Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday Sound Out

Now it's time for Sunday Sound Out, the part of the blog where Larry comes out and answers your questions.

I was wondering how much coffee you drink in the mornings to get you going?
I'm beyond coffee. These days, I just chew a handful of beans.

Dare I ask what they wanted to accomplish with this "experiment"? [blue liquid in sink] What treasure to mankind was to be made? Inquiring minds want to know (ok this inquiring mind wants to know)
Well, I asked Clay and Brooklyn what they were trying to make and they answered with a highly intelligent, well thought-out "I dunno".

What's up with the adorable White Sox top? I thought you guys were Cub fans...


Auww! What a terribly ugly shirt on such a cute little girl... poor Brooklyn!
I just knew someone was going to comment on that! I am a Cubs fan. Joe, Austin & Savannah are fans of that other team. And the shirt Brooklyn was wearing was a gift from friends of ours as a cruel joke. :D

I just have to ask - what was your reaction? [blue liquid in sink] Some days I wonder if I should yell or laugh when my kids do things like that.
Honestly, stuff like that doesn't usually bother me. So the little kids poured some stuff in the sink to see what would happen. No big deal, in my opinion. Is it going to matter next week, next month, next year? Nah. I don't yell, but I don't really laugh either. I kinda shake my head and try to explain that there are better experiments (that don't use copious amounts of shampoo and their brother's toothbrush) to do.

And I must also say that I've now read your book, it really was just as good as I expected and now I am looking forward to vol 2. How long do I have to wait? Until Christmas?
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! You'll have to wait until 2020 if I don't finish up my rewrites soon! Actually, it's scheduled to come out spring, 2010.

Why was it that Veggie Tales "O, Where is My Hairbrush?" was running through my head the whole time I was reading your post?
I have no idea, but it's now in my head. Gee thanks for that.

hahahah. that's disgusting(and hilarious)LOLplease tell me you RE-washed the clothes. [crayfish claw in laundry]
Are you kidding? I do a good 4 loads of laundry a day. I don't have time to rewash clothes because there are dead animals parts in them. Besides, it gives the kids something to find during the day. It's a like a little surprise. They'll be sitting in school and reach into their pocket or put on their sweatshirt and find a claw, or a tail, or a foot in the sleeve. It's all good.

Thank goodness you don't have a hamster!
Yeah, that was a sad day when Fluffy went through the wash.

Your posts are so entertaining! I have to ask, what age of child do you enjoy most? What age is the worst? I have a 22 month old and I think the terrible twos have begun (though I've heard three is much worse).
I'm not sure, but I'm thinking age 0 - 18 is probably the worst.

OK, honestly, I like all the ages so far. It's cool to see how the kids grow and change. I love seeing how their minds work (and sometimes don't work) at each age. It's so great how they learn more and more at every stage. My teenagers have learned so much that they're smarter than I am now. I'm fact, I'm downright stupid compared to them.

Perhaps a buzz haircut will trick the Chicago weather into warming up. We can hope.
Shhhh, you shouldn't say that aloud! You'll jinx it!

HAHAHAH!!! well at least he's a boy and you COULD buzz him. what happens when a girl does that???? I'm so worried about my 2 girls. I'm sure one of them will do it. yikes.
Like this?

Savannah cut her hair after watching the movie Mulan. In the movie, Mulan cuts her hair to look like a boy. Cute, huh? Lexi cut her waist-length hair a week before she was to be a flower-girl in my sister's wedding. Actually, every single one of my kids (except Brooklyn) have given themselves or a sibling a haircut at one point or another. I give Brooklyn 6 months until she does it.

They ALL cut their own hair at some point. Or they cut a sibling's hair. It's just a fact of life. Sigh.
Hi I came across your blog while searching for party supplies for my son's birthday. He is wanting a green eggs and ham party and was wondering by chance if you know where i can get any decorations or even any ideas for the party. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
Sure. All you have to do is click the little X in the top right corner of my blog. Then type "Green eggs ham party supplies" in your web browser. Make sure you type it like I wrote it. Don't go typing, "I need to find Dr. Seuss Green Eggs and Ham party decorations for my son's birthday where should I go".
Talk about multi-talented! I not only blog, but I find party supplies for people, AND I teach you how to use Google.

I requested your book from the library. Good book btw. I was wondering why the little boys eyes on the book cover are purple?
Ummm, he's an alien in disguise?


Unknown said...

Next time someone asks a question that could be found by googling, link them to

thoughts and ramblings said...

OOH! TWO of my questions were on here today. rock on!!!

Speaking of bad should appreciate this Dawn.

My mom told me a story about when she was little...about 3 years old...and her older brother(who was about 5 or so) gave her a haircut...he cut it ALL off...THEN...their mom caught him with a hammer and a nail and a bow. She asked what he was doing with that stuff..and he apparently was planning on NAILING a bow to my mother's head because there was no hair left to clip it to.


I mean....ooh...that could have been bad!!!

but still....



Julie H said...

OR they cut the cat's hair. That was funny but the cat didn't think he looked very cool.

Anonymous said...

RE: "I'm not sure, but I'm thinking age 0 - 18 is probably the worst."

I use to think that too, until mine got to 18. Two boys, now 19 and 22 and have caused me way more worried and grief in this age frame then ever in their lives. You just don't know how badly I now miss their baby years! It was way easier compared to now.

Jessica said...

My mom was helping clean out some stuff at my grandparents' house this past weekend and she said she found a drawing I had made for my grandma when I was little. "It was one of those drawings you used to make all the time with those 'spider people.'"

All I could think of was you and your kids and the "potato people."

Ross Momma said...

OMG Grace I tried that Google site, hysterical!!!! I even looked for the Green Eggs and Ham party supplies and I think the lady is out of luck, maybe a copier and markers are her best bet, lol!!!

Tanya said...

I love your attitude as a mom. I am trying to adopt it as my own. I try asking myself, "will this matter in a week? a month? a year? Your kids are lucky to have you as a mom.

Pattie said...

Ok, did the hamster really go through the wash?

Funny post today!

Laura said...

At least your kids keep the haircuts in the family! I never cut my OWN hair, but I gave four other people disastrous haircuts between the ages of 4 and 13. At 4, I cut my best friend's hair, which her mother had purposefully NEVER CUT IN HER ENTIRE LIFE. At summer camp, I gave a girl bangs, but then she decided she didn't want them, so I cut them off, and she had a triangular bald patch in the front of her head (this was closer to the age of 14 than 4 ...). And I gave both my brother and dad bizarre square bald patches in the backs of their heads when they asked me to help them with their DIY buzz cuts.

Compared to that, your kids are master barbers, no?

Brandy said...

How wonderful to see there's another mother who knows nothing with a teen that knows EVERYTHING!!! I love your blog!!

Becky said...

Poor Fluffy, lol.

zekesmom10 said...

My littles (ages 2 and 4) have given the dog the full salon treatment, not once, but twice now. They use *my* comb and the Pampered Chef kitchen shears. She lets them do it.

Jill said...

My brother cut my hair when we were little. He figured if I had short hair and he changed my name to Bobby, he could have a little brother instead of a sister. For some reason it didn't work.

MaranathaMom said...

When my daughter was about 2 I had put her in her high chair to practice with cutting. She definitely got the hang of it and she loved it. She just kept happily shredding that paper. I took advantage of the peace and quiet and got to working on eBay. Then I noticed it was too quiet, so I checked on her. It was actually a nice cut with layers that framed her face. The bad part was that I was the one who gave her the scissors!

Sue Bohlin said...

Concerning the question about the best age: right after we got married, my parents took my husband and me to dinner. I asked my father, "OK, Dad, you've got 7 kids from 21 to 7. You've just married off your oldest. Which age is the best?"

He said, "It doesn't matter when you ask me that question: whatever age you guys are, that's my favorite. It just keeps getting better and better." I decided then and there that that would be my attitude as I became a parent.

And now, as my sons are 29 and 27, I can testify. . . it did just keep getting better. :-)

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