Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Since When is 27 OLD?!

Yesterday, as I drove the kids home from school, I talked to Lexi about her birthday. I asked her what kind of treats she wanted to pass out to her class to celebrate her birthday.

“I don’t remember; how many kids are in your class, Lexi?”

“There are 26 kids in my class. With my teacher, it’s 27.”

Clay, overhearing the conversation said, “Wow! Your teacher is 27? She’s so OLD! Not as old as Mom, but still OLD!”

I opened the door and booted Clay out onto the street.

“I don’t think 27 is old, Mom.” Lexi said, smiling innocently up at me. Between you and me, I think she just didn’t want to be kicked out of the car like her brother.

“Good answer, Lex,” I replied. “That’s why you get to live with us.”


1 comment:

WeaselMomma said...

Nice. I'm glad Lexi was smart enough to kiss up.

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