Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Donating Your Old Stuff is a Win-Win!

The cool thing about moving is the chance, nay, the obligation to declutter. I was ruthless in getting rid of anything and everything in my old house that hadn't served a specific purpose. If it was packed away in my attic and hadn't been touched in years, it was discarded. If it was old, outdated, broken, useless, it was tossed. After all my cleaning, I ended up donating fourteen garbage bags and several boxes full of clothes and household goods to Wings. I had less stuff to move, Wings got some great stuff that they can sell, the people who buy the items will get a terrific deal, and the money raised will go to support programs that help women and children fleeing domestic violence. Everyone wins!

You don't actually have to move to clean out and donate either. Back to school time is perfect for going through old clothes and taking inventory before buying new. And when you donate to a place with a retail shop, you can shop for new clothes there, saving money! And don't forget to keep track of your donations for tax purposes!


Anon said...

Great job! Way to not be a hoarder! I love the idea of getting rid of stuff, but it's hard for me to actually let go sometimes.

Sheran Memories said...

I feel ya! I am packing up my home of 11 years and have the overwhelming urge to simplify battling the "What if I need it one day?" from within.

Sharlyn said...

Way to declutter! I'm sure you won't need those skis in Florida. In fact I'm looking forward to your posts this winter ;)

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