Saturday, February 28, 2009

Baby Einstein - part 2

Here's my room at The Embassy Suites in Glendale, CA.

and the GORGEOUS view from my window...

in the hotel lobby...

This was at Crustacean in Beverly Hills. It was so cool - this river you could walk on ran throughout the restaurant.

They served Dungeness crabs the size of Ohio here.

and huge Tiger Prawns with garlic noodles - YUM!

Here's Tammy from Army Household 6. The airline lost one of her bags too. :( As of this morning, the airline still hadn't located her bag. Mine was thankfully delivered to my hotel after midnight on Thursday.

Here are Stephanie and Erin from Ketchum.

This is Leslie and Jessica.

Here we have Amy from MommyTrackd, Karen from Baby Einstein and
Michelle from Ketchum.

I wasn't on the ball with picture taking this trip. Some of the other girls (and guy) who joined us were Susan and Matt from Baby Einstein and

Rebecca from Girls Gone Child
Jenny and Jackie from MomLogic
I'm probably forgetting others. I really stink at remembering names. Please let me know if I forgot about you!

at the Baby Einstein headquarters...

Some of the Baby Einstein line of products...

This is from the Disney infant line. I just had to take a picture. I love this bedding! It makes me want to have another baby just to use this bedding! Not really. Well, maybe a little...NO!

This is Leslie's purse! I told her it reminded me of those gum wrapper chains we used to make as kids. She said it was made out of Mexican candy wrappers!

I had a fun, interesting, informative day at the Baby Einstein headquarters yesterday. I have a lot to say about it, but it'll have to wait until Monday when I'm more awake. I left the meeting yesterday at 6:00 PM Chicago time, went to the Burbank airport and waited and waited and waited for my flight. This airport is small. Like 4 gates small. Like only 1 newstand which was closed small. You'd think I wouldn't have any problem finding my gate since there were only 2 for United there. You'd think. However, as part of United's plan to mess with passengers, the gate from which my flight was departing, had a sign that read flight such&such to Denver - on time. Yes, folks, Denver is the new San Francisco. While waiting for that flight, I died a slow painful death by easy-listening music. "She's a lady, woah woah woah woah, she's a lady...."

I connected in San Francisco at a gate which had a sign that read, "flight such&such to Salt Lake City" (all part of their ongoing plan to confuse and disorient passengers) and didn't get home to Chicago until after 6:00AM this morning. I vegged out on the plane for awhile, but I had a middle seat and I can't really sleep sitting straight up so I was beat by the time I arrived in Chicago. I sat next to a normal, friendly, adorable girl named Dewey who was on her way home from her honeymoon in Hawaii. She said she got the name Dewey when she was a toddler, sitting on her dad's lap. Her dad was watching a Red Sox game and cheering for Dewey. She thought he was cheering for/talking to her, so she started calling herself Dewey. I thought that was a cute story. I love stories about how people acquire nicknames. In fact, I even wrote about that in Because I Said So.

Check out these seats! These were the seats in first class. They're BEDS! They don't just recline; they're stinkin' BEDS! I was more than just a little jealous of these.

My whole reason for taking the red-eye home was so I could make it to rehearsal this morning at 10:00. I got home, went to bed at 7:00 and could not, for the life of me, wake up at 9:00. I totally missed rehearsal. I could've just stayed in California in my nice hotel room for another night. Ugh, I'm so mad at myself for falling into such a deep sleep.

OK, I'm off to get some sleep...


Sherry said...

I took a redeye from California once and then went straight to work. That was the first time I had ever fell asleep sitting in a chair - thankfully, I waited until I got home from work. Of course, once I had kids, falling asleep sitting in a chair was really easy. :)

~Jenifer~ said...

I totally noticed your glass of wine on the dresser! Your supposed to hide that stuff before you take pictures... Never leave evidence!

Rikki said...

Where can I find that bedding? It is gorgeous.

Michelle said...

Oooooo that crab looks good! Glad you made it safely to and from California, even though it looks like United was trying to convince you to stay a little while longer!

And that hotel room looks so lovely. Since you know my husband is upstairs snoring away and I can hear him from the first floor. And I'm supposed to be able to fall asleep with that. Ha!

KodiakBear288 said...

Funny story about falling into a deep sleep. My mom is a CPA so she's been super busy lately and doesn't have a normal sleep schedule. She usually works all night and sleeps when she can during the day because no one is calling or stopping over at night and it's easier to accomplish more.

The other day, she worked all night then brought the dog to the vet first thing in the morning (sidenote: this dog is like a child to her. Sometimes I think she loves him more than she loves her human children). Her plan was to run to a client, take a nap, then pick him up at 4:40. Long story short, she passed out and didn't wake up till after 6. She said she was so confused and just wandering around the house (when you wake up and know something is wrong but can't place it). She then realized she forgot the dog and started SOBBING! My sister came running downstairs thinking the vet called and the dog was dead. She said she didn't sleep all night because it was thundering and lightening and she was so worried.

I don't think she'll ever forgive herself.

JenT said...

SSO question. You may have answered this before and if so I apologize for not following closely enough. If not, here's a new question. How do you get marker off your walls/counters/cabinets? I have seen a blog or two with one of your kids writing on a surface they shouldn't have been. Well I've had that too. I usually scrub until it's smeared and/or faded. Do you any advice for getting it completely off?

Anonymous said...

I hope you got some rest. I think it would take me days to recover from that!


My Semblance of Sanity said...

OK...what are you going to blog about when your fights get boring?
Then you will have to CAUSE A RAUCOUS just to get some good blogging!

I am sorry they lost your bag - but not sorry you tripped that guy...that got coffee spew all over my monitor!! :)

Candi said...

After all the excitement of your trip you really expected to wake up after a few hours' nap? Makes me tired just to read abo-u-t i...zzzz. ;o

Brenda said...

Here's the thing with seafood. I hate to sound uncouth but I don't even know the etiquitte for eating some of that, so I just avoid it.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

AH, that's cool--that's Stephanie Miller from Ketchum! I've worked with her and Jennifer! I love name droppin'! I'm such a name dropper! Hahahahhaah

Barb said...

Wow! It's been a while since I've caught up to you. Sounds like you are on quite a roller coaster these days. Glad things are going well for you.

Sarah said...

I agree... That Princess crib bedding is ADORABLE!! But you'd have to have 2 more kids to get another girl, Dawn!

Chief Family Officer said...

Oh wow, you were so close I could have had you over for dinner! Oh wait, that implies that I actually cook. Would you care if we got take out? If not, let me know when you're in town next time!

Jessica Gottlieb said...

Okay, I JUST found this.

It was so nice to meet you and I'm really enjoying your blog.

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