Wednesday, July 6, 2011

U-Pack Made our Move Easy and Affordable

We used U-Pack to move cross country. We packed everything ourselves, but we were able to take our time doing it. I actually liked having control over how things were packed. I may have teeny, little control issues, but I didn't want a bunch of strangers coming in my house and packing up all my belongings. But I wasn't about to try to drive a moving truck to Florida by myself (and really, that wouldn't have worked in my case anyway since I have six kids that wouldn't have fit in a truck cab). ABF U-Pack Moving drove the truck to Florida and parked in my driveway. I had several days to unload the truck and move things into my house at my pace. It was ideal. And the best part is that U-Pack is super-affordable! When I compared their prices to other moving companies, I couldn't believe the difference.

If you're moving, check out their website for a price quote. Even if you don't use them, their site is full of helpful information about moving so take a look!

Every time I called U-Pack, there was a really friendly, helpful person on the other end. They helped me to estimate just how much space I'd need to move all of our belongings and they were right on! When I first tried to figure it out on my own, I had estimated that I'd need one and a half 28 foot trailers. I was wrong. They helped me to figure out that I'd only need 24-28 feet and that's exactly what I used. They know what they're talking about!

All our belongings made it from Illinois to Florida unscathed. The price was reasonable. The folks at U-Pack were very helpful. I was absolutely pleased and if I ever move again (Oh God, please no), I'll use U-Pack again.

Here's little video of our move that I made. :)

*I was compensated by U-Pack in exchange for advertising*


Ila said...

You are brave. I can't imagine having to make a move like that with 6 kids. Just the packing would be the end of me.

Sara said...

I'm not entirely sure why U-Pack compensated you for a video of your kids playing in a truck. :) (But the text part, I understand.)

Glad you arrived safely with your stuff all in one piece!

Lynn said...

Glad your stuff made it safe and sound. Get ready for culture shock. Welcome to Florida. You will fall in love. Especially during Dec thru Feb when you don't have to shovel snow OR wear mittens.

Kris said...

I can't see the video!

Vanessa Rogers said...

Seems everyone is moving. Glad your move went well. Hope you enjoy Orlando.

Sylvia said...

Hey, Savannah isn't on crutches! That's awesome!

Jennifer Foster said...

I loved it! (got a little teary eyed though)

My Ducky Sam said...

So glad to have you in central Florida!!! We just moved (back) to Florida from the Midwest and I agree that you will surely NOT miss wearing mittens in the winter or that white stuff on the roads.

Mystii said...

Wow... you did great! As an ex-Navy wife and a bit of wanderlust I think with my current husband (of nearly 23 year), I've moved a LOT. I've had movers pack us up, unpack us (that was strange), just load and unload the truck and move myself/ourselves (no fun). We are hoping to move back into a house or townhouse in January (terrible time to move with our weather) so here comes yet one more move LOL. It sounds like they did make it easy on you... how easy on you were your loading crew? Many trips up and down the ramp with the dolly did they really make?

Dawn, ChicagoLand will miss you. But, I do hope you and your kids enjoy Florida. I wish you all the best in these new endeavors! ♥ And, of course, I look forward to your blog and books :)

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