Thursday, April 17, 2008

I'm Off Again

Hey all! I still have to pack because I'm meeting some friends at the Mall of America tomorrow. I planned this trip a long time ago (before all the craziness and other trips came about). I'll be spending two nights with four good friends in MN and then I go on to NY on Sunday to meet with the awesome folks at Guideposts. I'm so excited and hope I find out some more details about the book tour and stuff. I was feeling guilty because I feel like I've been gone more than I've been home this month. I was kinda wishing I could cancel my trip to MN, as much as I want to meet up with my friends, just so I could catch up on stuff here at home and spend more time with my kiddos. And then today happened.

The kids had the day off school today and after listening to 12 hours of fighting, I wish my flight left tonight! Do you have days like that? You totally miss the kids while they're at school and then they get home and you wish they could just go right back? Ugh. It was one of those days here.

Again, I want to thank an incredible woman, Kendra, for getting Michelle, Mimi and I together at Oprah's show. Michelle said it better than I could over on her blog. And tomorrow is Mimi's Relay for Life. Here's a great opportunity for you to make a difference. Take a couple of those income tax return dollars and give them to help find a cure for cancer. Here's a link to her site.


Anonymous said...

Dawn, there are days that I miss my daughter (11-years-old) so much that I can't wait to see her and hear about her day at school. I drive happily over to the school to pick her up at the end of the day.

Then she climbs into my car. . .we live 5 minutes from the school and I sometimes find myself looking for the best place to pull over and tell her to walk home! Would that be considered "bad parenting"??? hahaha

Donna in PA :)

SubWife said...

I hate to admit this, but every day is like that in my house. Actually, every night. Every day I run home from work eager to see the kids only to find myself counting minutes until their bedtime. Talk about guilt trip...

Suburban Correspondent said...

I think we all feel that way, Dawn. Some people say they don't, but they are lying.

Please, please, make sure your book tour brings you to my area! It would be fun to meet you in person.

Anonymous said...

Honey, you deserve it. I deserve a trip, too, but have no one to watch my kids. Have a good time for those of us that can't go places like you can.

TheHMC said...

I agree. Anyone that says that their kids don't grate on their last nerve at least sometimes.. is a total liarpants.

I thought I was going to lose it over Spring Break and couldn't wait for my oldest two to go back to school. Their personalities are sooo different and my 8 year old is the child that never takes life seriously and is constantly picking on all of us. I seperate him and his older brother though and the silence is glorious.

Have another good trip! I keep waiting for you to come pick me up on your way out and it still hasn't happened. What up with dat, Yo? Hook a sista up!

Sarah said...

I was a firm believer in no school in the summer. But dealing with my 6 year old torturing my 2 year old, drives me nuts. I got a notice from school that they offer 5 extra weeks of school for free. and since she is on free lunch, she gets transportation for free, lunch and breakfast for free.

Guess who got signed up for summer school.

Anonymous said...

I frequently have days like that, where once she comes home, I'm thinking "why did I want you to come home so badly?"

So you are going to MN! I just got back from there a few weeks ago. I am originally from there but live in San Diego now. I hope you have a good time and that the weather is nice.

I apologize if you get this comment a few times. I've been having trouble getting my comment to publish so I decided to do it under anonymous instead. :)


And I second what SuburbanCorrespondent said about coming to my area-I would love to meet you when I buy your book!

Anonymous said...

But Dawn you will love MOA and without kids BONUS!!! Lots of yummy restaurants and shopping.

I've had that day the last 2 days and if I thought I could track you down there I would drive the hour to meet ya'll and buy you a drink with an umbrella in it.

AlaneM said...

Oh man, this is my WHOLE LIFE! And I hate weekends & holidays cos then the 1 that's in school enters the mix - urgh!
Of course, this also happens with my hubby too. "OMGosh I'm going to DIE if he doesn't get here soon!" "Hi honey I'm so glad you're here." "Ok why are you ruining my life, GO BACK TO WORK ALREADY!!"

Becky said...

I hear ya! When the house gets loud and noisy and the kids are pestering each other and me...I about go nuts. Especially when I've cleaned up the daily clutter so that the house looks clean when my hard working man walks in the door, only to find that the kids have trashed things again while I'm making dinner.

I'm SOOOO crazy jealous. My hubby and I went to college in Minnesota and lived there for a few years as Newlyweds. We spent lots of hours at the Mall of America, and many of our good friends still live there. Can I come too, lol?

Have a great trip! Don't forget to take lots of pictures so we can all live vicariously through you. ;)

Kila said...

Same problem here! When I'm away, I miss them terribly. When we're together, they drive me up the wall!

Darla said...

Welcome to the great state of Minnesota! I hope you enjoy your time here!

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