Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I Tried Childproofing my Home, but They Keep Getting In

I recently viewed this short video with tips on babyproofing your kitchen so it’s safe for toddlers yet still aesthetically pleasing. The expert in the video recommends putting those little plastic latches on the inside of your cabinets so as not to create the ugly eyesore of a big white lock on the outside. I wonder if the expert has kids? Or has ever been around kids? Or knows anything about kids?

I know, firsthand, that it takes an average of three tries before a toddler figures out how to depress those little childproof latches on a cabinet. There are other options out there for locking your cabinets. One that I had in my old house was a sturdy lock that could only be opened with a strong magnet. I thought it was great! Until my child found the hidden magnet and lost it, but not before using it to turn the TV all sorts of pretty rainbow colors.



Karen B said...

Your link is busted or something. I'm stuck here not knowing how to find the rest of the story. It makes me sad. I need to know what comes after the magnet lock since my mom locked it inside the drawer with the magnet lock on it. I had to buy another set, open the drawer through the plastic and then return the new one unopened.

Amy said...

Either I've lost my mind or that link isn't linking! I really need it to be the link. Please? My kids are only 4 months and 2 years old...I can't be on my last brain cells yet!

Tammy said...

Is there more? Your "continue reading here" link is broken. Or not?

Thankfully my kids weren't that determined to open cabinets when they were little. But I need one that 6 and 8 year olds can't open now.

krystina said...

The link doesn't work, well, the non-link, I guess. I was excited to read about this because we went through 3 different "childproof" locks for the cabinets before I gave up on them. I decided I could do the whole repeating-myself-all-day-long and it'd be the same except I wouldn't have paid for plastic.

Dawn said...

I'm sorry. I think I've fixed the link. Thanks for letting me know. Karen, I'm not sure what to do if it's locked in a drawer. If it's a cabinet, you can take the cabinet off the hinges to get to it. (Yes, I know from experience.) Maybe you can reach up into the drawer if there's a cabinet beneath it?

Diana said...

The link is working now for me. I LOL because most of the child proofing things worked much better to keep me out than they ever did the kids. I did use the stuff on the coffee table when my oldest was just learning to walk and we lived somewhere that had a very hard very sharp edged heavy wooden coffee table. Once he was walking good though, took it off quickly.

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