Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Google This

It's time, once again, to take a peek at my stat counter to see how you guys found my blog. Here are a few of the actual keywords that landed you here.

i love shoes because
and this led them to MY blog???

a cool mom
Well, naturally my blog came up. ;)

how much to feed kids
Really? Are you asking me this? Today Brooklyn didn't eat anything. She just smeared banana all over her face. I think she was trying to get her nutrition through osmosis.

the song that gets on your nerves
This is the current song that is on my nerves. Savannah came home from school and asked me about Constantinople and now I can't get this song out of my head!

Ummm ok?

my two year old won't go on the toilet anymore
Be happy! My 4 year old only goes ON the toilet. I'm trying to teach him to go IN the toilet.

four4now blogspot
This might have been fitting back in 1998.

funny marriage advice for young couples
Umm, say, "No" when your wife asks you if her outfit makes her look fat.

working mom feed breakfast
I hope my Cheezits post didn't come up for this one!

camper toilet
not a good place to store pet frogs

toddler testosterone surge
When your 3 year old grows a beard

peach syrup vomit
It's the newest flavoring for tea

forced butt smelling stories
I don't know if it's more disturbing that someone Googled this or that my blog came up.

anal seepage blue collar
I don't think a collar (in any color) is going to help you with this one.

fat costa rican butt
Oooo so close. The answer we were looking for is "fat half-Greek butt"

mother/daughter armpit shaving
Creepy bonding experiences for $400, Alex

because i said sew
Right now! Start stitching!

is wearing man english striped socks

it seems like i'm sick every month
Me too. Sick and tired of cleaning up messes!

smelling best friend's feet
Now that's frienship! Or something like that. And really, are there websites dedicated to smelling friend's feet?

looking in bathrooms for dirty diapers
Looking in bathrooms? Amateurs! I look in the refrigerator, the high chair, and behind the TV.
extra gum butt ad
I hope this isn't a new flavor of Extra gum.

will pants stop your penis from growing
Think the guy who Googled this, wears a skirt?

just one year giraffe pajamas
Yes, and after that first year, giraffes sleep in the buff.

Do mice like cheerios
Why yes! Yes they do. Especially when they're shoved down in your registers.

Wears red striped socks?
This guy?

I said what what in the butt
It's official. This is the butt blog.

flushing out swallowed coins
Who said you can't poop your own money?

sexy scarecrow brain costumes
Yep, there's nothing sexier than scarecrow brains.


Krista said...

Well, at least the "just one year giraffe pajamas" makes sense.
Just One Year is a brand of Carter's kid clothes sold by Target. And my son got some darn cute pajamas by them! ;)
No clue how that references your blog though... you'd think they'd go to a store website if they wanted to buy pajamas!

Anonymous said...

You know it really isn't that much fun being "first" because you can't read everyone else's comments. I don't know if you should be mad, scared, or a little of both if those searches brought up your blog! hee hee Scary stuff there! You do seem to have a lot of butt stuff going on for some reason? Maybe it was all the talk about the empty toilet rolls, yes that has got to be it!


SubWife said...

This is too funny. I don't think I laughed this hard in a long,long time. Thank you! On the second thought, this is kind of disturbing. Why are people smelling their best friend's feet?

Tarasview said...

I don't comment very often but I do read every day. You make me laugh. Thanks.

And my four year old can't seem to pee IN the toilet either. He can pee ON it, AROUND it, NEAR it... but getting it IN seems rather impossible.

I had no idea how disgusting it was to share a bathroom with a husband and 2 sons. And for some bizarre reason my 15 month old daughter has taken to throwing stuff IN the toilet.

And she usually waits until there is someone's unflushed business in it.


Anyway, thanks for reminding me that I'm not alone!

plainprecious said...

Ok Dawn, CREEPY!!!!!!!! Doesnt it just amaze you how many times the word butt leads people to your blog? I still cant figure out the reason anyone would search some of the things you posted. STRANGE. My bet is that the people searching them are in all probability MEN. lol.

Can you do me a favor? Send out a special hello to my sons pre K teacher Miss Jody. She is a fan of yours and comments whenever I get on your SSO. She loves your blog. In fact she said it was because of you that she remembered her license expired lol

Nancy Binky said...


Appears to me that the youngest Meehan male is trying his best to resemble Harry Potter (lightning bolt on forehead, black-rimmed glasses). Of course, he would be mimicking the character in the soon-to-be-released EIGHTH book... HARRY POTTER AND THE 5 O'CLOCK SHADOW!

You've INSPIRED me, Dawn! I've started my own blog!

I'm NO LONGER anonymous!

Nancy Binky

Anonymous said...

"flushing out swallowed coins
Who said you can't poop your own money?"

Isn't the correct term, "Having money coming out the wazoo?" Of course, I'm not too sure of the spelling on "wazoo..."

Not that I'd really know. Money has never come out of my wazoo, grown on any trees I've seen, nor were my parents made of it (as they reminded me constantly growing up).

I guess I'm going to have to settle for happiness instead of wealth!

Sandy in Tucson

Anonymous said...

Dear Schaumburg, IL readers,
I was interested to read a comment in the last posting asking Dawn if she was going to be speaking in the area again. I would like to invite anyone in the Schaumburg area to come to hear Dawn tell her story on Wednesday, March 26 at 7:00 p.m. at Our Saviour's United Methodist Church. 701 E Schaumburg Road, Schaumburg, Illinois. We would love to have you join us.


Unknown said...

Have you seen the "what what in the butt" video?

Anonymous said...

These are so bizarre. I love it. :)

Shellie said...

I am SO dying of laughter here! Gotta go wipe my tears and get to bed.

Anonymous said...

forced butt smelling stories
I don't know if it's more disturbing that someone Googled this or that my blog came up.

anal seepage blue collar
I don't think a collar (in any color) is going to help you with this one.

fat costa rican butt
Oooo so close. The answer we were looking for is "fat half-Greek butt"

Those are hilarious!!

Anonymous said...

You have to be making these up!!! Too funny!


Suburban Correspondent said...

All those disappointed people! Doesn't it make you feel bad?

Heather Everingham said...

Oh my I'm crying you made me laugh so hard and its only 7am.. I must say those were funny. Good marriage advice for young couples maybe you should contact the guy on that new show for Newlyweds that when his wife asked if something made her look fat he told her "no, your fat makes you look fat" ...he obviously wants a divorce quickly.

Jennifer said...

Sooooo... speaking of strange Googles... I Googled Batman cakes under Google images. I was looking for inspiration for a cake I was making my 6 year0old. Imagine my surprise when a picture came up of shall I say it...A woman's "area". I'm still strying to figure out how that came up under "Batman". Any thoughts?

Sheila said...

That is hilarious!

I wonder what all those searches were looking for with all the butts. People are sick.

But not you, of course. Your butt stories are just humorous, and for our amusement. And your consternation.

Have a great day!

Visit To Love, Honor and Vacuum today!

Anonymous said...

Dawn, I was laughing out loud at some of these searches! What are people thinking?

Thanks for the YouTube of They Might Be Giants. I haven't heard that one in years, but I was singing right along with it. I loved them long before they started their "kid" music.

Korkie said...

"will pants stop your penis from growing?"

..... not buying this one.

Summer said...

this is my absolute favorite type of post you do! oh my gosh... my sides hurt from laughing so hard...

Brenda said...

I have got to start googling more interesting topics. I feel like an underachiever.

trishia said...

too funny! But I can top you- my daughter doesn't only pee ON the toilet rather than IN it, she also pees IN FRONT OF it. I guess there are just days where she is so tired from all the anti-cleaning she does during the day that she just cannot get up the energy to get up on the toilet...
have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Oh come on They Might Be Giants are a great band! Have your kids heard their 2 childrens albums? Here Come the ABC's and the 123's album? Now those can get slightly annoying ;o)

Greg said...

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Gregory E. Lang
Author of “Daddy’s Little Girl,” “Why a Daughter Needs a Dad,” “Why a Daughter Needs a Mom” and more.

Lisa said...

Too funny! Crazy what seem people Google. My stat counter has someone googling 'my mom peed on me' and it led them to me blog. I cannot figure that one out for the life of me.

Sometimes Sophia said...

You are my inspiration, and hilarious beyond words. Please read my blog (it's well written and funny) and maybe add it to your list. I'm flailing in the cyber-void.

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Oh my gosh that was so funny! Thanks for the laugh this morning!! By the way, how do you see all of these? I can only go 100 visits back and then they disappear!

Anonymous said...

Great! Now I've got Istanbul not Constantinople running through my head! I haven't heard that song in years and it's a little scary I still remember all the words!


Anonymous said...

i'm jealous, dawn. you get good ones! haha. :)

the best i've gotten in the last week is "i want my sister to spank me"

things that make you go hmmmm....

Maridy Carpenter said...

Those are hilarious! Not only can I not believe just what things actually led to your blog somehow, but I really can't believe the things that some people actually look up on Google. Some of those are just plain scary :) Keep up the good work, Dawn. I love your blog.

nutralady2001 said...

You know Dawn it's kinda scarey how the word "butt" features so much in people's Google searches, even scarier that it leads to your blog

All I can say is Thank God some-one sent me the link to your Pokemon auction (and I can't remember who it was) and that's how I found you......

I might sit down this long weekend and think of interesting things to google and see if they lead me to your blog. Of course a lot of them will feature the word "butt"

So if you see an Australian IP featuring prominently in your stats, you can venture a pretty sure guess it is me! Yes small things amuse.....

Keeley said...

Hahaha, my son and I just laughed ourselves silly over these. Except the rude ones. There are some strange people out there...

In other news, They Might Be Giant ROCKS!!!! We love that song! =)

Anonymous said...

And these are the people who will be voting to choose the leader of our country. . .

Elleah said...

HILARIOUS! The things people google baffles me

MaBunny said...

HAHAHA!!!LOL at those. Some of those are a bit disturbing, but funny.
You really ahve to wonder about people sometimes:))


Heather H said...

Those are so funny! I love when you post them. I am amazed by what people search for, and more amazed that your blog comes up for those searches. Thanks for the laugh!

Anonymous said...

Seriously Istanbul/Constantinople... Now I am going to be singing that all day. Gee thanks!! LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

This is avery funny site!! I am definetly coming back. And Tara, keep the toilet lid closed ALL the time!!

Anonymous said...

LOVE your blog! I've been reading a while, but this my first post.

I just had to respond to the "peach syrup vomit." The heavy peach syrup from canned peaches will help settle your stomach. When I'm sick, as soon as I feel nauseous, I take a TBS or 2 of the heavy peach syrup, and I don't throw up! It really works. But not for food poisoning. NOTHING was gonna stop that!

Keep up the good work! I love coming here for a laugh!

AlaneM said...

These make me laugh SO hard!!
Thanks for making me pee my pants. (I think)

Anonymous said...

Well, after reading today's entry I googled 'the butt blog' -just to check- and nope, yours doesn't come up, lol!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the laugh...I can always count on your blog to give me a lift! Blessings!

Astronomum said...

I think the "penis" guy must be British. We use "pants" exclusively to refer to underpants in Britain - it's never used for "trousers". My (American) husband once got into trouble for telling my (British) Dad than my Mum had left her keys in her "pants". He got quite a look for that comment!

Unknown said...

thanks for the laugh! I definitely needed that today.

Dawn said...

I can help you with this one: anal seepage blue collar
I don't think a collar (in any color) is going to help you with this one.

When you did the post on Allie or whatever the heck it was that caused you to have oily leakage, I left a comment that referenced Jeff Foxworthy's bit on Anal Seepage...if you don't know, he is part of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour.


Anonymous said...

You wanna know what's scarier? I just looked up "Dawn Meehan butt" to see what would come up... and it's other bloggers' blogs talking about you! rofl!!

It's not enough that the word butt brings us to you, but it brings us to people who talk about you too! lmao, I thought you might enjoy knowing :)

Tonya Staab said...

ha ha, some of those are hilarious. I want to see my blog appear when people google crazy stuff LOL.

Oh my twins have that same monkey t-shirt. Gotta love monkeys. Gotta love Target :)

Anonymous said...

Ok, I've been lurking, butt now, I just have to say, your taste in music, the You Tube clips you pull up, your wonderfully entertaing way of describing (smelly friends feet) life, and your lives(fun things in the toilet)-Dawn, you could be my twin from different mothers 2 years apart...You really have a way with expressing (milk?)--things. Hee hee hee! Love all you do and say, can't wait for your (anal seepage-whahaha) book to come out (Giraffe butts in pajamas) oh boy!

Laura said...

Didn't have time to read all the comments this morning so if someone already posted this just ignore me.... I have the answer to little boys missing the toilet......Cheerios. Yup cheerios, just tell them that they are battleships and they gotta sink em. Worked for mine!

Rick said...

UUUGGGHH! You did it to me again.

First there was the music from the Pirate Movie ringing in my brain when I click on that link! (I actually found myself watching the thing a couple of weeks ago because of you.) And NOW I've got "Istanbul, Constantinople" stuck in my head.

Where is my CCR CD? I've got to exercise this demon from my brain!

Anonymous said...

Did you know you have the #1 ebay auction on the best of ebay? pretty cool!

debi9kids said...

This one has to be my favorite:
forced butt smelling stories

What exactly does that even mean?
What is "forced butt"????

Anonymous said...

Forced butt smelling stories? lol

I have an online support group for Moms with large families. We would love to see you there!

Neisey said...

Dawn - you have inspired me to start a blog (that I post to less than regularly) where I get a chance to type for what seems like hours and have 4 or 5 people read it - I guess a girls gotta start somewhere.

Had a little google experience of my own if you would like to read about it - but no, it didn't lead me to your blog.

Anonymous said...

fyi, i "found" ur blog, indirectly, due to the ebay pokemon auction. i am a member of a tv tech site ( ) that has a "off topic" area, and someone had posted the ebay link . it is safe to say , your sense of humor was a hit !! thanks for sharing the adventure(s) .

73 de an indiana ham

Anonymous said...

"fat costa rican butt
Oooo so close. The answer we were looking for is "fat half-Greek butt"

mother/daughter armpit shaving
Creepy bonding experiences for $400, Alex"

Those made me laugh so hard!

Momo Fali said...

My latest and greatest was, "My five year old smells my butt". But, I gotta tell you, the mother/daughter armpit shaving has to be my favorite EVER. I think that's hysterical!

Anonymous said...

You should do stand up, that was so hilarious. I had tears in my eyes I was laughing so hard.

StarWarsFans said...

"Istanbul, now it's Constantinople".....awwww....that song brings back such memories. "They Might Be Giants" is one of my all-time favorite music groups. If you want a whole collection of stupid songs you can't get out of your head, just pick up one of their C.D.'s!

Chaim said...

Oh dear. This was the funniest post in the universe. I get some good search terms for my blog, too, but certainly nothing like this...

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