Monday, June 22, 2009

Man Who Catch Fly with Chopstick, Accomplish Anything

I asked the kids to leave me alone this afternoon so I could get some work done on my book, so naturally, they came knocking on my door every 10 minutes. I gave them specific instructions to let me work in peace unless someone was on fire, spurting blood, or had any bones protruding through their skin.

KNOCK KNOCK: Mom, can we smear soap all over your car and leave it to dry in a nasty film and then spray each other and the windows of the house with water and then leave the hose, bucket, sponges, and soap on the driveway all day wash your car?

KNOCK KNOCK: Mom, can you take us bowling?

KNOCK KNOCK: Mom, can I go to the pool with my friends?

KNOCK KNOCK: Mom, can I call Allyson?

KNOCK KNOCK: Mom, I know I'm grounded, but can I go to Timmy's house?

KNOCK KNOCK: Mom, Brooklyn wants to wear her bathing suit.

KNOCK KNOCK: Mom, can we flood the backyard make a pool out of the sandbox?

KNOCK KNOCK: Mom, Clay just hammered his finger and he's screaming. I think it's broken.

KNOCK KNOCK: Mom, Brooklyn's eating gum off the ground.

KNOCK KNOCK: Mom, can we use some string cheese and an old pizza box to try and catch a mouse in the garage have some cheese for a snack?

KNOCK KNOCK: Mom, I have to go potty again.
(This was the only interruption I didn't mind today. For some reason *Shhhh, I don't want to jinx it, but...* Brooklyn took it upon herself to potty train today. She's been completely dry for about 36 hours. She even pooped on the toilet for the first time ever today. I'm not sure why today was the magical day, but I'm not knocking it.

Then, at one point, Clay was hanging out in my room this afternoon. You know, because I asked all the kids to leave me alone for a while. He was watching a fly buzz around my window. He sat still and watched, seemingly fascinated by the insect. Then, quick as lightning, he reached out and grabbed it! I kid you not! Mr. Miyagi would be proud! Oh well, at least it's better than the handful of worms he brought me yesterday. At first glance I thought he'd found some critter's intestines.

Needless to say, I got very little work done today.


poempig said...

HI Dawn,

Greetings from Australia. Melbourne, in fact. It's cold today. 15 C. I'm contacting you for two reasons. One lerv your blog. All seems so cray real. (My maiden name was Meehan... so it could be faulty DNA .. Ha! Ha!)

But reading your blog inspired me to put up a free book for kids undergoing chemo!!! The story is on the blog. It can be downloaded and bound. And it is funny. I thought BECAUSE I SAID SO is the mama of all blogs and might get the message out there to kids who need a bit of a laugh.

You can find: A NEW HAT FOR IVY



aka Kerry Cue

Bobbi M said...

LOL about the fly. I love reading your blog. Always makes me smile.

Mississippi Mommy said...

That's great about Brooklyn! I have a 2 1/2 year old who shows no interest in using the potty. My mother-in-law is constantly on my case about it, but I'm not one to try to force the issue. She'll get it one day. Did you make any special efforts to potty train your children or did you wait until it was mostly their idea?

GrammaMack said...

Caution, Clay! Look at the flack President Obama caught for killing a fly. :-S As for toilet training,our youngest son did the very same thing--when he was ready (after I had given up), he did it himself in one day. After I had wasted all that time and candy. And one of our grandsons just did the same. Such a relief!

Cookie said...

If you're gonna take the kids bowling, here's a link that has a list of places that offer free kids bowling during the summer
and you might be able to bringyour laptop there ;)

Frau Mahlzahn said...

Well, there's something that will qualify him for being President of the US some day, ;-). I mean, they even had an article in our local paper here in Austria about Obama catching, well, huh, er, killing a fly... So imagine what a skill it is to catch one alive!

So long,

Anonymous said...

You go Brooklyn!!! Must be a great feeling knowing the end of diapers is near.

Heather said...

My four year old did the same thing with a fly the other day! Except she then realized it was a fly, threw it on the ground and said 'Ewwwww.' Gotta love havin' girls.

Anonymous said...

Love your new font! (I love your blog, too, but the font is the first thing that caught my eye, and I thought I'd be extra type-A and comment on it...).


Anonymous said...

Dawn --

THANK YOU so much for putting the entire post on the feedreader!!! I appreciate it so much that I actually took time to click on over and comment! :)


Jessica Samantha said...

Dear Dawn, no, seriously, how do you strikeout words? I try, but it's not on my blogger options!

MaranathaMom said...

It is quite amazing to be able to work from home with kids! I was shocked that somehow I put in 39.5 hours last week! Oh, wait, half of those were btw the hours of 8pm and 1am, that's how I did that!

April said...

Can clay come to our house? The flies here are reproducing like crazy, and we can't seem to get rid of them.

jes said...

Dawn-when was the last time you went 36 whole hours without changing a diaper? You must be amazed with all the extra time you have now ;-)

Michelle said...

Soooo who's grounded, and what did he do?

And YAY for Brooklyn! Very cool for that little girl. Big girl.

Good luck finishing the book. I was on work calls today (day off, of course) and the wee ones kept running over to talk to me or shout or otherwise try to make me look unprofessional. I don't envy you :)

Sheryl said...

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! for allowing the full text of the blog post back in the feed reader. I promise I will still read you every day if you were tracking visitors ... :-)

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

No work done, but my! What a cute new pet! He probably doesn't eat much either!

Shellie said...

Good for Clay. Enjoy it while you can, my fly whisperer decided at age 7 that bugs are gross after all. No more catching them.

Unknown said...

Glad to know this is "normal." My son and daughter have been catching flies like this (I am amazed, but don't let on) only they take it a step further... they pull the wings off so the flies can't get away. That way, they can have pets out of the flies, they tell me. They even name them something I don't know how to spell. It is kind of like "Flossy" but I guess you'd spell it "Flysie" (supposed to sound like "Fly-C"). Super gross! I discourage them to no avail and they even get upset when I dispose of their new "pets." Anyway, thanks for sharing!

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