Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wacoal Winner!

The winner of a new Wacoal bra of her choice, chosen randomly by, is . . .

vinobaby said...
I managed a lingere department for several years, and yes, most women wear the wrong size. Some are WAAAYY of. They were always amazed how much better they looked and how comfortable they felt when they found the right size. And Wacoal is a fabulous brand.


Congratulations! Email me at to claim your prize! And thank you to everyone who left comments!


vinobaby said...

Thanks so much! Checking out the catalog now.


Notsopc said...

Awww it wasn't me but and UPLIFTING Congratulations to the winner....

mommeeof10 said...

You mean there is life and bras after nursing bras? Weird, I may be there in another year or so, after 21 years of nursing babies and toddlers. OMG, how did my oldest get to be 21 and my baby (#10) get to be 2?

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