Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I am so Hot! No, Really, I Am.

I sat in a sweltering 98 degree heat at Lexi's softball game tonight. It was humid, but there was a warm breeze that made it bearable. After an hour and fifteen minutes, the girls were still in the second inning. (When fourth grade girls learn how to pitch, there are a LOT of balls.) I'd been sitting on the bleachers for about an hour and a half when Lexi finally got up to bat. I grabbed my camera and got up, planning to head over to first base in order to get some good pictures of her batting. I stood up, climbed down from the bleachers and started walking. I noticed a couple people looking at me strangely, but didn't think much of it. Until I looked down.


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anonsi said...

I admit that when I was first reading your post, I had never heard of Wacoal either. But then you mentioned B.Tempt'd. I love those bras! They are so cute and sexy! Oh and they're comfy (well for a bra anyway). I'd love to win a bra from them.

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