Friday, June 10, 2011

It's Like National Geographic!

My kids are all amazingly talented. Every single one of my them is a gifted artist. Austin has always been incredibly talented and creative. However, he may fail his art class this semester. It's not from lack of talent, but because he told his teacher his name is Paco and he goofs off and gives her a hard time every day. His poor sister, Savannah, has the same teacher this semester. She gets to hear all about her brother's idiocy antics every day.

Clayton, who recently turned seven, is my latest budding artist. His subject of choice is dinosaurs. And poop. And dinosaurs that poop. Yeah, I'm inordinately proud.



mommyrox said...

I just noticed the new book cover. It looks rather harsh (personally I just don't like pointing fingers 2 inches in front of my face). I hope this is not a mad mom book now.

Michigan Mama to 2 said...

Wow, Clay writes nice for 7, I can barely read my seven year old's printing. However, the genre is about the same, who taught them to spell all those bodily functions anyway?

Vivian M said...

Love the drawings, and they would probably make a great children's book! Kerri thinks the ginormous teeth picture is the coolest. :o)

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