Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday Sound Out

Happy Father's Day to all the dads and grandpas and dad-like guys out there! Here's one for you! :)

Ok, did the hamster really go through the wash?
Uhhh no. We've never had a hamster. The gerbils, on the other hand...

I knew IF I was sharp enough,eventually I would catch you in a FIB!! So..You're a THIRTY-Something,eh? NOT according to the photo you just posted standing next to your little BROTHER! The JIG is UP,Meehan!What are ya REALLY? 20? 21?
Ok, you're officially my new best friend.

By the way: Where are those ExLibris stickers?
Well, all the ones I've seen have dorky images and I don't really want to order up a bunch of "From the library of" stickers. However, you can order an autographed copy of Because I Said So HERE or you can mail me your book along with a SASE for return shipping and I'll sign it and send it back to you.

Dawn, whatever you do, start saving for college now. Otherwise you'll end up doing what we're having to do - sell things (ie, husband's beloved project cars) to pay for her tuition. =D
That's ok. I have a plan. All 6 of them are going to get full rides to the universities of their choice. What? It could happen! (See? I could TOTALLY write fiction!)

Is he [Austin] the only child that looks like your husband? The rest seem to look like you.
I dunno. Most people say that the first 5 look like him and Brooklyn is more like me. I don't think Brooklyn looks like me. Unless..... you don't think they're talking about her attitude, do you?

Saw the photos with Audi (that's what we call my nephew Austin) by the Fisher Price Basketball hoop and was just wondering . . . with six kiddos how many Fisher Price Basketball hoops have you gone thru? How many Cozy Coupe cars? How many bouncy seats (a.k.a. baby catipolts)? Pacifiers? Diaper bags? Bottles? Tricycles? etc. etc.
Hmmmm, I've never stopped to add everything up. I'd say approximately 4.8 million dollars' worth of stuff. You know, give or take...

lol, if you didn't have to fight to get her dressed, then why does she still look upset? or is that just Brooklyn? lol LOVE the boots:)
Uhh yeah. That's Brooklyn. The other day, she wore one sandal and one dress-up shoe all day. Clomp click, clomp click, clomp click was all we heard as she walked through the house. When it came time to leave for baseball, Jackson was adamant about her changing shoes. He wanted her to wear 2 matching sandals. She, of course, threw an all-out fit. I told Jax to let it go. Well, she fell asleep in the car on the way to the field and Jackson took that opportunity to change her shoes. I carried a sleeping Brooklyn to the bleachers and sat down to watch the game. As she began to wake up, she looked at her shoes (or the lack of one dress-up shoe) and started screaming again. There's a reason why she's the last.

And as a mom preg with her 6th I must ask how does 6 compare to 5?
I know people say this all the time, but really it's true - once you have that many, what's one more? Going from 5 to 6 really didn't make much difference to us. You're a pro now. You've got the whole parenting thing down pat and you've got (hopefully) a little bit older kids who can help out some. It'll be a piece of cake for you!

What are your plans for "enjoying" another funnel cake? Too bad you didn't barf into a towel. You could have just thrown it away. It is too hard to throw away a shower.
I got food poisoning when I was pregnant with Austin. It was right after I'd eaten at one of those places with burritos the size of your head. I've never been so sick. I didn't eat Mexican food for a good 8 years after that. I don't think I'll be looking at another funnel cake for some time.
And your towel plan gives me an even better idea! Next time (oh please God don't let there EVER be a next time!) I'll just puke in the street then I can simply walk away!

Actually, wouldn't it be pretty easy to clean the shower? Just wash it down the drain with some sanitizer thrown in.
Perhaps for a normal person. If I hear, see, smell, or even think about vomit, I throw up. If I was stupid enough to open the shower door, I would've thrown up all over the bathroom floor. I'm not kidding. Thank God, Joe stopped by and cleaned it up for me.

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Julie in PA said...

Gotta love Bill Cosby, he always cracks me up!

Thanks for the laugh!

Anonymous said...

Hey. I would like to send you my book to be signed i might sound stupid but what does SASE mean? Also can you give me the address to send it to please. thanks

Anonymous said...

Also another question if someone wanted to get an autographed book from the website you posted. Is it signed by you? or just a sticker put on.

Aloha Ya'll! said...

Oh man that brings back memories. I got sick off a burrito from a food court once and I couldn't even watch a Taco Bell commercial without turning green for YEARS!

Jkhb said...

Dawn, the whole puke in the street or yard thing is a good idea, I myself don't deal with it very well and my youngest was not feeling well so they called me from her school to pick her up. Sure enough we had only walked outside her school right beside the car and everything came up. My being unable to help her walked to the other side of the car until she finished and then told her to get in the car from the other side and we just drove away. I was never so thankful that didn't happen INSIDE my car!

Anonymous said...

So I clicked on over to your blog to "read the rest of the story." First time in a while, as I don't normally click through bloglines when only part of the post is showing. I think you mentioned that the partial feed was an "experiment." Any chance of going back to the full posts in the feedreader???? please please??? :)


Anonymous said...

Check out for over 30 different Ex Libris labels.

HusbandClothes said...

Joe rocks. A father's job is not always easy:)

Anonymous said...

Joe "stopped by" and cleaned it up? Did I miss something? Hope all is well with you and your family. I enjoy your writing!

Michelle said...


Your burrito and funnel cake incident are the reason I can't eat cotton candy. I think. It happened when I was tree -- at Kiddie Kingdom, remember that place? -- so I don't remember it, but I can't stand the sight or smell of cotton candy. So with ya. On all counts :)

Cheryl Pitt said...

I love you Dawn, but seriously, that's gross. Joe is an angel (in the puke department).

You know the way to solve this problem would be ti install a garbage disposal in the shower :)

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Dawn have you heard what they are now saying?! Your children will go to college for a degree for a job that by the time they graduate won't exist anymore. Being proactive myself---I thought what could they possbly study for at college where they will be able to get a job when they graduate? Well as people remind me...... they will be getting a job in an area that hasn't been invented yet?! I spoke with my 16 year old daughter about this and she said BUT mom I want to be a nurse. They will always need nurses Right?! Couldn't argue with that one.....So My husband and I are saving up to send our 2, 2 college for a degree for a job that won't exist by the time they graduate. Oh Goody....Have a great day All. I am leaving now to go make money to send my 2 16 year olds to college so they can gradutate for a job that will not be in existance anymore---I am so excited can't you tell?

Jenni said...

i LOVE Bill Cosby as "himself!!!" the chocolate cake bit and the part where he talks about his wife's labor kills me every time!

Kristina said...

Eww it was McDonalds for me. When my 10 1/2 year old was 6 months old. Havn't eaten a McyD's burger since. No intention of starting again any time soon either. We were almost a brady bunch too! I told DH that if this one was a girl he had to change his ringtones to the Brady bunch song. But He is not a She so he lucked out and can keep his ringtones. I would love an Alice though.

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