and it is always interesting to meet up with other families living with this.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to respond back.

Unknown said...

My boys do the same thing! They find every stuffed animal, pillow, blanket etc and make a little nest in the front room. I equate toddlers to having Ninja like skills - when they want to!!

Liz said...

Hey Dawn!

First off, about your blog yesterday, thank you! Thank you so much for venting and being even more real than you are every other day. I have three boys, and often find myself on the brink of insanity with their antics, but I remind myself that you find a way to keep sane enough to entertain us daily with your family's goings on, and I LOVE it!! I have come to look forward to reading your blog daily, to not take my kids as seriously and just enjoy them at the stages they're at, insanity and all!

As for your little ones and their nest...my guys do that on occasion, and I still remember doing stuff like that when I was a kid and LOVED it!! We used to drag the chairs out of the kitchen and every blanket we could find all into the living room and make huge forts with rooms and secret passage ways...it was great!! How fantastic for your kids that you let them do stuff like that and not get so caught up in needing to have a perfect looking home all the time!

As for Jackson and his ADHD, I COMPLETELY understand that!! I am a mother of two boys who have ADHD (and possibly the third, time will tell); I am a sister who watches her brother continue to endure the torment both socially and emotionally that ADHD inflicts, even now when he's a young adult in college; and I am an adult who has recently taken the step to be tested and treated for ADD. As a suggestion for Jackson, maybe giving him active chores to do (make his bed, wipe down a counter or the cupboards, put outside toys away, anything that will keep him moving but helping) with positive incentives (five minutes of TV per chore completed?) and time limits to do them in might help. My two older boys have a list of chores to do daily and a time frame to do them in, and I've found that they stay out of trouble more often (they still find time to make me earn my Mom badge!) and they feel better about themselves because they're helping out and they're getting a reward that they earned. As busy as I know you are I don't know how realistic that would be for you to incorporate into your schedule, but I thought I'd suggest it in hopes that you'll be able to direct Jackson's energy somewhere other than the walls ;o)

Have a great weekend...and thanks again SO much for everything you do...I'm looking forward to reading your book and laughing at everything in it along with everything you write on here!

Liz Roth

Anonymous said...

I'm still laughing my butt off at Clay! How funny!
Lauren Barron
Fort Worth, TX

Rick said...

Those were the days. Throw blankets on the floor - build a fort out of them - take a little nappy-poo on the couch - escape from Mom's over sight through a widow. And then school hits and the fun is all over.

Enjoy it while you can kids!

Cami said...

We have a fear of windows here at our house. My 4 year old, Kate, fell out of a second story window in March of 2007. You can read about it here: http://therobandcamismithfam.blogspot.com/2007/09/our-miracle-child.html

Just show Clay the pictures and tell him how dangerous windows can be.

My 2 year old won't fall asleep anywhere but in her own bed. Not even in the car! This really sucks when we're on vacation.

Valarie said...

HA! That is currently what my bedroom floor looks like. I guess we missed the memo about it being national "throw every blanket that you own in a heaping pile on the floor and then leave them there for mom to clean up" day.

dedekae said...

When my oldest was 2 she fell asleep in her high chair with her bunny. I was so funny. I miss those days. She's 17 going on 30 now. Enjoy them they go fast.

Becky in Wyo said...

Yeah, just when you think you've got all the exits covered, they find new ones! Kids! Never a dull moment.

Anonymous said...

When I was a stay at home Mom..(now I'm a "work away mom who still does all of the stay at home stuff") we used to have "pajama days" often. We weren't going any were, why bother to get dressed?? LOL I love the pic of them on their little nest!!

Anonymous said...

If he can climb a refrigerator like he does, escape through a window is a piece of cake! I shudder thinking of him at 14!!!

TheHMC said...

Ah yes, the whole "lets put every single blanket that's in the house into the living room" bit. It wouldn't bother me so much if it were off in a corner like your kids did by the door. My kids are notorious for having all of piled up right in the spots that I need to walk, and then, of course, I end up stressing out and yelling as I trip through the mess.

And that's how it always happens, isn't it? No one stops by for years, and then the one day you want to run around nakie........

Unknown said...

Thanks for bringing joy and laughter to so many... no matter what Mr Grumpypants says! I have been enjoying your videos and thought that I would offer another funny one...

Oh, and I still think you are funny as ... well, you know!

Anonymous said...

You wright so well! I can relate to what you're telling. Funny kids!! Brooklyn is soo cute by the way! <3


Irishmama said...

Now, how on earth can someone feel you lost your sense of humor.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

You could have entered this one in Manic Mom's Slacker Mom contest! LOL!

And you know, we didn't go anywhere over Spring Break, but one day we hung out all day in our jammies, watched TV, took a nap (me anyway), played Wii, and Webkinz. The other days, we went bowling, out to lunch, etc.

When I asked Diva what was the best part of her spring break she said, "JAMMIE DAY!" They love days like that!!!

nutralady2001 said...

Yes know I've already commented LOL I still have jammies day and all my children have grown up, LOL

SuddenlySouthernCyndi said...

What cute little buggers! And as to yesterday's nasty-gram you recev'd, I'm glad to see the fandom rally around. I bet this person never thought their little tirade would result in a wave of supportive comments and cyber-hugs to you! Almost makes me wish I'd posted the nasty one I got recently in response to my Easter outfit post--but I declined to give them any publicity and just hit delete.

Heather said...

I LOVE IT!!!! I'm so glad my kids are not the only escape artists! The first time it warmed up here this year (I'm in TX so it was February) I had the windows open to air out the house. My boys have a big dresser in front of their window so I wasn't too concerned about them playing quietly with one of the neigbor kids in their room while I was in the kitchen. All of a sudden I hear somebody knocking on the front door. Yeah, it was my 2-year-old. With no pants. He went out the window (which is on the front of my house)... and there were several neighbors washing their cars, doing yard work, etc.
So yeah- I'm the best mom in the neighborhood.
And I didn't post with all the million posters the other day but I love your blog too! And you're free to post as little or as much as you want because, hey, it's YOUR blog! Duh. But thanks from me- another happy reader!

Jennifer said...

I have a Houdini, too. But, never fear, the police brought him back!
And my 8yo informed me yesterday that he wants to make a secret passage way from the powder room upstairs to the hall. But he'll ask me if it's okay before he smashes a hole in the wall. Um. Glad he warned me. :0)
And thanks for putting my Nothing But Nets page in your Check It Out column. Still hard to believe I was in a Missouri hospital pregnant - with malaria! I won't waste that experience!

The Adorables! said...

I am glad to read that I am not the only one who uses the term 'stinkerbutt'. I always hyphenated it in my mind... :-)


P.S. Thanks for your prayers for friends of friends!

Anonymous said...

So funny! Little kids are too cute...glad mine are older... Great post! Enjoy your day!

Anonymous said...

He, he, he.... you said butt!

Anonymous said...

"wait.. arent you in these blankets?" Ha ha ha ha, that really made me laugh, i do that a lot too! "But you're in London" when someone is stood in front of me in oxford, makes me smile to know that i share this with you... i dont have kids, but i am a kids nurse, so i get a lot of these "stinkerbutts" on the wards! very funny!!

from yesterday, LR, a) if you dont like it, just dont read it. 2) if you dont like it THAT much, why are you wasting your time reading it AND then leaving hateful messages to an otherwise wonderful, funny, and perhaps a little chaos driven mum! and d)dawn, i love this blog, but i always feel guilty that i cant read all your other blogs! Is it ok if i read just this one? and when possible, the book too? great! thanks!

p.s. apologies for the lack of punctuation, i have no excuse, im lazy.

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