Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Art Rerun

Because I'm crazy-busy this week with the play and everything, I'm posting a rerun tonight. Enjoy!

I'm presenting you with a short tutorial on art through the years.

STAGE ONE: The Body Art Phase
This involves using anything (i.e. yogurt, marker, diaper cream) as your medium and your body as the canvas.

STAGE TWO: The Spaghetti Phase
This involves random scribbling and can take place on paper or walls or furniture.

STAGE THREE: The Potato People Phase
The child draws people that basically look like potatoes with arms and legs coming out of the body. Eyes and a mouth are added at this time.

STAGE FOUR: The Stick Figure Phase
Now people have distinctly separate heads and bodies. Hair (sometimes really, really long hair), noses, fingers, and shoes are added. Girls may add, rainbows, stars, and hearts to their drawings at this time. Boys may add cartoon characters, blood and guts, or cars to their drawings at this time.

STAGE FIVE: The Macaroni Phase
This is where macaroni, sometimes colored, sometimes plain, is glued to various pieces of construction paper. If you're extra lucky, you'll get a necklace made of macaroni for Mother's Day. If you're not so lucky, yours will be the kid who likes to eat the glued macaroni off the page.

STAGE SIX: The Book Phase
At this stage, your child is excited that they're learning to read and write and they must make everything into a book. This is the second page in the famous book, The Friendly Ghost written by my son. This is where you have to really stretch your literacy skills and learn to read "kindergartenese". This says, " The ghost plays with his friends like the mummy."

STAGE SEVEN: The Picasso Stage
The pictures and color choices don't make a lot of sense, but they sure are fun to look at.

STAGE EIGHT: The Almost Realistic Portrait Phase
Here, the child starts getting some realistic elements into their drawings. This is a picture my daughter drew of me after I had collagen lip augmentation.

Here's something from the Pokemon Phase my son went through.

Here's something from the Star Wars Phase my son went through. Again, note the realism.

STAGE NINE: The Three Dimensional Phase
Here is a candle holder made for me by my daughter.

Here is vessel made by my son. It's perfect for holding cookies, pencils, or organs from mummified people.

There you have it. Art from one to twelve.


Jodi said...

Too funny!!

MaBunny said...

Oh wow Dawn, I really enjoyed those! Gotta love the potato people.
At the book writing phase - I still have Nicoles, it was called Supr Dawwg!

Ruth said...

I assume the Yoda and Pokeman are from Austin. If he did those free hand (not traced) then you need to encourage his talent. Those are extremely good drawings and he has a lot of potential in art.

CatholicGirl said...

I find the last phase particularly helpful- everyone needs a place to keep their mummified organs!

This was an oldie, but a goodie! Thanks for sharing it again... break a leg!

MPMommy said...

I'm so glad you reposted this one! I was thinking about it the other day and was going to ask you to replay it. My oldest daughter is currently in the potato people phase and I love it! I was curious to see what came next. Thanks again for the great reads every day!

Sandy in Illinois said...

This has been one of my favorites too.

Michelle said...

These are great! Thank you for sharing. I missed them the first time.

Jo-Ann said...

Thank you for the repost, very informative. Seems that this house is somewhere between stage four and five. Nice to know that mine aren't the only ones to prefer a little glue with their pasta.

Break a leg!

Karrie said...

Happy Birthday!! When I turned 29 I started to tell people I was 28 because 29 does sound like a lie. Now it is a big joke with me and my friends to celebrate my annual 28th birthday. In January I celebrated my 7th annual 28th Birthday.

So tell people this is your 2nd annual 38th Birthday and see if they believe you :)

Shelli (wishes she was) Mrs. Burchett;) said...

My 4 yo daughter drew armpit hair on herself with a BLACK SHARPIE!

She was so proud she showed

Anonymous said...

lol! My daughter is about to turn five, but she still draws potato people, here school doesn't really do macaroni crafts so she's never done that.

Cheryl said...

Ha! I loved your art review. I have a whole box full of those interesting looking ceramic mummified remains containers from my two girls. And of course, they are hurt if you don't USE them every day for tea and cookies or whatever.

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