Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday Sound Out

No post last night. I was sick. I haven't been this sick since I got food poisoning 14 years ago. Oh.My.Gosh. Do you have any idea how awful it is to have your body explode from both ends at the same time? On the bright side, I lost 5 pounds last night. Ugh. Joe is my hero.

OK, here's an updated map...

View Larger Map
Thank you again to all of you for taking the time to send us information about your city!!! We really appreciate it! Remember, this map is TWO pages. If you don't see yourself on the first map, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on "page 2". It will bring up a second map and list of names.

Now, on to your questions. I got a zillion questions this week, so here are some of them. I'll get to the others next week. (and the next week, and the next week...)

Maybe you've already answered this- but why did you name all of your kids after U.S. cities?

Because it's hard to pronounce foreign cities.

I was reading in our local paper today that Chicago colors their river green to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. How do they do that?

Lemon-lime KoolAid

images river

What kind of things did YOU do as a kid? When I read about the crazy things yours come up with, I have to wonder where they got it from.

I was perfect. They get it from their father.

Are you making any more appearances (like Fremd) that people in the area can come see you? (fingers crossed)

I don't have any planned right now.

Have you found cold breakfast cereal you can eat on the diet?

Yep! Joe's Os, Crispex, a lot of Envirokids ones, some Kashi ones... There are several others too.

So at what point did you start drinking and I don't mean coffee LOL![about the first day of spring break]

It's ok to put Bailey's in your coffee, right?

Why are people smelling their best friend's feet?

Because it would be just gross to smell your best friend's butt.

You do seem to have a lot of butt stuff going on for some reason?

Ummm yeah. Weird. What's that all about?

Did you know you have the #1 ebay auction on the best of ebay? pretty cool!

I didn't know that. Totally cool!

Do you think that your children might be encouraged to "misbehave" when you're taking a photographic record of their misadventures for your posting on the blog each time they create a disaster?

I hope so. Otherwise I'd run out of things to blog about.

You mentioned the other day that you boil enough eggs for each kiddo to dye a ton! What do you do with all those hardboiled eggs?

OK, I know this is going to sound crazy, but we EAT THEM.

Ok, someone has probably already asked, but how did Brooklyn get locked into the cabinet, if you have to have a special tool to get it open in the first place?

Yes, we have magnetic locks, but it's not like we actually use them.

I hope you had a joyous Easter! I know you're half Greek, but you're obviously not Greek Orthodox if you celebrated Easter yesterday. Were you Orthodox at one point, or did your religion come from the non-Greek parent?

The religion came from my mom who is not Greek.

What are the red Greek egg thingies????

This explains it. By the way, I was last person with an uncracked egg this year. :)

Would you consider starting links for those of us who would like to support your site ( and household) by buying quality handmade pet clothing and accessories?

Ummm no.

How did you handle the hey-mil-you-brought-food-my-kids-can't-eat situation?

Eh, whatever. It was no big deal. Even Joe has a hard time remembering what they can and can't have. I just made some that they could have.

Clay was like Jesus - left behind in the temple. Where was he, teaching the Senior Citizens a thing or two about God?

Um close. Actually he was running around Fellowship Hall chasing other kids.

Do your older kids know about the Easter bunny, and how did you break it to them?

Yes they know, and I didn't have to break it to them. There comes a time when you just realize that bunnies don't hop into your house to hide eggs. If they don't catch on, you've got to kind of wonder about them.

Wow when you get this many comments do you read them all?


Why can't your kids have splenda or colored sprinkles?

Because my kids are on a diet with no artificial additives and preservatives.

How about a "BECAUSE I SAID SO" mommy blogger cruise?

Oooo, a mommy blogger cruise would be fun!!! I'm not going on a cruise, but I am going to New Jersey with other mommy bloggers! You can check out the details here.

Can you just give me step by step instructions on how you do that [moving your blog to your own domain]? My husband gave me my own domain name for Christmas but I haven't a clue how to move off Blogger!!!

Yes I can!

1. Pick up the phone.

2. Dial your web designer's number.

3. Say, "Can you move my blog for me?"

Ta Da!

What is the link to your other site where you review products?

Mamaslike is the site where Angie, Melissa and I review products and services from other WAHMs. I've been getting a lot of requests to check out products from various companies, so I just started another blog to talk about products and services from other companies. You can see it here.

What do you do when your not yet potty trained child takes off their messy diaper and paints on the walls with their poop?

Clean it.

Why do people post songs they can't get out of their head to their blog?
I listened to the song the first day. Could not get it out of my head. Then, the next day, I couldn't remember it. So, I came back and listened to it again. That worked, for one day.
I had to come back again for a third dose.
Now I really cannot get it out of my head.
I would really like to get rid of this song can you please post a different one?
Happy to oblige! Here ya go...

Exactly how much is a "trabillion?"

More than a quarillion. Hey, I never claimed to be mathy.

At what point did you realize that your post on e-bay had "taken off" generating so much attention?

I think it was when I got a wake-up call from Good Morning America.

How do you keep your older ones still interested in church?

I don't. They don't especially like going, but I make them go anyway because I'm just mean that way. I remember wanting to sleep in instead of going to church when I was a kid too. It's ok. It'll all sink in at some point and they'll change their minds. At least that's my theory.

I was wondering if coming up with a topic for a blog entry is becoming a "chore" or if you still are having "fun?"
It's still fun. Writing my book was even more fun! I can't wait to really get going on my second book, in fact.

Are you going to have a say on what goes on the cover of your book? Will there be funny pictures in it?

Well, the folks at Guideposts came up with the cover design. I can give them my opinion of it, but in all honesty, unless it's totally hideous, I don't really care too much what it looks like. I really like the cover they've come up with right now. I'll show it to you guys as soon as I get the okay.

If you were a tree what kind would you be?

A tree? Hmmm, definitely a palm tree. Then I'd be living in a tropical climate. (They're calling for snow later this week! Whatever happened to "in like a lion, out like a lamb"? Will winter never end???)


Ellen said...

For a SSO... forgive me if I missed this - but how do you know Mimi? I was touched by Julian's story and Mimi's journey on her cps. I think/pray for the Avery family every day. Have fun at Oprah!!

Anonymous said...

To the person who asked about moving her blog to her own domain name:

You usually can't just "move" a blog. You can have your domain name redirect to your blog, but otherwise you will need a webdesigner/developer to write you a website. I am sorry this is likely bad news because developers will charge you for their time. You may be able to find cheap "predone" websites by doing a search for them. Sorry I can't be more helpful.

Michelle said...

Feel better, Dawn! I'm impressed that you're blogging after being that ill. Here's hoping that means you're all (or at least functionally) better.

Joe's rubber gloves are really getting a workout this winter (when there is snow in the forecast, it's still winter regardless of what the calendar says)!

I don't know why you're surprised that your egg lasted the longest (after reading about the tradition) -- you're already super lucky! Good to know it will continue through the next year.

Randee said...

Ooo, ooo, ooo, am I first? really really first? or just noticed it said "no comments" so I (with a gazillion other people waiting for their kids to go to sleep) thought I could do the "I'm first" post! Rarely post, but LOVE the blog! Thanks for the laughs...(being a single mom in grad school I need them!!)

Anonymous said...

That's great that your kids are on the no artificial sweeteners/additives diet! I've heard great things about it.

A question for next week's Sunday Shout Out --

My husband has Aspergers and I'm wanting him to try the Feingold diet (is that what your kids are on?). How long before you noticed a difference with the diet change with your kids? He's worried that he'll have to do it for a long time to see if there's any difference. Thanks for any insight! :)

Donna said...

You don't read your comments? Then I won't waste my time commenting any more. I will, however, keep reading your blog. Because it rocks.

plainprecious said...

Ok I have a wustion for next weeks SSO How come you didnt put the persons name after the wuestion like you normally do?

Also I plan on buying your book where will it be sold? I have a thing about buying books. Normally I dont buy it if I dont like the cover. WHY you may ask. Because my theory is if they cant come up with an interesting cover how can I guarantee whats in it is any good? Ok I guarantee I will purchase yours no matter what it looks like on the outside.

Anonymous said...

So amazed at how you can still have humor when people ask such silly questions. Sorry to hear you were so sick...having it the way you did is NOT fun...sounds like you have a great hubby!! I hear ya on the snow thing...THINK SUMMER!!!

Mark said...

Hi Dawn: Hope this note finds you feeling better.
I followedone of your posted links,and saw(for the first time) that wonderful family photo of all of you Meehans..dressed in white..smiling...It was wonderful!!
Itsreally none of my BEESWAX, but WHO was the photographer? In other words, HOW did he or she manage to get everyone WHITE..(which stayed clean and bright?)
Oh..last question: Has OPRAH invited you to appear ON AIR yet?
Maybe when the book comes out..Oprah is famous for promoting books which she likes..make sure to send over a few copies!!

Anonymous said...

Impressive map! How many pieces of mail does it represent without counting all of the entries?

Sandy, HE, Illinois

Patty in MD said...

Where and when are you in NJ? Kudos to Joe for being such a supportive husband!
If you don't know anyone in NJ I could come up and be your (stalker)friend. I'll bring rum!

ilana (Helen) Pengelly said...

It's like way way easier to just point your domain name at your blog.
That's what I did with this one (sorry for the blatant self advertisement -- couldn't resist)Blogger even shows you how to do this on the settings tab of your template. You just fill in the blanks and bada bing bada boom it's www.your cool

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that song! HAHA! It is a wonderful fun song! Thats all I have to say really. Keep up the great work!

Athanasius contra mundum said...

I hope that you feel better soon. God bless you.

nomi said...

I don't think winter will EVER be over! Hope you're feeling better today!

Rick said...

Hey, Hey, Hey! By my calculations I scared three questions on this week's S.S.O.! What a way to start my week!

In fear I clicked on the You Tube video - fearing that I'd have another song stuck in my head. But, it was actually a pleasant song. I enjoyed it - thanks. Always a fan of Veggie Tales.

The Olsson Family said...

I hope you feel better soon! Being sick that way is not human...
But for now, let me leave a contribution to songs that never leave your head. I know it's in german (or something), I don't speak it either, but it sticks anyway. So here, enjoy the "Garden gnome dance" :
oh, and one more thing, you can do the dance if you want! we do it in our linedancegroup... I know, we are nerds.


Anonymous said...


I hope you're feeling better. It's NO fun to be that sick!

Thank you for posting that song -- now it's stuck in MY head!!! Who sings it?

Donna in PA :)

TheHMC said...

Do you laugh everytime you see that someone has commented with something regarding them being the first person to comment on whatever your latest blog entry is? I read through your comments on occasion and always find it funny how much people love you that they hope they're the first commenter.
Not that we don't ALL love you.. um.. *ahem* lol.

I always crack up at "butt" references you talk about. Whether it's something the kids have said or like when you listed the searches people have done to find your blog. My 3 year old likes to proclaim on a regular basis how "farts are funny Moooom", and I guarantee you that if I did a keyword search on my blog that most of them would involve "poop" of some form or fashion.
I am obsessed with it, after all. one would think ;).

Anonymous said...


I just read Mimi's page and she said you, her and Michelle, were going to get together. I am so excited for all you. I can't wait to hear all about. Thanks again for directing me to Jullian's World. Its been a blessing as well as a heartache. Glad you are feeling better now. Dede

Nikki said...

Hi Dawn, I have been reading your blog for awhile now. I can relate sort of to Mimi, although I haven't lost a child I have come close. I am a 21 year old mother of a 4 yr old and 2 1/2 yr old. Two Months ago my husband and I took the children and went to the mountains for a Sunday afternoon (we live in TN) and on the way home there was a freak accident and a rock fell off the side of the mountain and hit the back window on the passenger side, where our precious 2 year old was sleeping in her car seat. It broke her window when it hit and glass went all over her, and the rock also hit her. She spent 4 days in ICU and another 3 days in the hospital at Children's hospital. They were wonderful, but we were scaed to death. She has come haed injuries and cut up pretty bad, but thankfully she didn't suffer any permanent damage. She is actually pretty much back to her self, she just has headaches now and they're only a few times a week and we can give her tylenol for them.

Michelle said...

Ahhh...Newsboys - I always was a sucker for guys in eyeliner...
I like their old stuff though. (I never thought I'd become that way at 24)

Anonymous said...

Hey Dawn,
a) Isn't Bailey's in coffee mandatory? What would be the point of coffee otherwise?
2) My kids get it from their father also!
c) I'm mean too, and my kids are now 13 and 17. They still come to church, both have given their hearts to the Lord, seem to get it, but we still have those turbulent years of 'separation from the parents' to go through, so we will see. Some days I would like to sleep in too - usually the days I'm greeting!
Annette in BC

Karen Deborah said...

That was the FLU and you lost 5 pounds of fluids you need to rehydrate yourself. Most people are feeling bad for 2 weeks, hope your family doesn't get it. Lysol wipes for everything. One of the nurses I work with came down with it at work and had to be rescued, we gave her an IV and she still ended up going to the ER. This one is NO PICNIC which you can testify. Sitting on the pot and pukking in a bucket is tough. Teach your littles to carry a bucket around with them. Brooklyn is adorable if you were closeer I'd babysit. Is Madison Mississippi on the map yet?

Laura ~Peach~ said...

I have not told you lately just how much I love your answers to some of these questions... The totally crack me up.
I am so excited for you mimi and michelle, one small twinge of jealousy but since i know ALL THREE of you will share details its all good!
Have a great day and I hope you feel better quickly ... god bless Joe :-)

Rosemary King said...

Hi Dawn!
I was given your blog by a member of an online community I just joined (Admin Zone).
Anyway, I'm Rosemary SAHM of 5 going on 6 in November. I think it's wonderful that you have 6 kids. It's not very often I know of larger families (though, I consider my family size to be small, considering there are those with more than 15 kids! That to me is a large family!)
Anyway, I just wanted to say hello!
You have a wonderful blog!
And I hope you're feeling better!

Esther said...

Are you serious? Another blog? Product reviews? Are you suicidal or just bored?

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn, hope you are better! I've had that stomach bug twice now in 2 months and I don't recommend it!!!!

I know you have the link to his site on the right of your screen, but please be sure to go to (and fellow readers, please do to...) and check the updates...that little guy and his parents need all the prayers they can get right now!

Thanks for making us smile/laugh even when you are as sick as a dog! I recommend saltine crackers (if you can have those on the special diet) and Sprite, but you probably can't do the Sprite, so--um, well, I guess I'll just pray you get better!!

Sympathetic hugs from Dallas! ;0)

BoufMom9 said...

Sorry you were so sick last night. How awful!
OH! I remember back when you said you were coming to NJ... I think I offered to meet up with you, drink & pretend we have no kids....
You in?

Take My Life... said...

YELLLLLLOWWW!!!! ( that's how we say Hello , in Avery language!)


Sorry, thats all i had to say!
Well besides, I hope you are feeling better , i really do. I would offer to take your place next time but I wouldn't speak my heart!!!


Ashley said...

First off, I also lost 6 lbs from the flu this year. I'm thinking about not getting a flu shot next year either, and considering it my master cleanse diet. It takes way less self control.

I don't know where we're supposed to leave our questions for you, and I'm practically incapable of following directions anyway so...

6 kids?? Are you crazy or were you psychic enough to figure out this economic stimulus rebate business ahead of time? Cha-ching for you! Would you notice if I dropped one more off? He's a little e-bull, but cute!

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