Thursday, March 6, 2008

She Called!!!

Guess who called me today! Savannah's health teacher!!! I kid you not! I was at the hospital waiting for my kids to go back to surgery and my cell phone rings.
"Mrs. Meehan?"
"Hi. This is Mrs. M., Savannah's health teacher."

This is the part where I thought, well it's a good thing I'm in the hospital because I think I just went into cardiac arrest.

"Oh yes. Umm, about Savannah's menu... I really usually cook decent meals. Honestly. Other than those Cheez-Its I got Savannah and some flavored tea, I don't keep foods with artificial ingredients in the house. I make almost everything from scratch. Usually. Honestly. I know it seems like I'm a derelict and I only feed my kids Skittles, Dr. Pepper, and boxed, frozen nuggets made from 1% chicken parts and 99% sawdust, but I swear I only feed them that stuff on odd numbered days. The other days, I cook real meals containing actual food. I swear! The more I ramble, the more I notice the absolute silence on the other end. The more silence, the more I ramble. I'm just fun that way. I continued prattling, I mean, I don't make them eat liver or anything too gross, but I force feed them vegetables. Well, not Brussel sprouts because, well because they're icky and they look like little brains. I know I write about cookies a lot, but we really don't eat cookies for every meal. Well, sometimes I do, but I make sure the kids don't. Because I want to keep them all for myself care about the kids' nutritional needs."

Before her ears started bleeding, Mrs. M interrupted and said, "Mrs. Meehan, I was just calling to let you know that Savannah is a great kid."

I impressed her with my highly articulate reply, "Huh?"

"I was going to write you a note, but I decided to give you a call instead. I've paired the kids up to take notes and work together. Savannah's partner struggles a bit and Savannah has been really nice to her and has taken time to help her. I just wanted to let you know."

"Ohhh. Oh well, very good. Very well then. You can just ignore my inane ramblings."

Seriously though, I was so happy to hear that my daughter was being nice and helpful. It's always good to know that something has sunken in and the kids can behave in public. Sometimes I wonder if anything I say gets through to them, ya know? And how nice that her teacher took the time to call and let me know! And even better yet, she closed with this, "As far as the diet goes, believe me, I know what it's like to do the whole fast food drive-thru thing on the way to dropping my son off at his sporting event. I just want the kids to be aware of what they're eating and to think about the decisions they make when it comes to food. If they repeatedly make unhealthy choices, they'll end up looking like you it'll catch up to them eventually.

And the kids' surgery went very well today. They were in and out in no time. Clay was loopy and goofy as they took him back to surgery. He was giggling so hysterically that the nurse asked, "Did anesthesia come and give him a shot?" Um, nope. He's just a goofball. As always, having surgery done in a children's hospital sure makes you thankful for healthy kids. Say a prayer for all those kiddos who are in the hospital for more than a simple ear tube surgery.

Edited to add the following:
I keep forgetting to mention this! If any fellow blogger out there in Blogland has a couple minutes to spare, go here and fill out this survey about mom bloggers. Bobbie Sue is trying to finish up her PhD and needs your help gathering information about how blogging might have helped you transition to motherhood. Please take a minute to help her out in her research.


Heidi said...

Oh, good job, Savannah!! And good job teaching her by example, Dawn!

(And I'm so glad all went well with the surgeries--Clay sounds like such a fun kid!) :)

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Now I guess you know all the crap you feed her this week didn't have a negative affect on her personality!

Glad the surgery went well.

Outbackgrrrl said...

We live 50ks from any stores, and 200ks from any fast food franchises, but I agree with your daughter's amazing teacher (good on her for taking the time to praise good work!)just be aware of what is going into your mouth, and don't make a habit of convenience foods. My 3 kids have all left home, and are happy to be able to both cook from stratch, and take advantage of healthy take away foods.
One of my daughters is studying nursing, and her first 2 cases in paediatric (sp??) surgery were sad - a 2 month old rolling off the change table and fracturing her skull (Hmmm) and a 9 yo child so severely disabled his parents have put on a DNR order.
Go hugs your kids, everyone!
Sorry for the long ramble,
A in nearly outback Australia

peach said...

this post makes me know that you need to come visit my blog LOL yeah in your spare time... I decided to have a contest ON thinking before you speak... with money prize and everything... I had to laugh at todays phone call... they are so far and few usually when they call me on my daughter i just automatically say "what has she done now!"...anyway do come play in my contest if you get a chance its running till sunday
grins and thanks for the laughs and I am so glad the kids tubes went in with out a hitch! surgerys scarey no matter what kind!

Jenn loves Derek said...

SO Funny! I wonder if she reads your blog and decided to call to freak you out instead of sending the note? jk Savannah sounds like a geat young lady & I have a feeling she has a good example.

Just wanted to ask what you wanted me to bring back for you while I'm in Cancun?

OK, Yes I am so freaking lucky! I am a mom of 5 and I am going to Cancun for a week....with my husband NO KIDS! (Aside fom wearing a swimsuit so everyone can see my legs that looked like cooked oatmeal, I am excited.)

I am excited, but to tell you the truth I am going to miss my kids, especially my 3 year old. He is my buddy during the day.

Why am I telling you all this on your comment area? because you remind me to laugh at the mishaps & mayham (spl?) of motherhood.

I just wanted to say thanks! I wish every mom had a oppurtunity for a little down time and to sit under a palapa with a umbrella in her drink, while reading a great book. (I also will not be on the internet for a week and will miss reading your blog. You brighten my day.)

Lucille said...


I would have rambled as long, if not longer , han you did if I got that call!

How very very nice that her teacher took the time to tell you how great your child is! I think that is wonderful and I wish more people would do that!

I actually got a call like that this year for my little one (first grader) and I instantly thought - oh my gosh - what did she do? But it was a silly story that happened and the teacher thought I'd like to hear it. She was right and it made me grin from ear to ear. So hopefully you are still grinning about your pride and joy! :)

I'm glad the surgery went well and yes - ditto, on the prayers to those that need them. It's nice to have "simple" problems - isn't it?

Have a great night!

VanDerHoekArt said...

Good for Savannah! I bet your heart stopped though when you got the call. Good thing there were Dr.s nearby!

Toni said...

It is always good to hear how well our children behave for other people. I often wonder if people know just exactly which are my kids, because I'm often amazed at how curteous and service-oriented they seem to be when I'm not watching.

Jules said...

Well I'm glad that the Happy Juice that you slipped to Clay worked. See what nutritious food choices do? People admire and revere you and the kids. Two thumbs up for Cheez-Its!

feefifoto said...

Sounds familiar. Whenever one of my kids' teachers pulls me aside I always ask: "What is it now? Am I in trouble?"

Sherry said...

I'm glad the kids' surgeries went well. I cannot imagine having two in the same day. Did you get a discount? Buy one set of tubes, get another at half price? Seems like the doctor should do that for you, imo. :)

Wildsissy said...

Becky said...

How funny is that? The very teacher, calling home?

And good job, Savannah! Way to do your mom and dad proud!

Manic Mom said...

Been a while and I'm catching up on my blog reading... glad the kids got through the surgeries OK, glad the health teacher didn't yell at you.

Have you considered buying those double or triple rolls of toilet paper??

: )

Sonya said...

Wow Dawn...I am glad my son was sleeping in the OTHER room, I actually laughed out loud!!! I LOVE reading your posts! You type like I think, I only hope I can blog as you do one day! :) Glad all went well with the kids! Much Love!

Sue said...

Geez Dawn, Your days are certainly not dull and boring!
Glad the surgeries went well!

Kathi S. said...

As a teacher, I don't make many positive phone calls home. One day after making a few negative phone calls, I thought I would end my day with a positive one. This students had been giving me trouble until I talked to his mom. Since then, he's been realy good, so I called and left a message about how much he has changed, attitude, behavior and grades.

The next day I asked him about the phone call. he said that his mom told him that she got a call from one of his teachers (with a straight face). He didn't know whaat it was about or who. She made him listen to the message. He was shocked!!! She was so happy. It was her birthday that day (I didn't know that) so she said it was the best birthday present he could give her.

It's nice to see some positive in this world.

Karen said...

Our son had tubes put in 2 years in a row, just days before Christmas. You're right. It made us realize how fortunate we really are. All those kids at Children's with cancer at Christmas was just heart breaking.

Tom said...

Great blog Dawn...I must add tho that I think the Teacher reads your blog and wanted to talk to the world famous Mom of 6

Mabunny said...

Good Morning Dawn
Gosh, seems like I'm always one of the first comments here, but your blog is the first one I check in the mornings:))

Hope all goes well with the ear tube surgeries this morning. I had to have those twice when I was a kid.
Glad to hear Savanah got a great review fro her health teacher. Always good to hear stuff like that.
Cracked up about the menu though:))

Have a great day

Rick said...

Here's what I got out of this post...

You stuck your foot where your menu has been going.

Savannah has a heart. (Way to go girl.)

Clay, the "goof", has hears again.

And Bobbie Sue doesn't care to hear what I have to say.

Does that about sum it up?

Kathi said...

Hilarious! And sooooo true! Why does it always work out that way?

Love the blog survey/PHD---it's been great for those of us with elem age kids and teens too! Helps us to know we're not the only ones who don't know what we're doing!

Anonymous said...

Dawn, I'm glad the surgeries went well! I'm sorry to put this here, but I can't find a place to put it on your other site. Did you guys post winners for the wriskey and rock the vote contests (on Mamas Like)? I can't find them, or maybe it's just mommy brain:)

LaskiGal said...

Oh wow! As a teacher I remember when I first called home having nothing but praise for the student. The parent answered--"Oh boy, what did he do now?" When I followed with nothing but praise, she nearly started crying. She said that never in his 12 years had anybody called except if there was trouble. I kid you not, this boy was a model student from that moment on. Now, that didn't always happen, but this is the one I choose to remember.

Congrats on successful surgeries!

I don't get a chance to comment often (but I will make a much better effort!), but I do love, love your blog!

Raising Country Kids said...

How long does the recuperation take after those surgeries? Do they try to talk you into giving them ice cream?

Brenda said...

Whew! I am glad it was compliment and you did not get detention.

Deanna said...

Glad all is well with the kids!

Evanna said...

My son had surgery at a Children's hospital yesterday, too --- for a splinter in his hand! Yep, you read that right. Honest-to-goodness, operating room, anesthesiologist required surgery. For. A. Splinter. I still think it was crazy. Leave it to us. Unfortunately, the "happy juice" they give them to make them very relaxed and carefree before they take them away from their parents didn't work for my son. Instead he cried and cried and cried and wanted Grandma (my mom who died 13 months ago). You know, if the juice doesn't work for the kid, the least they could do is offer a healthy dose to the parents!! ;-)
Lots of kids were getting tubes in their ears and I thought of you. Glad to hear it went well.

Rebecca Bell, Ph.D. said...

As a school psychologist, I try to make positive calls to parents, and you should hear the deafening silence when I announce myself to parents. I have had many parents in their own voice say, "Um, I'm not...I mean, she's not here." Click.

So now I say, "Hi, this is Dr. Bell from the schoolandit's notanemergencyanditsgoodnews,Iswear" and that seems to work better.

Love your blog, btw. Glad I found it.

Veggiemomof2 said...

Isn't it great to get a good call from school???

I got a call from DD10's principal the other day, she said, "Is this a good time?" Um its never a good time! LOL" She called to tell me DD noticed a new kid was really struggling w/math & since she was already finished, she asked the teacher if she could help him. The teacher let her, then sent her to the principal for a good award certificate :)

Glad to hear the kids are doing well.

Crazy Raven Productions said...

Glad to hear the kids are ok. Go Savannah! More kids like her are direly needed. :) And as for the food thing, I'm just impressed that you manage to get the whole lot fed on a regular basis at all! That's got to be a helluva lot of time in the kitchen, even just for nuggets and glasses of milk.

Nicky S. said...

i just read this article and i HAD to share it with you and everyone out there..the article is titled "Postpartum changes may bring on ‘momnesia’" and i thought it was very here u go..

Stephanie said...

I recently found your blog and your entries make me smile. Way to go Savannah!

Anonymous said...

That's so funny that she called!!! My daughter's breakfast usually consists of a glass of milk and a handful of animal crackers. Unless we have time for a "real" breakfast, and then it's Lucky Charms.

Korkie said...

Oh, I almost forgot. Please tell Savannah a complete stranger is very proud of her. Anyone can be smart if they study, but it takes a special person to be extra nice to someone.

Give her an extra hug.

Anonymous said...

Gee, Dawn I thought I was the only one with "Hoof-in-Mouth" Disease when it came to talking to the kids teachers. Your commentary on the phone call brought back lots of memories. I always expected the worst and quite often my kids surprised me by doing something nice like Savannah did. I agree with Heidi that she must have learned by example. It shows what a good mom you really are. No matter how crazy life gets your kids are getting the right messages because they see you doing good things. . . like giving so many moms out here in cyberspace something to laugh about and making their lives more bearable. You always give us hope and encouragement just by proving that you don't go crazy raising six kids. It feels like it sometimes, but that just makes it more fun! Tell Savannah what a great kid she is and give your patients an extra hug for me. Thanks for always making me laugh out loud and realize how lucky we are to live in a country where we can share our feelings with others on this silly box of wires. Happy Weekend! ~n~

Heather said...

Dawn that is so sweet!!! I had the exact same thing happen with my 4-year-old's teacher a couple weeks ago. She called me during naptime and I immediately started with the "we've been talking to him about obeying and how he needs to do that at school more than he does at home and how he shouldn't say I don't want to..." then the teacher interrupted me to tell me what a wonderful day she had with him and how helpful he was. Made my day.

Anyway, Yay for Savannah- and to her teacher for taking the time to let you know what a great girl you have!

Bobbie Sue said...


Thank you so very much for your generosity in linking to my survey. And, a HUGE "thank you" to your wonderful readers for their enthusiastic support!

Nat said...

you are so funny!! thank you for brightening my days and making me laugh!!

imbeingheldhostage said...

Oh I hate it when coke comes out my nose (I'm talking about the drinking kind, not the powdery kind some people want in their nose). You should really try to bland it up a little so I'm not left in front of my computer giggling like an idiot.

Hot Chica in Me said...

I think it is wonderful of you to support further education and mentioning the link to help complete research for her PhD.
You might also want to mention she is focusing on mothers of pre-schoolers only. I have been there, needing research participants and applaud your support!

Colleen said...

Way to go Savannah...and you, too Dawn! What a nice treat to hear that your kid is being sweet and helpful to others instead of being a derelict and causing problems. I got a similar report from my son's daycare teacher (he's, my son, not the teacher). She said that while a lot of the other kids tease the chubby girl in the class (really? it starts THAT young?), that my son is a good friend to her and pals around with her most of the day. Totally made my week.

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