Sunday, July 24, 2011

Just a Little Off the Top, Please.

In my book, Because I Said So, I wrote a section on haircuts (or more specifically, the haircuts kids give themselves and their siblings). I think every one of my kids has had at least one self-inflicted haircut over the years. I’ve given up all efforts to stop it from happening. There is no stopping it. It WILL happen. Once you resign yourself to this fact, you can breathe a little more easily. When it does eventually come to pass, you’ll need to remind yourself that hair grows. Practice now. Repeat after me – Hair grows, hair grows, hair grows. It’s no big deal; it’s hair. Hair grows back. So she’ll look like a freak for a while. It’s okay. All kids do this. Buy a copy of my book for reference and bookmark this page because I guarantee when you first see those strands of hair on the ground indicating that your little one has found the scissors, you’ll forget that it’s just hair and you’ll freak out. At least for a minute or two.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to deal with the situation when your young child takes it upon herself to cut her hair.

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TheHMC said...

I so totally agree with you. My 3 year old has now given herself 2 haircuts and her older sister(whose hair never grows past the top of her shoulders)has given her 1. Right now the top of her head looks like someone took a weed wacker to it. The problem I have is that she has SUCH pretty hair. Like I mentioned, my older daughter's hair doesn't grow(it does, but her hair growth phase is shorter than the norm) so I enjoy my younger daughter's long, curly, pretty hair. Until the next time she chops on it, of course.

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