Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday Sound Out

Live from New York, it's Sunday Sound Out with your host, Dawn Meehan, and musical guests, The Newsboys!

Is Jackson your child with ADHD? I am the mother of THREE boys with ADHD.....I found that the amount of days he was grounded or given some punishment was endless. He wouldn't have even finished one gounding before he'd get another punishment. It just kept snowballing. I was given a piece of advice that seemed to work for us. When he did something wrong, he was given a punishment for that day only and then the next day we started over fresh. This gave him at least some chance of having a good day now and then.....
THANK YOU for the reminder! That is so true. That works so, so, so much better for him. I'd gotten away from that. Thank you!

Can we please see a video of you rocking out on Guitar Hero / Rock Band drums please???? You are my hero. I can barely do easy on drums and you're on expert level.
OK, but just remember - you asked for it. I'm kind of a spaz when I play. I'll do it this week.

Wow! Those photos are stunning!! Who took them? I don't see a photo credit anywhere.
Thanks. My bad. Jessica from Jessica's Visions took them.

Which is meaner, alligators or crocodiles?
Baby kitties are meaner.

I always wondered if the SSO was a pain. I was right.
I think that came out wrong. It isn't really a pain. I do enjoy going back over everyone's comments. It's just time consuming. For example, I'll look for pictures of alligators and crocodiles for a while. Then I'll decide to go with a cute, furry animal instead because that's funnier. Then I'll browse pictures of cute, furry animals for a while. When I find one, I'll contemplate asking the owner if I can use their picture on my blog. Then I'll realize I don't want to mess around with that and I'll remember that I probably have a picture of my little kitty from 19 years ago, so I'll search through a big box of old photos and every 5th picture or so, I'll stop and reminisce. After screwing around for like an hour with old photos, I'll scan a handful that I found. Then I'll spend 20 minutes trying to figure out why I can't find the scanned pictures on my computer. After that, I'll accidentally delete 2463 photos from my computer. I'll freak out and say, "Oh crap!" a lot. I'll find my pictures in the recycling bin and restore them all. Then I'll go back to trying to locate the scanned pictures. Once I retrieve them, I'll try to change the picture with Photoshop, but I'll realize it isn't working. Then I'll play around with Paint for a while until I realize you can't do much with Paint. Next, I'll go to and try to transform Kitty into an evil dude with weapons. At some point, I'll give up and just give him red eyes, a beret, and an evil-looking mustache. Then I'll insert the picture into my blog post. Then I'll spend another 10 minutes rearranging the text, trying to get the picture where I want it so everything lines up and makes sense. Finally, I'll come to the conclusion that the whole thing is stupid and I won't believe I wasted way so much time on something so stupid. Whew. Onto the next question...

Hey Dawn -- Just FYI, I linked to you today...
Thanks Lisa! You guys have to check out Lisa Belkin's column, Motherlode, HERE. She's great!

But working from home is lonely - there's no coworkers to chat with, and I may go for many hours without speaking to anyone else, and there's no tech department down the hall to fix my computer when it breaks or store room full of office supplies to raid. I miss the social side of working in an office.
True, true. That's why we have blogs, Facebook, and Twitter - to connect to other SAHMs!

How do you get marker off your walls/counters/cabinets? I have seen a blog or two with one of your kids writing on a surface they shouldn't have been. Well I've had that too. I usually scrub until it's smeared and/or faded. Do you any advice for getting it completely off?
Yes, repaint your walls. Or move to a different house.
Honestly, I love Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. They work better than anything else I've ever tried. Still, there are times when even those don't work or when they work a little too well and they take off the paint along with the marker.

So did your luggage finally arrive, or are you going nekkid today?
My luggage made it to my hotel about 8 hours after I did. If airline personnel ever tags your suitcase with a cocktail napkin, kiss your bag goodbye.

Incidentally, if you fly out of MidWay you can take Southwest Airlines and you don't pay for checked luggage and you can check TWO pieces...yes that's right two and they're free! I don't fly anywhere Southwest doesn't go!!! I love them! And they have never lost any of my luggage in the 30-some years of flying with them!
Yeah, but I'd have to fly out of MIDWAY! Ewww! That's on the southside - Sox territory.

SSO?-Are you at all afraid of flying?
Nope. The woman who sat next to me on the way to San Francisco sure was though. She had a death grip on the arm rests and absolutely freaked out over every little noise. There was a good deal of turbulence until we got out of the bad weather in Chicago too. I felt so bad for her. I asked her a couple times, "Can I buy you a drink? Please?"

SSO question - I'm still new to Twitter and I just have to ask, why do your Twitter posts talk about you in the third person? Does everyone do that on Twitter? I just find it a little strange when you say "She has a middle seat." rather than "I have a middle seat."
LOL! He kept referring to himself in the third person. "Jimmy's under the boards. Jimmy's in the open. Jimmy makes the shot."
I speak in third person a lot with Twitter/Facebook because it prompts me with "Dawn is..." and then I fill in the blank. It makes more sense if I write "Dawn is tired because she didn't get enough sleep" as opposed to "Dawn is I'm tired because I didn't get enough sleep."

Maybe you've posted it in the past and I don't remember, but what on earth is the Easter Monkey?!
LOL! When my grandma moved up here from Florida, she had a box labeled Easter Monkey. It contained her Easter decorations and some sock monkeys she had made. It just struck me as funny though and we started talking about the Easter Monkey. I made everyone in my family an Easter Monkey a few years back. I'll take a picture of it when I drag out my Easter decorations.

So uhm. i thought you were Greek. How can you consider anything but lamb for Easter dinner?
He don't eat no meat? What do you mean he don't eat no meat? That's ok; I make lamb.

I absolutely love your idea for the act of kindness! May I use it in my post today?
Please do! Spread it around. And here's a resource from a reader that gives you ideas for random acts of kindness...
Here's another place where you can make a donation to help fight breast cancer if you're looking for another way to do a little act of kindness - HERE.

Ok what in the world is an easter monkey, and what happened at the ham saga of 98????
I had to call my sister to refresh my memory about this. Neither of us could totally remember the ham story! Our conversation went something like this:
"Hey Deb, do you remember the ham story from when Mom and Dad lived in the old house?"
My sister said, "You went to pick up the ham, but Mom had ordered it from another place, I think."
"Oh yeah! Wait, I think that was cake."
"Cake?" my sister asked.
"Yeah, remember when she insisted she ordered a birthday cake from Jarosch and they didn't have it. She went all ninja-like on them and left the bakery."
"Oh yeah, that sounds familiar," Deb said.
"And then the Jarosch people called around and found that she'd ordered it from another bakery!"
"Oh yeah! Hee hee"
I continued, "I think they even picked it up and brought it to their bakery for Mom."
"So what was the ham story?" Deb asked.
"I don't remember. All I know is I had to pick up a ham at the butcher down the street. I think she called them while I was there, but I don't remember why."
"You should call Mom and ask her," Deb suggested.
"Oh yeah, she's going to be mad enough that I'm writing this on my blog. I think I'll pass."
"Hmmm, yeah I don't really remember the ham story," Deb said.
"Me neither. I just remember that I can never set foot in that store every again."
So, there you have it. Although the ham story is funny enough to remember there IS a ham story, apparently it isn't funny enough to remember what the ham story is actually about.


Michelle said...

Wait wait wait, you can't go back to Jarosch's? Seriously? You poor thing! Let me know if you EVER need me to pick you up something from there. They so totally rock. And that totally sounds like something they'd do. I had my wedding cake from there.

btw, I recently discovered that if I go into the edit HTML part instead of Compose, I can correct thsoe funky layout things a whole lot easier. Those random < p > things that show up and screw everything up. Whenever I put in pictures, I end up having to write the post and then go back to the HMTL thing to get the spacing right. And you KNOW I'm not technical :)

So any more details about the launch party yet??

Jen said...

LMAO This was a good one tonight, Dawn. I loved the stuff from My Big Fat Greek Wedding! Hilarious movie. I so wish they'd do a second one for when they're older, ect...

Glad to see you're home, too. Did you catch up on your sleep yet? Ha ha ha. :P ;)

Btw... this is Jen Cato. I now have a blog... wheeeeee! So sorry for the excitement.. trying to take my mind off of something and so this is my way of going about it lol. :D

Karen R. said...

LOVE LOVE the newsboys!!!!

Anonymous said...

"He don't eat no meat? What do you mean he don't eat no meat? That's ok; I make lamb."

Ooo, oooo was that from "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"?? LOVE that movie!

Donna in PA :)

Jessi said...

I LOVE My Big Fat Greek Wedding!!
You're old, when you get married?
Why she LEAVE me?!?
And this is Nicky, Nick, Nicholos,Nick, Nick...

Tara said...

OMG, I LOVE Jarosch cakes! I grew up in the NW burbs and now live in rural Michigan where I have yet to find a bakery with cakes like Jarosch and a place that sells good hot dogs and italian beef (they don't know what that is here in MI). Now I've got to come back for a visit and get me some Portillo's and Jarosch!

Jennifer in Wisconsin said...

Nice band clip, Newsboys- Million Pieces. We aren't going to find out later that they are a Milli Villi like band and fake like the book on Oprah A Million Little Pieces by James Frey? Sorry, couldn't pass up the mere connection on the name. Hee Hee

Catmeat said...

Hi Dawn, I was just thinking. This weekend is the change of daylight savings time. I am so glad my clock in my van will now be correct! Tee Hee :)

Anonymous said...

Jarosch! You had to go and mention Jarosch? Now my husband and I are craving chocolate eclairs, chocolate covered donuts, cinnamon swirl bread, et cetera and we now live four hours away and can't just hop on over there anymore!!

Lori in Wisconsin, too far away from Jarosch!

P.S. Don't even try anybody else's eclairs after Jarosch . . . they just won't live up!

Donna said...

Love the song -- never seen the video until now -- song now means more thanks!

papersunshine said...

Download Picasa for free to your computer and use it to find your pictures. It will find every single last picture on your computer and organize them together in the program, you will never not find a picture again. It even finds pictures your 17 year old son downloaded from the internet you didn't want to know about but SHOULD!

Kim H in GA said...

Fun Newsboys clip...we're big fans. The two year old said "Mommy, do it again." So we watched a second time and nixed the 3rd for a different song. ;)

Us3JKJ said...

Hi - Dawn ~ love this week's SSO! :) I am a daily but often silent follower of your blog!

I was wondering if the lady that wrote about her three boys with ADHD also had a blog? I was hoping to read more about her daily routines, trials, tribulations, etc to see how closely my own relate! LOL My son is 11 and his pediatrician just recently suggested that he might have ADHD... he derived this after a 5 minute consultation in his office when we were there for a physical and every question he asked my son was followed by "huh?" He gave me a booklet, told me to consider it, and to come back next month for a consultation and to start meds. I did read the book and he matches about 75% of the signs/symptoms. Now I am torn between is he just a completely normal 11-year-old boy who is goofy, forgetful, and sometimes hyper -OR- is this a side effect of his meds (he takes Lamictal for absence seizures) - OR- did the Dr. REALLY notice something in those 5 minutes that I have been missing all along!?

Sorry for the long post for such a simple question - Your life is chaotic enough so I was maybe hoping to have another vantage point of a life with THREE of these boys! Any info, suggestions, or other sites you have for me to research would be greatly appreciated as well! His appt is on March 12 and I am so torn about what to do! Do you have older posts where you wrote about Jackson being diagnosed? Thanks in advance!


becky said...

Your library coffee thing reminded me of the K-love/Air1 radio station. They have "Make a Difference Mondays" where they encourage all their listeners to do one random act of kindness that day. and people call in to tell what they did or one time when someone did something for them. Thanks for your example!

Bridget said...

SouthSiders RULE!! Guess you won't be at the SS Irish Parade?? Can't believe you're a Cubs fan. I used to like you...

Dorothy said...

Great post, loved the music..

Dorothy from grammology

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