Saturday, February 21, 2009

I Forgot My Pants

I drove up here to Madison yesterday and beat the snow. Of course, I drove off without my suitcase and had to turn around, go home and get it when Savannah texted me that I'd left it there. Who was it who was just complaining about getting texts from her family every time she left? Surely it wasn't me. Unfortunately I forgot to pack pants. PANTS! Not toothpaste or shampoo. Not socks. Not jewelry. Stinkin' pants! Who forgets to pack pants??? That's right - me! Then I managed to lock myself out of my room, not once, but twice today. I met a very funny writer, Rachael Phillips, in Sonoma this past October. She taught a class on humor writing. One of the things she said you needed to do in order to write humor is "do stupid things". Yep, I think I've got that one covered.

I spoke to a handful of people at the expo today and once again, didn't throw up so that's always good. It snowed here (and I guess in Chicago too) most of the day so I decided to spend one more night here. You know, because I have a rear-wheel drive van and it's horrible on slippery surfaces. The fact that this hotel has social hour with complimentary beer and wine has nothing to do with my decision. I gotta hand it to Joe - he's a good dad and has no problem holding down the fort while I'm away, so I thankfully don't have to try to drive home in this yuckness. (It's a word. Trust me, I'm a writer.)

My nice hotel room at the Baby Expo in Madison.

Now, it's out to dinner with a Wisconsinite Facebook friend, DeeDee.


Bailey's Leaf said...

No construction on the room? No massive construction dust? Ah, and you call this a nice room?

Apparently you had some pants or something to wear, so it's all good.

Have a safe trip back!

Raechel said...

Random: as an aspiring writer who wishes to some day bring home the bacon in the form of published novels, seeing my name (almost) as a published author made my brain tweak for a second o.O (Raechel Phillips here)

The hotel room you are in looks much better than the last one! Shame you'll have to be naked the whole time =P

Jake said...

If Wisconsinite is for Wisconsin, what's the name for people living in Illinois?????

jana said...

I see that the photo is from the waste up seeing as how you forgot your pants and all.

Julie Sturgeon said...

Well, at least you forgot your pants. I took several suits to New York City a couple of years ago when I was giving a presentation at a conference. Discovered a few hours before my grand appearance that none of them fit -- as in I couldn't zip up the skirts.

Do you know what a new suit costs in NYC? Me and my fat rear end do.

Michelle said...

Oh c'mon, the giant snow we were supposed to get? Totally missed us. Enjoy that social hour though!

And ummm nice going on the pants. I always forget ONE thing when I travel - and frequently it's pjs (no idea why) and once I packed two different shoes - but fortunately I haven't missed an outfit before. At least you didn't get too far without your whole suitcase!

HeidiV said...

cute photo....your face is looking more thin!!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

I'm always up for one more day without the family lol.

Dinner/Dishes/Drinking said...

Hopefully you found some more pants before you got locked out...twice! Dontcha hate it when that happens? Why can't I stay in a hotel with free booze?? LOL
Ps thanks for the compliment on the castle cake on FB :)

Britney said...

I thought this fall it was ironic that you'd met a writer named Rachael Phillips because I went to college with a woman by that name. After clicking on the link you gave in this post I found out you met the Rachael I went to school with! We were both English majors and had several classes together. How crazy!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Fun! And I noticed the picture you took of you and DeeDee is from the waist up. Is that because you don't have any pants on? Hahahahah. I kill me.

Go donate blood. You only have ONE more week to win a trip to Florida. It's not snowing there! Hugs and kisses from your manic friend who needs to schedule a lunch date with ya!

Anonymous said...

You are right Dawn, Joe does do a wonderful job with the kids. I even saw the kids at church this morning. Not too many dads would manage to get 6 kids to church alone on a sunday morning.
Amy Park

Isolet Jansen said...

I have 2 boys under the age of 2 (yes, I have heard of contraception!). I have a full time job, although I work part of some of my days at home. In addition I am doing a post grad part time, and last week Thursday, I thought I had to go for a brainscan because of my forgetfulness:

Thursday morning, want to use my car, but I left the lights on the previous day (!!! and it's summer in South Africa, why was it on in the 1st place?), so no power. I used my husbands car to do a quick trip to the grocery store, before I had to go to lectures at the uni. I got home, realised I was running late, and grabbed my stuff, only to get to the car and find that I had left the keys inside. Luckily I had left the window a little open, so I could fish it out with some wire. When I finished my lectures later the evening I realised I do not have my car keys, and where would I find them? In the ignition (again!!!!) with no open window. Luckily the AA could help me get it back, my membership unfortunately does not include a brain replacement.

Happiest 3rd Birthday to Brooklyn.

Kaitlin said...

Maybe you forgot to pack pants because you never put them on at home?

My former youth minister went on a trip to speak somewhere. As he was driving on the high way he notices something flys out the behind his car. It's his pants! Apparently he hadn't shut the trunk all the way, so it opened while driving. He had them dry cleaned and they were in a plastic bag on top of his suit case in the trunk. So, once he got to his destination, he went to Wal-mart at 2 am to buy pants for the next day. Thost pants are important you know.

Imani said...

Three comments:

1.You must absolutely adore neat and clean hotel rooms!

2. The pics of you are awesome; you look great!

3. The no pants story reminded me of the time I left Virginia to travel back to Long Island after my sister had her first baby. I bought so many gifts and outfits, wrapped them meticulously, packed them in the car the night before. Left right after work and during my NJ potty stop, realized I left my own suitcase pants, no undies, no nothing! It was a loooong week! :-)

Thanks for the memories.

Anonymous said...

My husband went on a business trip to England last year and guess what he forgot...Pants! He had to wear jeans to a meeting the next day until a colleague could take him to a store. And I have to say those were the crummiest "dress" pants I've ever seen.

Rachel said...

you always mention, before or after a speaking engagement, something about throwing up. hoping you don't, 'at least i didn't'.... etc. is there a story behind that?

Janet said...

I forgot to pack pants for my husband when we went to the hospital for the 2nd baby. He spent the whole 3 days in the same pair of khaki shorts (the hospital is 3 hours away from our house).

Susan said...

You came to my town!! And I was at the baby expo on Sat. and didn't see you!! But I did see your flier on the front table- I thought, wow I read her blog, thats cool. But if I could have seen you I don't think I would have known what to do. You must come back, it's much nicer when its not snowing.

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